EP Review | Trinidad James – Trips To Trinidad

This is surprisingly the THIRD Trinidad James project that I’m reviewing. I don’t know why this keeps happening… Anyway, this one came out in April this year. I think. I’m not really expecting this to be that good… I might like at least one song tho. Trinidad James isn’t complete garbage, but… I don’t know. I just don’t think this is gonna be that good. He’s not garbage, but he’s not really that good either. I feel like he has to try really hard to be dope. I’ll give this a chance tho. Out of the two projects I’ve reviewed from him, I thought one of them was dope, and the other one was just okay. I always get a decent amount of listenable songs. Maybe this will be kinda good. I really don’t expect it tho.

Track 1: Trini Wolve$ (Prod. Dark Conceptz)

Wow, this Datpiff app is actually working for once. Damn. This beat is dope af. The horns sound so fucking good. Oh shit. I spoke too soon. The fucking Datpiff app isn’t working. Fuck it. I’m just finna use AudioMack. Okay… Is he gonna rap? I guess he kinda just did, but it was like 8 bars… He’s just yelling now. That’s pretty much all he’s done so far. Oh, he’s goin’ in again. Wow. It just ended. I’m pretty sure he spit a total of 16 bars in that song. It was two verses too. He spit like two 8-bar verses. Nah. I like the beat, but that’s pretty much it for this one. The verses were too short. They weren’t even good in the first place, but I still would’ve preferred if he at least tried a little harder. It got annoying real quick when he was just yelling over this beat. I guess he was kinda singing. I guess. I don’t know how I feel about this one. Well… Yes I do. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 2: $.T.I.Y. (Save The Island Youth) [Prod. Dark Conceptz]

This beat is dope. So far the production on this project sounds like the shit you would hear at Carnival in Trinidad. I’ve never actually been to Carnival, but I’m pretty sure this is the kinda shit you would hear there. Not James’ annoying ass yelling over it, but just the horns. I don’t know. It’s probably just Soca music. Anyway, this is kinda wack so far. Trinidad James is trying to sing over this shit, and it just sounds like he’s yelling. It sounds awful. He cannot sing at all. The background singers sound pretty good tho. Hahahaha. Wow. This is some of the dumbest shit I’ve heard in a minute. “Too many kids having kids these days / I can’t believe this shit / You a grandma, grandpa / At the age of 36.” Nah. I can’t do this. Trinidad James himself is really the only bad thing about this. It honestly sounds like he was drunk when he recorded this. Why is he yelling like that? His delivery is so annoying on here. The Trinidadian accent that he’s doing doesn’t even sound authentic. He just sounds like a drunk American trying to do an impression of a Trinidadian guy. I might be wrong tho. I never actually lived in Trinidad. Oh shit. I guess I should tell those of you who haven’t read my bio or the other Trinidad James reviews… My mama is from Trinidad, so I travel there to see my family every few years. Trinidadian food is fucking phenomenal by the way. Trinidadian & Soul food is all I need in my life. That’s it. Anyway, I’m not really fuckin’ with this shit. Aside from the beat and the background vocals, this is pretty goddamn terrible. Nah. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 3: TTT Free$tyle (Prod. David McGruffin)

Okay, this is actually a lot worse than I expected it to be so far. I never really thought Trinidad James was that bad, but this is just not good. Hopefully he turns things around with the next two tracks. I’m starting to doubt it tho. This beat is kinda… bad. I’m not feelin’ the drums on this one. They just aren’t hitting hard enough. It’s just some hi-hats and some real choppy bass. It’s not good. This beat is wack. It’s loud. And annoying. Trinidad James is goin’ in right now. It’s pretty bad. He seriously sounds like he’s drunk right now. Maybe this really is a freestyle. It sounds like every other verse he’s ever done. He’s just mad for no reason. “You a lil’ bitty bitch / You a lil’ bitty bitch / I’m full blown flame with this fashion shit / my nigga YOU ARE NOT EVEN LIT.” This is fucking awful. This is so bad. I don’t give a shit if this is a freestyle. It’s not a good song. Alright, I’m done with this fuckin’ song. This shit is horrendous. Nothing about this song is good. The beat is annoying as hell. The lyrics are a joke. Trinidad James sounds like he’s drunk. His flow is basic as hell. This is pure ass. Nah. This is some of the worst shit I’ve heard since listening to that Troy Ave album… You know what that means. 0/5

Track 4: Po$$ible No Guarantee

Oh God. Trinidad James is preaching about some stupid ass shit. Well, it’s not stupid ass shit, but… Wait a minute… Am I listening to fucking Spoken Word from Trinidad James? What the fuck? What the fuck is this shit? This isn’t a song… This motherfucker is just talking about relationships and shit. Is this for fucking real? Is this really happening right now? “What I have come to reason with, or better yet, understand, is comfort is one of the key pieces to life.” …What the hell am I doing with my life? I’m… I’m so sad right now. This is my life. Spoken Word from Trinidad James. This is what I’m doing with my life right now. Talking about Trinidad James’ Spoken Word. It’s not like anyone wanted this review. Nobody gives a shit about Trinidad James. I chose to do this with my free time. “The feeling of being mentally perfect is better than being literally perfect, in my personal opinion, and based off of my studies of human nature.” What the fuck is… WHAT? How is this even possible? What the fuck inspired him to do this shit? Who wanted this? Is this motherfucker for real right now? Is this a joke? I feel like I’m being fucked with right now. I cannot believe what I am hearing from Trinidad fucking James right now. This isn’t a song, so I can’t give this a score… I guess he got lucky because this would’ve easily gotten a 0/5. I can’t do that tho…

Final Thoughts:

That shit was fucking God awful. Do not listen to this shit. Nobody needs to be hearing this shit. This EP is wack af. I’m pretty sure that this is the worst project I’ve ever reviewed. It’s fucking awful. Do not listen to this shit. This does not need to be heard, and it should not have ever been made. I kinda like the production on the first two tracks, but Trinidad James fucking ruined this shit. This is just horrible. This is so bad. Nah. I cannot fuck with this shit. Honestly, I’ll probably never review another Trinidad James project after what happened here… Unless I hear a single that I think is fucking phenomenal, I’m just not gonna bother. This shit is pure horse shit. If you ever hear somebody say that this is a good project, run away. Unless you like it. It’s cool if you like it. I just think this is some of the worst shit I’ve ever heard in my life. To each his own tho. I’m not really gonna talk shit about somebody just because they enjoy this. I just hope I never hear any of these songs ever again. The first one wasn’t that bad, but that’s probably because he barely rapped on it. Nah. Oh by the way, it’s really annoying how he replaces every S with a dollar sign. That’s just fucking stupid. I also don’t really like this trend of turning every fucking phrase into an acronym. Again, that’s just fucking stupid. This project is fuckin’ bullshit. I hate this EP. Horrible. Fucking dog shit.

Favorite Song: Trini Wolve$

Least Favorite Song: TTT Free$tyle




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