Album Review | The Game – The Documentary 2.5

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This is the second disc of The Game’s latest album, The Documentary 2, which is of course a sequel to his first album, which dropped 10 years ago. He released this disc separately one week after the first disc dropped, and I honestly think that that’s a pretty cool idea. The only problem is that not all of the songs on the first disc deserved to be there. An album should only be this long if all of the songs are great. The Game unfortunately did not justify the first disc’s length, and I doubt he’ll do that for this one. The features do look even better on this disc tho… 18 songs is still way too goddamn long. I will be shocked if all of these songs are great. I’m sure there will be a decent amount of good songs tho. I’m not expecting this to be that bad. Just long as shit. The first disc was good tho, and I doubt that there’s that much of a difference in quality. I really don’t have that much shit to say about this. I think my final thoughts on the first disc served as a better intro to this review so just make sure you check that review out first. Click HERE to read that one.

Track 1: New York Skit (Prod. Stat Quo & The Game)

What the fuck… Is that fuckin’ Sway? Lmao. Okay. I fuck with Sway. They’re talkin’ about what happened with 50 Cent. The Game really doesn’t wanna let that go does he? I feel like he brings this shit up all the time. This actin’ from Sway and The Game is kinda bad, but I guess it’s not horrible. So, he explains what the fuck the whole beef was about and then he mentions 300 Bars. Sway’s like “Yeah. I remember that. You shocked the world with that one, bruh.” Hahahaha. This acting is so bad. Sway was definitely told to say that. It’s clear as day that a regular ass conversation between The Game & Sway would not sound like this. They’re in a car together. Why? Why the fuck would The Game & Sway be in the same vehicle? What the hell would they be doing? I would get it if they saw each other at a party or something, but I’m not buyin’ this shit. I can’t picture The Game & Sway just hangin’ out with each other. Where the hell are they goin’ anyway? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, The Game complains about the light bein’ too long, and Sway is like “Yeah, that’s how a lot of people be gettin’ shot out here: long ass lights.” Really? That’s the problem, Sway? The lights? The long ass lights are the reason motherfuckers get shot? Get the fuck outta here. Why the fuck am I listening to The Game & Sway complain about a long ass light? An even better question would be “why the fuck am I so mad about this?” Some people run up on them, and they’re like “Fuuuuuuuck yoooouuu!” Hahahaha. Just kidding. That would’ve been really funny tho. The Game whips a chopper out and the Crips is like “Oh so niggas pullin’ out choppers now? Oh yeah, that shit cute.” Hahahaha. The Game’s only response is “Yeah. Yup.” That’s really a great comeback, Game. Great job with that one. The Crips end up drivin’ away, and The Game is like “You can’t get away from this shit.” I’m not gonna rate this track since it’s not a song. I usually don’t like skits like this because they’re pointless, but I kinda enjoyed this one for some reason. I think it was just funny to hear the terrible acting. I’m gonna forget about this skit in like thirty seconds tho. If you wanna hear the story about what happened with 50 & The Game you’re gonna have to listen to the album… Or you could just look it up…

Track 2: Magnus Carlsen Feat. Anderson .Paak (Prod. Bongo)

Yes. This should be great. Anderson .Paak is dope af. Apparently Magnus Carlsen is the best Chess player in history. That’s an embarrassing accomplishment. I can’t really talk shit about him tho. I’m sure he’s loaded af. Anyway, Anderson .Paak is goin’ in right now. He’s singin’ about how the Crips & Bloods are killin’ each other. Has The Game always been this preachy about gang violence? It seems like he only started condemning that shit after Kendrick blew up. I guess this is better than him glorifying murder and shit like that… He still does that sometimes tho. Whatever. It’s not that big of a deal. This beat is dope. It kinda sounds like elevator music at first, but as soon as the bass comes in it gets better. Anderson .Paak’s verse was great. The Game did his thing on his verse. Goddamn. Anderson .Paak really fucking killed this hook. The Game’s goin’ in again. His verse was pretty dope. I’m kinda tired of hearing motherfuckers rap about that “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS” shit that happened between Kanye & Sway. I was actually supposed to have a rap battle with this corny ass Middle Eastern kid at my school who thinks he can rap, but he pussied out at the last minute. I had a line in there about “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS” and I still haven’t heard any real rappers beat it. That’s just me tho. I’m sure most people will think what The Game said about it was dope. I liked his verse. Anderson .Paak easily stole the show tho. I fuck with this song. This is dope. 4/5

Track 3: Crenshaw / 80s & Cocaine Feat. Anderson .Paak & Sonyae (Prod. Fredwreck, THX & Travis Barker)

I know I’ve heard a beat from Fredwreck before, but I can’t remember what song it was. I’m sure this one will be dope. As I said multiple times in my review of the first disc, The Game doesn’t usually choose wack beats. Anderson .Paak is on the hook and it’s fucking great. I fucking love this guy. Okay, The Game’s goin’ in now. “Parked at the light, give a fuck about a bitch nigga.” I don’t think I really mentioned it before, but The Game is notorious for biting the styles of other MCs. It’s usually whoever the featured artist is, but he actually sounds like he’s jackin’ Dr. Dre’s delivery on this one. This beat—which is dope af by the way—even sounds like something Dre would’ve spit over back in the day. The Game sounds gangsta as fuck right now tho. “You a shooter? Better have that North Carolina in you.” Wow. It’s cool that he mentioned NC, but… I don’t get it… The crime in North Carolina really isn’t that bad… I’m finna have to look this up. Huh. Apparently Michael Jordan used to play for the Tar Heels. I did not know that at all… Fuck it. I don’t really give a shit about NC anyway. I never really got why people were so passionate about their countries or home towns. I don’t care about North Carolina at all. This is just the place where I grew up. I honestly think this state sucks ass. There’s absolutely nothing to do here. Do people go on vacation to North Carolina? Why the fuck would you do that? Ain’t shit, but fuckin’ BBQ out here. I don’t even really even like BBQ like that… I don’t care about America either. If somebody says “fuck America” or “fuck North Carolina” I will not care at all… Sorry. Got kinda off topic there… Anyway, The Game’s first verse was dope and Anderson .Paak’s hook is fantastic. The Game’s goin’ in again. The second verse was dope af. It was so hard. That shit was great. Okay, 80s & Cocaine just started. Sonyae’s spittin’ the intro. She sounds gangsta as fuck. She kinda reminds me of Foxy Brown. This shit is so fuckin’ dope. The production is fantastic and The Game sounds so fuckin’ gangsta. This shit is HARD. It actually makes sense why this shit is in the same track as Crenshaw too. This is dope af. I fuck with this. 5/5

Track 4: Gang Bang Anyway Feat. Jay Rock & ScHoolboy Q (Prod. Bongo)

Okay, this shit is about to be fucking dope. I’m excited for this one. The beat is led by a piano. It sounds pretty dark. ScHoolboy Q is goin’ in now. Yes. He killed it. This shit is fucking great. Puffy’s also on the hook. It’s pretty dope. I like the way it’s done. He’s not really repeatin’ himself. It just sounds like whoever mixed this song took the last line from his verse and looped it a few times. It’s not done in an annoying way tho. It only repeats like four times, and it gets a slight pitch shift every time. It’s dope. Rock’s goin’ in now. What the fuck? This fucking beat is incredible. There’s more & more shit being added to it as the song moves forward. At first, I was gonna say that the beat was “evolving,” but that shit sounds nerdy as fuck. Anyway, the beat was dope for Puffy’s verse, but now there’s even more shit being added to it. Jay Rock fucking killed it. Oh my God. The beat is changing afuckinggain. Good lord. The Game’s goin’ in and he sounds so fucking gangsta. “Forced to find ourselves / Forced to break up outta chains / Got tired of getting hanged, so we started our own gangs.” God damn. He fucking killed that. This is one of the dopest anti-gang songs I’ve heard that isn’t by Kendrick. I mentioned before that The Game seemed to be hopping on this anti-gang violence shit like it was the new trend ever since Kendrick blew up, but it doesn’t really sound disingenuous here. This is more convincing than usual. This is fucking fantastic. All three MCs killed it and it has a great topic and message. “We know the history, and we know the shit could end any day / ‘Though we still gang bang anyway.'” This is like listening to a history lesson about the Crips & Bloods. It’s not boring as shit tho. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 5: The Ghetto Feat. Nas & (Prod.

These features are really fucking good so far. This whole disc is actually really fucking good so far. The first seven tracks of the first disc were really good tho, so I probably shouldn’t expect the whole album to be like this. It’s good that it gets off to a good start tho. This beat is fucking incredible.’s on the hook. It has them weird vocal effects that he always uses on it. It doesn’t sound too bad; it might turn some people off tho. He kinda sounds like a girl. Nas is goin’ in now. Yes. This is fucking great. Goddamn. Nas fucking came through with a real ass verse. He’s talkin’ about ghetto’s all over the world. As I was listening to it, I was like “did this motherfucker just go global?” and sure enough, he fucking went global. Nas obviously killed that shit. The fucking beat oh my God the beat…


The Game’s goin’ in now. Goddamn. He’s goin’ the fuck in. This is some of the realest shit I’ve ever heard from the Game. I kinda expected him to just shit on the police and pretend gang violence isn’t a bad thing (don’t get this shit confused: I fucking hate the police and it’s annoying as fuck when people try to defend them by saying “well if we aren’t allowed to lynch niggers then how come they get to do it to themselves?” I don’t think black on black crime should be completely ignored tho. People just need to stop using it as an excuse to kill black people). He fucking killed it tho. What the fuck… Nas… Nas got TWO verse on this bitch? No fucking way. This is fucking great. After Nas’ second verse, which is dope af, the beat switches up, and The Game comes through right behind him. They both fucking murder it. Especially The Game. He really killed that last verse. That shit was fucking great. This song is dope af. It fits perfectly right next to the previous track. The production, hook, flow, lyrics, and delivery are all great. This shit is absolutely dope af. 5/5

Track 6: From Adam Feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. Cool & Dre)

Uh oh… I don’t know how this fuckin’ Weezy feature’s gonna turn out. Then again, his verses on Rocky & Tyler’s albums were better than I expected them to be, so maybe this shit might not suck ass. This beat sounds soulful as a motherfucker. Cool & Dre did a great ass job. Damn. I only heard the first four bars of The Game’s verse so far, but it sounds fucking incredible. I remember a few years ago when The Game’s friend Frog was killed, and he dropped that song ‘Til We Meet Again in remembrance. He’s rappin’ about that again, and you can tell it really got to him. His delivery makes him sound like he’s actually really sad about this. Again, it reminds me of some shit Kendrick did. I wonder if every fuckin’ thing this motherfucker does is gonna remind me of Kendrick… He sounds like he’s drunk or somethin’. The verse isn’t bad tho. It’s actually dope af. It’s just his delivery. I can’t tell whose style he’s bitin’ on this one, but It’s dope. Wayne’s singin’ on the hook. It’s kinda stupid lyrically, but it also kinda reminds me of some Carter II shit. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because he’s actually singing without autotune. It reminds me of the way he was kinda singin’ on Hustler Muzik. The Game killed all his verses. Weezy didn’t rap. That’s probably for the best honestly. You never know what’s gonna happen with Weezy these days. He’ll either surprise you with a decent verse, or he’ll fucking ruin a song. It’s probably a good thing that The Game didn’t take that risk. This song doesn’t need a dope Weezy verse. I don’t think he would be able to do it anyway. This song actually has a concept and it’s not about pussy or money. Wayne probably would’ve got sidetracked after like two bars. It would be interesting to hear a verse from Wayne about this shit. I don’t know tho. I’m good without the Weezy verse. The song is already dope to me. The hook could’ve been better, but it’s not horrible. just kinda hard to take seriously. I fuck with this shit tho. The Game’s verse was dope af, and the beat is cold as hell. This is dope. 4/5

Track 7: Gang Related Feat. Asia Bryant (Prod. Bongo)

This beat is fucking incredible. The Game’s kinda goin’ in about real shit right now, and I know this is nitpicking, but anyone who knows me knows that I don’t like gratuitous use of the N word, and he ends every line with “my nigga.” It’s completely unnecessary. It’s not like that’s the only word for friend. I bet 90% of Hip Hop songs could replace the N word with something like “homie” or “brother” or “motherfucker.” That may sound like a stretch on paper, but if you really listen to the way a lot of these MCs be rhymin’, you’ll see what I mean. Wait a minute… Game… What the fuck are you doing? What… What the fuck? He’s rappin’ about fuckin’… What the FUCK? What the fuck is happening? I cannot believe this shit… Did he not just start the album off talking about how gangs are bad? What the fuck? Now he’s fucking talkin’ about how he loves gangs… I don’t believe this… “Wasn’t never ’bout a dollar / I just love this shit, Blood.” The beat’s cold as hell, and The Game’s flowin’, but… I don’t know… The lyrics just aren’t working for me. It’s also kinda annoying how he ends almost every bar the same way. I don’t like gangs, so this shit isn’t for me. I like gangsta shit, but this isn’t really that gangsta… This is like if Drake was in love with a girl named Bloods. Strange name, but hopefully you get what I’m saying. He’s fucking in love with gangs. It’s almost creepy how much he seems to love this shit. It doesn’t make sense. I can’t tell whether The Game thinks gangs are bad or not. He just spent like 5 songs talkin’ about how fucked up gangs are, and now he’s on the Bloods’ dick. Hahahaha. Bloods’ dick. I don’t know, man… Well, actually I do know. This shit is bad to me. I can’t fuck with this shit. I liked the beat, but the hook was underwhelming, and lyrically this shit is wack to me. 2/5

Track 8: Last Time You Seen Feat. Scarface & Stacy Barthe (Prod. S1 & G Koop)

This beat is fucking great. The fucking horns sound so goddamn good. Fuck. I usually don’t mind it, but the fucking name dropping is kinda getting old. I get that that’s what The Game does, but goddamn. It just feels desperate. He seems like that kid at school that tries to act like he’s best friends with all the popular kids so that people will say, “Well, if he’s friends with all the cool kids then HE must be cool too, right?” It’s not like The Game can’t rap tho. I just want a good ass handful of songs from The Game without the name dropping. That would be fantastic. That’s literally one of the only problems I have with The Game. He seems like that one kid that likes all of his friends way more than his friends actually like him. It’s just kinda hard to take seriously. This whole song is about Tupac. I don’t wanna hear a song about other people, man. Tell me about you. Fuck. “I know who killed Pac.” I don’t fucking believe you. Seriously, you’re always fucking talking about “what if I told you that I know who killed Tupac?” That wouldn’t mean shit to me. The real question is “what if I told you who killed Tupac?” The Game seems like the type of person who would tell the fucking world in a tweet who killed Pac as soon as he found out, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t really know who killed Pac. “LAPD, these niggas worse than the Nazis.” …I don’t know about that… For real, I hate the police as much as the next nonwhite guy, but worse than the Nazis? I think I’d rather be in jail than in a concentration camp… The sad thing is that the reason The Game just said that is because the police didn’t bother finding out who killed his favorite rapper. That’s what it sounds like to me. I mean, I like Hip Hop too, but the police worse than the nazis? I don’t know, man. I think you might be reachin’ with that one… The topic of this song doesn’t really interest me that much at all… If I wanted to hear a conspiracy theory about Pac’s death I would just go to any fucking website in existence. I guess The Game did an alright job with the first verse tho. I guess. It definitely could’ve been worse. There’s a long ass interlude from Harry-O. It’s just a sample. I guess it fits into the theme of this track, but it doesn’t really add to the song. If anything it takes away from it because it lasts so goddamn long. Damn. Scarface is goin’ in now. I’m so happy to hear this motherfucker rapping right now. I know he dropped an album recently, but I honestly don’t wanna review that yet. I’ll hopefully end up doing a Scarface Marathon at some point. He fucking killed this verse. I wasn’t really fuckin’ with The Game’s verse like that… It wasn’t terrible, but… Nah. I wasn’t feelin’ it. The beat is dope af and Scarface’s verse was fucking great. To be honest, I’m probably just gonna cut The Game’s verse out in GarageBand, and pretend that this is a Scarface song. The Game ends the song by saying “Last time I seen him was in the mirror this morning.” Wow. The only thing I have to say about that is “no.” I fuck with the beat and Scarface did his thing, but The Game was easily the worst part of this song for me. And what the hell did Stacy Barthe do on this bitch? I did not hear a single word from her. Seriously, why is she credited as a featured artist on here? Did she really help with this song? I didn’t hear shit from her. This song is average to me. 3/5

Track 9: Intoxicated Feat. Deion (Prod. DJ Khalil)

What the fuck??? I don’t know who the fuck this fake ass DJ is, but… “This is dedicated to the ladies who love giving that sloppy toppy / Go ‘head and pull that foreskin back; hold on tight / It’s the jack off hour, girl.” I’m not a fan of the direction this song seems to be taking… I can’t deal with this hook, man. This is too much right here. Deion’s singin’ right now. He sounds pretty damn good over this beat. It’s smoother than a motherfucker. Oh wow. I just realized that this is an interlude… This is a pretty fucking terrible interlude tho. This is fucking horrible. I can’t fuck with this shit “DJ EZ-Dicc” is saying. This is awful. I hate skits like this. Deion did his thing tho. I still think this is fucking god-awful tho.

Track 10: Quik’s Groove (The One) Feat. DJ Quik, Sevyn Streeter & Micah (Prod. DJ Quik)

Based on the vibes I was gettin’ from the previous track, I’m gonna assume that this shit is about to be incredibly misogynistic. I’ve never heard a “Quik’s Groove” song before. I don’t think I’ve actually ever heard a DJ Quik song at all. I’m sure this will be dope tho. Except the misogyny. This beat is dope as fuck. It sounds like some 80s Disco shit. Damn. Lyrically, this is definitely misogynistic—although it isn’t nearly as bad as Bitch You Ain’t Shit—but the way he’s rapping is really dope. Apparently he’s biting Suga Free’s style on this one. I’ve never heard any of his music, but I might have to give one of his albums a shot if it’s anything like this. Fuck. This hook… It’s not horrible sonically, but the lyrics are just not for me at all. DJ Quik’s rappin’ right now. Damn. He actually kinda went in. His verse surprisingly had barely any misogyny at all. What a pleasant surprise. His delivery and flow were all great. That was a lot better than I expected it to be. That was dope. The last two verses from The Game & Quik were nice. All of the misogyny really comes from The Game on this one. Also the hook too. I wasn’t really feelin’ the lyrics on the hook, but DJ Quik definitely did his thing on the verses & the beat too. The Game’s verse wasn’t bad, but as I said like a thousand times already, the misogyny… I can’t fuck with that shit. This is alright. I’m just gonna have to cut that skit from DJ EZ-Dicc out with GarageBand. 3/5

Track 11: Outside Feat. E-40, Marcus Black & Lil E (Prod. Travis Barker)

I’m pretty sure Lil E is Eazy-E’s son, so this should be interesting. This beat is cool I guess. I’m not blown away by it. Marcus Black did his thing on the hook I guess. The Game did his thing on the first verse. E-40 had one bar mixed in. Kinda like the way Da$h & Earl Sweatshirt were doin’ it on that song Grown Ups. Uh oh… The Game’s on the second verse. I’m startin’ to get worried that either Lil E or fuckin’ E-40 won’t get a verse… The Game’s second verse was alright. E’s vocals were mixed in the same way E-40’s were. Oh my God… No… The Game’s on the third verse. None of these motherfucker’s got they own verse. Marcus Black actually had a lot of bars mixed in. It actually sounded like he was tradin’ bars with The Game, but E & E-40 didn’t really do shit on here. E-40 literally had one fucking bar. Are you fucking shitting me? These features are completely fucking wasted. How do you only give E-40 one bar? You have fucking Eazy-E’s son on your song. GIVE HIM A VERSE. Jesus. These features are completely wasted. If you’re gonna trade bars with them, at least let them rap a little more. Marcus Black had a decent amount of bars. Why does E-40 only get one? What is the fucking point of having him one the song? ONE BAR? That’s fucking ridiculous. That’s really unacceptable to me. This song isn’t too bad, but it’s just underwhelming. Nothing stood out (aside from the lack of guest verses). AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GET THIS FUCKING DJ EZ-DICC GUY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE. Goddamn that motherfucker is annoying. This is average. 3/5

Track 12: Up On The Wall Feat. Problem, Ty$ & YG (Prod. Battlecat)

I’m honestly not expecting much from this. YG was cool at first, but his music got old to me real quick. I guess I can kinda say the same shit about Problem. I still like him more than YG tho. He usually has a pretty dope flow and I actually like his ad-lib. Ty$ is alright I guess. Maybe this will be good tho. At least DJ Mustard isn’t here. Goddamn. This fucking beat is great. This is what it would sound like if DJ Mustard actually tried. The Game is goin’ the fuck in right now. This is gangsta as fuck. Ty$ did his thing on the hook. Okay, we’re back. I was worried about this album for a minute there. The last few tracks have been a little rough, but this is dope. Wow. The transition from The Game’s verse to YG was dope as hell. YG’s verse was actually pretty cool. This production is fucking great. Okay, Problem’s goin’ in. He did his thing. He definitely had my least favorite verse, but it still wasn’t bad. He had the shortest verse, so that could have something to do with it. This is actually a much better song than I thought it would be. All of the features were pretty good, the production was dope, and the Game did his thing too. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 13: Sex Skit (Prod. Bongo)

Fuck. I’m hoping that this is the last road bump that this project hits before it bounces back with some dope shit. This skit is fucking horrible. Remember when Dr. Dre decided that it would be a good idea to let us hear what it sounds like when he’s bustin’ a nut on The Chronic? That shit was fucking God awful. The Game must have enjoyed it tho because that’s pretty much what this is. I will never understand why rappers do this. I like your music man, but I’m not THAT big of a fan. I don’t wanna hear anyone bust a nut. Ever. This isn’t music. This is pretty much the opposite of music. This is fucking horrible. Seriously why do fucking rappers do this? This is fucking horrible. This is some of the worst shit that a rapper could ever do. If you’re a rapper and you’re reading this right now, please for the love of God don’t record yourself busting a nut. Actually, you can do that if you want; just don’t put it on your fucking album. Jesus Christ. I shouldn’t have to tell people that I don’t want to hear shit like this. This is fucking horrendous. Every negative adjective in the English language can be used to describe this shit. It’s not a song tho, so I can’t give it the 0/5 that it deserves.

Track 14: My Flag / Da Homies Feat. Ty$, Jay 305, AD, Mitchy Slick, Joe Moses, RJ & Skeme (Prod. DJ Mustard)

Wow. This isn’t gonna be good. Just when I thought shit was about to get better, DJ Mustard comes outta nowhere and ruins this shit. I fucking hate DJ Mustard. He’s not good at all. He’s probably one of the most overrated producers of all time. That’s not a word that I like to use very often, but goddamn. I don’t understand why the fuck he’s so popular. He’s not good. I already told y’all how I feel about Ty$. I think I’ve heard a verse or two from Jay 305 before, but it was obviously generic af because I don’t remember a damn thing about him. I don’t know who AD or Mitchy Slick are. Joe Moses is entertaining from time to time, but I wouldn’t consider him to be a “good” MC. RJ isn’t that good to me. Skeme is dope. Well, I only really like 2 (The Game & Skeme) out of the 9 artists (including DJ Mustard… Not much of an “artist”) involved with this song, so this should be bad. Okay, this beat… Is actually pretty goddamn hot. I can’t front. I fuck with this beat. For a DJ Mustard beat, this is fucking incredible. By my normal standards, this is just good. I kinda fuck with this hook. This is another one of them songs that glorifies gang bangin’ and shit. The Game can be pretty hypocritical, but the song itself isn’t bad so far in my opinion. Skeme’s goin’ in. His verse was dope. Wow. This is one of them commercial party tracks from DJ Mustard, but this is actually really dope to me. It sounds like Mustard put a lot more work into this beat than he usually does. Lyrically, Jay 305 & Mitchy Slick aren’t incredible, but I think their verses complemented the song nicely. Joe Moses did his thing. RJ was cool too. All of the MCs on this shit sounded pretty dope over this beat. My Flag is actually dope af. I really like that song. Da Homies is startin’ now. This hook is honestly fucking great. It’s really simple, but the way it’s delivered just sounds so dope to me. It sounds like a bunch of drunk homies are just chantin’ this shit in the back of a car or something. They sound like the homies that Kendrick was in the car with during his Backseat Freestyle & The Art Of Peer Pressure. Wow. AD sounds fucking gangsta as a motherfucker on this first verse. The beat is cool. The Game didn’t have a verse, but this is cool. I fuck with it. My Flag is dope af & Da Homies is dope. Overall, this track is dope af. 5/5

Track 15: Moment Of Violence Feat. King Mez, Justus & Jon Conner (Prod. The Futuristiks [Mike & Keys] & DJ Khalil)

There was a long ass outro on the last track. It basically just sounded like AD and his homies was in a shootout with the police. I’m finna have to make an abridged version in GarageBand because I sure as fuck ain’t about to listen to that shit every time that song comes on. This song is about to be dope af. All three of these features did great work on Dre’s latest album. Jon Connor & King Mez be spittin’ like a motherfucker. I can’t really remember much of what Justus did. I know he sang some hooks, but I can’t remember whether or not he had any verses. I think he did. I can’t remember tho. This beat is dope. The Game’s goin’ in now. This is basically a modern day version of Fuck Tha Police. The Game’s verse was cool. Eh… I don’t know about that King Mez verse… I wasn’t really feelin’ his delivery… Wow. I just listened to the whole song. I’m just gonna say it now… That shit was disappointing. It’s not really a bad song, but I’m not really into it like that. The beat was cool. It’s just… I don’t know. It wasn’t very convincing. I know that the Game really hates the police (as he should), but him getting mad at the police for killing people is pretty hypocritical. Basically, the last few bars of The Blacker The Berry by Kendrick Lamar perfectly describe this situation. The features were disappointing too. Justus did his thing, but I wasn’t really feelin’ King Mez like that… I don’t know what the fuck happened with Jon Connor. I think he was only on the hook. When I saw the title, I assumed they would each be goin’ in over a hard ass beat and just fucking killin’ they verses. Kinda like One Shot One Kill from Dre’s album. If this was like that, it would be perfect. This isn’t what I wanted personally tho. These features were wasted. The Game really needs to work on that. This was one of my most anticipated tracks, so I’m pretty disappointed, but it’s honestly not that bad. Just not what I wanted. I wasn’t feelin’ that outro either by the way… This song is alright. 3/5

Track 16: Like Father, Like Son 2 Feat. Busta Rhymes (Prod. The Alchemist & Bongo)

I never heard the original Like Father, Like Son track, which is probably a problem, but it is what it is. This production should be dope af. I fuck with The Alchemist. I wasn’t feelin’ the outro on the previous track, but the way it transitions into this one is actually really dope. Wow. The Game really got his childrens to rap on this shit… That’s actually pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I would actually wanna hear this. It is cool tho. I can’t decide whether or not I like that shit… This beat is great. Man… I don’t know. I don’t personally have any kids, but I guess if I did I would like this a lot more. I guess The Game did his thing on the first verse. Uh oh… Busta’s singin’ on the hook… It’s not as bad as you would expect it to be, but it’s still pretty rough. The Game’s second verse was dope. Damn. That hook really hurts this shit. Wow. Are you fuckin’ serious… CHUCK WHAT IS YOU DOIN’???? Busta didn’t have a verse. He seriously just gave Busta Rhymes a hook to sing. Who the fuck does that? I get that this is a very personal song, but wouldn’t it have been better to just not have Busta on here in the first place? Goddamn. These features are seriously underutilized. I feel like this is a good song, but at the same time it’s really not for me. It was actually kinda cool to hear Harlem rappin’ tho. This isn’t for me. I can’t really relate because I don’t have any kids. I hope I don’t ever have one of them little fuckers runnin’ ’round here… I’ll probably feel differently once that does happen, but that won’t be for like another 1000 years, so for now I’m gonna pass on this song. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 17: Life (Prod. Tone Mason)

I’d just like to bring to your attention the fact that this is the first and only solo song on the standard version of the second disc of The Documentary 2. That’s fucking absurd. If we’re looking at both discs and including the bonus tracks… Out of 37 tracks & 34 songs, this motherfucker only made 9 solo tracks and 5 fucking solo songs. That’s fucking ridiculous. Goddamn. Well, fuck it. It is what it is. This beat is great for the final track. It’s dope as fuck. The Game’s goin’ in now. This is really dope. This is dope af. Tone Mason did a great job with the beat, and The Game’s verse was dope af too. I’m glad that there’s no hook. It’s just The Game spittin’ over a dope ass beat. I fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 18: El Chapo (Prod. Skrillex & Bangladesh)

El Chapo

I don’t think I’m gonna like this one. I cannot fuck with Dubstep at all. It’s fucking annoying as hell to me. That song Skrillex did with A$AP Rocky is really bad to me, so I’m not expecting much from this shit. Bangladesh is dope tho… Oh… Wow… This… This beat is dope af. I can’t front. I don’t know about this hook. Is that Skrillex’s weird lookin’ ass screamin’ in the background? That’s annoying. I’m finna have to cut that shit the fuck out with GarageBand. This motherfucker is goin’ the fuck in right now. His flow is dope as hell, and his delivery is cold too. The way he ended that first verse in Spanish was dope as hell. This hook is wack. Oh my God; Skrillex, shut the fuck up. Damn. That’s annoying. This song is dope. It would be dope af, but that hook is really annoying to me. Most of y’all probably won’t mind it tho. The Game went the fuck in, and this beat is bananas. This is dope. 4/5

Final Thoughts:

That was dope. Apparently Dr. Dre wasn’t involved at all in the creation of the second disc. That was all The Game. I guess that kinda makes sense, but… You mean to tell me that Dr. fucking Dre approved of that fuckin’ Mula hook from Kanye? That shit was fuckin’ terrible… This disc is a little better than the first one in my opinion. It kinda falls off toward the middle just like the first one tho. Let’s talk about the most obvious problem here… The Game really needs to work on the way he handles these fucking features. That song Outside is a pure fuck up. The same can be said about Moment Of Violence in my opinion. A lot of these features are severely underutilized. Lil Wayne, E-40, Lil E, King Mez, Justus, Jon Connor, Busta Rhymes… All of these features were fucked up. Some of these motherfuckers probably just shouldn’t have been involved in the first place. The fucking hypocrisy is kind of a problem too. Talking about how much you love being a Piru makes all of the shit you say in songs like Gang Bang Anyway & Moment Of Violence seem disingenuous. The fucking songs about sex… You know what the fucked up thing is? They weren’t even that bad… It’s just DJ EZ-Dicc’s annoying ass that ruined this shit. The album took a serious hit when those fuckin’ skits came on. He’s lucky I don’t rate that shit. I probably should have rated Intoxicated, but fuck it. I really don’t care that much. This album is still dope… Just be prepared for wasted features and annoying skits when you listen to it. Just like the first disc, the first handful of songs are the best. The shit is too damn long too. There are still a few good songs on the rest of the album tho. I fuck with this. This album is dope.

Favorite Song: The Ghetto

Least Favorite Song: Gang Related



Favorite Song (Both Discs): The Ghetto

Least Favorite Song (Both Discs): LA

Verdict (Both Discs):



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  1. Nice review ! I think this album would of been better if he would just picked the 16 best tracks and called it the documentary 2. I hope you are able to review tech n9ne’s K.O.D album this month because this month is the perfect month to review that album

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