EP Review | Kato – Pathomania

This EP came out about three weeks ago. I’ve never listened to a Kato project. I pretty much just know him as the guy who produces Jarren Benton’s music. I have no idea what to expect from the production. You really never know with these types of projects. If I was writing this review one year ago I would have told myself that these beats are probably gonna be incredible. He’s a producer. So the production, the thing he focuses on the most, will probably be very well thought out and impressive, right? Hopefully. I can’t make that assumption anymore tho. Mike WiLL Made It ruined any chances of me thinking like that again. Ransom was one of the worst mixtapes I have ever listened to. He’s primarily a producer for Trap artists tho. The features on this project don’t look amazing, but they definitely look better than the ones on Ransom. That shit was so terrible. I honestly don’t expect this to be as bad as that tho. This will probably either just be okay or dope. Hopefully the latter. Every song is produced by Kato.

Track 1: Breathin’ (Trinidad James Feat. Dizzy Wright & Devin The Dude)


Some of you may know by now that I personally do not believe that Trinidad James is wack af. It’s almost the same case as OG Maco. He occasionally makes stereotypical Trap songs for fun, but if he tries really hard he can make great music. I’m actually expecting this to be dope. Yes. Yes. This beat is fucking incredible. Kato. Yes. Yes. YESSSSS. OOOOOOOOHHHH.


OH MY FUCK! THIS SHIT IS SMOOOOOTHER THAN A MOTHERFUCKER. I literally just yelled “Holy shit” out loud. This might just be the smoothest shit I’ve heard all year. I could see this beat on To Pimp A Butterfly. This is so fucking dope. Trinidad James is singin’ on the hook and it’s so fucking smooth. “My nigga what you stressin’ for? Be happy that you breathin’. My nigga what you stressin’ on? Come and hit this weed.” This is so fuckin’ smooth. The way he’s rappin’ is just so smooth. People are gonna get so mad at me for comparing fuckin’ Trinidad James to Andre 3000 lol. That’s really the vibe I was gettin’ tho. This is some of the smoothest shit I have ever heard in my life. Dizzy Wright is about to go in. He usually does this type of song well, so I’m expecting his verse to be dope. If Dizzy Wright or Devin The Dude fuck this up I will be fucking FURIOUS. I don’t think they will tho. Yes. Oh my loooooord. Dizzy Wright sounds so fuckin’ good on this shit. His flow is dope af and his delivery is so smooooooooth. SMOOOOTH. This shit is fucking great. Yes. Dizzy killed it. Here comes Devin The Dude. OOOOOOOOHHHHH! OH MY LORD! I actually screamed out loud when this man came in. The fucking beat just switched up and got even smoother. God damn. I’m not being hyperbolic right now this shit is so fucking smooth. Stop reading this right now and go listen to this song. Come back after that tho… Finish reading this after you hear the song. Devin The fucking Dude. “I’m not your daddy tho and you don’t have to listen to me. You can stay sad. I’m finna get some pussy.” SHIIT. This is definitely the smoothest shit I’ve heard since To Pimp A Butterfly. Outkast. Outkast & To Pimp A Butterfly. That’s all I can think of. This song is fucking dope af. I do not see how Kato can top this song. This is fucking incredible. 5/5

Track 2: Famous (Sy Ari Da Kid Feat. Eric Biddines)

I’ve only ever heard Sy Ari Da Kid on a Jarren Benton song called W.H.W. I don’t remember what that song sounds like, but it’s in my iTunes library, so I must have liked it. I have no idea who Eric Biddines is. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and press play. This beat is dope af. It’s not smooth. It’s a lot more hard hitting. Sy Ari Da Kid is goin’ in right now and I really love his delivery. He’s kinda doin’ that weird thing that Kendrick likes to do sometimes where the pitch of his voice jumps up and down. It sounds dope af. This reminds me of Watch The Duck for some reason. Minus the terrible Dubstep breaks. Okay now his delivery is a lot less unorthodox. It still sounds dope af tho. His voice sounds great over this beat. This beat almost reminds me of a less shitty version of 99 Problems. People are gonna get so mad at me for sayin’ that hahaha. Eric Biddines is goin’ in now. His voice sounds very similar to that of Boogie or even Don Trip. Actually he sounds kinda like Devin The Dude… He sounds great over this beat. What the fuck… This is so fucking dope. This beat… Kato. Good fucking job, man. This beat is incredible. This is so much better that I expected it to be. I never thought Kato was a shitty producer, but his beats definitely never stood out like this. This is incredible. He’s picked the perfect artists too. They all fit really well over this shit. The hook is dope af too by the way. I fucking love this song. Oh my God. It’s gonna be way too hard to pick my favorite song… This is dope af tho. This is a good ass start to this project. Hope it stays this way. 5/5

Track 3: Senses (Scotty ATL Feat. London Jae)

I’m pretty sure that London Jae & Scotty ATL are both signed to B.o.B’s No Genre label. In my review of the label’s mixtape, I said that London Jae was one of the best in the group. I think I said that Scotty ATL was just okay tho. Hopefully this song will be dope af. Someone’s singin’ with autotune right now. His voice sounds kinda fucked up. I’m pretty sure that’s Scotty ATL. It’s not bad. I feel like I shouldn’t like it. I do tho. London Jae is goin’ in now. This beat is dope af. London Jae sounds pretty good over it too. This beat is fucking crazy. Scotty ATL is goin’ in now. He’s definitely the worst thing about this song. His verse wasn’t horrible, but his hook gets pretty annoying after a while. This fucking beat is crazy tho. I fuck with this song. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 4: Fuck $tre$$ (Trinidad James Feat. Scotty ATL)

Hold up… I feel like I’ve heard this song before… Hey, I already reviewed this song. Yeah, this one was on James’ mixtape, No One Is SaFe. Do I really have to redo it? My opinion hasn’t changed much… I still like it. It’s… Wait how many of the songs on this EP are new? I hope he hasn’t been takin’ all these songs from other projects. I’ll just put what I originally said here. “Kato produces a lot of Jarren Benton’s music, so this should be good. Hopefully. The hook is cool. There’s some chick harmonizing with him. It doesn’t sound bad. This beat is dope af. This reminds me of some early Kanye shit. This song is really happy. Not in a corny way tho. I like it. Trinidad James’ verse wasn’t too bad. I even liked Scotty ATL’s verse, even tho he was kinda reachin’ with some of them rhymes… This is pretty dope. I fuck with this. 4/5”

Track 5: 2 Cups (Royce Rizzy Feat. Mike Zombie)

Aaaaaaahhh shit. This beat sounds HARD AF. Goddamn. This is a trap song, but so far this shit is goin’ hard af. I haven’t heard a good Trap song in like… Well, I don’t actually know. It couldn’t have been that long… You get my point tho. These lyrics are stupid af. “Fuck dit bit like porn.” “If you ain’t talkin’ money then you in the way.” “Bitch, I’m eatin’ good, I’m on my second plate / Brand new Maserati, drivin’ like I’m in a race.” Yeah, these lyrics seem kinda dumb even for Trap music. This beat is fucking crazy tho. Royce Rizzy’s (who the fuck?) delivery is pretty catchy. If 2 Chainz made this song it would be played on the same radio station at least 25 times a day. “Yo nigga he don’t love you / feed you fish filet.” The lyrics are so fucking stupid. The hook is catchy af tho. This is definitely AUX cord worthy. If I was with the homies and this song started playing we would die. Mike Zombie (A.K.A. the guy who made the wack beat for Started From The Bottom) is goin’ in now. He’s actually rappin’ tho. His lyrics were still not that great, but they were several times better than Royce Rizzy’s. It’s good that he spit with a more energetic flow and delivery. It kept the song from getting boring. The lyrics are a fucking joke, but sonically this song is fucking incredible. It gets old pretty quickly tho. I still fuck with it. 4/5

Track 6: Like A Dog (Interlude) [Royce Rizzy & WeAreToonz]

Why the fuck is We Are Toonz on here? I hate that fucking name. Just call yourself Toonz. I hate it when artists have sentences as their names. Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Mike WiLL Made It. ILoveMakonnen. It’s always the shitty artists who do that. London On Da Track isn’t bad… He works with a lot of shitty artists tho. Seriously tho, ain’t nobody given a fuck about no WeAreToonz. Nobody seriously listens to them. That whole Nae Nae thing was corny af. Definitely not as bad as the whip tho. Lemme stop bitchin’ real quick and listen to this song. Ooooooh fuck that’s annoying. This is kinda like a remix to the last track, but the way these tracks are placed on the project makes it so that if you don’t keep the interlude it sounds like 2 Cups stopped in the middle. I hope that sentence made sense. That was a bad idea, Kato. I liked the last song, but the beat wasn’t good enough to take up 2 out out of 7 spots on your project. Roughly 30% of this project uses the same beat. This new hook is terrible. WeAreToonz are singin’ “She gon’ throw it for MEEEEEeeeeee!” and then chanting “Walkin’. Like a. Dawg.” Why? Why am I listening to this. This project went downhill fast. WeAreToonz? Who thought that was a good idea. Oh no. I hate myself for listening to this shit right now. Why the fuck am I listening to a song by WeAreToonz? Do I really have to explain why I’m not happy right now? The beat is cool, but it’s already been used in a much better song. The lyrics are arguably worse than that of the original. The delivery is corny af. The artists are a fucking joke. This song is a joke. You don’t try to remix a song that you just made. The beat wasn’t that damn good. Why would you put a remix of a song right after the original? The placement of this song on the project is annoying af. Especially the fact that the original doesn’t even have a proper ending since it runs into this track. I can’t listen to the first one now. The creation of this remix literally ruined the original. I should take a point off the original for not having a proper ending. You know what? I think I will. Track 5 is now a 3/5. And this shit is wack af. I fucking hate this song. 1/5

Track 7: Hater Like U (Jarren Benton Feat. Scotty ATL)

Why the fuck is Scotty ATL on here so damn much? He’s not good enough to be on almost half of the project. Okay, Jarren Benton is goin’ in right now. His bars are so fucking dope. Man, Jarren Benton. Thank you for being able to rap because after the shit I just heard I really needed this shit. This is the worst beat on the tape in my opinion. It’s not that bad tho. It might have something to do with the placement. I’m probably just tired of this kind of production. The hook is cool. Jarren went the fuck in. Scotty ATL is rappin’ now. I guess his verse isn’t that bad. At least he’s tryin’. His lyrics are nowhere near as dumb as Royce Rizzy’s. He’s not as good Jarren, but it wasn’t bad. His verse was cool I guess. Sonically, this song is kind of underwhelming, but Jarren’s verse was dope af and Scotty ATL’s was… average. This song is alright. It just really doesn’t stand out. Especially compared to the first two tracks. Jarren did his thing tho. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

That was pretty good I guess. It started off so fucking dope, but it went downhill real quick. That terrible remix really brought it down. I don’t understand why the opening tracks were so fucking dope, but then he went for that Trap sound. I guess he wanted to showcase all his production styles, but for a project like this that doesn’t really work well. The sound of this EP is incredibly inconsistent. The first two tracks had me thinkin’ that this would have a Outkast or TPAB sound, but it quickly transformed into Trap God 2. It literally went from Devin The Dude to WeAreToonz. That’s quite a downfall. This EP isn’t complete trash tho. It’s actually pretty goddamn good. It’s just that the way it’s structured leaves a really bad taste in your mouth. If he cut this down to three tracks (which is completely acceptable for an EP) and just put as much effort into the third as he did the first two this would’ve easily gotten a 100. You definitely don’t put that remix on here tho. That’s just not something you do. If you really need to sneak it in there at least put it at the end. You don’t put them together near the middle of the album tho. That’s just terrible. That’s about as bad as it can get. It really seems like he didn’t put any thought into the placement of these tracks. I usually don’t even care about things like that, but it was so bad here that it really lowered my enjoyment of the project. I still like it tho. I just hope he learns from his mistakes and doesn’t fuck up like that with his next project. This was still pretty good tho. I fuck with this EP.

Favorite Song: Breathin’

Least Favorite Song: Like A Dog




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