Album Review | Mac Miller – GO:OD AM

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I’m not really the biggest Mac Miller fan. I’m really not into his older bubblegum rap, but I kinda like the direction he’s been goin’ in recently. These days I put him into the same category as Ab-Soul, Earl Sweatshirt, Da$h, Vince Staples, etc… He’s just a way worse rapper than all of them in my opinion. He’s spit some great verses before, but most of the time his shit is just really boring and uninteresting to me. I really wasn’t feeling his previous album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off. I did enjoy that long ass Faces mixtape he had last year tho. That shit was actually pretty dope. He’s just not that interesting of an MC a lot of the time. He’s nowhere near as boring as Curren$y or Troy Ave, but I’ll always take Larry Fisherman over Mac Miller. That Delusional Thomas shit he does is pretty wack to me too. If y’all don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, Mac Miller has an alter ego that he uses to talk about really fucked up shit. I would be fine with that, but he shifts the pitch of his voice up really high when he’s doing it. It’s annoying as hell. I’m okay with it when Quasimoto raps because that voice is actually believable. Delusional Thomas just sounds like Mac Miller & helium. Anyway, this project came out on September 18th this year. I don’t think I’ll ever review any of his other projects unless they get requested because I’m really not that into them. I did enjoy Faces tho, and I’m sure there’s at least one dope song on here, so I’ll give this one a chance.

Track 1: Doors (Prod. Tyler The Creator)

Huh. I don’t think he produced any of this shit himself. That’s kind of disappointing, but at the same time that probably means that this shit will have a different sound than I’m used to from Mac Miller. Okay, it’s starting now. Damn. I’m literally only nine seconds in right now, but I like the direction this shit is going. Shit sounds smoother than a motherfucker. Mac Miller is singin’ right now. It’s not very good, but it ain’t bad. He’s pretty much just singin’ over a jazz track. The beat is so fucking dope. He didn’t really rap on this shit, but it’s cool. I love the beat, and his singing isn’t great, but it made for a smooth track. I don’t know if I should rate this one. It’s only one minute and 18 seconds long. He doesn’t rap on here at all… I don’t know. Fuck it. I’ll rate it. This shit is dope to me. 4/5

Track 2: Brand Name (Prod. ID Labs)

This beat is really dope. I don’t know if smooth is the right word. I’ll play it safe, and call it “chill.” Mac did his thing on the first verse I guess. His delivery and flow are really nothing special. The lyrics were kinda cool I guess. It’s nothing special, but it definitely isn’t bad. It’s kinda boring, but the beat keeps things interesting. This hook is pretty dope. The background vocals are really nice. Damn. This second verse is so much better than the first. The first one wasn’t bad, but this one is just… Better. He really stepped his flow up for that one. It’s not incredible at all, but it’s better than I expected it to get. Damn. The beat just switched up after the second recital of the hook. This is dope af. Damn. This beat just got really fuckin’ dope. It was great before, but now it’s even better. This shit is so smooth. It’s really jazzy. That fucking saxophone…


That shit was great. I definitely fuck with this shit (mostly for the beat to be honest). Lemme check this music video out real quick. Okay, it looks like this is set up as some corny sitcom. Mac is just waking up and brushing his teeth. Okay, now it’s showing people watching the TV show at a salon and shit. Oh, this is kinda like that movie, The Truman Show. I think that’s what it’s called. The one where that guy’s whole life is a movie that people are watching. He has an Asian wife and some Middle Eastern kids. I think they’re Middle Eastern. I can’t really tell… They honestly just look like white kids covered in bronzer. He’s having hash browns, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. That shit looks delectable. His wife looks kinda old… He’s driving to work now. He’s waving to people in his neighborhood. What the fuck… He just waved to a dog… The dog looked fucking insane tho. It looked fucking evil. It didn’t even look real. Why the fuck was it’s eyes like that? Sorry… The dog is irrelevant. He has a cubicle job. He’s just rapping at work and in his car. Damn. He just got out the car, and saw a billboard advertising his TV show. He knows. Huh. All he did was destroy one camera and then it was over. I guess OWN is no longer airing Brand Name. It was a cool video I guess. Not really anything special, but I enjoyed it. This song is dope af tho. I fuck with this song. 5/5

Track 3: Rush Hour (Prod. ID Labs)

Yes. This beat is dope af. It’s really airy, but the bouncy drums keep it from feeling stale and lifeless. His flow isn’t amazing on this one, but it sounds pretty good over this beat. This beat is really fucking great. Mac did his thing on the first verse. This hook is cool I guess. I feel like I only like this shit because of the beat. Mac’s doin’ his thing tho. He’s not bad on here. It’s just kinda hard for me to pay attention to him. The production is kinda outshining him. It’s fucking great. Mac Miller is cool, but he’s just not really anything special. I don’t know what it is. A lot of the lyrics are pretty cool, but his flow and delivery just aren’t very attention grabbing. It’s still a really enjoyable song tho. I really fuck with this shit. This shit is dope af. 5/5

Track 4: Two Matches Feat. Ab-Soul (Prod. Sounwave)

This is a sequel to a song called Matches, which appeared on Watching Movies With The Sound Off and featured Ab-Soul. I really want a new Ab-Soul project… Isn’t he supposed to be working on Longterm 3 or something? Whatever. I liked Matches, but I didn’t think it was dope af. It was a good song. That’s it. A good song. I really fuck with Ab-Soul. I’m expecting this to be dope. It could be dope af. I don’t know. I obviously want it to be dope af. I fuck with Sounwave, and the production on this album has actually been really good so far, so this will probably be great sonically. This beat is dope af. It actually kinda sounds like something that could’ve been on To Pimp A Butterfly. It reminds me of Alright & also a little bit of These Walls. Mac did his thing on the hook. The hook reminds me of Just Have Fun, which is a song from Ab-Soul’s latest album, These Days… Soulo’s goin’ in on the first verse. He even kinda referenced Just Have Fun by saying “SHAKE THAT ASS HO.” Soulo’s verse was dope. Mac’s goin’ in. Damn. Wow. He actually… Mac Miller actually killed that shit. That shit was dope af. “I’m makin’ corpses when it’s on, and eatin’ swordfish from gigantic portions / Lord is important, but I am stronger / I’m a monster with the heart of a lion divide and conquer / Walk on water / It won’t be long ’til I’m flyin’ / That’s my departure / I’m a goner / Shootin’ down from the sky with the eyes of an archer.” Damn. I never pictured myself saying this, but I think Mac Miller had a better verse than Ab-Soul on this song… He really went in on that shit. Damn. I’m really surprised by how much I like this album so far… Hopefully he doesn’t fuck this shit up. 5/5

Track 5: 100 Grandkids (Prod. Sha Money XL & Big Jerm)

This was the first official single that was released for the album. It came out on August 27th. I’m pretty sure people seemed to really like it, so I guess this should be dope. I don’t really have a reason to doubt that. This album is going really well so far. This beat is dope af. This is dope. Mac’s doin’ his thing. “I put the hero in Heroin.” “What’s a God without a little OD? Just a G.” This is dope. He also had a line about some chick puttin’ the “ho” in “honest.” The first verse was cool. The hook is dope. Damn. The beat just switched up. This is so dope. Before the beat switched up it was about “Grand Kids,” and this second part is about “100 Grand.” Mac kinda gets outshined by the production again on this second half of the song, but it’s still dope. This beat is fucking incredible. I mostly liked the second part for the beat, but I like Mac’s flow on this one too. I fuck with this shit. I’m finna check out this music video now. Okay, it’s a play that people are watching. This is actually really cool. I would love to see some Hip Hop albums as live musicals. Can you imagine a theater version of To Pimp A Butterfly? That would be fantastic. The play is just Romeo & Juliet + Mac Miller. I wonder what’s gonna happen when the beat switches up. Okay. The play ended. Mac Miller is leaving the video. Now he’s rapping in a parking lot. This part is more like a normal music video. That was pretty good. The music video is dope. The song is dope af. 5/5

Track 6: Time Flies Feat. Lil B (Prod. Christian Rich)

…Lil… Lil B? …He… He put… He put Lil B on this one? Why… Why did… WHY THE FUCK DID HE DO THAT?? Look, I fucking know that Lil B isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but here’s the problem with that: He isn’t actually funny to me. I don’t think there are any parody rappers aside from Young Nigga that I actually think are entertaining. Shit. At least with Riff Raff you get an enthusiastic delivery and a proper flow. This motherfucker Lil B doesn’t even really… Well, he’s done a great job keeping up his image and everything, but in terms of his actual art… It just isn’t very enjoyable to me. I’m probably not gonna like this shit. I can take a parody rapper if he has a decent flow and delivery, but I can’t even say that about Lil B. I don’t have time to be playing these fuckin’ games. I don’t fuck around when it comes to music. Unless Ice JJ Fish or Young Nigga are involved. Froggy Fresh used to be kinda dope too. He actually had a really dope flow tho. I think Froggy Fresh’s flow on The Fight is legitimately dope af. Anyway, lemme go ahead and start this fucking bullshit. Damn. Lil B is talkin’ right at the beginning of the track. “Mac Miller, I love you.” Okay, Mac’s goin’ in. This beat is dope af. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s almost like a Drake beat, except it sounds way less incomplete than anything that was on his latest project. It sounds a little more electronic too. Mac did his thing on the first & second verses. The hook is average I guess. It’s kind of boring. The only thing that I really like about this so far is the beat. Oh. Damn. Lil B doesn’t have a verse. You know what the weird thing is? Lil B kinda had the best part on the whole song… He just had Spoken Word interludes in which he said positive shit, like “One day we will, we will find, we will conquer, conquer with love, while time is on our side. Continue to hold to those beautiful memories. They won’t be here forever, but our spirit lives on. Lil B.” It’s like something Kendrick Lamar would say, except Kendrick Lamar is a good rapper. I kinda did like the message tho. Lil B seems like a nice person. I kinda liked his parts more than Mac’s. Mac didn’t really stand out in any kinda way. This is a really boring song. The beat is nice, but that’s pretty much it. The beat sounds like some FlyLo shit. I fuck with the beat. Mac Miller was pretty boring on here. It’s alright I guess. I fuck with the beat. 3/5

Track 7: Weekend Feat. Miguel (Prod. FKi)

I haven’t listened to this shit in about a week. I don’t know why… Anyway, this beat is pretty dope so far. Good God. Those fucking horns sound so good. Yes. This beat is dope af. Mac did his thing on the verse. I think. To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention to what he said. The hook is kinda cool I guess, but I think Miguel’s feature is a little underused here… They’re both singing. They’re vocals are just layered over each other. You can barely hear Miguel on this shit. Mac definitely could’ve just did that part himself. Just record the same hook again at a higher pitch and then layer it over yours. I would have no idea that Miguel was on this shit if I wasn’t listening for him. Oh, he’s singing on the outro. Never mind then. He did his thing I guess. I fuck with this song. Mainly for the beat, but the hook was dope too, and Mac did his thing. This is dope. 4/5

Track 8: Clubhouse (Prod. THC)

This beat is dope. Definitely not as impressive as the other ones so far, but I fuck with it. Are you… ARE YOU FUCKIN’ SERIOUS? APPLE. MUSIC. OH MY SHIT. It skipped to the next fucking song. I gotta start over now. It’s a good thing that I was only like 20 seconds in. You know what else would’ve been a good thing? You know what would’ve been a fucking beautiful thing? If Apple Music wasn’t always fucking up. That would be fucking fantastic. Fuck. Okay, it’s playing again. These fuckin’ record scratches on the hook are great. This is actually really dope. Mac’s verses weren’t really anything special to me, but the beat was dope, and the hook was dope af. Mac has kind of a monotone delivery, so his voice kinda fades to the background when I’m listening to him. I usually focus more on the production when I’m listening to his music. This is dope tho. I fuck with this. I feel like I would be fucking blown away by this shit if I was stoned. I’ve never been high before tho, so I can’t really say for sure. Oh God. One of the comments for this song says, “Quite the banger.” Uh. I fucking hate that people say that shit. “Banger?” For real? I didn’t know a single word could be so corny. I hate that word. Miley Cyrus is the type of person that uses that word. She had a fucking album called “Bangerz.” That’s fucking horrible. Trend followers. Trend followers are the people that call songs “bangers.” Why the fuck was that guy even calling this a “banger?” The beat isn’t that hard… It’s definitely not the hardest shit on this album. “Quite the banger.” I’m almost positive that this guy is white. You do not use “quite” and “banger” in the same sentence unless you are a white Hip Hop fan. I remember when To Pimp A Butterfly first dropped, and one of my old white friends posted a tweet that said, “Alright is a banger.” We aren’t friends anymore. 4/5

Track 9: In The Bag (Prod. Sevn Thomas)

“This the music that made white people mad.” Huh. I kind of doubt that. Maybe he’s gonna be spittin’ about some fuckin’ racist ass shit that he hears other white people say. I doubt it tho. This is a banger. Hahahaha. That’s awful. For real tho, this beat is so much harder than the last song. I don’t know why, but I just do not care about anything Mac is saying… His delivery is a lot more exciting on this one than it is on most of the other songs so far. This is a cool song, but I’m not blown away by it. I like it tho. It’s entertaining. There’s a long ass outro with someone who sounds just like ScHoolboy Q. It’s a dope song. I don’t see myself coming back to this often, but I’m probably just not in the right mood right now. I fuck with this. This is dope. 4/5

Track 10: Break The Law (Prod. Drew Byrd & Thundercat)

This should be good. Thundercat is dope af. This beat is so fucking smooth. Damn. Mac’s actually kinda goin’ in on this first verse. Juicy J is kinda in the background sayin’ random shit. Good God. This fucking production is incredible. This whole song just sounds big. Even the way Mac’s rapping just sounds big. He’s not using big words or anything, but his delivery just makes him sound like he’s… I don’t know. He sounds like he’s at a show. He sounds like he’s at a concert performing this song. He’s not screaming his ass off or running out of breath tho. He sounds like he’s trying to rap over real instruments. This is fucking great. This is probably one of the best singles to be released before their respective albums this year. This is fantastic. I absolutely fuck with this shit. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 11: Perfect Circle/God Speed (Prod. Frank Dukes)

Good lord. The piano in this beat sounds fucking gorgeous. This beat is incredible. Mac did his thing on the first verse I guess. It wasn’t really anything special to me. The hook is cool. He’s singin’ on it. He’s not that bad of a singer. Oh no. No. The second time the hook comes in there are… I don’t know… Are those little girls? It sounds like there are little girls reciting the hook. It’s not as bad as you’re thinking, but it’s bad enough. Just not bad enough to ruin the song. That girl that keeps saying “Fuck you” is kinda annoying. Perfect Circle is pretty dope. I really only like it for the beat, but Mac wasn’t bad on here. It’s dope. God Speed is starting now. This beat is dope. I don’t fuck with it as much as the previous one, but it’s dope. Mac’s actually rapping about something interesting now. This is actually kind of a sad song. He’s not “happy Mac, havin’ fun” on this one. He’s talkin’ about his drug addiction and depression. This is dope af. He’s actually goin’ in. “Just know that there’s a place / Where all my people worry free and everybody straight / Every devil don’t got horns, and every hero don’t got capes / Opened up my eyes / Shit, I’m finally awake / Good morning.” That outro was kinda confusing. I’m not sure what that was about. It’s cool tho. I fuck with both of these songs. The first song was dope and the second was dope af. Dope + Dope af = Dope af. 5/5

Track 12: When In Rome (Prod. ID Labs & Sledgren)

This beat is pretty dope. It sounds kind of electronic. It almost reminds me of a more Trap-inspired version of Get Got by Death Grips. Mac Miller has a Waka Flocka type of delivery. The hook definitely could’ve been better, but it isn’t terrible. Mac’s doin’ his thing. This is definitely more enjoyable for me than In The Bag. The beat switches up after about 2 minutes. That was a pretty good decision. Songs like that usually get boring to me after the second recital of the hook. Goddamn. This beat is so fucking dope. Good fucking lord.


This beat is fucking incredible. “Shut your motherfucking mouth bitch / Fuck your motherfucking couch bitch.” Yup. This song is fucking fantastic. I love this shit. This shit is dope af. 5/5

Track 13: ROS (Prod. DJ Dahi)

Mac Miller is singing over a piano right now at a ball or banquet or something. I don’t know. I don’t love it, but it’s good I guess. It’s kinda corny. It gets smooth as fuck once the intro ends, and the beat comes in, and he starts rapping for real. This is a love song, and I usually don’t like shit like that. This isn’t that bad, but it’s just not for me. This is soft as fuck. He doesn’t come off as disingenuous on this shit, but it’s just not really working for me. It’s so soft. I like the beat, but this is honestly just too much. You’re not soft if you like this, but for me it’s just not really that great. “Your skin smell like butterscotch and your lips taste like kiwi / Let’s take a plane to Fiji, make a date, let’s take it easy.” Sappy shit like that is just too much for me. I can’t do it. Lmao. I can’t do this hook. This sounds like some D’Angelo shit. Nah. I’m not really feelin’ this shit. This is honestly some of the softest shit I’ve ever heard, but I don’t hate it for some reason. I’m just not into it. This is kinda wack to me… It’s also pretty weird that this comes on right after a loud song like When In Rome. It is what it is tho. I’m just not into this. 2/5

Track 14: Cut The Check Feat. Chief Keef? What? (Prod. Vinylz)

…What the fuck? Oh shit. I forgot that Mac is actually kinda friends with Sosa. I’m pretty sure he was on Bang 3. I might check that shit out… Maybe… I’ll have to preview a random song and make sure the shit is mastered properly, because a lot of his music actually isn’t. It’s weird to have a song with Chief Keef following the previous song too. This beat is dope. I love how Mac immediately starts goin’ in as soon as the track starts. I don’t know if I like this hook. It’s not terrible, but the way the beat switches up is just kinda jarring. Uh oh. I think Chief Keef’s about to step up. Will he deliver? “Someone start a fire cause it’s fucking freezing.” The answer is yes. Nah, I’m just playin’. He did that annoying ass shit where an artist will purposely pronounce some shit wrong just to desperately squeeze a rhyme in, and then be like, “Oops, I meant (correct pronunciation of whatever the fuck the word was).” That shit just comes off lazy as hell. In this case he was trying to rhyme Mick Foley with Rick Flair, so he said Rick “Floir.” That shit doesn’t rhyme either way, so I don’t know what the fuck he was thinkin’. “Walked up the stairs look at my shoes like them cleaner, but I should’ve worn the other ones ’cause them better.” …Yeah, I wasn’t really… Wasn’t really feelin’ Chief Keef’s verse on here… Solid effort tho. I don’t fuckin’ know. I kinda like the beat, but that’s pretty much it for this one. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 15: Ascension (Prod. ID Labs)

Fuck. This album is longer than a motherfucker. Alright, I can do this. Only 3 more songs. They’re probably dope too. Goddamn. This beat is fucking great. This beat is so dope. Yes. “I saw a mountain, you know, across the horizon. When I got there, realized it was just a pile of rocks… said, ‘God damn.'” This beat is dope af. Mac’s goin’ in now. “I met God before I ever stepped into a church, and that motherfucker still owe me money.” This is dope. The actual topic of this song is pretty pleasant and bright, but the beat and delivery give off kind of a sad vibe, which Mac acknowledges. It’s dope. I guess this song is about how Mac had an epiphany and is enlightened now. He’s talking about how he’s “a brand new me.” The hook might not sit well with everyone that hears it because of the way he’s singing, but I fuck with it. It’s dope to me. I really fuck with his flow on this second verse. This song is dope af to me. I definitely fuck with this shit. 5/5

Track 16: Jump (Prod. Sap & ID Labs)

This beat is really fucking dope. Mac’s first verse on this shit is actually really fucking dope. This beat is fucking incredible. This hook is so dope too. The beat gets doper and doper as the song goes. Goddamn. THIS FUCKING BEAT IS IMMACULATE.


It kinda sounds like it has elements of a pop/dance song that you would here in a club, but I still really fuck with it for some reason. I usually hate shit like that tho. I guess it was just done really well here. Am I thinking of House Music? Would that be considered House Music? I don’t know… I hate House Music, so probably not. Whatever. All I know is that this production is fucking incredible, and Mac did his thing too. I fuck with this. This shit is dope af, and the way it leads into the next track is dope af too. 5/5

Track 17: The Festival Feat. Little Dragon (Prod. ID Labs)

I’m not really sure who exactly Little Dragon is. I remember that they did a song with Big Boi on his second solo album, but I can’t remember whether or not it was good. This beat is dope. Mac did his thing on the first verse. I’m not so sure about this bridge… Anytime a musician tries to verbalize the onomatopoeia of “clap” multiple times, it just comes off super corny to me. That was a big problem that I had with that ScHoolboy Q featured track on A$AP Rocky‘s latest album. That definitely wasn’t the only problem I had with it tho… “Shake that ass girl / Make that coochie wet.” Are you fucking kidding me? Anyway, the lead singer of Little Dragon only says “clap-clap” once in her long ass bridge, but it’s enough for me to dislike the song. The singing just isn’t that good to me anyway. I’m not feelin’ her part. Mac did his thing tho. The beat is dope too. It’s over. Mac only had one verse. That long ass outro was so fucking annoying. The album is finally over tho… Why the fuck did that take so long for me to review??? 3/5

Final Thoughts:

That shit was longer than a motherfucker. It was dope tho. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was just too goddamn long. Mac doesn’t have the charisma to keep my attention for much more than an hour. Just give me twelve dope songs and I’ll be good. The production on this fucking album was incredible for the most part. He’s always had a really good ear for beats tho. His flow wasn’t anything special on this album. It only ever stood out on a handful of songs. None of the hooks were that horrible. In terms of lyrics… Honestly, I probably shouldn’t speak on this too much, because Mac’s voice is so nondescript that I kinda tune him out some times. He may sound the same on a really happy song as he does on a sad song. The only difference will be in aggression, and even that doesn’t really change much. None of the features other than Ab-Soul really stand out. I guess Chief Keef stands out, but for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t expect to like this as much as I do tho. This is easily the best Mac Miller project I’ve ever heard in my opinion.

Favorite Song: Break The Law

Least Favorite Song: ROS




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