Mixtape Review | B.o.B – No Genre: The Label

B.o.B apparently started a label called No Genre. The mixtape No Genre 2 was wack af. I remember liking the first one tho. Not really a huge fan of B.o.B. His last tape, New Black, was good, but his projects are usually mediocre at best. This is probably gonna be wack. I doubt any of these rappers on his label are good at all. He almost called his label Ham Squad. That is a fucking awful name. Whatever happened to that guy Playboy Tre? Why isn’t he part of the label? Whatever. I don’t care.

Track 1: Going Up Feat. Lin Z, JaqueBeatz, Jake Lambo & London Jae (Prod. B.o.B)

This intro is annoying… The beat is actually dope. B.o.B’s verse was average. Lin Z is rappin’ now. Not feelin’ her verse. Her flow was boring and her bars were wack. Jaque Beatz is rapping now. This verse actually isn’t that bad. His flow is dope. Jake Lambo’s verse wasn’t bad. He was pretty much just sayin’ everything that Jaque Beatz said tho. London Jae’s flow was cool. They got some cool flows, but this is really nothin’ special. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 2: Chaos (Performed by Jake Lambo) Feat. JaqueBeatz, London Jae, Javi & B. [Prod. JaqueBeatz]

I already know this isn’t gonna be good. I’m only 10 seconds in and so far all I’ve heard is “[????????] gimme dat pussy. Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! Wooh! Wooh!” This beat is actually not that bad. They all got some cool flows, but they got some questionable bars. It’s like a slightly above average mainstream hit. It has a tolerable beat and some cool flows, but they’re pretty much just sayin’ “We’re cool and if you don’t like us than I hope you fucking die.” It’s alright. Pretty much the same as the last song, but with a worse beat. 3/5

Track 3: Wit My Name On It Feat. London Jae, Jake Lambo & Lin Z (Prod. B.o.B)

This beat is dope af. When did B.o.B get so good at producing? Not really feelin’ the hook. “Dat pussy look good wit my name on it.” These are all pretty generic topics for hip hop. Didn’t really expect anything else. The best thing about this song is the beat. They all have alright flows and everything, but this is just… stupid. The hook is too whiny. It might’ve gotten a 4 if it weren’t for the hook. 3/5

Track 4: Damn (Performed by Lin Z) [Prod. JaqueBeatz]

This is boring af. It has a generic club beat, a corny flow, a lame hook and bars that’s weak af. I am not impressed with Lin Z. “Niggas know my name.” That’s just not true. This is just… awful. I do not like this person. She seems like the type of person to always follow trends. She seems so fake. This shit wack af. 1/5

Track 5: YRWAS Feat. London Jae & JaqueBeatz (Prod. JaqueBeatz)

This beat is dope af. The autotuned hook is terrible. You shouldn’t take pride in being “Young rich wild and stupid.” I think that’s what he’s saying. It makes sense. Jae’s flow is dope. Thay all got dope flows, but they’re just… swag rappers. I usually hate that term, but it’s the only way to describe them. I can’t get into this shit. This isn’t for me. This is for people who don’t have a serious interest in Hip Hop. You may like this shit, but you can’t argue that this is a “good” song. It’s pleasant to the ear I guess. That’s pretty much all it’s got. I might’ve liked this more if it weren’t for the insultingly stupid hook. 2/5

Track 6: Tour Bus Feat. JaqueBeatz & Jake Lambo (Prod. JaqueBeatz)

I don’t know how I feel about this beat. It kinda sounds like house music. Not feelin’ this first verse from JaqueBeatz either. His flow sounds a little sloppy and he’s starting to remind me of Big Sean. That’s not a good thing. This hook is awful. Why are they bragging about having “hella white girls” on their tour bus? Is that an upgrade? Why do people only brag about they girls’ race when they’re white? Most women in America are white, so dating a white girl really isn’t that impressive. I could never get into white girls, so this is kind of hard to relate to. All of these songs are offensively stupid. Not feelin’ it. 2/5

Track 7: DC Young Fly Speaks

Who the fuck cares about what DC Young Fly has to say? Ain’t nobody givin’ a shit about what this stereotypical dumb ass nigga has to say. Seriously why is this here?

Track 8: Yea Mama Feat. Scotty ATL & JaqueBeatz (Prod. J Padron & Low Keys)

This beat is dope af. Not really feelin’ the hook. All three of them got some cool flows on this shit, but they still ain’t really sayin’ anything. It’s better than the last few songs tho. The hook is the worst thing about this song. 4/5

Track 9: I ont Really Feat. Scotty ATL (Prod. K.E On The Track)

That’s not a typo; it’s really called I ont Really. I could see Yo Gotti on this beat. It’s not bad. Scotty ATL even kinda sounds like Yo Gotti. This isn’t very good. It’s just your average gangsta “Don’t fuck with me” song. The hook is boring af. Scotty ATL’s flow is average. B.o.B did his thing. Not really feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 10: In The Air Feat. Lin Z & London Jae (Prod. JaqueBeatz)

Ooh shit this beat is smooth af. Lin Z you better not fuck this up. Wow. This isn’t… I can’t really say that this is her fault… but I ain’t like this shit. This is corny af. If you remember what I said about that song called Teach Me by Joey Bada$$, you’ll understand why I ain’t feelin’ this. “With a song like this, don’t it make you wanna dance? Get out your seat and grab a hand, don’t be afraid to take a chance / When it feel like this, don’t it put you in the mood? / Right foot, left foot, just feel the groove / Put your hands in the air, get in the mood” This hook is BAD. This shit is corny as FUCK. I can’t listen to this. Not only are the lyrics on the hook bad, but the way London Jae sings it is just really BAD. Nah. This ain’t for me. I guess if you’re really into dancing you’ll be into this. I don’t fuckin’ know. B.o.B had an alright flow and everything, but this is just not for me at all. Of course Lin Z had to sneak a bar about her ass in her verse. Nah. I ain’t feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 11: Graduation Camp Feat. T.I. & JaqueBeatz (Prod. B.o.B & JaqueBeatz)

This is just about a real bad bitch. This beat is dope af. B.o.B did his thing, but I don’t like how he used the Back That Azz Up flow for the last 3rd of his verse. I never liked that flow. JaqueBeatz’s hook was alright. I guess. I liked his verse better than Bobby Ray’s, but he used the Juvenile flow too. I hope T.I. doesn’t use it… Oh, thank God, he didn’t. The beat’s cool. Oh FUCK no. What the fuck was that Outro? Why? Why, JaqueBeatz? Why did you do that? “Yo it’s, it’s Jaque. I make, I make beats and uumm… AWKWARD!” Don’t say that shit. That shit is corny af. You know what would’ve made it less awkward? If you didn’t say that shit in the first place. We know you make beats; it’s in your fucking name. It sounded like he was trying to be awkward. It wasn’t even awkward until he said it was. That was awful. That shit is corny af. I hate when people say that shit. Don’t say it. If you’re reading this don’t ever do that shit where it’s kinda quiet and then somebody says “AWK-WORRRRRRRRD!” That’s awful. I should take off a point just for that shit… I won’t tho. Might have to cut that out in GarageBand. Is it weird how angry I got about that? Whatever, I don’t care. 4/5

Track 12: SK8 Feat. Jake Lambo, JaqueBeatz & London Jae (Prod. B.o.B & JaqueBeatz)

This beat is kinda shitty. Oh. Nevermind. When the bass comes in it actually sounds really good. This beat is dope af. Jake Lambo’s flow is dope. The hook’s alright I guess. Oh God. Jaque’s flow just fell apart on the first part of his verse. That ain’t sound good at all. I think London Jae’s on the hook. B.o.B definitely had the best verse. I actually like this. I thought this would be lame af because of the title, but this is dope. I fuck with this. B.o.B just called JaqueBeatz’s flow retarded. 4/5

Track 13: These Niggaz Feat. Jake Lambo & JaqueBeatz (Prod. Kutt The Check)

This beat isn’t bad, but this hook is fucking terrible and it lasts way too long. The song starts with the hook and it goes on for 43 seconds before anything else happens. That’s too long. Jake Lambo & B.o.B did they thing. They both had dope flows. I ain’t like JaqueBeatz’s verse. That was bad. That last bar was terrible. What he said wasn’t stupid, but his flow was just unbelievable. In a bad way. This song isn’t very good. The hook is so bad and JaqueBeatz’s verse is pretty wack. 2/5

Track 14: Jimmy Fallon Feat. Scotty ATL & London Jae (Prod. DJ Burn One)

This beat is fucking amazing. London Jae’s hook is good too. That might actually be B.o.B on the hook. I’m not sure. The verses were nothing special. Honestly, the hook & the beat are what really make this song. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 15: By Any Means (Performed by Scotty ATL) Feat. London Jae, JaqueBeatz & Jake Lambo) [Prod. 8Track]

Oh shit this is the same sample from Bird On A Wire by Action Bronson. That’s a good thing because that beat was fucking crazy. This hook is alright. This beat is cool, but the sample was definitely used better on Bird On A Wire. It sounded a lot cleaner on that song. Eh. This song is alright. If you really care that much about the verses then I’ll just say that none of them were that great. They weren’t terrible. JaqueBeatz’s flow was kind of a mess again. This just makes me want to listen to Bird On A Wire. 3/5

Track 16: Juice & Gin Feat. Jake Lambo & Lin Z (Prod. B.o.B & JaqueBeatz)

This beat is cool I guess. B.o.B’s verse was cool. His flow was dope af. The hook’s alright. This beat makes me think of video games for some reason. Jake Lambo had a real short verse. It was alright. Nah. I ain’t like that Lin Z verse. That whole Snoop Dogg “Izzle” thing she was doing was corny af. This song isn’t that bad. Just not for me. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 17: Watch Me Feat. Scotty ATL & London Jae (Prod. K.E On The Track)

This hook is fucking terrible. The second half isn’t as bad, but it still ain’t good. This beat isn’t very good. Sounds like they sampled an auto repair center. This isn’t very good. It’s interesting I guess. The hook isn’t actually that bad. The first half is, but the second half isn’t. This really isn’t that bad. The beat actually kinda works. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 18: Outro

Basically this is just B.o.B telling me to go follow everyone on Twitter and Instagram. I’m not going to. I don’t follow rappers. Most of the time. I will put they IG account up here tho, so you can follow them if you actually liked this project. https://instagram.com/labelnogenre/ There ya go.

Final Thoughts:

That actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be honestly. I still kinda feel like I wasted my time, but there were some good songs on there. B.o.B is obviously the best rapper in the group, but I think that Jake Lambo and London Jae are the best after him. Then Scotty ATL. Then JaqueBeatz. JaqueBeatz would actually probably be the second best if it weren’t for his fucked up flow. He can also be corny sometimes. Miss me with that “AWKWARD” shit. Lin Z is probably the worst in the group. She just seems like she’s trying so hard to fit in with “the cool kids.” Or maybe she really is that way. She’s like that kid that’s really lame, but the cool kids still hang out with her for some reason. The beats were actually pretty good for the most part. JaqueBeatz is a pretty good producer. B.o.B has really improved as a producer too. I don’t want to sound too positive tho. This was kinda lame. If you’re like 12 years old and you think Big Sean is too dark and serious, this is perfect for you.

Favorite Song: Jimmy Fallon

Least Favorite Song: Damn

Verdict: 58%MEH

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  1. whoever did this review is soooooooo fucking stupid “Jaque Beatz” been rapping for years and is the best and sexiest in the fucking group.. Dumb fuck listen to his solo projects not a damn collab mixtape the artists have to do together. Review this review biased ass review, u ruined it when you started of by saying you dont really like B.O.B .

      Not sure why you brought up the fact that Jaque Beatz started rappin’ before this tape. I don’t think I gave any reason to believe that this was his first attempt. “Dumb fuck listen to his solo projects” Yeah, I’m definitely not gonna do that. “is the best in the fucking group..” Well, I’m pretty sure that I’ve already made it clear that I disagree. “u ruined it when you started off by saying you dont really like B.O.B” This article is my opinion. I doubt it would be any different if this was the first time I listened to him. I didn’t hate the mixtape. I liked some of the songs and even loved one of them. It was alright. Jaque Beatz is obviously just not for me. I’m sorry for shitting on your favorite rapper lol. I do appreciate your respectful and well written comment, though. Thanks for that Fred.

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