Mixtape Review | Cyhi The Prynce – The Black Hystori Project 2: N.ew A.rtists A.ligning C.ultural P.eople

I can’t believe this review is finally happening. This was supposed to come out right after the 15 review. I think this mixtape came out in February this year. The first one came out last year and I’m pretty sure I liked it. I think it was actually one of my favorite projects of the year. I really liked how most of the songs were themed after historical black figures like Nelson Mandela & Huey P. Newton. I don’t really expect this to be as good as the first one because for some reason nobody was really talkin’ about this project after it dropped. It just kinda came out. I know Kanye West was the executive producer for the first installment, but I don’t think he really had anything to do with this tape. I doubt that it’s really bad tho. It’s probably just disappointing compared to the first one. I’m still expecting a lot of good songs tho.

Track 1: Intro (Prod. Jayo & Tec Beatz)

Ah fuck. This fucking beat is absolutely insane. Oh my God. Oh… That might be part of the problem… “DATPIFF DOT COM WORLD PREMIERE!” Is there a No DJ version of this tape? Lemme check real quick. Nah. I can’t find one. FUCK. That isn’t really that big of a problem, but it’s just kind of irritating. I have to pee. Lemme go pee real quick. Ok, I’m back. I got sidetracked playing this game on my phone called “Mr. Jump.” It’s quite difficult. I’m on level four. Anyway, this beat is fucking dope af and Cyhi’s flow is great. Goddamn. This is a great way to start the project off. His flow is fucking crazy. “You can’t study for this test, you can’t cheat on life exams / When you good with the sheep, ain’t no need to buy a Lamb.” This is dope af. 5/5

Track 2: Master P (Prod. Tec Beatz)

I never listened to Master P. The shit that I have heard from him is pretty boring. I haven’t heard much tho. I’m sure there’s at least one Master P song that I would like. He never really interested me. Damn. The production on this track is fuckin’ crazy. It sounds really dark, but still energetic at the same time. I think that’s an electric guitar in the background. I’m not sure. I’m not good with stringed instruments. Or any instruments really. The hook is a sample from what I assume is a Master P song. It does it’s job. Cyhi sounds great over this beat. “No gun play around playgrounds or schools / This shit deep, you can’t swim, nigga stay out the pool.” That last verse was fuckin’ crazy. His flow is nice. The beat is dope af. The hook is simple and gets the job done. I fuck with this song. This song is dope af. 5/5

Track 3: Weak People (Prod. Tec Beatz & Esteyban)

Weak People

This song opens up with a sound clip of a speech given by someone named Rev. James David Manning. He apparently doesn’t want to be a “spineless black man.” Cyhi just said, “This for my brother, Kendrick Lamar.” This should be interesting. The beat is dope. It sounds like church music. “A lot of you niggas don’t own business suits but slave for every Michael Jordan tennis shoes.” Fuck yes. This song pretty much has the same message as The Blacker The Berry. That’s a good thing. The hook works. It’s not good or bad. Just there. “Y’all ain’t no Black Panthers, you wasn’t there with Newton / You ain’t marched with Martin tryin’ to better humans / Instead of all these rappers we need some better students.” This is fucking crazy. You can tell he actually cares about this topic too. In the version that released before this project came out, he called Africa a country, but in the version that I’m listening to he says continent. Thank God he fixed it. That almost ruined the track. I fuck with this version tho. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 4: Get Money (Prod. Jayo)

Huh. That’s uh… That’s kinda fucked up that he has a song called Get Money right after that last track. Maybe he’s being ironic on purpose. Oh thank God. This isn’t one of those track where the rapper’s like, “I’m getting money and since you aren’t I fucking hate you. If you aren’t making as much money as me, fuck you. You deserve to be fuckin’ killed. I’m finna fuck yo bitch too. If you’re making MORE money than me, fuck you. That should be MY money. I’m the best. Fuck anyone who isn’t me. I’m a genius. Quit marginalizing me. #TidalForAll.” He’s actually trying to motivate the listener to get some work done and make money. Goddamn. This beat is dope af. The production on this tape is fuckin’ awesome so far. Maybe Kanye actually did help with this one too. This is great. His flow is dope. The hook works, but it gets kinda old after a while. His flow on both of the verses was dope, especially the second one. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Track 5: Forever (Prod. Tec Beats, Brandon Black & Jeff Leahr)


I guess that “WORLD PREMIERE!” shit is only on the first song. Thank God for that. This song opens up with Jodeci sample. Oh wow. “DATPIFF DOT COM WORLD PREMIERE!” It pops up when you least expect it. There’s also a Keith Sweat sample. This beat is dope. The topic of this song isn’t my favorite, but he did a really good job with it. I really only like love songs when it sounds like the artist can’t live without whoever he or she is talking about. I like it when it has really airy & dreamy production. Like that song Healer by Mick Jenkins. That’s the type of love song I like. Cyhi kinda did that with this song. It’s not nearly as atmospheric as the song I just mentioned, but it gets the job done. It sounds real. It sounds like he actually cares about the person he’s talking to. I don’t like love songs when it sounds like the artist is just trying to win over a bunch of female fans. This is a good song tho. I don’t love it, but I definitely think it’s worth downloading. 4/5

Track 6: TV (Prod. FR23SH Preauxdeuce & Tec Beatz)

This beat is dope too. He’s talkin’ about how he’s in love with this chick and can fuck her real good. Eh. This topic is uninteresting. The hook is fucking terrible. He’s singing. SINGING. Who wants to hear Cyhi The Prynce sing? Not me. “We havin’ sex with the TV onnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.” Nah. That’s not good. I don’t know about this track. His flow was dope, the beat was nice and he didn’t have any weak bars, but this topic is just not very interesting & the hook is wack af. It’s alright I guess. If you’re okay with the hook and you like the topic then you’ll probably enjoy the song. The hook is just too much for me. If it weren’t for the hook it would be dope, but I can’t do it. This is just okay. 3/5

Track 7: One Woman Man (Prod. Tec Beatz, Brandon Black, Jeff Leahr, Jethroe & TreyShotYa)

This beat better be dope af. The beat is dope. It’s not anything special yet, but to be fair, I am only four bars in. I’m sure it’ll improve as the song goes on. It’s real smooth. He’s rapping about his future life. He’s talkin’ about having kids and a wife & not being a whore and only having one woman. Yes, I just referred to a man as a whore. That’s possible. There are way more male whores on this planet than female whores. That’s another discussion tho. The hook is alright I guess. There’s this really weird background singing. It kinda sounds like an old woman dying. It’s not that bad tho. Just a little weird. The beat is dope, but it definitely sounds like it could’ve been created by one or maybe two producers. This song is dope tho. I fuck with it tho. It kinda reminds me of that song The Matrimony by Wale. Except it’s actually a good song. 4/5

Track 8: Believe (Prod. The Fr3shman)

This beat is really energetic. It sounds like it would be played at some sort of celebration. He did his thing on the first verse. The hook is kinda wack… It’s not terrible, but it’s just a little corny. He’s singing, “If you don’t believe…” The singing is pretty bad too. This is alright I guess. His verses were cool, but the beat was nothing special and the hook wasn’t good. It’s not bad. I’m just not in love with it. I don’t see myself ever comin’ back to this track. 3/5

Track 9: What We Have (Prod. Mannie Fresh & Brandon Black)

This beat is smooth af. There’s a sample of someone singing, “What we have is much more than they can see.” It keeps repeating throughout the beat. Every time it comes on Cyhi stops rapping so that the listener can hear it. The way he did it the first time was cool, but it gets annoying after a while. This is a real short song. It’s just one verse. I fuck with it. It does feel incomplete compared to the other songs so far, but it’s still nice. It feels like an interlude. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 10: Everyday People Feat. Alanna (Prod. Organized Noize & Tec Beatz)

This beat is dope. Cyhi did his thing on the first verse. The hook from is Alanna is nothing special sonically, but I did like the lyrics. “The white man said we all was equal / But that was just a lie.” I like the topic of the song too. “This for the workin’ class / So gon’ with your twerkin’ ass / The type to sell your soul for a Birkin Bag / Cause if it wasn’t for the club you was workin’ at / You wouldn’t be no different from the lady at the burger shack.” The beat is cool, the hook works & the bars are dope. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Track 11: To Be Real (Prod. Narcotics, Tec Beatz & Brandon Black)

To Be Real

This beat is dope. “And I don’t like police / So my wife gotta be a only child / Cause I don’t even wanna have a brother-in-law.” His bars are nice & his flow is on point. The hook is cool. Ah shit. The beat just switched up for the second verse. Damn. This beat is dope af. This is great. Goddamn. Every time the beat switches up after the hook, I’m just like…


Especially on the outro. That shit is crazy. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

That was dope. I still think that the first one was better, but this is still way too good to be slept on the way it was. Nobody was talkin’ about this tape when it dropped. It’s not mindblowing, but it’s still really solid. It’s a lot better than the shit Young Thug & Big Sean put out this year and both of them have gotten more buzz than this project did. There were only two songs on here that I didn’t think were that good, but I can’t even call them bad songs. They just really didn’t stand out to me. This album started off really strong. It went slightly downhill after the fifth track, but there were still a lot of good songs after that. This project is definitely worth checking out. If for whatever reason you didn’t like the original Black Hystori Project, you probably won’t like this one either. If you are a fan of Cyhi you will tho. If you’ve never heard anything from him I strongly recommend listening to this project and the original one too. I don’t think Kanye had anything to do with this project btw. Why the fuck hasn’t Cyhi gotten an album tho??? For real, he’s one of the best artists on G.O.O.D. Music and he pretty much ghost writes 50% of the shit that Kanye spits. How is Travi$ Scott getting an album before Cyhi? Travi$ Scott may have dope beats and a knack for catchy hooks, but he can’t rap for shit. Seriously, he is so bad at rapping. He’s so bad. Did y’all see that B.E.T. Cypher he was on? Horrible. But anyways tho, this project is definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re a fan of him. I fuck with this project. This project is dope.

Favorite Track: Intro

Least Favorite Track: TV




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