Album Review | The Game – The Documentary 2

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This album just came out yesterday, but I’m pretty sure it leaked like a week or two ago. In case you’re really stupid and you can’t already tell, this is the sequel to The Game’s 2005 album, The Documentary. I’m pretty sure that the original Documentary is considered to be a classic by most. I probably should’ve reviewed that before starting this one. To be honest, if you asked my why I didn’t do that, I would probably just tell you that I didn’t feel like it. There’s not really any other reason. I’ve heard that album before, but I wasn’t really paying attention when I listened to it the first time. I pretty much just skimmed through it. I actually don’t think I listened to the whole album… I think I just listened to the singles. I don’t know for sure. It doesn’t matter tho. Well, I guess it kinda does. I’m trying to transition from talking about the original Documentary into the second one. I obviously don’t know how to do that tho. Fuck yes. I’m about to eat a fucking grilled cheese sandwich. When was the last time you had a grilled cheese sandwich? This shit is about to be fucking incredible. Okay, I just finished eating. It was fucking bomb af. Anyway, I’ve been putting this album off for a minute, mostly because of its length. There are nineteen goddamn tracks on this bitch. That’s bad enough, but in about ONE day, he’s gonna be releasing The Documentary 2.5, which is a SECOND disc for this album. Can you believe that shit? The complete Documentary 2 package is THIRTY SEVEN GODDAMN TRACKS. What the fuck? Who the fuck told this man to do that? I will be fucking shocked if none of these songs feel like they could’ve been cut out. He could’ve held some of them off and put them on a mixtape or something. I don’t know. Nobody’s album should be this goddamn long. I hate having to sit through long ass albums. That’s the main reason my Tech N9ne Marathon is taking so motherfucking long. Anyway, there are only six tracks on here without features, and only four of those are actual songs. One of The Game’s biggest criticisms is that he always has too many features. He seems to completely ignore that with every project he releases. If I were him, I would just release a project without help from any other MCs. He should at least try it once. I’m sure it would probably be one of his highest rated projects. The Game is actually one of my favorite MCs by the way. He’s one of my favorite Gangsta rappers along with ScHoolboy Q & Freddie Gibbs. I think his last solo album Jesus Piece had a lot of problems, but there are some songs on there that I think are fucking incredible. I never listened to Blood Moon: Year Of The Wolf, but I plan on doing so eventually. I really like a lot of the singles that I’ve heard from that project too. His fucking verse on Really is absolutely bananas. He fucking murdered that bitch. Anyway, I’m actually expecting this album to be really dope. Hopefully, I’m not disappointed.

Track 1: Intro (Prod. The Mekanics)

…Huh… I said that The Game probably could’ve shaved off a good amount of these tracks, but uh… Apparently he recorded over 700 songs for this shit. That’s fucking ridiculous. I guess he won’t be doing too much work anytime soon. Shit, he has enough music to release like 50 albums. He’s probably never gonna release all that shit tho. I bet most of it’s wack anyway. Well, I’m ’bout to start this shit now… I’m not sure what this song in the background is. It sounds like The Game and his homie are in a vehicle listening to some old ass Soul music or something. The Game’s homie is like “Who the fuck is that?” Then The Game is like “How the fuck am I supposed to know?” The Game confronts the guy and he says “What’s brackin’ nigga?” “Which one of you niggas fuckin’ my bitch? Must be one of you Compton niggas.” The way the guys voice gets pitched down at the end sounded pretty cool. This is a dope intro. This will probably prove to be a pointless & gimmicky track, but I enjoyed it for what it is. The Game ends up smokin’ the guy who’s girl is gettin’ fucked on, which leads into the next track. I’m not gonna remember or care about this track in about… 30 seconds, but I guess it was kinda cool. I don’t rate tracks that aren’t full songs tho.

Track 2: On Me Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. Bongo & Pops)

Of course the first song has a Kendrick feature. I can’t really say that’s a bad thing tho. Or a surprise. Okay, The Game’s goin’ in now. He opens the album up with some name dropping. I never really gave that many shits about his name dropping addiction. I don’t think it bothers me as much as it does everybody else, but it can be irritating sometimes. It’s just not that big of a deal for me most of the time. The Game did his thing on the first verse. He’s basically just painting the picture of who he is and what he came from. Kendrick’s already goin’ in now. His flow is great. Damn. This is smooth as fuck. The beat is really dope. It’s so fucking smooth. Kendrick killed his verse. People are saying that he sent yet another subliminal shot towards Drake on this one. He referenced two of Drake’s songs from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. “Therefore my energy had to make sure the better me won / It ain’t no better one, son, it ain’t no tellin’ me nothin’.” I don’t know if I believe this is a diss… I guess it is kind of interesting that he’s been referencing Drake in a lot of his guest verses. On Dr. Dre’s latest album, he said, “Still I got enemies giving me energy / I don’t wanna fight now / Subliminally sent to me all of this hate / I thought I was holding the mic down,” and “Motherfucker know I started from the bottom / Vodka baby bottle / Mixin’ up with Similac / My momma knew I had a problem.” When you look at all of those bars together, it’s a little more convincing. He referenced Energy, No Tellin’, Energy again, and Started From The Bottom. Not to mention the original lines that initiated this string of subliminals. “Nothing been the same since they dropped control, and tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes.” There has to be something going on I guess. It’s still possible that this is all just an uncanny coincidence, but when you put all these lines side-by-side it becomes more difficult to deny. I’m honestly getting tired of all these subliminal shots. When Kendrick gets the chance, he just needs to fucking lyrically crucify Drake over a hard ass Dr. Dre beat. I don’t know if that’s gonna happen tho. If Drake is smart, he’ll take the first shot before Kendrick gets the chance. Sorry for getting sidetracked. I could talk about Kendrick forever. Lemme get back to The Game. After Kendrick’s verse, he does a little interlude and says “Game, I need acapella.” I haven’t listened to the rest of song, but if my assumptions are correct, The Game’s about to do what Kendrick did on The City and fucking murder this shit without a beat. Oh shit. Nevermind. There’s some snapping and Kendrick’s weird ass voice singin’ in the background. Shit, I was close enough. Oh fucking shit. Some more drums just came in and The Game’s flow just took some steroids. Goddamn. This shit is fucking bananas. The Game murdered that shit. “You fuck with Dot, I’ll let you choke on your blood.” That’s so fucking gangsta. This song is fucking fantastic. The Erykah Badu sample sounded smooth as fuck. This is one of those rare occasions where Kendrick doesn’t steal the show. The Game fucking murdered that last verse. Kendrick’s verse was still great tho. The Game tho… That shit was dope af. I definitely fuck with this shit. The production, bars, flow, and delivery are all on point for this one. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 3: Step Up Feat. DeJ Loaf & Sha Sha (Prod. Bongo)

…DeJ Loaf? …Why? I don’t think DeJ Loaf is terrible, but she really isn’t that good… Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised… That song Try Me was fucking horrible. I have no idea how the fuck that song blew up. Nothing about that song is good. I have no idea who Sha Sha is… This beat will probably be dope af. Ok, I’m finna start the song now. The way On Me transitions into this song is really nice. Huh… Something about this beat sounds familiar… I know I’ve heard this sample before… Oh shit. This is the same sample that Pac used in I Get Around. Pac definitely used it better. This beat is just kind of annoying. It’s not horrible tho. The Game did his thing on the first verse. This hook is wack. It sounds like one of them R&B hooks you would’ve heard on a Ja Rule song in the mid-2000s. That’s kind of a bad thing, but I guess it’s not horrible here. It’s just not that good. The Game’s second verse just ended. It’s a good verse and everything, but it’s just not enough to save this song. It’s not even a bad song, but it’s just not grabbing me. It’s just kinda underwhelming. Especially compared to the previous one. DeJ Loaf’s feature was completely unnecessary. She just repeats “You know I know where you live at, boy” on the outro. What was the point of that shit? I hope Game didn’t spend too much money on that feature. She literally has one line. Why couldn’t he have just done that himself? I guess it’s not really that much of a problem… It’s just a questionable decision. She adds absolutely nothing to this song. She’s just here so that the song can say “Featuring DeJ Loaf.” If I was a fan of hers I would be incredibly disappointed. This track isn’t really bad, but it’s just not doing it for me. I wasn’t feelin’ the beat or the hook. The features weren’t that great to me. The Game had some decent verses, but, as I said before, they aren’t enough to make this track worth downloading. This song is okay I guess. 3/5

Track 4: Don’t Trip Feat. Ice Cube, Dr. Dre & (Prod.

Wow. He got fuckin’ Ice Cube on here? I was expecting Dre, but Cube? That’s dope. I can’t believe I’m about to listen to the second Ice Cube verse of the year. I kinda want him to start rapping again, but that would be too good to be true. I’m also not completely convinced that he still has it. Despite what y’all may think, I don’t actually mind the feature. There was a time when The Black Eyed Peas were actually a serious Hip Hop group. I’m pretty sure they were even signed to Ruthless at one point. Well, I don’t know if the whole group was, but definitely was. He hasn’t been that great in recent years, but I doubt The Game would let him fuck up a song with two members of fucking N.W.A., so this should be dope. Okay, it’s starting now. Okay, this beat sounds fucking great so far. Right at the beginning of the song, Dr. Dre addresses’s soft reputation. I can already tell he’s not gonna be on that sugary Pop bullshit for this one. Ooooh fuck… This song has another familiar sample. This one’s from Rebirth of Slick by Digable Planets. This production is fucking incredible. Shit. The Game is even doing that old school shit where you would just hear them chanting random shit. “It’s like that, yeah / It’s like that now / It’s like that, uh-huh / It’s like that now.” Goddamn. This shit is so fucking gangsta. Not in a violent way tho. Just in a smooth way. I guess gangsta was the wrong word. It’s smooth as fuck, but it’s not chill. They didn’t sacrifice any energy by going for this jazzier sound. It’s fucking fantastic. Goddamn. This is fuckin banANAS! THE GAME IS GOIN’ IN OVER THIS INCREDIBLE BEAT AND HIS FLOW IS SO DOPE. THIS SHIT IS GANGSTA AS FUCK.

Cosby’s hook was dope af too. Fuck, man. Ice Cube is about to go in. Yes. Yes. That was great. Ice Cube was rapping. Damn. This is fucking amazing. Dre’s goin’ in now. If you didn’t think Compton had enough of Dr. Dre’s signature misogyny, you’re probably a fucking asshole. He opens his verse up with, “You know the deal; greet a nigga on your knees bitch,” so hopefully that meets your standards of disrespect. Fucking prick. Anyway, his verse was actually pretty good. He sounds more gangsta on this shit than he did on Compton. He still sounds nowhere near as hard as he did on the original Chronic tho. The Game’s goin’ in again. His verse was actually dope af. He killed this shit. “I could have been a Crip, but I ain’t like blue that much / All Crip school; I ain’t really go to school that much.” Yes. On the next verse he references the hook from Rebirth of Slick. “‘Cause I’m bool like that / I’m bool like that / I’m bool like that / Yeah, I’m bool like that.” This song is fucking dope as SHIT to me. All three MCs—especially The Game—killed their verses. The beat is phenomenal, and did his thing on the hook and outro too. This song is absolutely dope af. I fuck with this shit right here. 5/5

Track 5: Standing On Ferraris Feat. Puff Daddy (Prod. Jahlil Beats)

Oh God… Why the hell is Puff Daddy on here now? There are some seriously questionable features on this thing so far. There are a lot of great features on here too, but… Why Puff Daddy? I’m willing to bet a lot of money that he isn’t gonna do anything but talk shit on the outro. MAYBE on the intro. That’s better than having him rap to be honest, but not having him on here at all would be ideal. Okay, I just got distracted for like a thousand hours, but I’m about to start the song now. Damn. This beat samples another classic song—Kick In The Door by Biggie. It’s dope af. Yeah, I was right about Diddy. So far all he’s done is say random ass shit in the background. The Game did his thing on the first verse. The hook is cool too. This is a dope song. Nothing special. The Game’s two verses were nice. The beat is dope. Diddy’s ass was annoying and unnecessary. He had a long ass outro about random ass shit that nobody cares about, just as I predicted. I will admit this tho; that last line where he said “The only color that we motherfuckin’ at the end of the day gonna beef over is that motherfuckin’ green motherfucker” was kinda cool. It definitely wasn’t worth sitting through that long ass speech about nothing tho. I don’t give a fuck about your nice ass car. Fuck yo Ferrari motherfucker. Why the fuck should OG Nick Marsh care about that shit? He shouldn’t. You braggin’ about how much more fun your life is than mine isn’t gonna impress me or make me like you. You’re just another rich prick. I did like the song tho. It’s dope. I fuck with this. 4/5

Track 6: Dollar & A Dream Feat. Ab-Soul (Prod. Cool & Dre & Just BonaFide)

I’m gonna be honest; when I see “Dollar & A Dream,” I immediately think of J. Cole. I think Ab-Soul is a much better MC than J. Cole tho, so it’s probably for the best that he’s on here. I’ve been jonesin’ for some new Ab-Soul anyway. This production is fucking incredible. I fuck with this intro from The Game. I think it sets the song up pretty nicely. Those background vocals right before The Game starts spittin’ are really nice too. The Game’s goin’ in now. For whatever reason, he took kind of a shot at Lupe just now. That’s kinda weird. I don’t know why he would do that. “See I stayed the same / Ain’t go weird like Lupe.” Maybe he’s referring to the unexpected mainstream approach that Lupe took on Lasers out of nowhere. It’s still kinda strange tho. Maybe he’s calling him weird because of how conceptual his latest album was. That doesn’t really make sense tho because The Game is always on Kendrick’s nuts, and all of his albums were concept albums if I’m not mistaken. Hell, he’s talking shit about Lupe on a song that features AB-SOUL, who is really good friends with Lupe, and really similar to him in a lot of ways. I’m just gonna have to wait and see if The Game addresses this in an interview or something because I do not see the reasoning behind this. Not even RapGenius seems to understand it. Lupe actually responded to that line on Twitter.

His response was equally as confusing to me as The Game’s originally statement. Probably because I didn’t listen to the song, but I really don’t feel like listening to Radiohead right now. Not my cup of tea. Anyway, The Game’s first verse was dope, and I actually really enjoyed the hook even though he was basically singing on there. The way he did it actually sounded pretty good. He didn’t get too brave and try to hit any high notes or anything. He knows what his voice is capable of, and he controlled it well. These background vocals sound really nice too. Ah shit. My homie Soulo’s goin’ in now. Again, I have never met Ab-Soul. I’ve only ever seen him in person once, and that was before I even got into his music. We aren’t really homies. I just like his music a lot, so I call him my homie. Anyway, he fucking killed it. Soul’s been fuckin’ killin’ it lately. Can’t wait for his next project. His flow on this verse is great. Every syllable sounds like it fits into the beat perfectly. His verse was dope af. The Game’s goin’ back in now. Damn. He fucking killed it too. Shit. They both ripped they verses to shreds, but I gotta give this one to Soulo. The way he fit into this beat was just so dope to me. He added a lot to this track. I can already tell that it’s gonna be real hard to choose a favorite song off of this bitch. I definitely fuck with this. This shit is absolutely dope af. 5/5

Track 7: Made In America Feat. Marcus Black (Prod. Bongo)

That name kinda sounds familiar, but I don’t think I know who Marcus Black is. I can tell just from his name that he’s a singer tho. He’s definitely not a rapper. Shit. I guess I was wrong. I think he might be a rapper. His delivery doesn’t really make him sound like a rapper tho. He just sounds like he’s delivering a speech over this beat. He actually sounds a lot like Kanye. He’s on the intro to this song. The way all these songs transition into one another is really dope. If you just listened to this album straight through it would probably all sound like one huge song. This beat is fucking smooth as fuck. It’s just a smooth ass piano over some light bass. It kinda reminds me of some of Kanye’s earlier shit. The Game’s first verse just ended. It was pretty dope. There’s not really a hook. It’s more of an interlude. Holy fucking shit. These background vocals are some of the smoothest pieces of shit I’ve ever heard in my life. Okay, he’s goin’ in now. Yeah, that second verse was dope af too. This is seriously some of the smoothest shit I’ve heard in a cold minute. Marcus Black only really said a few words on the intro, but I still enjoyed his part. I definitely fuck with this shit. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 8: Hashtag Feat. Jelly Roll (Prod. Bongo & Jelly Roll)

Oh God… Hashtag? He better not be on some trendy bullshit with this one… I’m not sure who Jelly Roll is… Lemme look this up real quick. Huh… I can’t find anything about this guy… Whatever. I don’t really give a shit. I’m just gonna assume that he’s dope if he’s working on an album like this. Jelly Roll is screamin’ his fuckin’ ass off at the beginning of the song, talkin’ ’bout “EGOS! EGOS!” The last line of the previous song was talkin’ about how 50 & Game aren’t cool anymore, so this ties in pretty nicely. I guess their egos was the reason for G-Unit breaking up. Hahaha. Jelly Roll just sounds kinda silly on this shit. That’s not a word that I just throw around all the time either. It’s kinda hard to take seriously. He actually kinda reminds me of the one and only Lil Jon. He even said “YEAYEAH!” At one point. HAHAHAHA. Okay, to be honest this just sounds stupid as fuck. “Every time in the light, I’m in the dark: Ray Charles (RAY CHARLAAAEEEH).” What the fuck is happening? Why is he yelling “HASHTAG?” I don’t get it… I kinda like the way Jelly Roll’s voice sounds, but this is just way too over the top. He overdid it. I kinda like it, but some parts of this shit—like the ones I quoted above—are just awkward to listen to. The way he’s incorporated into The Game’s verse is pretty cool tho. What the fuck? HAHAHAHA. This motherfucker’s mama walked in on him getting head while watching the fucking Goonies. Why the fuck would The Game be watching The Goonies in the first place? His mama responded to the situation by telling him to get a job, and apparently his only response was “OOOH! HASHTAG!” What the fuck? Am I missing something? Is there more than one definition for hashtag? What the fuck is this song even about? I’m sorry, but I just can’t do this one. I kinda like the beat, but this is really hard to take seriously. I don’t wanna hear a song by The Game—or anyone, really—about fuckin’ hashtags. I’m not even sure what hashtags are anymore. This song is fucking confusing… I feel like Jelly Roll could’ve been utilized in a better way. This song didn’t need to exist tho. I kinda get an Anderson .Paak vibe from Jelly Roll’s voice. He just sounds like less of a singer. He sounds like Sticky Fingaz mixed with Anderson. Paak. I like his voice, but this was just too much for me. I’m not really feelin’ this shit. This is kinda wack to me. 2/5

Track 9: Circles Feat. Q-Tip, Eric Bellinger & Sha Sha (Prod. Bongo)

Wow. There are some really good features on here. There are also some pretty shitty ones, but they’ve been pretty good for the most part so far. I definitely fuck with Q-Tip for obvious reasons. Eric Bellinger is a capable singer. He’s not one of my favorites, but he can definitely sing. Sha Sha’s hook wasn’t that great to me on Step Up, but she didn’t sound like a horrible singer from what I heard. It was just that particular hook that wasn’t doin’ it for me. Alright, I’m ’bout to start the song now. Sha Sha’s singin’ right now. She sounds pretty good. She still sounds like one of them mid-2000s R&B artists tho. This is one of them soft ass relationship songs. The subject isn’t very interesting to me, but I’ll keep an open mind. “Nigga you lying, who you trying to run that game on?” I’m sorry, but it’s always corny af when The Game references himself with phrases like that. He had a song on that Blood Moon compilation called Married To The Game. Nah. Nah. Okay, he’s goin’ in now. I guess he did a pretty good job with this topic. It’s not really that interesting to me, but if you’re into this kinda shit you’ll probably like it. Eric Bellinger actually did a really good job with this hook. I’m not really feelin’ this beat tho. It just sounds too noisy to me. It doesn’t go well with the hook. Okay, the second verse is starting. The way he’s trading bars with Sha Sha like they’re havin’ a real argument is kinda cool, but at the same time it comes off a little corny. I don’t know if it’s just Sha Sha’s voice or what, but every time she sings I feel like I’m listening to one of them horrible Ja Rule songs featuring Ashanti. It just sounds kinda dated. I guess I just don’t like her as a singer. Damn. The beat just switched up. This is smooth as fuck. I like this beat a lot more. Goddamn. Eric Bellinger is singin’ his fuckin’ ass off. Shit. Maybe he’s a better singer than I thought. Q-Tip just came in for a quick 8-bar verse. It was pretty dope. That song wasn’t horrible to be honest. It’s just not for me. I like the second half a lot better. I’ll probably cut the first half out. I guess that’s kinda weird since The Game isn’t on the second half, and it’s only like 50 seconds long, but I don’t really give a shit. The first part was wack to me. I liked the last part tho. I guess this song is alright. I usually don’t like these kinda emotional relationship shits, so I guess it makes sense that I wouldn’t be in love with this song. It’s not that bad tho. Just average to me. 3/5

Track 10: Uncle (Skit) [Prod. Stat Quo & The Game]

This skit was honestly completely pointless in my opinion. The Game probably feels differently, but as a fan, I do not give a single shit about this skit. I rarely ever care about skits on albums like this. Honestly, Kendrick Lamar is probably the only musician whose skits I care to listen to. This adds nothing to the album as far as I’m concerned. All it did was increase the length of the album. I’m not gonna give this a rating tho since it isn’t a song.

Track 11: Dedicated Feat. Future & Sonyae (Prod. Bongo & Hit-Boy)

…Oh no… Not Future… Why, God? WHY? Why the fuck is this motherfucker popular? I do not get it. Hopefully he doesn’t get a verse on this song. If he does, then I will be fucking PISSED. Well, at least I know the production will be on point because Hit-Boy is really good. Why Future tho? …Ugh… Fuck it. Lemme just get this shit over with… Oh God… “Future Hendrix.” Why the fuck does he call himself that? There are exactly ZERO similarities between him and Jimi Hendrix aside from their rampant drug abuse. At least Jimi Hendrix actually had talent. The only talent that Future’s ever had is the ability to come up with catchy hooks, but he doesn’t even sing them well. Oh no. He’s on the first verse. This is some more emotional relationship bullshit. Makin’ that mixtape with Drake must’ve got to him. At least this beat is fucking great. I’m not really a fan of this Future verse. At all. It’s definitely not the worst I’ve heard from him tho. If you for whatever reason are a fan of Future, you will probably think this verse is pretty good. It kinda is for him. It’s not nearly as shitty as a lot of his other stuff. Still not good tho. He’s also on the hook. I don’t know. It’s really simple, and honestly it’s soft as fuck. I guess it’s tolerable tho. The Game’s finna go in now. This song really isn’t for me, but I guess The Game’s verse wasn’t bad. His second verse is alright too. “Standing on the couch, like ‘wah’ / Backwood hanging out my mouth, like ‘wah.'” The fuck? When did this motherfucker turn into Wario? I don’t know about this one… I guess it’s just not for me. The beat is pretty much the only thing I like about this song. Bongo & Hit-Boy did a really good job with this one. I don’t know who this Bongo guy is, but he’s doing a great fucking job on this project so far. Sonyae sings on the outro, and she actually sounds pretty good for the most part. I kinda liked her part. The part where she was like, “You wanna be with me, with me, with me, with me, muh-me, muh-me, muh-me, muh-me” was fucking awful tho. I’m not really feelin’ this song. This is kinda wack to me. Except the beat. The beat is cold as hell. 2/5

Track 12: Bitch, You Ain’t Shit (Prod. Caviar)

Wow. This is the first song without any features. That’s ridiculous. I guess that’s not that big of a problem for a lot of people, but when I pick up a Game album, I expect to hear The Game. Not The Game & Friends. I don’t know if I’m gonna like this song tho… I expect this to be really misogynistic, but maybe it isn’t that bad. This beat sounds smoother than a motherfucker. This production is fucking incredible. Damn… Yeah, I was definitely right about the misogyny… “They ride dick until you sleep, and then go through your wallet / Fake ass, bitch ass, thot ass, slut ass hoes.” Shit… That’s really bad. It really just sounds like he hates women. Amber Rose would definitely not tolerate this kind of fuckery. “Every night you let a new nigga nut in your shit / How you suck a nigga’s dick with that cut on your lip?” Jesus Christ. This is probably the most misogynistic song that I’ve heard that released this year. It’s smooth as fuck sonically, but I can’t get behind these lyrics. This probably wouldn’t be that bad if he told me why the fuck he hates this chick so much. Y’all might like it, but personally I think this is wack. It’s dope af sonically, but this is just a bit much. I’m not feelin’ it. 2/5

Track 13: Summertime Feat. Jelly Roll (Prod. Mike WiLL Made It)

This album’s taken kind of a dark turn… Hopefully he picks things back up soon. Mike WiLL Made It isn’t a terrible producer, but he isn’t perfect. If this beat sounds like any of the shit that was on that Ransom mixtape he had, then this isn’t gonna go well. Hopefully Jelly Roll’s performance on this one isn’t as… uh… Abrasive. I guess. Woah… I was not expecting this beat to sound like this at all. This beat is led by a piano, and it sounds smooth as hell. I’m not used to this sound from Mike WiLL Made It. He usually has more of a Trap-inspired sound. This is great tho. The hook from The Game is cool. It’s pretty simple, but it works. I wonder how many times The Game’s talked about how the crips at his school used to fuck with him (not the friendly way). The first verse was dope. That slight accent that he had when he said that his Dad & uncle used to “whip it all the tie-yeem” was a little strange, but it’s not a big deal. That sounds like Meek Mill yellin’ in the background… Jelly Roll actually sounded pretty good singin’ the bridge. Honestly, he almost sounded like Cee-Lo, except it wasn’t horrible. I fuck with this song. The beat is great. The Game’s verses were pretty good. They aren’t incredible or anything, and the hook kinda gets old after a while, but this is still a good song. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 14: Mula Feat. Kanye West (Prod. Boi-1da, Sevn Thomas & Kanye West)

Damn. Boi-1da AND Kanye West? This beat should be great. Sevn Thomas’ name isn’t ringin’ any bells, but I’m sure this beat will still be great. I hope Kanye does more on this song than he did on Jesus Piece. If y’all don’t know, Kanye literally only had one line on that album, and it was “Something like my Jesus piece, haaan.” That’s it. It was on the hook. If he just does some bullshit like that on this song, then I’m gonna be pretty disappointed. Although, I’d rather have him do some lame ass hook if he’s gonna rap the way he did on A$AP Rocky‘s album. That verse was fucking horrid. Alright, it’s starting now. This beat is fucking great. The Game’s goin’ in now. “J’s on / Take these mothafuckas off and throw the Ye’s on.” That line doesn’t really stand out at all, yet for some reason The Game decided that we needed a “rewind,” so he repeated that exact same line again. Why? Nothing about that line is impressive. He’s clearly really excited about having Kanye on this song. He keeps breakin’ the fourth wall just to give him some lame shoutout. “Yeeeeeezay! Tell these motherfuckers that they is slaves.” Despite all the shit I just said, this verse is actually kinda dope. His loud delivery was great. Oh God… Kanye’s singin’ on this hook… It sounds really bad… He’s kinda yelling, and it doesn’t sound good at all. Why does he always do this shit? He’s acknowledged that he can’t sing before, so why does he continue to do it? It doesn’t make sense. His vocals don’t even sound like they’re mastered properly. The Game’s goin’ in again now. Damn. He sounds really great on this shit. He’s still kinda breakin’ the fourth wall, but this verse is still hard as fuck. He sounds so gangsta on this. Oh… What? No… Come on. No. Why? WHY? Why did they do that? Kanye spit a single bar near the end of The Game’s verse, and it seriously sounded like he was about to start spittin’. Why the fuck did he even bother getting Kanye on this bitch? It’s not like he’s known for having great hooks or anything. It’s so annoying when people get rap features just so that they can do some half-assed hook. Kanye sounds fucking God awful on this hook. Why didn’t he get somebody that can actually sing to do this shit? This doesn’t make sense… The song is dope, but that hook really hurts it a lot. He did his thing on the verses, and the beat is dope af, but again… Kanye really dropped the ball on this one. It really seems like Kanye doesn’t give a fuck about making good music anymore. I still fuck with this shit tho. Hopefully I can cut the hook out in GarageBand or something. That outro was unnecessary, but I kinda liked the way it ended. This song is alright. It could have & should have been dope af tho. 3/5

Track 15: The Documentary 2 (Prod. DJ Premier)

Alright, this should be good. The production so far has been really fucking great. The Game’s always had a good ear for beats, so this DJ Premier shit should be fucking phenomenal. I know The Game wouldn’t spit over an average beat for this title track. Okay, it’s starting now. Yes. This beat is great. It sounds really cinematic. The scratches on the intro are great. The hook is dope. He did his thing on the first verse. I liked it, but to be honest, I feel like that verse could”ve been from any Game song. He’s just talkin’ about how he represents “Bompton” and he’s name-dropping a shit load of people. One could argue that he’s been doing that on most of this album (and his career), but I expect more for the title track to a sequel to his biggest album… This uh… Okay, this second verse is actually pretty dope. I feel like the verses have been really short. I’m expecting the last verse to be really good tho… Yeah, that last verse was dope af, but it still felt really short. I don’t know what it is… Maybe it’s just me. Okay, the scratches are back. Preemo definitely didn’t disappoint. There’s an outro from DJ Clue, DJ Envy, & Funkmaster Flex. They don’t do it in an annoying way tho. I definitely fuck with this song, but it’s obviously got nothing on the original. The hook comes in a little too much… It should’ve just been one long ass verse with the hook at the beginning and end. Hopefully I can edit that in GarageBand. This one sounds like it would be hard to mix tho. I’ll try tho. I still fuck with the song. It’s dope. Just a little disappointing. 4/5

Track 16: New York, New York (Prod. StreetRunner & Azzouz)

This song definitely stood out when I first read the tracklist… I hope it’s actually dope. This album has been good so far, but mostly for the production. The Game’s had a few really great verses, but most of it’s just been more of the same. The last nine songs haven’t been good enough. A lot of it’s still dope tho. They just aren’t good enough to be on this project. Good lord… The production on this song is incredible. The Game’s goin’ in now. This verse has a much slower flow—not a bad thing—than most of the other songs. “They locked Rick Ross up and they ain’t give him no bail, but a cracker shoot a whole church up, and it’s: ‘Oh well.’ / Oh well / Oh well / Hang him with a confederate flag in his cell / Let him sit there and rot ’til his body turns to bones.” Damn. I don’t really give a shit about Rick Ross (as a matter of fact, he really SHOULD be in jail), but the way the media and police treated Dylan Roof, who is a fucking piece of hot dog shit, was just frustrating and disturbing to say the least. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna be put to death tho, isn’t he? “Some shit just never make sense like bashin’ the gays.” It’s pretty ironic that he would say some shit like that about “the gays” when he’s used the F word multiple times on this same album. Not to mention the shit he’s said about Young Thug. Thankfully none of that homophobia has shown up on this song so far… The song closes with a eulogy for Stephanie Mosely, a dancer and actress, who was killed by her husband last year. It’s similar to the eulogy for Yetunde Price that was at the end of Dreams. I fuck with this song. It’s a bit short, but it’s still dope. 4/5

Track 17: 100 Feat. Drake (Prod. Cardo & Johnny Juliano)

I don’t really fuck with Drake that much, but at least I know the production will be dope. To be honest, Cardo’s pretty hit or miss with me. Johnny Juliano is dope tho. He worked with Wiz a lot back in the early days of his career. As I’ve said multiple times before, I do not think Drake is talentless. I just don’t think he applies it in a way that’s entertaining for me. It also really doesn’t seem like he’s been trying at all recently. Seriously, Drake’s released some of the laziest shit I’ve ever heard from him this year. Okay, I’m gonna start the song now. The Game’s goin’ in. The riding of OVO dick is a little irritating. I get that enough from Drake’s fans; I definitely don’t need it in one of my favorite MCs’ songs. This beat is great. The Game did his thing on the first verse, save for the aforementioned OVO nut lounging. This hook from Drake is really underwhelming. It sounds like he’s half asleep. This is what I’m talking about when I say Drake doesn’t try anymore. He’s feelin’ himself way too much. This is what happened to Wayne. He got so big that he realized he could record himself takin’ a shit and his fans would defend it. I shouldn’t feel like I can sing better than Drake. Drake isn’t a bad singer. I am. This hook does not make him seem like a good singer. If you want to show somebody how good of a singer Drake is, you won’t play this hook for them. Drake’s goin’ in now. Wow. This is boring as fuck. He’s using that same half-assed singin’ delivery. It’s not that bad at first, but as it goes on he almost sounds like he’s off beat. The transition from his verse into the hook is so uneventful that… Well… It’s so uneventful that… Fuck… I can’t think of anything to say… Fuck it. It’s uneventful. That’s all you need to know. It definitely wasn’t horrible tho. It was mediocre. Drake can do better than that. Drake isn’t garbage. He clearly wasn’t trying on this shit tho. The Game did his thing on the last verse. To be honest, this one really isn’t doing it for me like that. It’s just boring to me. The Game wasn’t that bad. I honestly can’t say that Drake was that bad either. He definitely wasn’t good, but he wasn’t horrible. The beat was cool and everything, but that’s pretty much it for me. I liked The Game’s last verse and the beat. Everything else was underwhelming. This is just barely average. The music video is average too. 3/5

Track 18: Just Another Day (Prod. Bongo)

I thought that this was the same exact song from Dre’s album for a split second, but it’s not. I kinda wish he didn’t have two different songs with the same title, but it is what it is. This beat is dope as fuck. The song has a long ass instrumental intro. The Game doesn’t rap until the song’s about sixty seconds in, but that’s not a bad thing. He did his thing on the first verse. It’s dope. Who the fuck is this singin’ the hook? You know what’s funny? I saw an interview with The Game in which he explains why he has so many goddamn features on his album, and he was like “I give feature credits to people even if they only say a few words on the outro because I used to hate when I would hear somebody on a song and it wouldn’t say who it was. Real quick, I’d like to give a shoutout to the homie OG Nick Marsh. He’s gonna be givin’ me a lot of feedback on the album and telling me what I need to do to make The Documentary 3 a more satisfying album.” That’s not a direct quote, but that’s pretty much what he said. I guess he just forgot to do that for this song. The guy singin’ this hook contributes way more than DeJ Loaf did on Step Up, so I don’t know what the deal is. This song is dope af. The beat is great, the hook is dope, and The Game did his thing on both verses. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 19: LA Feat. Snoop Dogg, & Fergie (Prod.

Holy shit this is a long album. Alright, last song… and then 18 more tracks on the next disc.’s singin’ on the hook in autotune. It’s not awful, but it just sounds disjointed. I don’t know what it is… Maybe it’s the way he’s singin’ or the way the sample’s chopped up. If I end up liking this song I’ll probably cut that whole section out. The way the intro is set up will make that pretty easy. The Game’s verse was pretty dope. I gotta be honest tho, this line was pretty lame: “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la / Look at me in my Impala.” This hook is really sugary, but it’s not horrible. Fergie and are harmonizing. I’m glad Fergie didn’t have a big part. Hopefully she doesn’t sing the bridge or God forbid a whole verse. Snoop’s on the second verse. He’s not murderin’ motherfuckers like he did on One Shot, One Kill, but he has a more laid back delivery. Kinda like he did on 1,2 1,2 by Raekwon. His verse here still isn’t as good as that one tho. “California highway, California my way / I do it that way, then roll a fat J.” His verse clearly wasn’t good, but it’s not too bad. “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la / look at me in my Cadillac car.” Oh God. Please don’t tell me every verse is gonna end like that…’s on the third verse and his energetic delivery is actually really dope. Unfortunately his verse really wasn’t that great. “La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la / Look at me in my fancy car.” Well, there you have it. They did it. That really happened on a Game song. Ah shit… The beat just switched up. The Game’s spittin’ again. “It’s time to blackout, time to spit this crack out.” Okay, now he’s rappin’ for real. He killed it. That last verse was pretty much the only thing I like about this song. It’s not horrible, but it’s just not for me. This is not my kinda song. It’s too poppy. It felt like bubblegum rap. I don’t want this from The Game. The outro should’ve been gangsta as fuck. This felt like more of a song than a Game song until that last verse hit. The hook is poppy as hell, the beat is generic for the West Coast, the featured verses were just bad, and the topic of the song isn’t interesting to me at all. I don’t care about songs like this. If you’re gonna make a song about where you grew up it has to be really dope for me to like it. I don’t want to listen to an advertisement for your favorite city. You making this song isn’t gonna make me want to visit Los Angeles. That’s really what it feels like he’s trying to do: make me want to visit LA. This isn’t for me. I really don’t like this. This is wack to me. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

Holy fuck that album was long as shit. I’m sorry, but this is way too goddamn long. It doesn’t matter how many dope features you have. If your album is longer than an hour, I’m going to get tired of it. I feel like most of these songs should’ve been cut out anyway. Okay, where should I start. Let’s talk about these goddamn features. They aren’t good. A lot of the features that I was actually looking forward to were severely underutilized. I wasn’t really looking forward to DeJ’s feature at all, but she was completely unnecessary. She did not do jack shit on that song. Why the fuck was Diddy even on here? Everything I said about DeJ Loaf applies to Diddy. Jelly Roll’s shit on Hashtag was just awkward. I couldn’t take that shit. That was too extreme. Sha Sha really just made this shit sound dated. Again, she sounded like Ashanti on one of them corny ass Ja Rule thuggin’ love songs. Q-Tip’s verse was too short. Future is just not good. He was overutilized. Drake obviously wasn’t trying. That whole last song was a disaster. The only thing that saved it was Game’s last verse. Do not even get me fucking started on Kanye West. Ye… What the fuck was that? Seriously, what was that? As soon as Ye sent that shit in, The Game should’ve sent that shit right back. His shit sounded so fucking amateurish. It sounded like he recorded that shit straight onto his Mac without any mic or headphones or anything. It sounded like he was too far away from the mic. He sounded fucking insane, and not in a good way. He easily had the worst feature on the whole album. The production was fucking incredible for the most part. I really can’t say that there was a wack beat on here aside from the last track. Whoever this Bongo guy is did a really good job. The production was consistent throughout the album. If this was an EP that only included the first seven tracks, this would be incredible to me. The Game hit a pothole with Hashtag, and he wasn’t operating properly for the remainder of the album. I feel like for the first few tracks he would open the song up with a good verse, and then the feature would kill it, and then he would come back with a fucking incredible verse. The Game doesn’t really have another incredible verse once he hits Hashtag. I’m willing to bet that if you take all the great songs from this project and then put them with the great songs on the next disc, it will make one great album. The other songs should’ve been on a mixtape or something. I also think he should’ve had at least one song where it’s just incredibly gangsta and violent as fuck. That didn’t really happen tho. I wanted another song like Really. That may end up happening on the second disc tho. There’s a song called “Moment of Violence.” That should be interesting. Speaking of the second disc, the features on that one actually look a lot stronger collectively than the ones on this disk. I mean disc. Wait, is it disc or disk? Fuck. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. There’s a track on disc 2 called “Sex Skit.” That’s a little concerning. I’m actually looking forward to the second disc tho. This isn’t a bad album. I definitely enjoyed it, but I think the quality clearly goes downhill after the first 7 tracks. If you haven’t figured it out yet, the answer is no. This is not better than the original Documentary. It’s still a dope album tho. I fuck with this. I’ll hopefully have the review for disc 2 up as soon as possible.

Click HERE to see my review of the second disc.

Favorite Song: Dollar & A Dream

Least Favorite Song: LA




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