EP Review | Freddie Gibbs – Pronto

This EP came out on March 9th and I probably would’ve reviewed it the day it dropped if I had realized how short it was. I have a shit load of music on my schedule and I’m starting to get worried that I’ll never listen to some of this shit, but I’m gonna keep trying. This year has been fucking insane for Hip Hop so far. I have so much shit to catch up on. I figured I would go ahead and get this EP out of the way since it’s only three songs long. Freddie Gibbs’ last project, Piñata was dope. In my review for it, I said I liked it, but it wasn’t hitting me as hard as it did everyone else. It’s one of those albums that doesn’t really blow you away at first, but every time you hear a song from it you’re like, “Man that album was fucking dope.” I feel like Freddie Gibbs is the only person making real gangsta rap these days. Maybe you could argue that ScHoolboy Q & Jay Rock make gangsta music, but it really feels like it’s gone. Now we just have trap music. There are gangstas that make gangsta music (Freddie Gibbs, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock) and gangstas that make trap music (everyone else). I actually don’t know what to expect because I’ve heard that this project has some really different sounding, almost experimental production. I hope it’s dope af.

Track 1: Pronto (Prod. Mikhail & POPS)

Yeah, this beat is definitely different for Freddie Gibbs. Is that him singin’ on the intro? Holy fuck. It doesn’t sound bad. I mean, it definitely ain’t good singin’, but it works, ya know? It just sounds right. OH FUCK YES. This beat is fucking crazy! Freddie Gibbs has to be one of the most hardest ni– …brothas in the game right now. He’s so fucking gangsta. You can tell he’s hard af just from that intro he was singin’ at the beginning. “Thug life never die, nigga.” I love this production too. Freddie Gibbs is just so… GANGSTA. I know I said that already, but really he’s so fucking gangsta. People might get mad at me for this comparison, but he actually reminds me of Pac for some reason. I know people always compare Kendrick to Pac, but I think Gibbs is a lot more like Pac than Kendrick. That first verse was dope. This music video is dope af by the way. He spit a few new bars before repeatin’ the first verse after the hook. This is fucking crazy. This song is dope af. I fuck with this gangsta shit. I love this song. 5/5

Track 2: White Range (Prod. POPS)

This beat is smooth as hell, but it doesn’t sound slow or mellow. It still has energy. He’s rappin’ about drugs & girls. “Got damn, now I’m realizing that I love her / Fucked up when I put this other life above her.” “On the outside I’m too cool, but I’m broken up undercover / Hide my feelings through my drug habits / And I based my raps off my interactions with drug addicts.” The verses are dope af. The beat’s dope. The hook’s cool. This is dope. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 3: Diamonds Feat. Dana Williams (Prod. Blair Norf)

Blair. I never liked that name. Blair. If you have that name, that’s okay. I’m just glad that ain’t my name. This beat is dope af. The hook is dope. His flow sounds great over this beat. This is dope af. Dana Williams just sang in the background during the outro. It wasn’t bad. I don’t know what else to say. This song is really good. There ya go. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

That was dope af. I guess there’s a lot less room for error when there are only three songs on the project, but it was still great. None of the songs on here are wack. It was really nice hearing him over different production like this. I’m glad it was just for the EP tho. I hope that he goes back to the more old school sounding production for his next album. I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy the beats on this project because I thought they were great, but I think he should keep this production style on his EPs and he should do the more traditional beats on his album. The Madlib production was great for a full length album. I feel like if he does stuff like this for that many tracks, he’ll start to… I don’t know. I don’t think the sound will be as consistent. He sounded great over these beats, but I think he’s at his best when he’s rapping over those grimier, old school beats. This was still dope af. White Range was dope, but it didn’t stand out as much as the other two tracks. I still liked it tho. I highly recommend listening to this project. It’s only 3 songs, so even if you don’t like it you won’t feel like you really wasted your time. I fuck with this EP. This EP is dope af.

Favorite Track: Pronto

Least Favorite Track: White Range




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