Album Review | Lil Durk – Remember My Name

The first time I ever heard Lil Durk was in the background of No Exit by Childish Gambino. Then I heard him on a Tyga diss over the Chi-Raq beat. His diss was actually pretty bad. Tyga’s rebuttal wasn’t that much better, but when he said, “yo flow wack, my flow crack” I couldn’t really say he was wrong. The only good thing about Tyga is his flow and even that isn’t always up to my standards. I thought it was kind of a bitch move to pay Game to diss Lil Durk instead of actually making a good diss song. Game fucking murdered Durk tho. The first actual song that I heard from Lil Durk was Dis Ain’t What U Want. I thought that song was fucking terrible at first. I still don’t think it’s that good, but it’s definitely grown on me since I first listened to it. I expect this to be either bad or just average. 75% of the songs will probably be soaked in autotune and he’s gonna be “rhyming” about killin’ people and shit like that. I don’t hate Drill music. I enjoy it the same way I enjoy Trap music. 99% of the time the lyrics might as well not even be there because I’m not gettin’ shit from them. Drill music is the type of shit that you use the AUX cord on when you’re havin’ fun and actin’ ignorant with your friends. I can still enjoy Drill music even if the topics aren’t exactly relatable. It all depends on the mood I’m in and right now it is 4:00AM, so I am definitely not in the right mood. I’ll start the actual review tomorrow, but before I go to sleep I’d just like to say that the original album covers for this album are fucking terrible. I still don’t think that the one that I chose as the featured image is that great, but it’s way better than the originals. Especially the deluxe edition cover.


Disgusting. Disgusting. Okay, it’s 4:01 now. I’m goin’ to sleep.

Track 1: 500 Homicides (Prod. C-Sick)

This beat is fucking great. Lil Durk is doing exactly what I thought he would do. Thankfully there isn’t any autotune. He’s just rappin’ about typical Drill music shit. He’s mentionin’ extended clips and not lackin’ and bussin’ on da opps. It’s really aggressive. This song does exactly what it is supposed to do. If you’re a Drill music fan this will get you excited to hear the rest of the album. It’s a good track to open up with. I fuck with the beat. It’s very energetic and loud. Lil Durk’s lyrics and flow were really nothing special. He rapped about what everyone expects him to rap about. The best thing about this verse is his delivery. He sounds very aggressive and will probably get the listener very excited. The song honestly doesn’t stand out that much, but it’s still enjoyable. I will just be very disappointed if this ends up being the best song on the album. Well, not disappointed because I’m not expecting much from this album anyway, but you know what I mean. 4/5

Track 2: Amber Alert (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

Metro Boomin’ is my favorite producer for Trap music, so I’m expecting this to be dope af, although I’ve admittedly never heard a Drill song produced by him. Okay, Durk pulled out the autotune for this one. He’s singin’ on the hook and… It’s honestly dope af. I fuck with this hook. It’s kinda hard to sound gangsta when you’re singin’ like this, but I can’t deny that this shit is catchy af. The beat from Metro Boomin’ is dope af too. The first verse was pretty bad. It would’ve been better if he just rapped for real without the autotune. There is so much autotune… Damn. It’s not that bad, but… Goddamn. It’s just so much… It sounds fine on the hook, but it’s on the verses too and it just sounds… GODDAMN THAT’S A LOT OF AUTOTUNE! For real it sounds like he’s a fuckin’… I don’t know. I mean, I ain’t tryin’ to say that it would sound good if he was singin’ WITHOUT autotune, but damn. Take it down a bit, ya know? I guess this is the thing to do if you can’t afford a Chris Brown feature. I like the song, but he definitely shoulda just rapped the verses without autotune. The beat and hook are very good tho. I fuck with this song. This song is dope. 4/5

Track 3: Like Me Feat. Jeremih (Prod. Vinylz)

Like Me

Well damn… I guess he CAN afford an R&B feature. I’m not expecting this to be good. I don’t think Jeremih is a bad singer, but if he’s on this track then it’s probably a love song. I don’t like love songs in the first place, so a Drill version of that doesn’t sound very appealing to me. I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover tho. Maybe this song is dope af. I’m only 16 seconds in so far, but this is pretty bad. The beat hasn’t even really started playing. It’s just this airy, very Drake-like intro and Durk is moaning in the background. It sounds terrible. What the fuck? Why is Jeremih autotuned? I’ll never understand why R&B singers use autotune. That’s kind of like a rapper having a ghost writer tbh. It’s like saying, “Hey guys I’m a singer! I’m just not very good… 😦 It sounds good when it’s not me singin’ tho! I sound great as a robot!” If you listen to this song you will hear Jeremih say “witta nigga like me” about 33 times. The hook isn’t very good. Jeremih’s voice is autotuned and the melody get’s old real quick. What the fuck? Why is Lil Durk autotuned too? What the fuck was the point of having Jeremih on this shit then? Autotune makes everybody sound the same unless you have a voice like Stevie Stone. Jeremih seriously just sounds like Lil Durk with a higher pitch. This beat is alright I guess. That’s the only decent thing about this song tho. I don’t want to hear this shit. This just sounds like a robotic whirl pool of ignorance. “Shawty give me top; what’s yo neck like?” They use the N word so fucking much in this song. That’s not something that usually bothers me, but goddamn. “Nigga like me / I’m that nigga, nigga / Gettin’ money since a little nigga.” I think that this song is terrible. I guess if you don’t mind autotune and pointless features and fucking ridiculous lyrics you might like this shit, but for me this is wack af. I’m not feelin’ this shit at all. 1/5

Track 4: Lord Don’t Make Me Do It (Prod. FKi)

The beat hasn’t dropped yet, but so far it sounds really different compared to the other shit on here. It’s not that different for Hip Hop in general, but I just didn’t expect Lil Durk to use a beat like this. Wow. The first thing he said on this song is “sometimes I get the urge to kill a bitch.” At least it wasn’t autotuned. He’s singin’ without autotune and it isn’t amazing, but it sounds a lot better than the other shit. Unfortunately, he’s repeating his lines in the background and that part is in autotune. His regular vocals don’t sound that bad. He sounds great over this beat. He isn’t even attempting to rhyme these bars. The last words of the first four bars are “dates,” “insta,” “I am” & “Mr.” I guess “insta” and “Mr.” sort’ve work. His vocals on the actual verses actually sound pretty bad tbh. I’m not feelin’ this shit. The lyrics are terrible. I get that Drill music isn’t supposed to be listened to for the lyrics, but the beat and hook just don’t sound that good. They’re boring. It gets old as soon as the first verse starts. This is wack to me. Nah. Not for me. 2/5

Track 5: Don’t Judge Me (Prod. B Wheezy)

This beat sounds really dramatic so far. Okay the hook is on now. It’s some chick singin’ about how “they be tryna judge me.” If my main source (Wikipedia) is to be believed, her name is Sydney Renee George. Not sure tho. I don’t know if I like the hook. This just sounds way too dramatic for a Lil Durk song. Her singin’ ain’t that bad, but the actual melody just isn’t very entertaining. I’m kinda getting annoyed by her constant requests to not be judged. Lil Durk is going in now. Of course it’s autotuned. “I can’t sleep without balling, so I watch D Rose play often.” That line really came outta nowhere. He’s tryin’ to talk about how hard his life in the streets was. Right before he talks about D Rose he says “crib full of family.” I guess that’s one of the struggles he was trying to tell us about. Crib full of family. That’s so sad. I can’t believe some people in this world really have to deal with crib full of family. I know sarcasm doesn’t always come through in text, which is why you’re about to read the next sentence. I was being sarcastic. This first verse isn’t good. I feel bad for saying that. He obviously isn’t gonna say some shit that I care about. I’m not from Chi-Raq, so I don’t really get all of this slang… What the fuck is a pamp? What is a blan? The beat is actually pretty good. I just wish his bars were better and it wasn’t autotuned and the hook wasn’t wack. The second verse was better, but it still wasn’t that good. I’m not feelin’ this. It’s not horrible, but it just isn’t entertaining and a lot of the lyrics are just so stupid. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 6: Tryna Tryna Feat. Logic (Prod. DJ L)

Logic? Wtf? Logic and Lil Durk did a song together? I guess they both had rough upbringings, but their styles are just so different. I’m definitely interested in this. I just don’t know if this is gonna be good. I expect a good verse from Logic, but I don’t know if one good Logic verse can save a bad song. We’ll see. This beat is dope. I can tell this song is gonna be about partyin’ tho. The hand claps gave it away. That’s cool I guess. It isn’t exactly the most likable topic, but if it’s done well it can be dope. Oh God. The hook is on right now. Lil Durk’s singin’ and it’s bad. It has autotune on it and it’s so high pitched. It’s really bad. Oh my god. This hook is sooooo bad. He’s yelling and singin’ and it sounds so rough. “I’m just tryna, tryna, tryna, tryna TURN OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPP!” Nah. This hook is bad. He starts his verse off by sayin’ “How many licks do it take till you get to the center of her mouth?” I don’t even think that makes sense. This is just hard to listen to. The high pitched singin’ with autotune is awful. His flow isn’t terrible, but the shit he’s sayin’ just isn’t very interesting. Logic’s goin’ in. His flow is fucking great. He starts singin’ at the end of his verse, which is too short, and it actually sounds pretty goddamn good. Probably because it isn’t soaked in autotune. I like the beat and Logic’s verse, but everything else about this song is just bad. I can’t take this shit. Nah. I’m not feelin’ it. It’s wack. 2/5

Track 7: Higher (Prod. DJ L)

This beat sounds dope af so far. Yes. This beat is great. Unfortunately, the hook isn’t. Autotune. Autotune. So. Much. Fucking autotune. This is getting so annoying. Some of these songs would be decent if it weren’t for the fucking autotune. This beat doesn’t fit with autotune. You know how Rick Ross likes to make smooth songs over that luxurious sounding production? That’s pretty much what this beat is. It’s great. Lil Durk is singin’ about how he wants to be higher. He eventually just starts repeating the word “higher” and it’s just so bad. Why? Why can’t he just rap. I’m so tired of this autotune. It’s not good. He’s not saying anything he hasn’t said before. All of these verses could work on one song. I’m not feelin’ this. The beat is the only good thing about this song. This is wack. 2/5

Track 8: Resume (Prod. Young Chop)

This beat is of course dope af. I don’t know why he didn’t just have Young Chop produce his whole album. Young Chop & Metro Boomin’ should’ve done it. Durk’s voice is autotuned. I can’t even understand what the fuck this man is saying. This verse is just so bad. It doesn’t sound good at all. His flow is all over the place and it’s hard to sound gangsta when you’re singin’ with autotune like this. The hook is bad. This is really really bad. He’s talkin’ about gangsta shit and that’s cool, but it just… It’s not good at all. This might be the most boring song on the album so far. The autotune is really just getting out of hand at this point. Not even the Young Chop beat can save this shit. I’m not feelin’ this at all. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 9: What Your Life Like (Prod. Young Chop)

I haven’t listened to the song yet, but I’m reading the comments for the music video right now. “Lil durks a rapper i respect that uses auto tune because he actually talks about real shit and he sounds dope by the way half the rappers use auto tune now just keep grinding broski 🔥🔥” What the fuck? Did this motherfucker really just say “broski?” He has 62 subscribers. Here’s one of his videos.

HAHAHAHA. I feel bad for clownin’ him like this, but that’s fucking hilarious to me. Someone replied to his comment where he said “broski” and it literally just says “on god.” Another one of the comments says “Respect 👌💯” Oh my god. These people are just so fucking lame. Someone else commented and said “Everyday after work,makes me giggle but really thankful to still be living & pushing forward.” What the fuck is this man talking about? Did he really use the word “giggle?” People don’t even try to write in English on the internet. I don’t mind if people don’t have proper punctuation, but goddamn. At least make your shit readable. Anyway, this beat is pretty dope. I really cannot take this autotune at all. This would just be so much better if he rapped without it. I don’t understand the obsession with singing that rappers these days seem to have. IF YOU CAN’T SING, DON’T FUCKING SING. Jesus. The fact that I have to fucking say that shit is just depressing. The hook is better than a lot of the other ones, but it still ain’t good. He said somethin’ about too much autotune and his excuse was “This my life, I run my life.” Fair enough. I still ain’t gonna like it. He’s free to make the music, I just can’t fuck with this shit. Goddamnit. I’m mad. Regular vocals and a good verse would sound so great over this beat. He’s just sayin’ random shit that barely makes any sense. “I’m addicted to sidewalks.” WOW. REALLY? DID YOU REALLY JUST SAY THAT SHIT FOR REAL? If you really don’t get it, he’s addicted to sidewalks because… Sigh …Because they keep him off the streets. I really should give this song a 1 just for that dumb ass line. It’s not a 1 tho. It’s definitely not good. It’s not even average. It is a bad song, but not horrible. It’s just not good at all. The beat is keepin’ it from being a 1 tho. 2/5

Track 10: Why Me (Prod. London On Tha Track)

I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t expect this album to be this bad. I knew there would be autotune, but I just thought the hooks would be a lot catchier. I doubt this last song will be any different, but… uh… Well, I guess there is no but. I’m not expecting this song to be good. “Is it my car? Is it my bitches?” Why does he sound so weird when he says that? The way he’s sayin’ it kinda makes it sound like he’s crying. It’s hard to explain. It’s not his voice, it’s just the way he’s sayin’ it. I don’t know. You know what I could use right now? Some parmesan wings from Wingstop. Fuckin’ love that shit. Wow. The hook actually isn’t that bad on this one. It’s still drenched in autotune, but it’s actually kinda catchy. “Why you got a name on your eye? ‘Cause he don’t supposed to be here: abortion.” ……………HUH? What the fuck? I’m so confused… This song is just about how girls randomly wanna smash now that he’s famous. I just… This isn’t good. The hook was cool at first, but it gets annoying real quick and the autotune is just so grating. I’m not feelin’ this. This is wack. 2/5

Track 11: Ghetto (Grew Up) Feat. Hypno Carlito [Prod. Young Chop]

I honestly wasn’t gonna review the deluxe edition, but I was just listening to Track 12 and I wanted to talk about that. This song isn’t good tho. He’s talkin’ about how hard his life was, but the autotune just takes all the emotion out of his voice and makes it sound like every other song on this album. It’s really hard to take seriously when someone’s saying “Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto.” The hook is bad. Not feelin’ the hook. It just all sounds the same. I just feel like he’s singin’ the word “ghetto” with autotune over and over again right in my fuckin’ ear. Whoever Hypno Carlito is has a verse and it’s autotuned, so his verse just sounds like a pitch shifted Lil Durk verse. I’m not feelin’ this. It’s so annoying. “Ghetto, ghetto, ghetto.” We get it! Damn. You don’t gotta keep tellin’ us like that. Fuck. I’m not feelin’ this at all. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 12: Remember My Name Feat. King Popo (Prod. DJ L & D Brooks EXclusive)

King Popo? Did this motherfucker really name himself after a Dragon Ball Z character? I doubt it was intentional, but now I can’t stop thinkin’ about it. He’s on the hook and it actually sounds dope af. He’s singin’ and it’s autotuned, but he actually sounds like a good singer. I didn’t really mind the autotune on his voice. The hook sounds great over this beat. Oh my God… YES! YES! Lil Durk is rapping… WITHOUT AUTOTUNE! Thank you! Thank you, Lil Durk! His verse isn’t amazing or anything, but I’m just glad to hear him rapping. His verse does it’s job. The beat and hook are actually really good. This is the kinda shit I want to hear from a Lil Durk album. I actually like this song. YES! This song is great. The verses aren’t amazing, but they aren’t horrible. This is a good Lil Durk song. I’m listening to a good Lil Durk song. I can’t believe it. I fuck with this song. This song is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

Damn that was rough. This album is just a collection of generic Drill songs. Now that I think about it, I have no idea why I expected it to be better. I usually don’t hate autotune that much, but when you use it on every song like this it doesn’t work. I shouldn’t be this tired of your music when there are only 10 songs on your album. The production wasn’t terrible. A lot of the beats were actually pretty good, but it just feels like a complete waste when they’re ruined by Lil Durk. I feel like I just wasted so much time. I shouldn’t feel like that, especially when your album is less than 35 minutes long. It’s not horrible, but nothing about this album is amazing. I only liked the first two songs on the standard version and even those two songs weren’t really that amazing. You know why 500 Homicides is one of the best songs on the album? Because it doesn’t have autotune. You know why Amber Alert is one of the best songs on the album? Because it’s catchy af. That’s it. A lot of the beats were dope, but other than that, this album is wack. I’m not feelin’ this shit.

Favorite Song: Remember My Name

Least Favorite Song: Ghetto




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  1. His name is King Popo because his name is Olowopopo. He’s Nigerian. So definitely look for more. And there’s your answer; he’s not named after a Dragon Ball Z character

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