Album Review | Tech N9ne – Strangeulation

Yeah, I’m doin’ another one. I didn’t really love every song off of Tech’s latest project, Special Effects, but I wanted to hear more from him. That’s really weird since there were like ten thousand songs on that album. I think his versatility and passion are the main reasons that I want to check this one out. He just seems like he really really loves music. I can’t think of any other artists who seem to love what they do as much as Tech N9ne. This is his fourteenth album and the 5th in his “Collabos” series. I’ve heard two songs from this project and I liked both of them a lot, so I’m expecting this to be dope. This will probably take a long ass time to review. There are 17 tracks. I’m not sure how many actual songs there are, but still. That’s a lot.

Track 1: Strangeulation I (Prod. Seven)

This beat is dope af. It’s really dark. This is apparently the first Seven beat that Tech ever rapped over. He just told Seven to redo it so he could put it on this album. That’s crazy. “And when she compare me to Eminem, I said ‘I’m different’ / She said ‘How?’, I said ‘I’m black and I can say nigger, bitch!'” This is awesome. There’s no wack ass hook to ruin this song. Just a dope ass beat and Tech doin’ what he does best. His flow is great. This is awesome. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 2: Hard (A Monster Made It) Feat. Murs [Prod. Seven]

Is it Murs or MURS? I’ve seen it spelled both ways. Well, I guess the spelling is the same for both of them, but you know what I mean. Damn. Tech N9ne was on the Forbes list 2 years in a row? I guess I never realized how successful Strange Music is. This beat is fucking incredible. It’s so hard. It sounds like a beat that would be really popular on the radio. Of course Tech’s flow is on point. The beat has this sound in the background that sounds like a demon laughing. That’s what it sounds like to me. This is great. His flow is so dope on this. HAHAHAHAHA! Look at him dancing in the music video when the hook comes on at 2:28. That’s hilarious. Speaking of the hook, it isn’t bad, but it could definitely be better. It works tho. “My shit is hard. Constipated.” If it weren’t for that one line I would call the hook dope, but it doesn’t ruin it. This beat is really explosive and Tech does a great job of matching it’s energy. The second verse is dope af. Murs is on the last verse and it’s kind of jarring when you go from Tech’s incredible flow to Murs’ slower delivery, but if you listen to what he’s actually saying you’ll realize that he actually killed it. “I’m a livin’ fucking legend, man, the rest of y’all just walking dead / Feral with a arrow, call me Daryl, takin’ off your head.” He may not rap fast, but his verse was still dope. I fuck with this song. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 3: Over It Feat. Ryan Bradley (Prod. Seven)

Ryan Bradley is singin’ the hook and it’s kinda corny, but he did his thing I guess. He kinda sounds like the lead singer of a boy band. I don’t know. Holy fuck. The fucking beat is absolutely insane. Seven has got to be one of the most underrated producers of all time. Ugh. This hook is just too much. God damnit. I want to like this song so much, but the hook is just not good. The beat and Tech’s verses are great, but the hook is so… It’s just… The hook is white af tbh. I hate that I have to say that, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I just can’t take it. The song is great except for the hook. If you for some reason are a fan of boy bands & Tech N9ne, this is the perfect song for you. I, however, am not a fan of boy bands. Every time the hook comes on I think of Twilight for some reason. This song is just not for me. 3/5

Track 4: Make Waves Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Rittz & Tyler Lyon (Prod. Seven)

Krizz Kaliko better have a verse on this fucking song… Oh fuck. The hook. Every. Fucking. Time. Krizz isn’t on the hook, but Tyler Lyon is on it and it’s wack af. This is basically a metal song with Strange Music rappin’ the verses. I’m not feelin’ the beat at all. The electric guitar is so annoying to me. The electric guitar has to be one of the most generic & overused instruments of all time. Not feelin’ the hook at all. I don’t want to hear this guy yellin’ right in my fuckin’ ear. Tech’s verse was dope. Ah shit. Krizz is rappin’ right now. FUCK. He better have a verse on a song that doesn’t have a wack hook. I’m not feelin’ this song. The verses were the only thing I liked. The beat is loud and annoying and so is the hook. Tech, Krizz & Rittz all killed it. Especially Rittz. “You got some dope ad-libs and that singing shit / Is so average.” He must’ve been talkin’ about Krizz. Just kidding. But seriously Krizz needs to stop singing and focus on rapping. This is wack to me. The beat and hook ruined it. Not feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 5: Nobody Cares (The Remix) Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone, Wrekonize, Bernz & Ces Cru [Prod. Seven]

What the fuck? THEY MADE A REMIX TO THIS SONG? The original version was so fucking incredible. How did I not know that there was a remix? FUCK! This is about to be so fucking incredible. Wrekonize & Bernz are the two rappers from ¡MayDay! I guess the other members of ¡MayDay! are just producers or something. Ces Cru is a duo consisting of Godemis & Ubiquitous. Ubiquitous is a dope ass stage name. The original version of this song is apparently a bonus track. He probably should’ve put the original version on the standard edition of this album and released the remix as a bonus track. That’s just what I think tho. It would make more sense that way. Nobody really rapped with the really quick flow that Tech is known for on the original version of this song, but it was still dope af. They’re rappin’ fast now tho. Tech killed it. Krizz Kaliko is singing on the hook and I think this is the first time I ever liked him singing. This hook is great. I usually don’t like really melodic hooks, but they did it so well this time. It sounds great. Wrekonize & Godemis did they thing. Bernz was dope. Ubiquitous fuckin’ killed it. Stevie Stone & Krizz Kaliko did they thing, but I think they both had better verses on the original. I still liked it tho. I think Ubiquitous had the second best verse behind Tech. Krizz Kaliko’s verse on the original was fucking awesome too. His verse wasn’t bad on this one, but it just ended really abruptly. He literally just says “fuck it” and then the track ends. He just kinda gives up in the middle of his verse. I still really liked it tho. This beat is fucking incredible too btw. Did I mention that yet? This is definitely the best beat on the whole album so far. Crystal Watson is the uncredited female singer that helps with the hook. Everything about this song is dope af. The beat, hook and verses are all incredible. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 6: Great Night Feat. Ces Cru (Prod. Seven)

This beat isn’t very good. The hook kinda sucks. It’s definitely not bad enough to ruin the song, but it’s just kind of annoying. It’s just some chick saying “Drink, smoke up and give up that stuff, bitch.” Oh, what the fuck? This bridge is weird. It’s someone saying, “smoke one, drink some, get done,” but it’s pitch shifted down and it has a ton of reverb. Tech N9ne did his thing. Godemis’ verse was dope af. Ubiquitous killed it. I don’t know… I enjoyed the verses, but everything else about this song is mediocre at best. The verses were fine, but as a song this isn’t that good. I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not good to me. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 7: Red Rags Feat. Big Scoob, Jay Rock & Kutt Calhoun (Prod. Seven)

Damn. I keep forgetting that Jay Rock used to be signed to Strange Music. That’s weird. He never really fit in with Strange Music at all. Wow. Apparently Tech N9ne is affiliated with the Bloods. That’s weird. He seems like too much of a nice person to be fuckin’ with gangs like that. “Soowoo.” God. Everything about the Bloods just seems so… stupid. I hope I don’t get my ass shot for dissin’ gangs all the time, but seriously. They just seem corny af sometimes. They would read that last sentence as “They just seem borny af sometimes.” That’s stupid as hell. Y’all got Young Thug reppin’ you too. That’s what y’all are about? Dressin’ like little girls and talkin’ about smokin’ penises? Smh. Anyway, the hook is actually dope af. I like it. Tech’s verse was dope. This beat is nice too. Damn. Kutt Calhoun sounds so fuckin’ gangsta. This song is so hard. Of course Jay Rock fuckin’ killed it. I need that album. When is that album comin’ out Jay Rock? Weren’t we supposed to get it last year? Have we even gotten a title yet? You better hurry the fuck up with that album. At least drop another single soon. Big Scoob’s verse was dope. I guess they’re all Bloods or affiliated with the Bloods. I didn’t know that. You know what would be really interesting? A Young Thug & Tech N9ne collaboration. That will probably never happen since Tech N9ne is really good friends with Lil Wayne tho. I fuck with this song. This song is dope af. 5/5

Track 8: Strangeulation II (Godemis Feat. Stevie Stone, Murs & Brotha Lynch Hung) [Prod. Seven]

This is the same beat as the first Strangeulation track. Tech N9ne doesn’t have a verse on this one. Godemis’ verse was dope af. Stevie Stone was dope af too. Murs fucking killed it. He fired a shot at Future. “But maybe I’m just hatin’ cause my black ass could never sing / And fuck that autotune I hope the Future’s filled with better things.” That was dope af. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything from Brotha Lynch Hung. His flow is so fucking weird, but dope at the same time. It’s weird like MF DOOM’s flow except it doesn’t really sound like MF DOOM. When he said “What, you need for me to flip that shit and rip that shit / Like a skitzo, stick that shit, that shit, like a automatic pistol grip?” I was like…


It sounded like his flow was having a seizure. It was fucking crazy. The best verse was either Brotha Lynch Hung or Murs. I can’t decide. This was dope af. I really like these interludes. 5/5

Track 9: Which One Feat. Godemis & Murs (Prod. Seven)

This beat is nothing special. Godemis is goin’ in right now. His verse was dope af. The hook is cool. It’s real quick. I’m glad they made it so short. Murs’ verse was dope af. Tech’s on the last verse. He killed it. This is a real short song. I like that it’s really quick. You just get bars and a real short hook. I’m not blown away or anything, but I like this song. I fuck with it. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 10: American Horror Story Feat. Ces Cru (Prod. Seven)

This beat is fucked up. It sounds like the soundtrack to a horror movie. The hook is fucking ridiculous. Not in a good way. It’s supposed to sound like a crazy person, but it just sounds fucking stupid. I think it’s Ubiquitous. He’s talking with this high ass voice that just makes him sound like a little girl. The hook & beat are both so fucking annoying. The beat is tolerable, but the hook is just absurdly bad. I have no idea what the fuck made them think this shit was okay. Absolutely fucking horrible. Maybe I can cut the hook out in GarageBand. Ubiquitous is on the first verse and it’s dope I guess. That fucking hook ruined everything tho. Godemis’ verse was nice. The beat switched up for Tech N9ne’s verse and he fucking killed it. This song would be alright without that hook. The hook is so bad tho. This… This just isn’t a good song. It’s not. It’s so fucking bad. The beat is cacophonous, and I don’t think any of them fit over it very well. It has kind of an experimental sound, and they all just sound kind of out of place. The shit they were rapping about was lame too. This song is honestly fucking horrible. That hook is gonna haunt me forever. That’s seriously one of the worst hooks I’ve ever heard in my life. 1/5

Track 11: Fear Feat. Mackenzie O’Guin (Prod. Seven)

Damn. This album released exactly one month before the death of Tech’s mother. This song is about how his mom was dying, but it hadn’t happened yet when he recorded this. The music video was uploaded to YouTube after her death I think. He left a short message about it at the beginning of the video. I guess this song is gonna be about his mom. Goddamn. This beat is absolutely amazing. It’s kinda scary tbh. It sounds dark as hell and there are female background vocals moaning. I don’t think moaning is the right word. Just watch the video to hear the song. The background vocals are saying “fear” I think. I think that’s Mackenzie O’Guin. This is great. He’s rapping about how he’s so afraid of losing his mother. Yes. YES! The hook is dope! THIS IS… YES! He sang the hook and it was good! THANK GOD! I LOVE THIS SONG! This beat is absolutely haunting and the hook is actually good. You can hear the sadness and fear and anger and passion and pain in his voice. This is so fucking dope. “I called up my mother, but who answered my brother / He said “she real sick but I’m gonna put her on just tell her you love her.'” This is so sad. This is so amazing. Mackenzie O’Guin just did the background vocals, but this song would not be nearly as good without her. This is so sad and amazing. The fear of losing your mother is definitely something I can relate to. This is so sad tho. I absolutely fuck with this. This is so fucking dope af. 5/5

Track 12: Strangeulation III (Wrekonize Feat. Bernz, Kutt Calhoun & Ubiquitous) [Prod. Seven]

I’m definitely finna have to use GarageBand to put these Strangeulation verses together. This beat is really dope btw. I really like it. Wrekonize is going first. His verse was dope. So was Bernz’s. Kutt Calhoun did his thing. I think Ubiquitous had the best verse. They all did a good job, but none of them were amazing. I fuck with this, but I’m not as impressed as I was with the other ones. 4/5

Track 13: Na Na Feat. Stevie Stone & Rittz (Prod. Seven)

This beat is dope af. Tech N9ne is just rappin’ about a really bad bitch. Goddamn this beat is so fuckin’ dope. This isn’t really a love song because he’s just talkin’ about fuckin’ some chick. The hook is cool. Stevie Stone fuckin’ killed it. I just don’t know about this topic. They’re going into too much detail about how they be fuckin’ girls. “Got her singin’ and feelin’, I’m finger fuckin’, I’m feedin’ / I’m beatin’, munchin’, and needin.'” Oh God. Rittz. Too much. Too much. “We love fuckin’, when she bleedin’ I leave it in with no rubber / Leavin’ hotel comforters and sheets destroyed, is that TMI?” Yes, Rittz. Yes it is. It is TMI. That’s way too much. I think this song is dope, but they just went a little too far. I do like the song sonically tho. 4/5

Track 14: Stink Feat. Krizz Kaliko, Stevie Stone & Kendall Morgan (Prod. Seven)

This beat is dope af. Stevie Stone is on the first verse. Stevie Stone is really under appreciated too. His verse was dope. Kendall Morgan somehow manages to sound angelic even when she’s saying, “my shit don’t stink.” The hook is dope. Yes. Krizz Kaliko is on the second verse. He fucking killed his verse. Fuck. Stevie Stone & Krizz Kaliko need to release solo albums. Tech N9ne is about to go in. He had the best verse. His verse was dope af. I fuck with this song. This song is dope af. 5/5

Track 15: The Calling Feat. Tyler Lyon (Prod. Seven)

This beat is fucking great. Tech’s rappin’ about his addiction to alcohol. His flow is on point. I don’t know about that hook. It sounds a little out of place. It’s too slow. It just sounds off. I like everything about this song except the hook. The bridge where the beat switches up right before the third verse was nice. That last verse was great too. Fuck. This is alright. The hook just messed things up for me. I don’t really like Tyler Lyon. It’s okay. 3/5

Track 16: Strangeulation IV (Rittz Feat. Prozak, Big Scoob & Krizz Kaliko)

I really like these interludes with nothing but bars. I’m gonna have to combine them all into one song with GarageBand. They made a music video for most of the verses. I wish they had all of the verses in that video. That would’ve been dope af. I also wish Jay Rock got a verse. Rittz’s verse was dope. Prozak’s verse wasn’t bad, but it coulda been better. It was still good tho. Big Scoob’s verse was great. Krizz fucking killed it. This is dope af. I’m definitely gonna have to put all of these together with GarageBand. 5/5

Track 17: We Are Free Feat. Bernz & Wrekonize (Prod. Seven)

This beat is fucking great. It sounds really dark, but still pretty energetic. Tech’s verse was dope af. The hook is cool. It’s nothing special. Bernz’ verse was cool. Wrekonize verse was dope. This track is dope, but it really doesn’t stand out that much. Tech easily had the best verse. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Final Thoughts:

That was great. I liked more songs off of this than Special Effects. Special Effects was a lot more diverse, but this album is much more consistent. He didn’t really experiment with other genres like he usually does, which is probably why I enjoyed more of the songs. He probably stuck with Hip Hop since this is a “Collabos” album. The Strangeulation interludes were fucking great. That beat is really dope and it was great to hear most of the Strange artists spittin’ bars with no hook. Tech N9ne sounded like a fucking monster on that shit. That song Fear is fucking incredible. I’ve said before that I hate it when people call music “beautiful,” but that’s really the best way to describe that song. I love that song. That was a nice surprise. Strange Music is just so fucking dope. Not only Tech N9ne, but they can all spit. I’ll definitely be checking out projects from all of these guys eventually. Maybe… Maybe not Prozak…

Favorite Track: Fear

Least Favorite Track: American Horror Story




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  1. There are only two tech n9ne albums I can Justify being over 17 tracks long. the album Killer was suppose to be his last album ever so i can understood the length of that album. K.O.D told a story so it hard for me to cut songs from there . Nice review

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