Mixtape Review | Kirko Bangz – Progression V: Young Texas Playa

Not expecting much from Kirko with this project. This is gonna suck ass. I don’t want to listen to this project… But I kinda want to tho. But not really tho. It probably won’t be that bad. Hopefully. But it’s probably gonna suck ass. I’m expecting this to be a Drake project with more autotune and bass.

Track 1: Pimp C Intro

This is exactly what you think it is. Not gonna give it a rating.

Track 2: Trill Young Nigga (Prod. Kydd Jones & Scott Pace)

Not feelin’ the cloudy Drake beat. Not feelin’ the autotune. Why are you using autotune? If you can’t sing then just don’t sing. This is as close to Drake as you can get. This is seriously just a Drake song with autotune. This doesn’t sound good tho. I can’t see myself listening to this ever. I guess if you smoke a lot of weeeeed you might like this. I’ve never smoked weed before, but from what I’ve seen & heard, it just makes everything a little less wack. In other words, this shit is wack. 2/5

Track 3: For Da 99 (Prod. Burd & Keys & Jordan Manswell)

I get that he’s from Texas and everything, but the pitch shift is just awful. I can’t believe he seriously did that for a whole song. He couldn’t have thought this was a good idea. You don’t pitch shift a whole fucking song. Hell, I don’t even like pitch shifting in the first place. The beat is boring. The bars is wack. The flow is wack. This shit is all pitch shifted. It’s like he can’t make one song without either using a pitch shift or autotune effect. You definitely have to be high to like this shit. Maybe the terrible effects are meant to distract the listener from how stupid his bars are. 1/5

Track 4: Watch What I Do (Prod. Sound M.O.B.)

Okay this beat isn’t that bad but he’s just not even trying to make the bars rhyme. Here are the ending words of each bar starting from the beginning: “You/her/east/me.” Okay well at least the last two bars kinda worked. Kinda. His flow isn’t bad. He’s rappin about some girl. Basically a Drake song. Why am I listening to this tape? No one wanted to hear my thoughts on this project. Nobody even listens to this guy anymore. This isn’t good. Well I already started the review. Can’t go back now. 2/5

Track 5: Break Yo Neck Feat. Bun B (Prod. Sound M.O.B.)

Why is Bun B working with Kirko Bangz? I’m having trouble believing that Bun B thinks Kirko Bangz has talent. If Kirko Bangz wasn’t from Texas and made the exact same kinda music, Bun B wouldn’t fuck with him. I guess there hasn’t been a lot of good new artists comin out of Texas recently. Kirko is pretty much all they got right now. I’d honestly rather have nothing tho. Actually I guess they got Trae The Truth. Whatever I don’t even know why I’m talkin about this shit. This beat kinda sucks. Kirko gotta nice flow. The bars is wack tho. This hook reminds me of The Pinkprint. Just in terms of the sound. That’s a bad thing. Bun B did his thing. It’s alright. Definitely the best track so far. 3/5

Track 6: 288 (Prod. Burd & Keys & Jordan Manswell)

Everything that I have to say about this song has already been said. Annoying autotune. Wack bars. Average flow. Average beat. 3/5

Track 7: Had Two Feat. Boston George (Prod. Lacemode)

This beat is dope. The autotuned hook actually kinda works over this production. It would still be better if it wasnt autotuned, but it isn’t too bad here. Boston George wasn’t that bad. Kirko had weak bars again. It’s the best song on the project so far. Not really anything special tho. 3/5

Track 8: Screaming Feat. Bando Jonez (Prod. Burd & Keys & Sound M.O.B.)

Oh God. Not Bando Jonez. That “Sex You” song was stupid as fuck. This hook is awful. At least Kirko isn’t autotuned. I hate this tho. Bando Jonez is singin’ in the background… and he fucks the hook up. This is just a boring song. Boring beat. Weak bars. Average flow. The outro is fuckin’ terrible too. 1/5

Track 9: Gangsta Feat. Ken Randle (Prod. Sound M.O.B.)

I’m gonna assume that Ken Randle is Kirko’s brother because Kirko’s real name is Kirk Randle. All of these songs sound way too similar. This beat sounds just like the last one. In this song he’s trying to convince some chick that he’s “gangsta” by singing to her “I’m gangsta.” No. Why does he even sing if he has to use autotune? If he would just rap instead of singing he wouldn’t have to worry about all of his songs sounding the same. The only problem is he can’t rap. Oh hell no. This shit is corny af. He’s singin “gangsta love… gangsta love, thats all i give you.” I hate this. 1/5

Track 10: I Then Came Dine Feat. Riff Raff (Prod. Burd & Keys, Jordan Manswell & Sevn Thomas)

This song reminds me of Worst Behavior by Drake. Virtually the same artist over a shitty beat screaming at the listener. Only this time it has Riff Raff and Riff Raff… is actually the best part of this song. His verse is fucking hilarious. “Drove through a hurricane and didn’t spill my drink.” That’s just badass. 2/5

Track 11: At Da Kappa (Prod. Kydd Jones)

This beat is actually kinda dope, but the whole song is pitch shifted. Including Kirko’s voice of course. The bars is terrible anyway. 2/5

Track 12: Blow Sum (Prod. Kydd Jones)

Okay, I’m already 1 minute in and so far the only lyrics are, “Can we blow sum’? Can we blow somethin’ right now? Lemme know sum’… I’m tryna blow somethin’ right now.” Is he gay? Or is he just so high that he’s getting himself mixed up with the woman whom he is currently conversing with? And of course it’s pitch shifted. He doesn’t say anything new until the 1:20 mark. The beat keeps building up, but he just goes back to the same repetitive ass hook. This is one of the most boring songs I’ve ever heard. At the 1:40 mark he goes back to the same hook. Okay, the second “verse” (if you can even call it) that starts at 2:35 and he goes back to the terrible hook again at 3:00. Wtf is this shit? That was the whole song. A terrible, repetitive, stretched out hook and literally 45 seconds worth of terrible bars. The song is 4 mins and 17 seconds long. He only spends 45 seconds rapping. The whole thing is pitch shifted. There can’t possibly be more than 20 people that actually like this song. 1/5

Track 13: Bangin’ Screw (Prod. Kydd Jones & Scott Pace)

This beat is awful. Terrible singing. Autotune. Wack bars. Awful hook. This is bad. Nothing about this song is good. 1/5

Track 14: You Know What That Mean (Prod. Kydd Jones)

“I’m about to put some real shit on your mind right now.” I seriously doubt that. This beat isn’t very good. This hook is pretty bad, but not as bad as the last few tracks. Average flow. At least he’s actually rappin’. This isn’t that bad. 3/5

Track 15: Vent 3 (Don’t Wanna Want) [Prod. DJ DMD]

This beat is alright. He’s actually rappin’ this time. I haven’t heard the first two “vents.” I guess he supposed to be talkin’ ’bout real shit, but this is pretty basic. But compared to the rest of the tape this is much better. Average flow. Still a boring track, but this is probably as good as it’s gonna get for Kirko Bangz. 3/5

Track 16: Tough Girl (Prod. Kydd Jones & Scott Pace)


Track 17: My Dawg (Prod. Scott Pace & Kydd Jones)

Why is he pitch shifted AND autotuned singin’ on this shit? WHY!? He can’t possibly think this shit sounds good. It sound like he’s havin’ trouble gettin’ the words out. Kinda like Young Thug. Except he still ain’t that bad. This shit is awful tho. 1/5

Track 18: Pray For Me (Prod. Burd & Keys)

This beat is actually pretty nice. Definitely the best beat on the mixtape. “Sometimes I get emotional when I see pictures of my niece face. I need someone to pray for me.” That’s one of the strangest problems anyone could ever have. “Please pray for me because I get emotional when I see pictures of my niece face. Thank you.” This shit is autotuned. It’s not good. The intro has pitch shifted gospel music. Ironically, it sounds like a satanic chant. Not feelin’ this one. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

That shit was fucking horrible. Don’t listen to this tape. If you are a fan of Kirko Bangz, please explain to me what you like about him because all of these songs were either boring as hell or just painful to my ear balls. I definitely won’t be checking out the next Kirko Bangz project. In the words of Beezy430, “SLAM DUNK IN THE RECYCLE BIN!” Except I gotta Mac so it’s just a trash bin, but it don’t matter. The point i’m tryna get across is that there was not one song on this project worth keepin’ in my iTunes library. So, yeah. Listening to this was one of the biggest mistakes i’ve ever made in my life. If you want to hear someone who can rap & sing listen to Tory Lanez and if you want to hear a newer rapper from Texas listen to Trae The Truth. I can’t decide what track was the worst. Okay, for the first time ever in the history of Black Culture TV, I’m choosing two least favorite tracks.

Favorite Track: Had Two

Least Favorite Track: Blow Sum/Tough Girl




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One comment

  1. Im pretty late to comment, but this review just isn’t fair. You don’t like this kind of music. Hip hop has a whole spectrum of styles like a rainbow has colors. Kirk coasts on the vibe of what he’s saying to make his song’s good. To him Tone is more important than lyricism. It’s not a cold 16 but it’s still music.

    Chopped and screwed/kirk type music is really not for everyone.

    Ps I dont think he sounds like drake at all

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