Album Review | Tech N9ne – K.O.D.

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K.O.D.—or King of Darkness—is Tech N9ne’s ninth studio album. It came out… Oh wow it came out today (October 26). What a coincidence. It came out in 2009 tho. This obviously isn’t a new album. You can tell because Tech N9ne still had hair on the top of his head when this one came out. Anyway, I haven’t heard any of the songs from this project, but it’s one of his most popular projects. I don’t think it’s considered a classic, but it’s definitely one of Tech N9ne’s more celebrated releases. Just like every other Tech N9ne album, it’s long as hell. Damn. It’s been a minute since I listened to a new Tech album. Sorry about that… It’s mostly because my fucking computer is still broken. I was hoping to get a new one by the time I turned seventeen, which is happening tomorrow (October 27), but I don’t think that’s gonna happen. Definitely by Christmas. Hopefully. I’ve also been trying to focus on projects that came out this year because I’m working on a pretty big article that… Well… I don’t think I wanna give it away. It’ll hopefully be up on the first day of 2016. You probably have an idea of what it is, but I can already promise you that it’s bigger than what you’re thinking. Anyway, I’m actually expecting this to be pretty good. I’ve been told that this is one of Tech’s best albums, and anything’s better than fuckin’ The Gates Mixed Plate, so hopefully this shouldn’t be too difficult to get through.

Track 1: Show Me A God (Prod. Matic Lee)

Okay, Tech’s goin’ in right now. This is another one of those songs that was inspired by his mama’s poor health. The beat is dope. It’s kind of a dark topic, but the beat doesn’t really sound dark at all. Tech did his thing on the first verse. His flow is obviously on point. The hook is alright. You know what’s interesting? It almost seems like you can hear the five stages of grief in Tech’s music. This particular song seems like it would fit somewhere between Anger & Bargaining. It sounds like he’s repeating the Anger stage because Bargaining with God wasn’t working. The first word you hear on this song is Anger. It’s not only this song tho; the Depression stage was obviously expressed through songs like Mama Nem, Fear, and almost the entire album of Special Effects. It seems like he’s just starting to get over it. Did Worldy Angel seem like it was part of the Acceptance stage? I can’t remember anything about that song… Anyway, I kinda doubt I’m gonna hear the Denial stage in any of his music because I’m pretty sure that he’s known of his mother’s ailments since before he started making music, and it would be difficult to express something like that through music anyway. Oh my fuck. This fucking computer is getting on my goddamn nerves… Anyway, this song is pretty good. The beat is dope, and Tech obviously does a great job with the verses. The hook could’ve been better, but that’s not really that big of a problem for me. There have definitely been worse hooks on Tech N9ne songs before. I fuck with this song. This song is dope to me. 4/5

Track 2: The Warning (Skit) [Prod. Seven]

Oh, thank God. It’s always kinda nice when you see a long ass tracklist, and a good amount of them are just skits. It’s still kind of annoying, but at least it means less work for me. I guess if you’re a normal person who just enjoys music without writing a full fucking essay about every album you hear you probably get annoyed by that, which is understandable. Okay, the skit’s starting now… This piano from Seven is actually really fucking dope. I kinda hope it’s implemented into one of the songs… That would be great. This skit’s pretty much just a weird ass monologue with strange vocal effects about “the prophecy.” This is pretty normal for a Tech N9ne skit. I’m not gonna bother overthinking this one. This isn’t supposed to be listened to by itself. This is a one time thing. Most people will hear this one time and then never listen to it again. I’m gonna do the same, and move onto the next track. The piano in the background was dope tho. I actually enjoyed that…

Track 3: Demons Feat. Da Mafia 6ix (Prod. Matic Lee & Seven)

Shit… I don’t know whether or not I should call them Da Mafia 6ix or Three 6 Mafia… They go by Da Mafia 6ix these days, but they’re mostly known as Three 6 Mafia…  I guess at the time they were still Three 6 Mafia, right? Ah fuck it. I’m sure I’m way more concerned about this than I should be. I’m just gonna go with Da Mafia 6ix. I kinda like that name more anyway. I haven’t really heard any music from them. I know Stay Fly, which is a great song, but other than that—and Juicy J’s more recent solo material—I’m really not that familiar with them. I don’t think Juicy J is that great of a rapper, but maybe he works better when he’s with the mafia. The song is starting now. Oh my God. This hook is fucking corny as shit. Nah. I can’t fuck with this hook. This beat is dope af tho. It’s not exactly the same as the shit from the previous track, but it’s still led by a piano, and it gives off the same vibe. Goddamn. This production is really good. Seven is a really under appreciated producer. You never really hear his name when people start listing the best producers. He’s really talented tho. Tech N9ne’s first verse was pretty dope. He’s just talking about all of his vices and shit. His flow was impeccable, which is to be expected. DJ Paul’s on the second verse. He actually sounds really good on this production. It’s interesting to hear Tech’s style mixed with this more southern style. I guess he did that song with Big K.R.I.T. on Something Else, but I personally thought that the song was fucking horrible. It’s not because of Big K.R.I.T. tho. It’s just not what I wanted to hear from them on a collab. DJ Paul’s verse was dope. Juicy J’s goin’ in now. Wow. Despite his excessive use of the N word, his flow was actually pretty dope. His verse was better than I expected it to be. That was great. The hook was really fucking corny which is definitely gonna decrease the replay value a lot for me, but I still kinda enjoyed the song. This is dope to me. Kinda… 4/5

Track 4: Blackened The Sun Feat. Krizz Kaliko (Prod. Bonyx)

Wow. I’m probably gonna be looked at as a huge pussy for this, but those male Opera vocals in the intro to this song actually kinda creeped me out lol. At first I thought it was Tech, and I was like, “…What the fuck?” It uh… It wasn’t him tho… Hey, it’s 12:26 AM. I guess I’m 17 now… Cool. I guess. Anyway, this beat is pretty dope. Tech’s goin’ in now. Wha… What the fuck is he doing? This delivery sounds kind of familiar, but I can’t really remember where I’ve heard anything like this. I actually haven’t heard any Rock music in a long ass time, so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m off with this comparison, but to me it kinda sounds like he’s biting the motherfucker from Disturbed’s style. Does anyone else get that or is it just me? At first I thought of Slipknot, but I really think this sounds more like the bald-headed white guy from Disturbed. I’m not really feelin’ his delivery on this first verse. It’s a little corny for me. He sounds too overdramatic. He sounds like he’s trying really hard to make this sound dark. I guess he’s not not doing that, but he could’ve made it a little less… I don’t know. Honestly, it’s just not really convincing to me. It seems like the target audience for this song is prudish old Southern priests who are secretly a little racist. I mean, that type of person definitely wouldn’t enjoy this song, but that seems like the type of person that led to it’s creation. The last thing he said on the intro was “Call me devil worshipper, nigga / You think that shit was bad? Listen to this, motherfucker.” So, this was obviously instigated by some demented old Christian person. It really just seems like he’s trying to offend that same type of person as much as he can. I would probably do the same thing tho because I hate people like that. I’m not really feelin’ the first verse, but his flow wasn’t bad and this production is really good. Wow. I surprisingly don’t hate this hook from Krizz Kaliko. I still think it’s bad, but I don’t think it’s horrible. Hahaha. What the fuck is Tech talking about? I get that he’s trying to make a Horrorcore type of song, but goddamn. This isn’t even really scary. He’s just naming a bunch of gross things. “Lot of bleeding and semen and green rotted demons, and they feed their seeds collard greens full of feces and cheesed pieces of human cerebrum this evening.” What the fuck? Hahaha. I don’t know why he threw collard greens under the bus like that. Collard greens aren’t gross at all as long as they’re cooked right. Yeah, this is definitely not for me. It doesn’t even really seem like he was trying to make a good song. This really just seems like he was trying to do whatever he could to piss off old Christians. He’s not really saying anything that offensive tho. “Everybody eat nails.” Hahahaha. This is really fucking funny if you just read the lyrics. “Piss, Lav, and Cuervo, plus habenero. Now chug it.” HAHAHAHA. “Everything I touch turns to mold / Everything I fuck straight explodes.” Yeah, this is definitely not for me. This is honestly pretty wack to me. I can’t fuck with this. The production was cool, but other than that this is just bad. The lyrics were pretty funny tho. 2/5

Track 5: Strange Music Box Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung & Krizz Kaliko (Prod. Young Fyre & Karbon)

Oh shit… I actually DID get a new computer. Damn. Wow, this is fucking great. I’m typing this shit up with it right now. I just wrote the new BCTV update. Okay, lemme go ahead and play this shit… The beat is dope. Tech’s goin’ the fuck in right now. Goddamn. His flow and delivery sounds great over this energetic beat. This is dope af so far. Tech even did a pretty good job singin’ the hook. This is dope. Krizz Kaliko’s rappin’ on the second verse. His verse was great. Damn. This is actually really dope. Yes. Brotha Lynch Hung. Yes. He’s goin’ in right now, and it’s fucking great. I love this fuckin’ guy. He’s definitely a lot more convincing than Tech when he does the Horrorcore thing. There’s not really anything that I don’t like about this shit. All three MCs had great verses (especially Brotha Lynch Hung), the beat is dope, and the hook doesn’t suck ass. This is dope af. I fuck with this. 5/5

Track 6: Sundae (Skit) [Prod. Robert Rebeck]

This was pretty much just a pointless ass skit of some chick named Sundae leavin’ a message for Tech. She pretty much just says, “I’m tryna fuck. Call me when you get this message.” Not gonna rate it.

Track 7: Check Yo Temperature Feat. Sundae & T-Nutty (Prod. Young Fyre & Demolish Beatz)

This beat is cool. Tech immediately starts goin’ in as soon as the track starts. Goddamn. Tech’s flow is fucking insane. Yes. This is great. It’s just bars over a dope beat. Tech did a great job. The topic isn’t super original or anything, but his delivery and flow are so good that you can’t not fuck with this. Tech’ killed it. The hook does its job. Sundae’s goin’ in now. It definitely wasn’t as good as Tech’s verse, but her verse wasn’t horrible. T-Nutty’s goin’ in now. His flow is actually pretty dope. Yup. I fuck with this. The beat’s dope, and all three MCs at least have decent verses. I kinda wish all three verses were from Tech, but I understand that he wants to give the smaller artists some shine. They just aren’t as good as him tho. The hook is nothing special, but it gets the job done. This is dope. 4/5

Track 8: B. Boy Feat. Big Scoob, Bumpy Knuckles, Kutt Calhoun & Skatterman (Prod. Young Fyre & Karbon)

This beat is dope af. That “bee bee” shit that you hear in the background definitely takes some getting used to tho. It sounds like a 3 year old child is saying that. I kinda wish that part wasn’t in there, but it isn’t terrible. Everything else about the beat is dope af. Big Scoob’s on the first verse. He did a pretty good job. Kutt Calhoun’s verse was dope too. That shit that I mentioned earlier about the beat thankfully only occurs during the hook, which is average. This is another one of them gangsta songs about bein’ a Blood. Tech seems to put at least one gangsta song on each of his albums. Skatterman’s on the third verse. He did his thing. Tech’s goin’ in now. What the fuck… Goddamn… Tech fucking killed that shit. He didn’t use his super quick flow on this shit, but the fucking alliteration. It sounded like every other fuckin’ word started with a B. I can’t be the only person that noticed this shit… Yup. I just looked it up. He somehow managed to squeeze in about… NINETY ONE words that start with B. What the fuck? It’s not a super long verse either. It was a regular ass 16 bar verse. He fit 91 words that start with B in a 16 bar verse. Goddamn. He murdered that shit. That’s dope af. Okay, Bumpy Knuckles is about to go in. Huh. I’ve never heard of him, but the way the song transitioned into his verse makes me think that I should know who this guy is… Lemme look him up real quick. Okay, he’s not like a super influential legend or anything. He’s just been a part of Hip Hop for a long ass time. He started rapping in the 80s. Damn… He used to go by the name Freddie C… It was almost Eric B. & Freddie C instead of Eric B. & Rakim. Wow. Maybe this guy’s more important than I thought. He doesn’t sound super old on this shit tho. Well, he’s only 46, so I guess that makes sense. That’s pretty interesting. I wasn’t really feelin’ his verse tho… The way he ended every other verse was just kind of annoying. It wasn’t horrible tho. I still like the song. I fuck with this shit. This is dope. 4/5

Track 9: Hunterish Feat. Irv Da Phenom & Krizz Kaliko (Prod. Young Fyre)

This beat is alright. I like the drums, but other than that I’m honestly not really feelin’ it. Tech’s goin’ in on the first verse. Well, he’s only spit one bar so far, but he’s off to a false start. I’m pretty sure that everything he just said is gibberish. It doesn’t get much better once he actually begins speaking English tho. “It’s fun to hunt the cunt to ding the dink to feed my hunger.” I always hate it when Tech does songs like this. He never talks about sex in a clever or subtle way. He usually just attempts to be as vulgur and disgusting as he possibly can. I’m not really sure why anyone would want to hear anything like this. Personally, I don’t enjoy hearing other men talking about eating pussy like “cheese between lasagna” or about how they “skeet it up” and “fiend for cream.” That’s just too much for me. I don’t really see the appeal in something like this. He doesn’t even really make sex seem fun. He makes it sound violent. “Kerri Hilson sure looks good.” She do, but if I was her and I heard this song, I would be fucking scared. I’m not really feelin’ this hook. It’s not horrible, but I personally don’t really like it. Irv’s goin’ in now. I guess he did an alright job with this topic. He surprisingly had a better flow than Tech on this song. His verse definitely wasn’t as bad as Tech’s. Krizz Kaliko’s up next. Wow. The first thing he says on his verse is “I’m a sexual predator.” Nah. I’m not feelin’ this shit at all. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 10: The Pick Up (Skit) [Prod. Robert Rebeck]

Hahaha. I actually kinda enjoyed this skit. I mean, I’d never listen to this shit again, but there aren’t many skits that I would. There’s an obvious Eminem influence on this one. He ends up snatchin’ a bad bitch and tossin’ her in his trunk because she calls him a devil worshipper. As I said before, I’m never gonna listen to this again, but I enjoyed it for what it was.

Track 11: In The Trunk (Prod. Bonyx)

I’m not really sure that that chick deserved to be kidnapped just because she hurt Tech’s feelings, but he’s obviously not supposed to be the “good guy” in this situation. Ehhh… I don’t know about this hook… Not really feelin’ it. This beat is fuckin’ crazy tho. Yeah, this is basically an Eminem song from Tech N9ne. It’s dope so far tho. Except for the hook. The first verse was dope. This second verse is fucking great. The way he mixed in that interlude was really dope. He acted out a skit in which he opened up the trunk and started yellin’ at the chick, but he was still rappin’. “I just wanted to drink and show you what the dong’ll do.” Lmao. This is great. The third verse was pretty dope. The second one was definitely the best tho. This song is dope. It honestly would’ve been dope af if it weren’t for the hook, but I really wasn’t feelin’ that shit. I’ll probably just cut the hook out with GarageBand. This is dope tho. 4/5

Track 12: Pinocchio (Prod. Matic Lee)

This is weird as fuck so far. The hook is fucking horrible. I don’t know what the fuck Tech thought he was doing when he sang this shit. This is awful. What the fuck? “Oh please, oh please, oh please / Just give me just one more clit / One more tit / One more bitch.” Hahahaha. This is hilariously bad. He really pronounced every letter in the word “tit” too. Lmao. Nah. This is bad. What the fuck is he doin’. He sounds like… This is what I would expect Count Orlok to sound like if he was a rapper. He’s rappin’ about being a guy who eats women. It’s only one verse and a terrible hook. The beat is average. Good God this is bad. I thought that fuckin’ Hunterish bullshit was bad, but this shit is on another level. It’s not even the shit he’s rapping about right now; it’s just the fucking delivery, and the over the top lyrics, and the horrible hook. I really don’t like anything about this song. This shit is fucking horrible to me. Nah. This is fucking wack af to me. 0/5

Track 13: Horns Feat. King Gordy & Prozak (Prod. Robert Rebeck)

This beat’s dope. Tech’s goin’ in now. Thank God; he actually sounds normal on this song. Tech’s verse was pretty vulgar, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the shit on Hunterish. I’m not really feelin’ this hook. It’s annoying as fuck. Prozak just had a really dope verse. He did a really good job. This hook is fucking awful tho. God. King Gordy’s goin’ in now. Hahaha. Wow. King Gordy literally just said “Christ is an effin’ fag.” Damn. I’d love to see an old conservative man’s reaction to that verse. Hahahaha. That would be hilarious. I’m not really a fan of this song tho. The hook is wack af, and the verses were all pretty average. Except for Prozak’s. I liked his verse. The beat was dope too. That hook is fucking annoying as hell tho. It’s not a bad song. I’m just not really feelin’ it. It’s not for me. 3/5

Track 14: Interview With Jason Whitlock (Skit) [Prod. Robert Rebeck & Seven]

This is a phone call between Krizz Kaliko & whoever the fuck Jason Whitlock is. Jason Whitlock is asking about all the fuckin’ religious shit and about how everyone thinks Tech’s a satanist. I’m not sure if this was a real interview or what. I kinda don’t think it was, which makes it less interesting. It wasn’t a terrible skit tho. It was fine.

Track 15: It Was An Accident Feat. Alan Wayne (Prod. Seven)

Fuck. It would’ve been so much better if I was able to post this shit on Halloween. Oh well. I don’t know who Alan Wayne is. I hope he’s dope. This beat’s dope as hell. I’m about 3 bars in, and this is pretty rough… “Wanted the Nina to bite on her nipples and twist it.” I don’t like hearing shit like that. It’s not really appealing to me at all. I don’t even really like sex songs in general, so the really vulgar ones are pretty bad for me. He’s basically rappin’ about that fucked up S&M shit. I should’ve known he was interested in that type of shit. I’m willing to bet that a good amount of Tech N9ne fans are masochists. I usually don’t judge, but… That shit is super weird man. I’m sorry, but it really is… What the fuck is this hook? Lmao. Wow. That’s fucking horrible. I have no idea what the fuck that is… I don’t know how to describe this hook. It’s just awful. Alan Wayne’s verse was actually a lot better. He didn’t get all weird and start talking about weird sex shit & borderline rape. The beat is cool and Alan Wayne’s verse isn’t terrible, but I wasn’t feelin’ Tech’s verse & the fuckin’ hook was awful. This is bad. I’m not feelin’ it. 2/5

Track 16: Shadows On The Road Feat. Krizz Kaliko (Prod. Seven)

Krizz Kaliko is singin’ the hook, and it actually doesn’t sound too bad. It could definitely be better, but I actually fuck with it. He did a good job. This beat is dope af. Tech did his thing on the first verse. It’s weird to hear rappers mention molly before the year 2013. Tech did a good job with his verses, and Krizz actually had a dope hook. Thank God, Tech’s not rapping about sex again. He actually had something interesting to say on this one. The beat’s cold as hell too. I fuck with this song. It’s not amazing, but it’s dope. It’s definitely better than them last few shits… 4/5

Track 17: Low (Prod. Bonyx)

This beat is dope. Tech’s goin’ in right now. His fuckin’ flow is so cold on this shit. “But I feel like The Grinch mixed with Ebenezer Scrooge.” …I don’t… I don’t know what to think of that… Tech did his thing. He had a few corny lines in there tho. I can’t get with this hook… Who’s singin’ this shit? People are saying that it’s Krizz Kaliko, but it doesn’t sound like him to me… I don’t know. Maybe it is. I’m not feelin’ it. Goddamn. Tech is really killin’ this shit. His flow is so dope. He killed that last verse. This song is about how Tech is sad. It’s not a corny song tellin’ bitches to “get low.” Thank God for that. I was actually afraid that this song was gonna be like that for a second. I really can’t fuck with this hook. The beat’s kinda cool, and Tech did his thing I guess, but this hook is really not for me. I’m not feelin’ this Rock vibe that this song has. I don’t think it’s really bad… Just not for me. I’m finna check out the music video now. It’s really weird to see Tech with hair. The hook really is from Krizz Kaliko… Something looks so off when he’s singin’ the hook. It doesn’t look like it’s coming from the right person. You don’t expect that voice to come from him. The music video is alright I guess. It’s pretty much just Tech rappin’ in front of the camera. I’m not really into the song like that. I don’t think it’s horrible tho. Just not good… 3/5

Track 18: Messages (Skit) [Prod. Robert Rebeck]

This is just a shit load of messages from “thirsty hoes.” Not feelin’ this shit at all.

Track 19: Killing You (Prod. Matic Lee & Seven)

This beat is dope. Goddamn. Tech’s flow is immaculate on this shit. Goddamn. This fucking beat is so dope. Some of the lines in this song are pretty vulgar, but the whole song isn’t that bad. Still, it does get pretty rough at specific moments… “Eating a meaty muff like it’s a dinner roll.” That’s just too much… Eh… This hook is pretty goddamn terrible. Tech sings this one himself, and it doesn’t go well at all. Tech’s flow is great. The hook is really bad tho. It’s so bad. Nah. Not feelin’ the hook. It pretty much just turns into a bad Rock song during the hook. It might’ve been better if he got somebody that can actually sing to do it. No, I’m not talking about Krizz Kaliko. He did his thing on the verses tho. I just can’t get behind this one. There were some very questionable lines in this song, and the hook was a fucking catastrophe. 3/5

Track 20: Leave Me Alone (Prod. Young Fyre & Karbon)

This beat is dope af. Tech’s not using his really quick flow, but his rhyme schemes on this shit are fucking great. Goddamn. This beat is really dope. Wow. Krizz Kaliko actually did his thing on the hook. It’s dope. Damn. This is dope af. Tech killed the verses, especially the last one. Krizz did his thing singin’ the hook, and the beat is cold as hell. Lemme check this music video out now. Huh. It’s alright I guess… It’s a little corny. They’re standing on a building performing the song. It kinda looks a little overdramatic. Especially with the violent way Krizz swings his arms during the hook. What the fuck? What is that weird hand motion that they’re doing when they say “leave me alone?” Why were they doing that? I know it was intentional because they both do it at the same time, and they only do it when they say “leave me alone.” I don’t know what the hell that is. It doesn’t matter tho. The song is dope af. 5/5

Track 21: Prayer – By Brother K.T. (Skit) [Prod. Robert Rebeneck]

This is just a prayer from some guy named Brother K.T. He did this on another one of Tech’s albums… I can’t remember which one it was… I think it was either All 6’s & 7’s or Something Else. This didn’t need to be on the album. There’s no problem with Brother K.T. saying a prayer, but Tech could’ve kept this shit to himself. It doesn’t really matter tho.

Track 22: K.O.D. Feat. Mackenzie O’Guin (Prod. Seven)

YES! He finally used the piano shit from the first skit. This beat is fucking incredible. The concept behind this song is a little weird, but at least it’s original. He’s basically pretending that “Darkness” is a nation, and he’s the King because this is K.O.D… He did his thing on the first verse. His flow was great. This beat is fucking crazy. Oh shit… I don’t know about this hook. Mackenzie O’Guin was nine when she sang that shit. You can definitely tell. She sounds like Olivia from Family Guy. I’m not feelin’ the hook at all. I’ll just have to cut it out with… You know… GarageBand. Tech did his thing on all the verses. It was cool on the last one when he referenced all of his albums that had been released at the time. Nah… Nah, I can’t do this one. These fucking hooks, man. They’re insanely bad. The hook ruined this shit for me. 3/5

Track 23: The Martini Feat. Krizz Kaliko (Prod. Young Fyre)

This beat is dope. Tech did his thing on the first verse. Oh God. This hook… Krizz Kaliko… It’s not horrible I guess, but I can’t get behind it. The verses are cool tho. This song really feels like the credits of a movie. This is pretty good for a final track. Wow. Krizz Kaliko literally starts singing the credits for this album at the end of the song. I don’t know if I like that… Eh… This song is alright I guess. The only thing I really don’t like about the song is Krizz Kaliko’s parts. Why the fuck would I wanna hear somebody singing the credits for this shit? “Internet marketing: Brad Morrow.” This song isn’t bad, but it’s not really doing it for me. It’s alright tho. I still think it’s a pretty good way to end the album. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

That was alright… It’s definitely not as good as I was expecting it to be since this is one of his most popular albums. The production was pretty solid throughout. The problems were pretty much just from poor topics and wack hooks. Also the sex songs. They were just way too fucked up for me. They sound like they’re coming from a kid who’s going through puberty and somehow never figured out how to beat his dick. Sorry. That was innapropriate. It’s nothing compared to a lot of the shit on this album tho. There are some very high points despite all the shit I said. Tech’s flow is damn near flawless, which is to be expected. The production is dope, and when Tech finds an interesting topic that isn’t weird, he usually ends up making a great song. Unless it’s fucked up with a wack hook. That’s pretty much what happened with In The Trunk. This album isn’t horrible tho. There are some very high points. Just not as many as his later albums. There are a lot of very low lows too. It’s still not a bad album tho. It’s alright.

Favorite Song: Strange Music Box

Least Favorite Song: Pinocchio




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  1. I think tech n9ne is too complex for your tiny lil brain is what I think . I think you should stick to retard proof music that isn’t as intricate . That’s my honest opinion because your reviews are horrible

  2. Couldn’t believe the shit I was reading in this critique. Do you even like Tech N9ne? The hooks are… Strange, that’s kind of his thing. Too corny? The fuck kind of critique is that? He’s not gangsta enough for you?

    Low is “not good”? smh. How do you get the balls to review music and say some shit like that? Your favorite rapper’s probably 50 Cent or something.

    Tech N9ne is the master and this album is a masterpiece. You don’t deserve him.

      • Funny, I came back to see if anyone replied and just noticed I never watched the video at the end. You were so critical of everything in the written review, giving it 1/5 and 3/5 and stuff, and then in the video you gave the album a 9/10.

        As you put it, I was sleeping on Tech for years and regret it big league. Without a doubt one of the best rapper’s ever.

        Don’t hate on Blackened the Sun either. How many rapper’s would even try an homage to a hard rock band, let alone pull it off?

  3. you are right about the hooks to most of these songs on the album but the reason people like this album so much because it’s over dramatic like stories people tell on Halloween

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