Album Review | Wale – The Album About Nothing

I don’t know exactly what Jerry Seinfeld had to do with this project, but he’s been in all the promotional videos and pictures for it. I really hope that this album doesn’t suck ass. I really WANT to like Wale, but his projects always feel like there’s an enormous amount of filler. They’re usually decent, but not incredible. That Festivus project (please excuse the poor quality of that review…) is exactly what I’m talking about. He’s clearly capable of putting out a good project, but I always feel like he can do so much better. I haven’t listened to the singles for this album. He dropped a song a few months ago called The Followers, which I think is a great song. If all the songs on this project are like that then this will be great. That song isn’t on this project tho. I think it’s supposed to be on a compilation from Nas’ label, Mass Appeal Records. That should be good.

Track 1: The Intro About Nothing (Prod. J. Gramm, Rex Kudo & idankalai)

This beat is really dope so far. It’s led by a really nice piano. The hook is dope. It’s being rapped, instead of sung. That’s a good thing. After the hook comes in the second time, a gospel choir starts chanting. This is dope. Wale’s flow is dope. Oh shit. The beat just… dropped again. I guess. More drums came in and it got real hard. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 2: The Helium Balloon (Prod. DJ Dahi)

My excitement level greatly increased when I saw DJ Dahi’s name. You can’t go wrong with a DJ Dahi beat. This song starts off kinda slow (in terms of tempo, not quality). It’s real jazzy. After about a minute, the beat switches up. It feels like the real song is starting at this point. Wale does his thing. This beat is crazy. I like the way the Seinfeld voice clips are on here. At the end of the song Wale sings a hook with a Jamaican accent. I think that’s Wale. I like it. This production is dope. It reminds me of something I would’ve heard on Tetsuo & Youth, which makes sense since DJ Dahi produced almost every song on that album. I fuck with this song. This is dope. 4/5

Track 3: The White Shoes (Prod. Pro Reese)

The White Shoes

Oh shit. Wale’s sangin’. It’s not good. It’s not terrible. It’s not nearly as bad as it was on Action Bronson’s album. It’s like when J. Cole sings. You know the singing is bad, but it still works for some reason. He’s singin’ on the hook, but I kinda fuck with it. The melody isn’t bad and there are female vocals layered over his. I fuck with this beat. I actually really like this. Wale’s flow is nice on this. This beat is dope. I wonder who the female vocals are from. It sounds good. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 4: The Pessimist Feat. J. Cole (Prod. Osinachi)

This beat is fuckin’ crazy. Shit. I fuck with Wale’s first verse too. His flow is dope. J. Cole does his thing on the hook. This beat is seriously dope. DAT BEAT THOOOOOO

J. Cole doesn’t have a verse, but I ain’t even mad because Wale did his fuckin’ thing and this beat is crazy. Cole’s singin’ actually sounds pretty good. I would definitely like to here a verse from him on here tho.. This is my shit. Wale’s flow is great and so is the beat. I fuck with this. This shit dope af. 5/5

Track 5: The Middle Finger (Prod. DJ Dahi)

OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH. WHAT THE FUCK!!! This beat… It’s fucking crazy. DJ Dahi… What the fuck. This beat is fucking incredible. DAT BEAT THOOOOOO

I don’t want to overuse that picture, but damn. The production on this album so far is incredible. Wale’s flow is great. He sounds great over this beat. I fuck with this hook too. Wale’s singin’ again, but it sounds good. You can probably tell what this song is about from the title. “Fuck you, leave me alone.” I fuck with this shit. This shit dope af. 5/5

Track 6: The One Time In Houston (Prod. Pro Reese)

This beat is dope af. There’s some pitch shifted singing on the first verse. It doesn’t sound bad, but it would probably be better without the pitch shift. I get that he’s payin’ tribute to Houston, but I never really liked pitch shifted vocals in music. Wale comes in and raps after a little bit. Sonically, this song would be fucking incredible if it weren’t for the pitch shift. I thought it was only gonna be on the first verse, but it’s on the hook and the second verse too. It gets pretty annoying. It kinda sounds like a Drake song too. It’s about hoes in Houston. Wale just sounds bitter because he tried to turn a ho into a housewife and she just wanted money. “Women so fake.” Uh. I hate it when people say shit like that. Grow the fuck up, pussy. Women don’t HAVE to like you. Nobody does. This song is alright. Pro Reese stole the show. 3/5

Track 7: The Girls On Drugs (Prod. No Credit)

This track was already on the Festivus mixtape. Jesus my reviews used to be fucking terrible. I wrote like 2 sentences for this song. Well, I apparently thought the song was average and gave it a 3/5. Maybe I’ll like it this time. I fuck with this sample. This beat is dope. I fuck with Wale’s flow on this song. Damn. I actually like this. This is dope. Wale’s flow is dope and the beat reminds me of something that Kanye might’ve rapped over in his early years. I was trippin’. This shit dope af. 5/5

Track 8: The God Smile (Prod. DJ Dahi)

This beat is dope af. That bass line is so dope. The hook is okay. It’s a little too long. Wale’s flow was cool. I don’t know how I feel about the way he ended each verse singin’. I fuck with this. DJ Dahi stole the show. 4/5

Track 9: The Need To Know Feat. SZA (Prod. J. Gramm)

I fuck with SZA. I don’t review the type of music she does, but she be singin’ like a motherfucker. That song she did with Ab-Soul, Ice Moon Revisited. That song is my shit. Which is kind of embarrassing. I feel soft as fuck when I listen to that song. OGs aren’t supposed to listen to shit like that. We’re supposed to listen to Jeezy. Anyway, this beat is smooth af. SZA’s vocals in the background sound great. This song is clearly for the ladies. That’s cool. Some of the lyrics went a little too far tho. “Is it me, or is you cold? / Cause the feelings you ain’t showin’ pokin’ out your clothes / Go put a sweater on or get a room” Yeah, I coulda did without that line, thanks. SZA sounds great on the hook. SZA was definitely the right choice for this song. Goddamn, she can sing. 4/5

Track 10: The Success (Prod. Jake One)

This beat is cool, but it’s not nearly as impressive as all the other ones so far. This song is cool, but it’s just kinda boring compared to all the other ones. I can’t really call anything about this song bad, but none of this is really that great. This is pretty average. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 11: The Glass Egg (Prod. AyyDot)

I don’t know about this hook. Wale’s singin’, but it isn’t that good. It sounds pretty bad tbh. It was acceptable in the other songs, but he just does it a little too much here. This beat is nothing special. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this. His flow is cool and the lyrics are nice, but the beat and the singin’ and the hook just aren’t very good. 2/5

Track 12: The Bloom (Ambitious Girls 3) Feat. Stokley Williams [Prod. J. Gramm]

I have no idea who Stokley Williams is. He does a good ass job with the hook tho. This beat is cool I guess. I don’t know about this song. It’s not bad or anything, but it just isn’t that exciting. It’s boring to me. I don’t usually like songs like this anyway. Songs about girls and shit. Not “hoes”, but women. When rappers try to make songs about girls that they love, it just isn’t very entertaining to me. This is alright. Stokley Williams did his thing. 3/5

Track 13: The Matrimony Feat. Usher (Prod. Jake One, DJ Khalil & Marce Reazon)

The Matrimony

Wow. This shit is soft as fuck. I know that sounds kind of harsh, but damn. “If there’s a question of my heart, you’ve got it.” Wale does a pretty good job of saying how he feels about marriage and everything, but this really isn’t my kind of song. Usher does his thing, but… nah. I ain’t feelin’ this. This is so fucking soft. The beat is not that great. It’s not bad or anything, but it doesn’t stand out. His flow is average, the hook is average, the beat is average, the lyrics… are pretty good. The song as a whole is just uninteresting. I don’t care about matrimony. So there ya go. I ain’t feelin’ it. 2/5

Track 14: The Body Feat. Jeremih (Prod. Soundz)

The Body

This is… just like the last song. Really the only difference is that Wale isn’t exactly ready for marriage. This song sounds like he isn’t even dating the chick yet. This is much more focused on her looks than actual love. This is also soft. Not as soft, but still pretty soft. The hook is alright I guess. Jeremih can sing like a motherfucker. I think he is a way better singer than most mainstream pop artists. I wouldn’t call him underrated tho. He’s a better singer than most, but he doesn’t really make better music than most. His hook works on this song tho. The beat is alright. Just like the last one, it isn’t really anything special. I don’t know if I like the way Wale’s singin’ on his verses. Actually it isn’t that bad. It sounds pretty good, but it doesn’t really add that much. It’s not a bad thing. I would be fine without it tho. This song is alright I guess. It’s not bad, but it’s not my cup of tea. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

Wow, that was actually better than I expected it to be. I never listened to Attention Deficit, but this is definitely better than Ambition & The Gifted. The first two thirds of this album are fucking great. It sort of fell off after the ninth track tho. I didn’t like one song after that. They weren’t really bad songs, but they didn’t stand out at all. I would’ve accepted a 10 song album from Wale. Just keep the first nine tracks and then throw The Followers on there and this album is amazing. It felt kind of weird to me that the album ended with love songs. It just felt like a weird way to end the album. It’s not really that big of a deal tho. The production on this album is fucking incredible (until track 10). Sonically, this album is fucking great. The two singles from this album, The Matrimony & The Body, are two of my least favorite songs on here. The White Shoes, The Pessimist & The Middle Finger would’ve been better choices. I would definitely say this album is worth checking out. This is the best Wale album I’ve ever heard.

Favorite Song: The Girls On Drugs

Least Favorite Song: The Matrimony




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