EP Review | OG Maco – 15

I actually really like OG Maco. Honestly, out of all of the songs I’ve heard from him, U Guessed It is probably my least favorite. That song he did on the Trinidad James mixtape was dope af, so I thought I would go ahead and check his latest project out. His Breathe EP was dope too. He was actually talkin’ about real shit. I’m honestly expecting this to be good.

Track 1: I Am Not Perfect (Prod. LC On The Traxx)

This beat is dope af. He ain’t screamin’ this time. This ain’t a trap beat. It kinda reminds me of Cold Blood by Yo Gotti. This beat is so dope. His flow is average. The hook’s cool. This track isn’t amazing or anything (Maybe for a Quality Control artist), but it’s still dope. LC On the Traxx did his thing. OG Maco’s bars ain’t really complexed or anything, but he ain’t rappin’ about bitches and money. He usually does two types of songs: regular Hip Hop songs where he talks about shit that people actually care about, or stereotypical trap songs about basic mainstream topics where he’s screaming like a fucking lunatic. I don’t really have a preference, but hopefully he does both on this EP so that it doesn’t get stale. This track is definitely dope tho. 4/5

Track 2: Big Bucks Feat. Offset (Prod. Sledgren)

Oh fuck. This beat is so fucking dope. Wow. This beat is incredible. Sledgren fucking… This is great. This song fits that trap description I mentioned on the last track. Kinda. He’s yelling, but it’s in the background. He’s talkin’ about money tho. This beat is so fucking dope. This shit slaps. The hook is dope. His flow is cool. Offset did his thing. Offset’s voice is real similar to OG Maco’s. I definitely fuck with this shit. That hook is dope. That beat is crazy. This shit dope af. 5/5

Track 3: Homies Feat. Johnny Cinco (Prod. Jake Butcher)

This beat is dope. I don’t know about this hook. The vocals on the hook are layered. It don’t sound very good. He kinda did that a little bit on Big Bucks, but it didn’t sound bad on that song. His flow is pretty basic. He’s sangin’ on the hook. I ain’t feelin’ that. The only thing I really like about this song is the beat. Idk who Johnny Cinco is. His verse was wack tho. I can’t understand what the fuck he’s saying. It’s like his mouth is just a hole. He doesn’t use his tongue when he’s trying to speak. It’s fucking gibberish. The only shit I can understand is “OG.” Nah. I ain’t feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 4: Night Like This (Prod. Ricky P)

Night Like This

This hook is actually dope af. I usually don’t like really melodic hooks, but I can’t front: OG Maco did his thing. The sangin’ sounded pretty good to me. He sound calmer than a motherfucker on this. If you heard U Guessed It and then this song right after that, you would think they were by two different people. This is like a party song, except it’s too mellow for a party. This is one of those songs that listen to while looking at the iTunes visualizer when you’re really high. A lot of the lyrics are hard to understand. I don’t really care tho because this is dope. His flow wasn’t crazy or anything. This is just dope. The beat is dope. Everything about this song just sounds quiet. It sounds like every bar is his conscience talking to him. It sounds like it’s all going on in his head. I fuck with this shit, man. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 5: Championship Feat. Offset (Prod. TM88)

I think this might be a bad hook, but I like it for some reason. If you think that a member of the migos (a migo?) would sound good with autotune, you might like this. The autotune isn’t very heavy, but it’s noticeable. Offset has the first verse. He has his average triplet Migos flow. This is an average trap beat. It’s not bad, but it’s nothin’ special. I feel like this is poorly mixed. The way OG Maco’s verse ended didn’t sound good at all. This isn’t a very good song. I said that I liked the hook earlier. It ain’t that good. I was assuming that the verses would be somewhat entertaining. I was wrong. Not feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 6: How I’m Feelin’ Feat. Skippa Da Flippa & Offset (Prod. Twan On The Beat)

I’ve never heard a verse from Skippa Da Flippa before. I don’t know whether or not I love that name or hate it. He just sounds like a migo with a slightly lower voice. He’s on the hook. It’s alright. Offset’s verse was an Offset verse. Skippa’s also on the second verse. This beat is cool I guess. It’s not really that amazing. It’s average. Maco’s verse was actually kinda wack. This track is alright. It’s kinda boring tbh. 3/5

Track 7: The New Kid (Prod. Ducko McFli)

This beat is cool. OG Maco’s flow is a little messy. It sounds like he’s either going too fast or trying to cram too many words into each bar. There’s no hook, which is cool. This song just isn’t very entertaining. The bars aren’t that impressive. He’s not braggin’ or anything, but it’s just not that interesting. His flow doesn’t sound very good. I ain’t really feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 8: Mirror Mirror Feat. Kushy Stash (Prod. TM88)

Of course I don’t know who Kushy Stash is. Nobody does. This beat is kinda cool. I guess it’s an average trap beat. This song sounds messy. Maco’s flow is all over the place. I fuck with this hook tho. He’s screamin’ his fuckin’ head off. Kushy Stash did a pretty good job of matching OG Maco’s energy. Damn. I actually really liked his verse. Of course the shit he was sayin’ was fuckin’ ridiculous, but his flow and delivery were nice. It’s cool how the track started kinda slow and then once the hook came in Maco just went fuckin’ crazy. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Track 9: Legends (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

Oh fuck yeah. This beat is dope af. The hook is actually dope af too. He’s kinda yellin’ (not nearly as violently as he was on the last track), but he’s singin’ in the background too. The way he layers his vocals and makes them harmonize when he sings is dope af. Metro Boomin’ is a good ass producer. He’s definitely one of my favorites. Maco’s flow is average. The lyrics aren’t anything special. I fuck with this shit tho. This shit is dope af. 5/5

Track 10: Long Nights (Prod. Brandon Thomas)

What the fuck? This beat is so weird… It sounds like something that might’ve been on Trinidad James’ latest project. Except it’s not that good. Yeah. I ain’t feelin’ this beat. Damn. I ain’t feelin’ this shit. He’s sangin’ for the whole song, but it’s just with autotune. He ain’t doin’ that thing that I mentioned in the last track where he harmonizes with himself. This is just a bad R&B song with autotune and a bad beat. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 11: 15 (Prod. Miguel Brucker)

Oh fuck yeah. This beat is so fucking dope. Yes. This is dope. OG Maco’s rappin’. He ain’t just screamin’ or singing. This is dope. I fuck with this shit. This beat is so fucking dope. Maco’s flow is actually dope. You can tell he actually cares what he’s saying on this track. His brother apparently died when he was 15. This is one good ass outro. This is dope as fuck. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

That shit was pretty… okay. The songs that were good were really fucking good, but there were a lot of tracks I wasn’t feelin’. The track’s I didn’t like were incredibly generic. The one song that I disliked that wasn’t generic was just a bad song. If there’s one thing OG Maco has going for himself, it’s versatility. If you listen to Night Like This and then Mirror Mirror, you’ll think they’re by two different people. OG Maco is definitely the best artist on Quality Control Records. He’s the only one that actually branches out and tries new things. He takes risks. Migos don’t take no risks. OG Maco does a good job at making music that you can play when you’re out with your friends and being a stereotypical African American, but he also makes music about actual shit that people would care about. You can tell that he cares about what he says on tracks like I Am Not Perfect. He actually does a good job making his vocals sound good too, even though he can’t really sing. The way he layers his vocals is a much better alternative to bad singing than autotune. There were some wack songs on this tho. This was too long for an EP. There are a lot of songs that he coulda cut out of this project. The beginning and end of this EP are really entertaining. The middle is where it gets a little rough. This is a good project tho. I would say this project is worth checking out. Don’t assume OG Maco is a terrible artist just because of U Guessed It. I really hope he doesn’t end up being a one hit wonder, but it’s starting to look that way. His music fits into a much wider spectrum of sub-genres than most one hit wonders’ music. It really doesn’t make sense for him to be a one hit wonder.

Favorite Song: 15

Least Favorite Song: Long Nights




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