Album Review | Murs – Have A Nice Life

I said in my review for Strangeulation that I would be checking out projects from other Strange Music artists. Murs conveniently dropped this album yesterday and today Stevie Stone announced an album called Malta Bend. That was nice. I think I might really like Strange Music. I always knew they were dope, but I just didn’t really care for some reason. I wasn’t interested enough to explore they musical library. I’m expecting this to be at least okay. I will be very surprised if I think it’s wack tho. From the features I’ve heard, Murs is a great rapper. I’m not sure what type of production he usually raps over. I doubt it’s terrible tho. This will hopefully be dope. I don’t expect it to be dope af, but hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised. God. My mom is watching a movie with Jason Bateman. It looks so boring. I really don’t like movies that much. Music is so much better than movies. I do like some movies tho. 12 Years A Slave was dope. I saw Furious 7 with my brother in April and it was some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen in my entire fucking life. There’s a part where Vin Diesel’s goofy ass says some shit like, “Time to unleash the beast.” Did I already talk about this movie on my website? I hope I didn’t… If this is your second time hearing about this… I… I’m so sorry…

Track 1: Have A Nice Life (Prod. The Arsonist & DOC)

This beat is nice. It’s nothin’ special, but it’s cool. It’s smooth. Murs is rappin’ about how great is life is. I just listened to the whole song. I don’t know. It’s definitely a good song, but nothin’ about it really stands out. I’ve pretty much said all there is to be said. The beat is led by a piano and it’s simple, but it gets the job done. The first thing he says is “God is great & I am grateful.” That’s pretty much all you need to know. Just think about a song with a piano beat. The first line is “God is great & I am grateful.” It sounds exactly how you think it sounds. I like it. I guess. This is as close to a 3 as a song can get without being a 3. I fuck with it tho. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 2: Surprises Feat. Myagi (Prod. Bernz, Gianni Ca$h & Danny Keyz)

Myagi is singin’ the hook right now. It’s okay. It could definitely be better. The actual beat kinda helps it sound better. Why did I think that Myagi would be a girl? This beat is cool. Murs is rappin’ about some chick that he smashed and he’s kinda makin’ her sound like a ho, but he’s still sayin’ that he wishes he married her. He actually calls her a ho at one point. “Asked her to fuck the homie and of course she did.” “I would hate to see her with other men.” “I seen a ho become a housewife, I wish I had.” This hook is kinda wack. It ain’t bad enough to ruin the song tho. Murs’ verses wasn’t bad and his flow was cool. This is better than the first track, but still not that amazing. I like it tho. The hook coulda been better. It’s a short track, but I like that. It’s less than 3 minutes. I feel like it would get boring if it was any longer. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Track 3: Mi Corazon (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

This beat is cool I guess. It’s not really bad, but it’s nothing special. Ah shit. He’s rappin’ in Spanish. Most of it is in English, but a lot of it is in Spanish too. I… uh… I take French. I still understand what he’s talkin’ about tho. He’s just rappin’ about this Mexican girl that he met at a party. “Half Mexican and Salvi / The perfect girl from Cali.” I don’t know about this hook. It’s kinda corny. It’s some chick singing, “Tell me that you’re never gonna leave me.” Y’all already know I don’t really like love songs. This is kinda weird tho. He’s really focusing a lot on the fact that she’s Mexican. “How could it ever work, she was brown and I was black.” Some random guy is mad at Murs for some reason. He must be related to the Mexican chick. Or maybe he was tryna smash the Mexican chick. Murs was on a date with Leti (Leti is the Mexican chick) and then he dropped her off and then some random guy said, “Who the fuck are you?” That’s pretty much all he tells us about the guy. He really just comes outta nowhere and tries to start a fight with Murs. Then the police roll up and save Murs’ ass. It’s cool that he’s rappin’ some parts in Spanish I guess. It just really isn’t doin’ much for me. The beat is average. The hook is kinda wack. The singin’ ain’t terrible, but the actual melody just isn’t very good and the lyrics are kinda corny. I don’t like love songs, so the topic didn’t interest me. The part where the fight was about to go down sounded like it was about to be interesting, but the cops just showed up and that was the end of that. I’m not really feelin’ this song. It’s not horrible, but I probably wouldn’t ever listen to this again. 2/5

Track 4: Woke Up Dead (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

This beat is cool. It’s still really simple, but I like it a lot more than the last few. His flow is average. He’s talkin’ about bad dreams and livin’ in the hood. He rhymed “lookin’ at me” with “lookin’ at me.” The hook is nothing special. It’s just there. I actually really like the lyrics. The shit he’s sayin’ is a lot more interesting than the last song. The beat kinda switched up for the third verse. Kinda. Not really. The verses were all dope, especially the second one. I fuck with this song. This is dope. The hook could’ve been better. This is a good song tho. I fuck with it. 4/5

Track 5: P.T.S.D. Feat. E-40 (Prod. Curtiss King)

This should be dope. I fuck with E-40. The two projects that I reviewed from him aren’t mind blowing or anything, but they did have some very entertaining songs. He is a really under appreciated rapper too. This beat is dope. Murs’ flow is a lot faster and more energetic on this song. The hook is cool. It’s real quick. That’s good. I hate it when hooks last too long or are repeated too many times. He’s rappin’ about people in the hood havin’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This is nice. E-40’s verse was great. This hook really isn’t that great, but the way it sounds over this beat is just dope. I don’t know if it’s because of the beat (prolly not), but I really like it. There’s a guy on RapGenius by the name of Vitiligo (weird choice) who said, “E-40 started become inaudible half way into his verse. Shit was getting me so mad.” He makes it sound worse than it actually is, but there is some truth to it. E-40 said a lot of shit that I could barely understand. It wasn’t like Iggy Azalea or anything, but it was kind of noticeable. I fuck with this song tho. This song is dope af. 5/5

Track 6: Okey Dog (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

I actually really like this beat. The main pattern is pretty simple, but the way the synths come in makes it sound really good. He’s just rappin’ about an incredibly hard gangsta. The hook is cool. It’s a lot more exciting than the rest of the hooks on the album so far. Actually, everything about this song is more exciting. He actually has some energy behind his voice and the beat is louder and more hard hitting too. The stories that he’s tellin’ are actually interesting. I fuck with this song. This song is dope af. FUCK. The internet at my house sucks ass. 5/5

Track 7: Pussy & Pizza (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

This beat is dope. He’s basically tellin’ people, “Hey, I know gettin’ pussy is hard sometimes, but don’t give up. There are millions of bitches out there. You can get at least 20.” I think that’s what he’s tryna say. I don’t know… I don’t think I’d ever come back to this. It’s really not too bad tho. It’s just not that good. It’s average to me. I guess… 3/5

Track 8: Two Step Feat. King Fantastic (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

This beat is cool. It’s not amazing, but it works. He’s mad about something. I’m not exactly sure why. He’s just mad. He’s just describing small altercations that he had. It’s actually really entertaining. His flow is dope. “Put your phone down, look me in the eye / Or you can talk that shit to another guy / I swear to God I would kick you in the button fly / And jump up and down on your skull ’til you fucking die.” The way he delivered those bars was dope af. The hook could be better, but it isn’t really bad. I’m not familiar with King Fantastic, but I liked his verse. His flow was dope. This is dope af. The beat and hook could both be better, but Murs & King Fantastic both did a good job. I really like this. Probably a little more than I should… 4/5

Track 9: No More Control Feat. MNDR (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

No More Control

This beat is cool I guess. It’s nothing special. It ain’t bad tho. “Still they stop and they frisk / But it’s never gonna change till we stop and resist.” I guess he’s talkin’ about police brutality. The hook is cool. I wasn’t really feelin’ it like that at first, but it’s growin’ on me. It kinda sounds like one of those poppy Lupe Fiasco songs with Skylar Grey. It’s not bad tho. This third verse is great. He’s basically sayin’ what Kendrick said on To Pimp A Butterfly and what OG Maco said on Do Better. “We got to start to take a look in the mirror / If we don’t respect ourselves then they always gon’ fear us.” I fuck with this song. It isn’t really incredible sonically, but it’s gotta great message. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 10: Skatin’ Through The City (Prod. Plex Luthor)

I guess he’s about to be talkin’ about skateboarding. I don’t have a skateboard. I’m not interested in skateboarding. I do like Odd Future & Lupe Fiasco tho. “Way before Lupe, before OF…” This beat is actually dope af. It’s real smooth. He’s just talkin’ about how he used to skate when he was littler. He still skates tho. The hook ain’t bad. I actually really like this. It does remind me of Kick, Push. It’s real smooth and he’s just talkin’ about skatin’. I don’t skate tho. The scratches at the end were dope. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 11: Anyways (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

My right leg is itchier than a motherfucker right now. Need some lotion or somethin’. My shit be so ashy. I’m about as ashy as a lightskinned, mixed brother can get. It’s like a sandstorm when I scratch my leg. The shit burns too. Anyways (…), this beat is alright. It’s real simple. The hook is cool I guess. It’s kinda jarring at first. The way beat changes for it sounds a little strange, but you get used to it. The verses are dope, especially the second one. This isn’t amazing or anything, but I fuck with it. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 12: The Worst (Prod. Plex Luthor, Bernz, Wrekonize, NonMS & Gianni Ca$h)

This song is produced by everyone in ¡MayDay! aside from L T Hopkins, so I’m expecting this to be dope. Yup, this beat is dope. He’s talkin’ about how he met this super bad bitch and he was like, “Goddamn,” but he also remembered that he has a wife. The bad bitch was like, “I’m tryna fuck,” and he was like “God. Damnit.” I don’t know what I would do in that situation. I would prolly either just fuck the bitch or go home and “pork” my wife. HAHAHAHAHA. Pork. When did that become a term for fuckin’? I’m gonna start sayin’ that. Oh God. No. NO. He’s… He’s SINGING. HE’S SINGIN’ ON THE HOOK. IT AIN’T GOOD. THIS HOOK IS AWFUL. NOOOO. This song is so good without that hook. I’m finna have to try and cut that out with GarageBand. I might not be able to do it. I hope I can tho. This song probably would’ve been a 5 without that hook. This honestly might’ve been the best song if it weren’t for that hook. The shit he’s sayin’ is actually interesting and the beat is great. The hook is just so bad tho. Why couldn’t he just have Wrekonize sing the hook? FUCK! FUCK! I’m gonna try and cut it out with GarageBand right now. Okay, I did it, but it’s still a little rough. Damnit. The melody of the hook ain’t even that bad tho. It’s just the singing. I like the song, but the hook was really really bad. 3/5

Track 13: Black Girls Be Like (Prod. Gianni Ca$h)

This is a song about black girls because rappers make too many songs about white girls for no reason. This beat is dope af. It sounds like some shit I would hear at an Italian party in the 80s. That’s probably not what this sounds like at all, but it made me think of that for some reason. I like this song. My sister would love this song. The hook is cool. This song is dope. “Some black girls be half white / But still say they black, is that alright?” He doesn’t answer this question. He just asks the listener. I guess it’s alright as long as she don’t deny the fact that she’s mixed. I identify as a black person, but if someone asks me I’ll always explain that I’m mixed. I fuck with this song. The hook is a little annoying, but it’s not that bad. This is dope. 4/5

Track 14: I Miss Mikey (Prod. Jesse Shatkin)

This beat is cool. This song is about Eyedea I think. That’s what everyone’s sayin’. I never listened to any of Eyedea’s music, but I do know that his freestyles were unbelievable. I might have to check his shit out someday. This song is dope. The verses were real short, but I liked the beat and the shit he was actually sayin’ and his flow was nice. This was a pretty good way to end the album. It’s not that amazing, but I fuck with it. This is dope. Oh yeah, if you haven’t figured it out yet, Eyedea died. Yeah. Not really sure how. I don’t know the details… 4/5

Final Thoughts:

That was dope. It wasn’t incredible or mind blowing or really that different. It’s just a good Hip Hop album. The beats aren’t that great and his flows are pretty standard. The real appeal is his lyrics. The shit he’s sayin’ is actually interesting. He’s actually doing a good job of tellin’ stories, like on the song Okey Dog. The biggest problem that I have with this album is the production I guess. It’s not really bad, but it kept most of these songs from getting 5s. It just felt like they were there because you’re supposed to have beats on your album. If this whole album was acapella it really wouldn’t be that much worse. The songs that got lower scores than 4 just had wack hooks. Mi Corazon just wasn’t a very interesting song to me. It was kinda cool how he was rappin’ some parts in Spanish, but nah. Wasn’t feelin’ that shit. I actually really liked The Worst, but the hook was just so bad. It felt like one of the more complete songs. If it didn’t have a hook it would’ve gotten a 5. The other songs are good, but they just aren’t very memorable. This is a good album, but it’s far from amazing. I fuck with it tho. It’s dope.

Favorite Track: P.T.S.D.

Least Favorite Track: Mi Corazon




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