Meek Mill Vs. Drake

Ok, this one might take a while. This has been a crazy ass week. So, about 2 days ago Meek Mill began tweeting about how “N#%^ s so fake” and shit. Not sure why he felt the need to censor his own tweets, but that’s neither here nor there. At first everybody just assumed that it was one of those generic rapper tweets that doesn’t actually mean anything, but after that he sent another tweet and said…

Of course Twitter went crazy after that. Meek Mill kept tweeting for a good hour. Drake does not write his own lyrics… Wow. So y’all hopefully know by now that I am not the biggest Drake fan. I don’t really look at him as a God like most white Canadian men seem to. I do like some of his music, but… Lemme put it like this… Drake is bad… But his fans are fucking awful. I will always say that the only thing worse than a hater is a dickrider. I’m just gonna be honest tho. I would definitely rather hear a new Drake song than a new Meek Mill song. Meek Mill is probably one of the most generic rappers of all time. I don’t care about either of these rappers. But do I care if Drake has ghostwriters? Well… Yeah. A lot of people don’t and I understand why. The average Drake fan really doesn’t care about Hip Hop that much. The average Drake fan looks at Hip Hop as a form of entertainment rather than art. Drake fans don’t really care who’s writing the music. They just want the music. They don’t give a fuck how the music is made as long as they can enjoy it. I also am not really that big of a Meek Mill fan. Unlike most people, his annoying ass delivery really didn’t bother me at first. I think that having an energetic delivery can be very beneficial to the quality of a song… But every goddamn verse… It’s like having a child who will just not stop fucking screaming. Listening to Meek Mill is like being on a plane with a baby. I do enjoy some of his music occasionally tho. Drake is however a much more versatile and appealing artist to me. Maybe I’m just hatin’ because Meek’s with my dream girl. Meek Mill claims that a man named Quentin Miller is behind the majority of Drake’s bars. A lot of people didn’t know what to think at first. Y’all remember OG Maco? The guy that people think is wack because of that song U Guessed It? (He’s actually pretty goddamn dope; you should check his shit out.) Well, it turns out that he’s actually friends with Quentin Miller.

People actually dug up some of OG Maco’s DJ’s tweets from back when If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late dropped. I’m pretty sure they’ve been deleted (I might be wrong), but they basically said shit like “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Written by Quentin Miller. Performed by Drake” or some shit like that. I don’t know. All I know is that people been saying that Quentin Miller is behind a shit load of Drake’s verses. Meek Mill said that Drake got a reference track for a FEATURED verse. So basically, Meek Mill paid for a Drake verse and was given a Quentin Miller verse. I’d be mad too. I don’t know if I would’ve exposed Drake like that tho. I’m sure the Illuminati is about to get Meek snatched. Just kidding. If that isn’t convincing enough for you, Funkmaster Flex actually leaked the reference track for 10 Bandz. Quentin Miller was pretty much rapping 10 Bandz. Unfortunately, the reference track is no longer available on SoundCloud, but I’m sure you can find it on YouTube somewhere. I don’t know how anyone could not believe it at this point. So, OG Maco was tweetin’ about the whole situation and then Boi-1da decided to respond. They started goin’ at each other. Personally, I think Boi-1da is an incredible producer. He’s pretty much the only reason I can tolerate Drake to be honest. He needs to give those beats to a better artist like… Kendrick… AND SPEAKING OF KENDRICK, a lot of people are now speculating that Kendrick was referring to Drake in the song King Kunta (such a great song btw). “I can dig rappin’ / But a rapper with a ghost writer? What the fuck happened? Oh no! I swore I wouldn’t tell / But most of y’all sharing bars like you got the bottom bunk in a two man cell.” I don’t know if I believe that… But Goddamn. I kinda hope he was talkin’ about Drake. I really wish Kendrick would’ve just admitted that he was dissin’ Drake in that B.E.T. Cypher. I’m so tired of all this sneak dissing. I doubt Kendrick would diss anyone these days tho. He’s too positive. He doesn’t want to have any altercations at this point. I really would like him to diss Drake tho. That would be great. It isn’t that I hate Drake. I just want some diss tracks. Lemme get back to the point tho. Boi-1da & OG Maco was goin’ back and forth. Meek was goin’ at Drake. Hip Hop fans was goin’ at Drake stans. Shit was goin’ crazy. Rick Ross did something too. I don’t really know how to set y’all up for this. I’m just gonna show y’all.

I know. When I saw this shit I was like “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOIN’ ON!” I’m pretty sure his dumb ass just got the signs mixed up tho because he deleted it and then retweeted this…

So yeah. There it is. Everybody was goin’ crazy. I’m 99% sure that this is Nicki’s fault. She definitely told Meek about this shit. Drake fans don’t care tho. Honestly, I don’t even really know if I should care. Well, I didn’t at first, but then I realized that it’s because I don’t give a shit about Drake in the first place. Imagine this tho: J. Cole gets on Twitter one day and says “KENDRICK LAMAR DON’T EVEN WRITE HIS OWN SHIT! THE CONTROL VERSE WAS GHOST WRITTEN.” Just imagine that. So maybe Drake fans actually do care about this shit because I know I would care if Kendrick had ghostwriters. It is kinda fucked up that Drake takes other people’s credit too. I really don’t think anything’s gonna happen to Drake tho. Just look at how people are defending him. Like I said before, the only thing worse than a hater is a dick rider. I like to believe that if I was in Drake’s position I would shit on my stans all the time. I don’t know. I like some of Drake’s music, but he seems like a huge douchebag in my opinion. Meek Mill isn’t the first rapper to say some shit like that about Drake. A lot of people say Drake is a douche. I really just wanna see what Nicki & Wayne have to say about this tho. DJ Akademiks was talkin’ about how Drake might make 3 AM In Philly. That would be fucking dope to be honest. The only problem is we wouldn’t know if Drake actually wrote it. Damn. Just think about all of the good Drake verses. Even if you’re like me and you don’t really like him, you gotta admit that he has bars occasionally. That Tyga diss… Was that written by Drake. I don’t even know what to think at this point. I know Drake probably won’t be affected by this and nothing will really happen… But I hope something does happen. I want diss tracks. Let’s get Meek Mill Feat. OG Maco & Ludacris. I need that diss song. Is Luda still mad at Drake? I don’t know. I’m prolly gonna have to update this article at least 2 times. Lemme see what else I can find about it real quick. Oh shit I almost forgot to mention… 40’s ass was talkin’ about how Drake has ghostwriters, but they ain’t really ghostwriter’s because the basic rules of Hip Hop don’t apply to Drake and Drake isn’t a rapper he’s a musician… He was basically feedin’ us a bucket of boiled bullshit.

Nah. You can’t just decide what’s okay for Drake since he has money. That’s so fuckin’ irritating. People always tryna give mainstream rappers passes because “He’s gettin’ money.” You know who else has money? Donald Trump. You ain’t a fan of him tho are you? You think he’s a dope rapper? Why not? He’s gettin’ money, so you just a hater. Nah. Get the fuck outta here with all that bullshit. Let’s see what else happened… Oh yeah. Meek Mill apologized to Nicki Minaj for “goin’ crazy on Twitter.” This pissed me off. Not because he was apologizin’ to Nicki… But he started complimenting Drake! What the fuck? “Let him be great at all the motherfuckin’ things he great at.” He ISN’T great at it tho… Quentin Miller is. I really don’t fuckin’ get it. I don’t get how rappers these days will say some fucked up shit about someone and then two days later will be suckin’ they dick. It’s fucking annoying. Speaking of Quentin Miller, he finally said some shit about it today. “I am not and never will be a ‘ghostwriter’ for drake.. Im proud to say that we’ve collaborated .. but i could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together .” Damn. His punctuation is fucking horrible. I don’t know why he didn’t talk about that reference track tho. Drake must be payin’ him well. Either that or he really isn’t ghostwriting. I really don’t know enough about this to make a final judgment. Is that how you spell it? I always thought there was two Es in “judgment.” The spell check isn’t saying it’s wrong tho. But it’s saying “judgement” is right too. I don’t know. I’m gonna have to wait for more info to come out, but it’s clear that something about this isn’t right. I’ll update it when we get more info.

Update 1

Okay, Drake has his own radio show on Apple Music called OVO Sound Radio. It started about two hours ago and about thirty minutes later he premiered his own diss track toward Meek Mill. I’m ’bout to listen to it right now and tell y’all what I think.

Alright, it’s starting now… Wait a minute… Is this the right track? Why does it sound like some R&B shit. Oh my God. No. He didn’t… DID THIS MOTHERFUCKER REALLY MAKE A DISS SONG TO THIS SOFT ASS BEAT? You know the outro part of 0 To 100? The Catch Up? Imagine somebody dissing you over that beat. Would you take that seriously? Exactly. So why the fuck should anyone take this one seriously? This is the Drakest diss song ever made. This is so fucking Drake. That’s not a good thing. Drake does not mix with diss songs. This is… God. I feel like a broken record. I don’t know why Drake gets so emotional when people call him soft and then chooses to do shit like this. Who produced this? Did you did this 40? I thought you were on Drake’s side… Alright lemme actually listen to the song. God. I can get behind soft beats like this sometimes, but this one isn’t even good. Okay, this is definitely the clean version. Why is his delivery… This is basically The Catch Up with different lyrics. Sonically, this song and the Catch Up are almost identical. Out of every Drake song other than Marvin’s Room, The Catch Up’s sound is probably the worst one he could’ve mimicked for a diss track. “You boys ain’t getting any of your feelings on me,” says every female Drake has ever made a song about. Wow… This is… I saw everyone goin’ crazy on Twitter, but… I must sound like such a hater right now, but I really don’t get it. This… It’s wack. The idea of Drake responding to Meek Mill with a diss track is better than the diss track itself. It really feels like people are just excited to hear a new Drake song. Yeah he’s dissing Meek, but none of the bars are actually that good. The Funk Flex diss was kinda hot and the line where he implied that he fucked Nicki definitely had me feelin’ jealous for both Drake & Meek, but other than that this track really didn’t do much for me. It’s definitely not a terrible track. It’s boring. The beat isn’t very good, his flow is very basic, his delivery is pretty bad for a diss and the lyrics are underwhelming. I’m not really feelin’ this shit. 2/5


It really feels like people aren’t even listening to it. How can people say shit like “This song just solidified this dude gon’ be one of the best to ever do it?” That is a real comment that I saw on the RapGenius page for this song. Drake set a pretty low bar for Meek, but Drake fans will say that Drake’s diss was better. Drake makes better music than Meek 90% of the time, but I will be shocked if Meek can’t beat this. You gotta respect Drake’s reaction to this whole situation tho. He pretty much responded in the best possible way. Well… Almost. If the diss was actually good then I would feel more confident about that statement. I love how quickly he gave us the diss track. I was worried that this would remain on Twitter and we would get no new music out of the situation. The music that we’ve gotten hasn’t been very good, but at least we can look forward to what Meek drops. Even if Meek fucking bodies Drake, Drake fans will say that Meek sucks tho. I honestly think that both of them suck. I also think that Drake is a much better artist than Meek Mill. Meek Mill comes from a battle rap background tho. As I said before, I will be shocked if Meek doesn’t destroy Drake. I still really just wanna hear what Nicki has to say tho. Let’s see what people are saying…

At least I’m not the only person that realizes how terrible that beat was for a diss track.

For those of you who are confused, the guy whose tweets you just read is the “BUSINESS MANAGER FOR MEEK MILL.” How can you read that shit and not hear Meek screamin’ it in your head? Let me tell you exactly what I want from Meek’s diss. I don’t want a fuckin’ Trap inspired stereotypical mainstream Hip Hop beat. Nah fuck that. Give me a grimy 90s New York Hip Hop beat. Start off with a lighter delivery. Don’t start off screamin’ like a fuckin’ baby. As soon as that beat drops… That’s when you take Drake’s head off. Kinda like the intro to Dreams & Nightmares. You need to get some more dirt on Drake from Nicki. Actually, you know what would be REALLY hard? If he did it over a Drake beat and the song title said “Whatever The Fuck The Song Will Be Called FEATURING QUENTIN MILLER!” He definitely won’t be able to get a Quentin Miller verse, so what he needs to do is find a reference track that he made for Drake and add that to the diss. Yes. That would be fucking amazing. Speaking of reference tracks… I just realized that Drake pretty much pretended like we didn’t hear that shit. He really didn’t say shit about the whole ghost writing thing. Other than “I’m honored that you think this is staged” he pretty much just said “I’m more successful & popular than Meek Mill and I make better music than him.” He didn’t defend himself at all. That’s the biggest problem. He didn’t say shit about the alleged ghostwriter. I wonder if Drake really wrote that diss track…

Even tho I wasn’t feelin’ the soft ass diss track that Drake made, I’m gonna say that the score is as follows:

Meek Mill: 1

Drake: 1.5

We’ll see what happens when Meek fires back. I’m hoping that he’ll destroy Drake… But this is Meek Mill we’re talking about. He really isn’t that good. I won’t be surprised if he comes back with some bullshit. I’ll update this post as soon as Meek responds.

Update 2

I said that I would update this article as soon as Meek Mill responded to Drake’s diss track. I don’t know what to say… Meek… You fucked up man. I’m sorry. It’s true tho. There is a very slight possibility that you can beat Drake, but I seriously doubt it… Alright lemme explain. Drake dropped a wack diss song towards Meek Mill. It doesn’t matter that it was wack tho. Meek tweeted. Drake rapped. Drake was winning. So everyone was expecting Meek to fire back at Drake right? Hell, he even implied that he would be dropping a diss track on Monday. Nope. It never happenned. Funkmaster Flex told everyone that he would premiere the diss track on his radio show. Long story short, people somehow hate Funk Flex even more now than they did before. There’s even a petition floating around the internet to get Funkmaster Flex fired. I don’t think he should lose his job, but I understand why people are mad. I was pretty mad at first too. I didn’t realize until last night that I really don’t give a fuck about this situation anymore. I don’t care who drops a diss song. We all know that Drake is the better artist. I just wanna know if he actually writes his own shit. So we were all disappointed. A few minutes after Flex’s show ended, Meek said this…

When I saw this tweet, I thought “Aw shit. Meek’s about to drop the shit himself. He’s about to give the streets what they been jonesin’!” About 8 minutes later he posted this.

I don’t know if he thinks he’s bein’ cute or what, but that shit isn’t funny. He’s really just makin’ himself look dumb at this point. So, everybody on Twitter was like “Drake wins.” I was like “…Yeah.” I don’t know. This has been one of the lamest altercations in Hip Hop. This is almost as bad as Childish Gambino Vs. Lupe Fiasco. Everyone seems to have forgotten about the ghostwriting shit. So, I wake up this morning thinking that it’s over. Drake won. Nope. Drake isn’t done yet apparently. I look at Twitter and see DJ Akademiks goin’ crazy about ANOTHER diss track. At first I’m like “Oh shit Meek finally dropped it.” Nah. Drake dropped a second diss towards Meek. Meek… You fucked up man. I haven’t listened to the new Drake track yet, so I’ll do it now. It’s called Back To Back.

This beat is so much better than Charged Up. Drake actually has energy right now too. Damn. I’m actually enjoying this. I’m shocked. I didn’t expect to like a Drake song again. His flow is pretty dope and this beat is dope af. He’s actually goin’ at Meek too. He’s callin’ him out for not rappin’. “I waited four days, nigga, where y’all at?” That’s a good ass question, Aubrey. “I’m not sure what it was that really made y’all mad / But I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all rap.” Drake’s actually rapping with energy on this one too. This is actually a good song. Damn. He made fun of Meek for bein’ on Nicki’s tour. “Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” He went at him for talkin’ shit on Twitter instead of a real song. “Yeah, trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers / Yeah, you gettin’ bodied by a singin’ nigga / I’m not the type of nigga that’ll type to niggas.” “I did another one, I did another one / You still ain’t did shit about the other one.” This definitely isn’t a bad song. I coulda did without the annoying delivery when he said “Baaaaaack to back.” This is definitely better than Charged Up tho. Everything about this song is better than that one. This one is actually listenable. Nobody downloaded Charged Up. This song is download worthy. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5


Speakin’ of Nicki Minaj, why hasn’t she said shit about this yet? And Pusha T? And Lil Wayne? I would say Tyga, but… Well nobody really gives a fuck about what he has to say… Meek what are you doin’? You should’ve been dissed this soft ass “rapper.” How do you get dissed over a soft ass beat like Charged Up and not diss him back? I don’t understand. You need to stop fuckin’ around and go at Drake for at least 3 full minutes of bars. I need a hard ass beat. I need bars. You need to say some fucked up shit. Say some personal shit. Say some shit that’ll make lightskin brothers like me say “that’s too far Meek.” I’m finna give you two more days. If you don’t drop a track by then I’m takin’ your point away. Shit. I almost forgot. I gotta give Drake a point for that new track.

Meek Mill: 1

Drake: 2.5

Oh shit. I just saw a tweet from one of my favorite rappers. He called Meek out.

Damn. Okay. I guess I’m not the only person who remembers the ghostwriting thing. He’s right tho. I just need a good diss track. I got one from Drake. I need one from Meek now. I swear to God. Meek you better not fuck this up. This track is gonna have to be so fucking dope now. It would’ve been okay for you to drop some bullshit after Charged Up, but now you gotta drop some hot shit. For real. Don’t fuck this up. How is a fuckin’ battle rapper losing to a soft ass rapper like Drake? I don’t believe this shit… I’ll update this when (if) Meek responds with a real track. Watch Drake drop another diss. That would honestly be hilarious.

Update 3

So, last night Meek Mill’s business manager told everyone that the diss track would be dropping “tonight.” I’m not exactly sure why (I wasn’t really payin’ attention to be honest), but everyone was saying that it would happen at 9. We still didn’t have the fuckin’ diss track by fuckin’ 10:00 that night. I’m not gonna lie; I fell asleep early. I don’t know exactly when the track dropped. All you need to know is that we finally have a diss song by Meek Mill targeting Drake. It’s called Wanna Know. It’s produced by Jahlil Beats & Swizz Beatz. I’m about to listen to it now…

Damn. This beat is dope. Meek… Ah shit. I’m finna have to pull up RapGenius for this… I can’t understand what the fuck he’s saying. Why the fuck is he doin’ that? He doesn’t usually rap like that. He sounds like he’s impersonating Rich Homie Quan. Why is he makin’ himself sound extra southern? I seriously can’t understand what he’s saying. Did he injure his tongue? It sounds like it… Okay, lemme start this shit over so I can actually see what he’s saying… “I just wanna know, if you ain’t write that running through the six shit / Tell us who the fuck was Quentin running through the six with?” Okay. These bars aren’t terrible. That one was kinda hard. The beat just switched up… Oh God… He did what I told him to do… It just… He didn’t do it well… At all… It had a record scratch sound and then he had Quentin Miller singin’ Know Yourself… So I guess Drake didn’t write that shit. I mean, it was cool that he added that shit, but it just doesn’t sound good. It doesn’t make for a good song. The way he did it just… Well, I already said it. It sounds pretty shitty. Meek just called Drake a dork. What the fuck? There’s a sample from… The Education of Sonny Carson? What the fuck? Why is this here? He threw a jab at Safaree. That was kinda cool. This is… Bad… “You kow you fucked up right?” Is that supposed to be your conscience talkin’ to you, Meek? The beat switched up after the sample.”Puffy almost caught a domestic when he smacked that bitch.” That was nice. That’s definitely the hardest bar in this song so far. What the fuck? It’s over? That was the end? There was a sample of Puff Daddy sayin’ some dumb ass shit and then Meek started rappin’, but the song faded out after two bars. TWO! “This that Ja Rule shit and 50 Cent.” Is Drake supposed to be Ja Rule? Nah son. Nah. This shit is wack af. I like that he added the reference track from Quentin Miller, but the way he did it didn’t sound good at all. He should’ve added that at the end. This is honestly worse than Charged Up. How the fuck do you make a diss song wacker than Charged Up? The beat was kinda cool, but the shit Meek was sayin’ just wasn’t that good. He had three decent bars in there. “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater nigga, we ain’t forget.” That’s the hardest line in this song. You know why? It’s apparently true.

That’s a good line. That’s it tho. For Drake disses, he had the line about Drake gettin’ pissed on and slapped and the line about Quentin Miller. Other than that he really didn’t say shit. This is what the fuck we been waitin’ for? Meek… YOU USED TO BE A FUCKING BATTLE RAPPER! We’re talkin’ about DRAKE here! What the fuck is happening? How do you drop a wacker diss song than Charged Up when we gave you so much goddamn time? I don’t believe this shit. This song is terrible. Meek… You fucked up man. Ain’t NOBODY fuckin’ with this track. This shit is wack af, man. 1/5


Wow. I cannot believe this shit. He had us waitin’ for this shit too. After the softest rapper in Hip Hop hits you with not one, but TWO goddamn diss tracks THIS is what you come back with? Nah. Nah son. Let’s talk about that reference track tho. If there’s any defense for Wanna Know, it’s the reference track. Know Yourself was written by Quentin Miller. I wonder if he also wrote the second half where Drake is shoutin’. Quentin Miller definitely can’t sing like Drake, but I guess Drake can’t write like Quentin Miller. I just can’t believe how bad this diss track is. Yeah. Yes I actually DID expect Meek to destroy Drake with a diss track. You know why? MEEK MILL IS A FUCKING BATTLE RAPPER! AND DRAKE… IS FUCKING DRAKE! How did he not destroy Drake? Shit, I could’ve wrote a better diss track then that shit. Good God. Man… Why did I even decide to cover this beef? This shit sucks. Back To Back was pretty cool, but… Man… The only way I will be satisfied is if some rapper like Pusha T decides to barge in and drop a dope ass diss song. I’m pretty much over this shit now tho. What a waste of time. And a career. Meek you’re over bruh. You really thought that diss track was good? You thought that was enough man? Nah. You know what Meek? FUCK you. Nah. I’m just playin’. But seriously that shit was weak af. Disappoinment. That’s what this is. This beef is nothing. This shit means nothing. Nobody’s gonna care about this shit in 2 months. Shit. We really shouldn’t have cared about this in the first place. Lemme update the scoreboard.

Meek Mill: 0

Drake: 2.5

That’s right. Meek loses a point because that diss track hurt him more than it helped. I GUESS if something else happens I’ll update this…

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