Mixtape Review | Drake & Future – What A Time To Be Alive

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This tape dropped today (September 20) at about 8:00 PM, and the mainstream dick riding fuckery is already at an all-time high. Some of y’all may know from some comments I’ve made in the past that I am not the biggest Future fan. I think that his voice is fucking God awful. I do like his ability to come up with incredibly catchy hooks tho. It’s almost unrealistic how many incredible melodies this motherfucker has given us. The thing is, for every catchy Future song, there are about 10 fucking horrible ones. Future dickriders are nowhere near as fucking disgusting as Drake’s dickriders tho. As I said in a tweet that I posted about 42 minutes ago, it really seems like the only motherfucker that could diss Drake and not be eaten alive by stans is Lil B. That’s not gonna happen tho. I’m not really that big of a Drake fan either. I like some of his music. 6 PM In New York was dope af. Back To Back was pretty good. Drake is much more consistent than Future, but I still don’t really like a lot of his music. For every dope Drake song these days, we get about 4 average ones, and maybe 1 horrible one. I really wasn’t feeling the majority of If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, and I still haven’t checked out Dirty Sprite 2 yet. I actually heard that Dirty Sprite 2 was decent tho, so maybe this shit is better than I expect it to be. Speaking of my expectations, I really don’t know what to think of this shit yet. I have a feeling that this shit will be really boring and uninspired, but I also have a feeling that this shit might have a lot of really catchy hooks and some great production. I really don’t know tho. The last project I heard from Future was Monster, and that shit was fucking horrendous. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a good Future project. I could say the same thing about Drake, but his shit is 1000x better than Future’s. Drake is far from terrible. He has a few terrible songs, but most artists do. He’s not terrible. He’s just really not that good. I liked his older shit better. Well, I think I did. I didn’t listen to Take Care, but I liked what I heard from it. Well… I liked SOME of what I heard from it. Nothing Was The Same & If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late were just boring to me. I like some of his music, but I lost a lot of respect for him when the whole ghostwriting thing happened. The dickriders tho… They’re so fucking annoying. There are few things in Hip Hop that I hate more than dickriders. If you’re reading this right now and you’re a dickrider of any musician… I fucking hate you. You make me sick, you disgusting piece of trash. Please go fucking kill yourself. Just kidding. Don’t kill yourself. I do hate you tho. You don’t have to kill yourself, but please… For the love of God, get off of the fucking cock. It’s so fucking annoying. You know what? You can stay on the dick for all I care. Just get the fuck away from me. I swear to God, if a dickrider ever confronts me in person I’ll rip his motherfucking heart out. Lmao. Just kidding. That’s horrible. I’d never do anything like that. I am expecting at least one really dope song on here tho. Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Please. Oh shit, I almost forgot; Drake is charging money for this MIXTAPE, just like he did with IYRTITL. I’m sorry, but don’t call it a fucking mixtape if you’re gonna charge money for it. That’s just a slap in the fucking face. Why is he doing that? Why doesn’t he just call it a fucking album? To me, it seems like he knows this bullshit doesn’t meet the standards of a full length album, so he’s calling it a mixtape as an excuse for this shit being underwhelming. I might be wrong tho. This shit might be dope af. I saw a girl on Twitter named @wnderlustjaureg, who was a little irritated about him charging money for it, so she said “I guess that’s drakes new thing.. Charging for mixtapes.” Some guy named @PhenomOVO (Obvious dickrider… His screen name is “Views.”) came at her (I guess he deleted the tweets because I can’t find them anymore), so she replied by saying “are you fucking stupid. Obviously artists charge for their music but we’re talking about a MIXTAPE.” In another tweet, she said “tell me one person that has ever charged for a mixtape ???? Ok then. Goodbye.” He responded by saying, “Don’t listen to Drake’s music then you fucking whore. NO one forcing you to listen to Drake. Fuck off.” Wow. What a fucking piece of shit. I do not get this whole dickriding thing. Shit makes me fucking sick. They kept going at it and eventually the Drake stan said, “Every artist/person cares about the money. Drake has given enough free music away to his fans. It’s time he charges.” Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t understand why the fuck dickriders give certain artists passes. Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper right now, but if he did some shit that was pissing some of his fans off, I wouldn’t be incredibly offensive to anybody that might be slightly irritated by it. I don’t know why people blindly defend artists like that, but it makes me fucking sick. “It’s time he charges.” No. No, fuck you. Drake’s fans do not owe him a fucking thing… Unless… Unless they pirated all his shit… That’s not what we’re talking about right now tho. We are talking about a fucking MIXTAPE. Mixtapes have ALWAYS been free. If it’s not free, then the only difference is the quality. In other words, he’s charging you for a full length project, but only giving you some shit he recorded in 6 days. This fucking asshole is letting Drake go balls-deep in his mouth while sticking his middle finger up to the people. I fucking hate people like this. If I met somebody like this in person I would rip his fucking skin off, eat his heart with Tobasco sauce,  and shit on his soul. Sorry. I wasn’t serious. I would never do that to anybody. That’s horrible. I’m just trying to get across how much shit like this pisses me off. People shouldn’t promote sketchy shit like charging money for a mixtape no matter how fucking dope it is. I don’t even really give a shit about how Drake is charging for it tho. His fucking fans just make me hate everything and everyone, including myself.

Track 1: Digital Dash (Prod. Metro Boomin’ & Southside)


Future is already mumbling all over this shit. I have no idea what the fuck he’s saying. I think he said “I did the digital dash.” I don’t know what the fuck that’s supposed to mean. This beat is kinda shitty. It’s not terrible. It’s just not really good. Oh shit… Nevermind. What is that… Piano? Once more instruments start coming in it gets a lot better. Future’s first verse was… bad. His flow was dope, but that’s pretty much it. You don’t listen to Future for his lyrics tho. If the lyrics don’t matter I guess it’s okay for me to think they’re fucking terrible. Future’s voice is so fucking awful. Ok. The guy that everyone’s listening to this shit for is goin’ in now. I can thankfully understand what he’s saying. He’s using the same flow that Future had. Drake’s verse was actually dope. I fuck with his verse. I might have to cut out Future’s verse in GarageBand. This song is really boring until Drake comes in. It’s alright I guess. Future’s verse was terrible. The hook definitely wasn’t good, but it gets the job done. I wish this was a Drake & Metro Boomin’ mixtape. The beat was cool. Drake’s verse was dope. It’s alright. If Future didn’t have a verse this would be pretty dope. I’ll download the song, but I’m gettin’ rid of his verse. 3/5

Track 2: Big Rings (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

Okay, this is more like it. Drake opens this one up, and he actually has some energy on here. It’s dope to hear Drake pretty much doing a Trap song. I wonder if he has any solo tracks on here… I doubt it… Drake’s verse really wasn’t impressive lyrically, but… Well, I didn’t really like his flow on here either… I guess it’s just the delivery. He sounds good over this beat. I kinda liked his verse, but I kinda didn’t. I guess it’s alright. I fuck with this hook. It could definitely get played out easily. Gotta be careful with this one. Oh God. Future. He sounds like he’s fucking dying. Huh. I think he might’ve just subliminally dissed Meek Mill. “You just a battle rapper / I’m an official trapper / Niggas be droppin’ subliminals / They’re just some jibber jabber.” I think that’s what he said. He definitely said battle rapper. I don’t know who else he could possibly be talking about. It’s obviously a shot at Meek, but… Well… It’s uh… It’s just not a very good line lol. Where is the diss? All he really did was let us know that he’s not cool with Meek. He didn’t really have a good diss tho. Good God. He sounds so fucking horrible on this. I’m definitely gonna have to cut out his verse. Jesus. He’s ruined both of the first two songs so far. He better not do this to the whole fucking tape… I guess it’s alright. It would’ve been dope if it weren’t for Future’s verse. Drake’s verse really wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. Future’s verse just sounded awful. It’s alright. Just like the first track, I’m finna have to cut out Future’s verse in GarageBand. 3/5

Track 3: Live From The Gutter (Prod. Boi-1da & Metro Boomin’)

Damn. This production should be good. Boi-1da & Metro Boomin’ are two of the best in the industry right now. This beat is great. It starts off a little slow, but once the snares come in it’s dope af. Future’s goin’ in right now. Jesus Christ. I just cannot get passed this guy’s voice. He has a cool flow on this. The hook is average I guess. I wasn’t really feelin’ his verse. Drake’s goin’ in now. His lyrics really weren’t that good, but I’ll take it over the Future verse. His flow and delivery were pretty dope. I just can’t get behind Future man. This production was great, and Drake did his thing. I could tolerate Future on the hook, but I’m definitely gonna have to cut out

of his verses. This is alright. 3/5

Track 4: Diamonds Dancing (Prod. Metro Boomin’, Allen Ritter & Frank Dukes)

This is better than I thought it would be so far, but I’m also a little disappointed. I like Future sometimes, but this isn’t what I like from him. I want one of them incredibly catchy & melodic hooks from him. That’s really what he does best. If more of these songs were like that it this shit would be great. Hopefully this one is better. Yes. This beat sounds dope af so far. Oh wow. I got really lucky this time. Future’s doing exactly what I just said I wanted him to do. He has a terrible voice, but when he does shit like this it’s so fucking catchy that I don’t even care. The hook is dope. I fuck with the hook. Woah. This beat is fucking incredible. Drake is singing on the first verse. Damn. This shit is kinda… Bad… He just isn’t flowing very well over this beat. Drake has never really been that great of a singer. He can be pretty impressive, but for the most part his shit is just decent. What the fuck? Future somehow sounds better singing on this shit than Drake does… I’m so confused right now. How is that even possible? The part in the hook where Future is saying “diamond diamond diamond diamonds on me dancing” is actually pretty bad. Man. This song… This song kinda sucks. I don’t know. I was excited to hear Future on a melodic hook at first, but now that I’ve actually listened to it… It’s kinda bad. The way the bass pounds during the hook is just jarring. I’m not really feelin’ the hook. Future’s voice sounds terrible, and Drake’s singing somehow sounds even worse to me on this shit. That beat is fucking bananas tho. This hook is fucking awful. It’s so much louder than the rest of the song. It really doesn’t fit that well. Drake’s singing on the outro sounds a lot better than it did on his first verse. It’s soft as fuck tho. This is so fucking soft. This is some Marvin’s Room shit. This is some of the softest shit I’ve heard from Drake in a minute. Drake hasn’t really sounded this soft since… Well, I guess there was some pretty soft stuff on his last mixtape… Well, I’m not really feelin’ this one… The only thing I actually liked about this shit was the beat. The beat was fuckin’ bonkers. I’m glad Future attempted to give us another great hook, but he didn’t really pull it off. The hook on this song is terrible. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This shit is wack. 2/5

Track 5: Scholarships (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

Oh my God. Future’s voice sounds so fucking terrible. This beat is crazy tho. The production on this tape is really dope so far. Future’s verse wasn’t very good. I guess if you like Future you might think his verse is good. I can’t get with that shit tho. Drake’s verse was dope. I feel like I’ve said the same shit for all of these songs. Drake’s parts are good for the most part, while Future is the only factor that really decreases the quality of the tape. Drake’s flow and delivery were dope on this shit. I fuck with Drake’s parts. Again, I have to cut Future out in GarageBand. 3/5

Track 6: Plastic Bag (Prod. Neenyo)

Wow. This is another one of those incredibly soft ass Drake songs in which he tries to get all romantic with a stripper. This beat is alright I guess. This hook kinda sucks. Hell no. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this shit. Why the fuck would I want to hear this shit? Who the fuck wants to hear a song about strippers that a stripper can’t dance to? This is not for me at all. I’m not fuckin’ with this shit one bit. Damn. Future just took shit from bad to worse. Nah. Fuck no. This shit is terrible. Oh my God. More Drake dickriders. You know what the weird thing is? Drake’s male fans love him more than the women do. A motherfucker in the comments section just posted a fucking novel about how he loves this song. Just look at this shit. “Feelin like a mothafuckin plastic bag blowin in the wind with this shit!! Drake x Future got me hyperventilating like a wet fangirl when she see justin bieber face forreal doe gotdawm im bumpin this shit while sipping codeine like Im dying of flu or sum shit.” What the fuck? “Drake x Future got me hyperventilating like a wet fangirl when she see justin bieber face forreal doe gotdawm.” That is the most suspect shit I have ever read in my life. You’re probably thinking “Calm down, OG Nick Marsh. It’s probably just some teenage white girl.” NOPE. It’s some grown ass Middle Eastern dude in his twenties. I’m lookin’ at his avi right now. Shit. Maybe he’s gay or something. I don’t know. “Feelin like a mothafuckin plastic bag blowin in the wind with this shit!!” …Why the fuck would anyone want to feel like a plastic bag? That has got to be the weirdest fucking compliment I have ever heard in my life. “im bumpin this shit while sipping codeine like Im dying of flu or sum shit.” That’s definitely not true. I’m sorry, but this song is fucking terrible. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this shit right here. This shit is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 7: I’m The Plug (Prod. Southside)

Oh God. Future’s goin’ in right now and he’s not even on the beat. What the fuck? This motherfucker must’ve been so fucking high recording this shit because he’s completely off. This beat is pretty generic. Not really feelin’ the beat. I’m not feelin’ this hook either. It’s basic af. Yeah. Nah. This shit is wack. I just listened to the whole thing. The only good thing about this song is Drake’s verse. Drake actually did his thing on this shit. His flow was dope. He actually kinda sped things up. It’s not amazing or anything, but it’s more than I expected from him. I’m definitely not feelin’ this shit. It sounds like there was almost no effort put into this shit. Drake is the only one who seems to be trying on this shit. I’m not feelin’ this. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 8: Change Locations (Prod. Noël)

This beat is dope af. The hook is alright I guess. Future’s goin’ in right now. Jesus. I cannot understand a goddamn thing this motherfucker is saying. “I got more style than stylists / I like that money is money is piling / I see that money just piling / I see it’s piling, and piling, and piling, and piling, and piling, and piling.” …

Nah. Nah. I ain’t feelin’ this shit bro. Future’s verse was absolutely fucking terrible. Wasn’t feelin’ the hook. The beat was dope. Drake’s delivery & flow on his verse was cool, but lyrically this shit don’t interest me at all. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 9: Jumpman (Prod. Metro Boomin’)

This beat is alright I guess. Drake is goin’ in now. There’s no weak hook to start this shit off. He just goes in right away with an energetic verse. I kinda liked it, but he had some bars in there that were just a little… Dumb… Like that shit about Robitussin. I don’t know. I like the energy on this shit, but… Future’s verses were just not very good. Drake’s verses weren’t that great either, but they were definitely better than that of Future. This track is really just average to me. I like the energy and I kinda liked Drake’s parts, but Future just wasn’t that good. The beat could’ve been better too. I don’t know. I don’t really have much to say. It’s just an average song. It’s really nothing special. I kinda like it, but it’s just… I don’t feel comfortable calling this a good song. It’s really just too average for that. 3/5

Track 10: Jersey (Prod. Metro Boomin’ & Southside)

This beat is dope. Future’s hook isn’t very good. He’s rapping now. This really isn’t different from any of his other shit. The beat is cool. The verses are bad. The hook is bad. This is a bad song. Drake isn’t even on this one. Hopefully the next track is a solo Drake track. I’m not fuckin’ with this shit. It’s no different from any other wack Future song I’ve ever heard. The beat is cool. The lyrics are stupid as fuck. Future’s voice sounds awful. His flow and delivery are boring. I can’t get behind this. This really just isn’t for me. I’m not feelin’ this shit. 2/5

Track 11: 30 For 30 (Prod. 40)

This beat is dope af. It kinda reminds me of the intro to Nothing Was The Same. Yes. I can tell just from the way he’s rapping that Future isn’t gonna be on this shit. Drake is going the fuck in. The way he’s rapping right now just sounds really poetic. Damn. I just listened to the whole song. That shit was dope af. Drake actually killed this shit. That was great. This is honestly on the level of 6PM In New York. That verse was great. I’m not blown away or anything… I just hope he raps like that on Views From The 6. If that whole album is like that then we might actually get a good Drake project. I’m excited for a good Drake album. I’m not excited for the fucking stans. The beat that 40 made for this shit was really jazzy and smooth. I’m honestly more impressed by the beat than I am by Drake, but he still did his thing. This is a really good song. I actually really like this shit. This is easily the best song on the mixtape. Jesus. Can you imagine if Future was on this shit? This song sounds nothing like anything else on the mixtape. I definitely fuck with this song. This song is dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

Wow. That shit was wack. This is just like the fuckin’ mixtape Drake dropped earlier this year. It just sounds like a bunch of half assed tracks that Drake recorded as quickly as he could, and then got Future to mumble over it. Nah. I’m not feelin’ the fuckin’ mixtape at all. This mixtape is not worth paying for at all. How much is he charging for this shit? Whatever it is, it’s too expensive. There’s really only one track on here that I can call a good song, and it doesn’t even have Future on it. This mixtape would have been so much less terrible if it weren’t for Future. I’m sorry, but Future is a fucking horrible rapper. Every verse from Future on this tape is abysmal. Not every verse from Drake is that good on here, but at least his shit is tolerable. At least I can understand what the fuck that motherfucker is saying. At least he gets a little creative with his flow & delivery on his shit. Future doesn’t do shit on this tape. This whole tape really just feels like a Drake project with some occasional features from Future. It doesn’t really feel like an actual joint album. I doubt they even recorded this shit in the same studio. This shit is just wack. If you’re a Drake fan just listen to the last track. If you’re a Drake stan listen to the whole thing. If you’re a Future fan… I don’t know what to tell you. I guess you can listen to the whole thing. If you’ve never liked anything either of them have done, steer clear. If you don’t really like Drake, but you think he’s okay I would recommend listening to the last track. I really can’t get behind this mixtape. It feels rushed. It feels uninspired. This isn’t for everybody. This isn’t even a tape for the fans. This is a tape for the stans. Only stans would say that this shit is dope. Well, that might not be true… Mostly stans will call this shit dope. This shit is wack to me tho. Nah. Not feelin’ it.

Favorite Song: 30 For 30

Least Favorite Song: Plastic Bag




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