Mixtape Review | Travis Scott – Days Before Rodeo

I’m pretty sure this is a mixtape, but it’s being treated like it’s an album. It came out in August of last year. He called it a “free album” in a tweet at one point, so I really don’t know. Something in my house smells like pee, so I’m gonna go check that out. Okay, I’m back. My dad was just makin’ popcorn. I don’t know why it smells like pee. Anyway, this mixtape is leading up to his debut album, Rodeo. If this project turns out to suck ass, I’m probably still gonna check out the album anyway. Every track on this project has been produced by at least one other person besides Travis Scott, so I’ll just write the names of the co-producers.

Track 1: Days Before Rodeo: The Prayer (Prod. WondaGurl)

This beat is dope af. His flow is kinda sloppy. You know how sometimes the beat will cut off in the middle of the song sometimes because the rapper has something really dope to say? Yeah, his flow just falls to pieces during those parts. Even if his flow stayed intact, he really wasn’t sayin’ nothin’ anyway. Actually, I really have no idea what the fuck he’s trying to say. This hook is annnoying. Nigga quit yellin’ in my fuckin’ ear. He keep yellin’ “CHEEZITS!” The beat is dope, but I honestly would’ve taken any other rapper over it. Except French Montana. Fuck French Montana. 3/5

Track 2: Mamacita Feat. Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan (Prod. DJ Dahi & Metro Boomin’)


DJ Dahi & Metro Boomin’ are two of my favorite producers, so hopefully this beat will be great. Then again, Young Thug & Rich Homie Quan are two of my least favorite rappers, so that’ll probably ruin the song. Okay, this song uses the same sample that Nosetalgia by Pusha T uses. Every time I hear this song I’m just gonna think of that. Man that was a good song… Okay this is a problem. According to this song’s RapGenius page, Travis Scott said in an interview that “he thought the only thing wrong with the original Nosetalgia beat was the drums. He claimed that the drums in Nosetalgia, along with the lack of a Rich Homie Quan hook, existed to make it more popular, but Travis wanted to perfect the aesthetic.” He thought that the drums and “lack of a Rich Homie Quan hook, existed to make it more popular…” WTF is he talking about? He thought that… WHAT? (had to stop myself from typing it out a third time) So, Mr. Scott, what you are saying is that the ONLY reason Rich Homie Quan was not on Nosetalgia was because it would make it less popular? NO NIGGA IT’S BECAUSE PUSHA T LIKES TO MAKE SURE THAT HIS MUSIC DOESN’T SOUND LIKE A FUCKING PITCH-SHIFTED CHICKEN TRYING TO SWALLOW A POUND OF BUTTER, FUCKBOY …sorry, that was a really weird comparison. But that has seriously got to be one of the most ignorant things that I’ve heard in a long time (keep in mind, I go to a mostly white Catholic school, so that’s pretty bad). He can’t be serious. Does he even pay attention to music at all? Whatever, that shouldn’t affect my thoughts on the actual song, but damn. That’s fucking stupid. Anyway, I’m pretty sure this song is just about some random ho at a party or something. He did the thing where the beat cuts off and his flow falls apart again. That’s pretty annoying. It completely ruins the vibe of the song. I’m not impressed by this Rich Homie Quan feature. This hook is pretty lazy. “Mama- Mama- Mamacita.” That’s pretty much it. I can’t believe this mf had the nerve to say that shit about the best song on one of my favorite rapper’s albums. How am I the first person to call this nigga out on this shit? The hook isn’t actually that bad. It’s just kinda boring. Also I liked the Nosetalgia beat better. It sounded more RAW, ya know? When I hear the Nosetalgia beat I imagine myself waking up in an old wooden house that smells like sulfur with a really bad headache and burning eyes. That’s a good thing btw. That probably makes it sound like it gave me a headache, but I’m saying it set up the atmosphere of what I think a crack house would be like. I’m pretty well off, so I’ve never been in a crack house. It’s probably not like that at all, but I don’t give a fuck. Kendrick Lamar says more in that one verse than Rich Homie Quan will ever say in his whole lifetime, so yeah don’t even try and tell me that Rich Homie Quan would’ve lived up to that shit. He would’ve completely ruined it. Just imagine having that great song, but it’s ruined by a terrible hook from Rich Homie Quan. I hate it when great songs are ruined by terrible hooks and/or beats. It’s the main problem I have with Eminem, but that’s a whole other conversation. I apologize for turning this into a Nosetalgia review. Okay, where was I. Oh yeah, Young Thug was about to… rap. “She look the best with her fro / Natural nat-nat on go” I think he was trying to say that he likes his girls with natural hair. That’s probably (and hopefully) the only thing I can agree with Young Thug on. Okay, now he’s suddenly talking about water whippin’. “Incest me, the bitches wanna molest me” I shouldn’t have to tell you what’s wrong with this. Young Thug’s verse was pretty much saying “I like girls. I like having sex with girls. Rich Homie Quan, let’s cook some crack. I get coke from Columbia. I don’t cough when I smoke. I have a nice car. There’s coke in my car. Incest. Molestation.” He had a lazy ass flow. It was still better than Travis Scott’s tho. He actually sounded better on this track than he usually does. He wasn’t doing that weird squeaky shit, and he was actually on the beat. Rich Homie Quan just sounds like a less squeaky version of Young Thug. I can’t understand a fucking thing he says. He sound like he got his tongue cut out. This song lasts way too long. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug have no energy during their verses and the song gets boring after the first minute. Travis Scott shoulda did the hook himself. He sounds pretty good on the intro. This song is pretty bad. The beat is a downgraded version of Nosetalgia, the lyrics are just fucking stupid, the reasoning behind the beat choice and the features are stupid, Travis Scott’s flow is all over the place, and I lost interest after the first verse. The only reason this song isn’t getting a 1/5 is because it wasn’t unlistenable. I would have much fewer problems with this song if I hadn’t stumbled upon the RapGenius page for it. 2/5

Track 3: Quintana, Pt. 2 Feat. T.I. (Prod. Mike Dean, Southside, Lil C & AudioKlique)

I never heard the first Quintana, but I’m assuming that it was about finessin’ because Travis Scott repeats that word 20 times in this song. I don’t know what else the first one could’ve been about because this one doesn’t actually seem to follow a specific theme. He’s saying all the generic rap words (100, bitch, designer, gold, bands, nigga, True Religion). This beat isn’t bad. Travis Scott’s flow actually ain’t that bad on this one. Coulda did without the distortion effects on the hook. T.I.’s verse was average for him. It’s still better than Travis Scott’s tho. I like the way the beat switched up for his verse. This hook is bad. The distorted singing is just awful. It doesn’t really ruin the song. I liked the beat, Travis’ flow was nice, and T.I.’s verse wasn’t bad. 3/5

Track 4: Drugs You Should Try It (Prod. FKi & Charlie Handsome)

This beat is dope af. Not really sure what this song is about. He hasn’t said anything about drugs at all. Okay the songs over now. All he talked about was some chick. Maybe he was supposed to be doing drugs with her or something. Or maybe the chick is a metaphor for the drug that he’s taking. I think that’s it. The worst part of this song is Travis Scott. The beat is dope af, but Travis Scott just isn’t saying anything that I care about. The hook is pretty boring. The whole song is just him whining with autotune and distortion effects over his voice and then one short verse. The only thing I like about this song is the beat. 2/5

Track 5: Don’t Play Feat. Big Sean & The 1975 (Prod. Vinylz, Allen Ritter & Kanye West)


I have no idea who The 1975 is. I’m finna look it up. According to wikipedia, The 1975 is an independent English rock band. This is probably gonna be terrible. Ah shit, this beat is dope af. The 1975 is singin’ on the intro. They fit better than I thought they would. It sounds good. The hook is just Travis Scott yelling “I AIN’T PLAYIN’ WIT DESE NIGGAS!” in autotune. It’s not terrible tho. It sounds fine. Travis’ flow is actually really nice on this track. He ain’t really sayin’ nothing, but this is the most comfortable he’s sounded on this project so far. This is pretty much what his verse is about: “I gotta have money. I fucked a ho in my car. She got drugs. I do the drugs. We do the drugs that the ho has. I ain’t playin’ wit ’em.” Holy shit. Big Sean fuckin’ snapped on his verse. I never thought I would ever say that, but Big Sean killed his verse. This is probably the best verse he’s ever had. His flow is on point & he just sounds dope af. I fuck with this song. The 1975 doesn’t really do anything aside from the intro. Can’t say I’m disappointed. Not really sure what they were talkin’ about. Nothing that they said had anything to do with this song. Okay, according to RapGenius, it’s just a sample taken from one of they songs called M.O.N.E.Y. I listened to it and I don’t really fuck with rock music in the first place, but I think that the vocals sound way better on this song than they did on that one. They weren’t actually featured on this song, Travis Scott just sampled the opening lyrics from a song by them that he liked. I guess that’s why they have nothing to do with this song. It didn’t really make sense to put them on this song. If he really liked the way it sounded that much, then he should’ve made this song about the same thing that M.O.N.E.Y. is about. This beat is fucking crazy. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 6: Skyfall Feat. Young Thug (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

Okay, this song is about doing drugs I guess. The beat is kind of disappointing for a Metro Boomin’ beat. It’s not terrible, but it’s nothing special. I feel like it could be really dope if a more interesting rapper spit over it. These lyrics aren’t really about doing drugs… It’s just random shit. He only talks about drugs on the hook. Speaking of the hook, I like the melody, but it lasts way too long. Young Thug just repeats the two main bars from the hook for like 20 seconds before his verse really starts. He doesn’t really sound weird like he usually does. Well, he kinda does when his verse starts, but he sounds really comfortable over this beat. His flow is actually kinda nice. He didn’t say shit about drugs tho. His verse ends really abruptly, too. I actually have no idea what the fuck this song is about. I’m getting really confused. The hook sounds like it’s about drugs, but they never mention drugs throughout the whole song. Wow. According to RapGenius, this is about washed up rappers. That’s fucking stupid. There’s no way this song is about washed up rappers. Nothing he says has anything to do with washed up rappers. I feel like he just decided after writing the song that he would tell people that it was about how old rappers shouldn’t rap anymore. This song isn’t about anything. He’s just saying a bunch of random shit. This is fucking stupid. The beat is underwhelming, the hook lasts way too long, the lyrics don’t have a subject, and the song gets boring after 1 minute. You know your song is ass when the best part of it is a Young Thug feature. 2/5

Track 7: Zombies (Prod. Lex Luger)

Damn, I haven’t heard a Lex Luger beat in forever. Where that nigga been at? DAMN, THIS BEAT IS FUCKIN’ CRAZY. Not sure about this hook… It’s not terrible. But it’s not good. It’s alright I guess. This beat is amazing tho. I kinda wish Lex Luger woulda gave this shit to a better rapper. It sounds like Travis Scott hates adults. That’s cool I guess. I hate adults too, but I hate kids more. His flow is kinda nice on this track I guess. “You know, when I was 14 I just wanted to do a lot of kick ass shit.” I don’t give a fuck, Travis. Nobody gives a shit. This song is kind of stupid but his flow isn’t terrible, the hook isn’t too bad, and the beat is dope af. It’s a little long tho. 3/5

Track 8: Sloppy Toppy Feat. Migos & PeeWee Longway (Prod. FKi)

This is gonna be fucking ridiculous. PeeWee Longway is actually kinda nice if you like ignorant/stupid trap music. I didn’t need this song. This is fucking stupid. They’re not even trying to say anything clever. I feel like they’re just shoving the term “sloppy toppy” into the song anywhere they can. This song is all over the place. It’s like there wasn’t enough space in this beat to fit all five rappers. No, this is bad. Even if you like trap music you aren’t going to like this shit. It doesn’t work. This sucks cok. 1/5

Track 9: Basement Freestyle (Prod. Lex Luger)

Okay, hopefully this Lex Luger beat is handled a little more carefully by Travis Scott. Zombies wasn’t bad, but it definitely could’ve been better. This beat is dope af. Okay, he just started rapping. He’s not rhyming. This shit doesn’t rhyme. He forgot the most basic part of rap music. It doesn’t fucking rhyme. He’s just talking about the same shit he been talkin’ about. Nothing. Okay, he starts rhymin’ on the second half of the first verse. I hope this really is a freestyle, because this shit is bad. I know it isn’t a freestyle tho. Nah, I ain’t feelin’ this shit. 2/5

Track 10: Backyard (Prod. O.Z. & Syk Sense)

This beat is dope af. His flow is actually kinda dope on this one. The hook isn’t bad. This is actually pretty dope. I can’t really find anything wrong with this. The lyrics still aren’t great but they’re a hell of a lot better than that fuckin’ fucked up bullshit that we been gettin’ on the last few tracks. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 11: Grey (Prod. J-Hill & Tane Runo)

Oh God. This is bad. This hook is awful. This is too soft for me. I can’t deal with this shit. I have no idea wtf he’s talkin’ about. This hook is just bad. And this beat is bad. Real bad. No, this is fucking awful. I can’t take this shit. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 12: BACC (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

This beat is dope af. The hook is cool. His flow isn’t bad. He still ain’t sayin’ shit, but it’s a trap song, so I don’t really need any super lyrical verses or nothin’ like that. I fuck with this. 4/5

Final Thoughts:

Wow, that shit was rough. It probably didn’t seem that bad, but this review was tough. It took me a week. I usually get them done in like three weeks, but this shit was just so uninteresting to me. I couldn’t keep listening. Travis Scott is just fucking stupid. Let’s just go ahead and get that out of the way. He has some fucking stupid lines on this album and that shit he said about Nosetalgia… Fucking bullshit. I don’t think he can rap. Sometimes his flow is kinda nice, and other times he can barely catch the beat. That’s French Montana level shit. I feel like he sets a theme for a song and follows it with the hook, but as soon as his verses start he just says generic braggadocios bullshit. He doesn’t do a good job of following his own themes. Why the fuck was Zombies called Zombies? He didn’t say shit about zombies. Why the fuck is Skyfall called Skyfall? I don’t even know what the fuck that shit means. I remember he had a fucking terrible verse in the 2013 B.E.T. Cyphers and his two excuses for it being “ass” were that he didn’t like the beat (it was DJ Premier btw) and that he was freestyling. He ended up using that “freestyle” in a song on his mixtape Owl Pharaoh, called Bad Mood. He can’t rap. I guess he’s supposed to be more known for his beats, but there weren’t even any songs that didn’t have any co-producers, so I can’t really confirm his talent as a producer. The beats on this tape were dope af (except Grey. That shit was fucking bad). Every song feels like a waste of a good beat. Travis Scott isn’t that interesting of a rapper to me. He just says the same generic bullshit that every other rapper already does. I have no idea why people love him so much. I’m guessing that it’s because it has a different sound (he gets a lot of Kid Cudi and Kanye comparisons), but just because something sounds different doesn’t mean it’s good. People who listened to Kid Cudi’s LP already know what I’m sayin’. This album was not worth listening to. If you listen to anything from this album, it should be Days Before Rodeo, Don’t Play, Zombies (Mostly for that beat. that shit was fuckin’ crazy) and Backyard. Other than that, you can stay the fuck away from this shit.

Favorite Track: Don’t Play

Least Favorite Track: Grey




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