Funkmaster Flex Vs. JAY-Z

So, a few days ago, Funkmaster Flex (arguably the most annoying DJ in Hip Hop) decided that he would go on a twenty minute rant about nothing. Okay, it wasn’t about nothing, but it was about some dumb ass shit that nobody gives a fuck about. He was mad because apparently JAY-Z stole his idea for his app. That’s right. Funkmaster Flex has an app that he is very proud of and for some reason he thinks that JAY-Z wanted to steal it. First of all, who the fuck would download an app from Funkmaster Flex? Ain’t nobody givin’ a shit about that nigga. And even if it was successful, why the fuck would JAY-Z steal that shit? JAY-Z could make an app that literally just contains a sound clip of him passing a kidney stone and millions of people would download that shit. Nobody gives a fuck about your app, Funkmaster. Nobody gives a shit about any app. What makes it even more ridiculous is that after every 2 to 3 words, he drops a Flex Bomb. That shit is already annoying af. How the fuck are we supposed to take this nigga seriously when he’s droppin’ bombs after every sentence? This nigga wanna be relevant so bad.

[skip to the 10:24 mark to avoid the terrible music]

On Saturday, Hannibal Buress released his own rant with tags. It’s fucking amazing.

Here are D. Repect’s thoughts on the whole situation.

But seriously, Funkmaster Flex is lame af. You are irrelevant. Your app is irrelevant. You are not the king of New York. You need to sit the fuck down. Your rant gets a 1/5


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