Album Review | Tech N9ne – Strangeulation, Vol. II

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Man, I really dropped the ball on the order of this Tech N9ne Marathon. I really wish that I started from the beginning of his discography, but I guess there’s no use crying about spilled milk. It is what it is. This album came out on November 20th this year. When I found out about this album, I was excited at first, but that excitement was quickly followed up by anxiety, fear, and severe depression. This album literally took him only six months to create. I’m a quality over quantity kinda guy, and for the most part that really hasn’t been a problem for Tech. He has a fuck load of albums, and from what I’ve heard they’re pretty solid for the most part. He does occasionally fuck up tho, and when he does, it’s almost always on one of his “Collabos” albums. The original Strangeulation is actually one of my favorite Tech N9ne albums, which is why I was initially excited for this shit. Everything about this shit leads me to believe that it’s rushed like a motherfucker tho. I even saw some Tech N9ne stans, or “Technicians,” talking about how it’s a disappointing album, and you know how stans are. I’m gonna try to be open minded tho. I do tend to have very different musical tastes than a lot of Tech N9ne fans anyway. I’m sorry, but I’m not gonna call them Technicians. I just feel like a fucking dumbass saying that shit. I am excited for the cyphers tho. The cyphers are without a doubt the best thing about these Strangeulation albums. I hope every Collabos project from now on is a Strangeulation. Unless this one turns out to be fucking dogshit. Every song is produced by Seven.

Track 1: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher I

Apparently all the beats from the cyphers on this album are from older songs. This one is from an old Godemis song called Wavy. It was on Ces Cru’s 2013 album, Constant Energy Struggles. I don’t know whether or not I like this change. I liked how all of the cyphers were on one new beat on the original Strangeulation. They all felt connected. They felt like one big cypher that was just split up into multiple tracks. At the same time tho, it’s kinda cool that they’re basically remixing a bunch of their older songs. I just would’ve preferred the other way. This isn’t a completely shitty mistake tho. There are benefits. I wasn’t planning on listening to that Ces Cru album, but I’d kinda like to hear the original song in which this beat was used before I listen to this newer version. Okay, I just listened to it. It was kinda boring. Not a really bad song tho. This beat is really nothing special. Godemis did his thing tho. Alright, I’m finna listen to Tech’s version now. Haha. The way he said “Smokin’ WEED!” at the beginning sounded kinda stupid. Oh my fuckin’ god. That first fuckin’ line was crazy. Was that one bar or four bars? He said “Ain’t nobody busting like the nigga with a gun up in the middle of the west / I be the killa with a Tec, and I’m a villain with a vest / I gotta fill ’em with effects, then I get it out the way.” all in like one bar. He did not take one breath between all of that shit. That was the craziest possible way he could’ve started this shit. “I frown scarier when the clown buries a nigga down to the ground, but the crown carrier get the hound out the mound, and they’re bound / Marry ’em all together is how we breaking the sound barrier.” His flow is fuckin’ crazy on this shit. This is so much more exciting than the original song. “Pure art / I’m the shit and nigga, you’re farts.” Wow. That is… I don’t even know what the fuck to say about that shit. I always hate it when rappers say the word “fart.” It never sounds right. They can talk about shit or piss or even skeet, but as soon as they mention fart it’s just awkward. Oh God. Of course he ended that shit with the weird ass Strange Music chants at the end. I love Tech N9ne, but that shit is just weird to me. If y’all don’t know what I’m talkin’ about, Tech does this weird ass shit where he makes his fans chant at his shows. I’m not gonna try to type out how you say it because I don’t even know how the fuck I’m supposed to do that. It’s just weird. That’s all you need to know. Well, you can hear it at the end of the music video up there. It’s a pretty bad music video by the way. It’s just a generic Hip Hop music video of him recording the song in the studio. I like the song, but I’m not blown away. I think I’ve gotten used to Tech’s crazy flow. It doesn’t really blow me away like it used to. It’s still probably the best flow of any of the rappers I’ve heard tho. This isn’t one of my favorite verses from him tho. He still did a really good job. I’m just not blown away. I’m not really in love with this beat either. It kinda reminds me of the beat from Diary Of A Madman by The Gravediggaz. It’s not terrible, but it doesn’t really do anything for me. It’s average. I fuck with the song tho. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 2: PBSA Feat. Ces Cru

Alright. I haven’t worked on this review in over a week, so I should probably get this shit done… Eh… I don’t know about this beat. There are things I don’t like about it and things that… Well… There’s 1 thing that I do like. Let’s get the negatives out of the way real quick. I’m really not a fan of House music or EDM. This isn’t completely EDM, but it sounds like it has an EDM influence. Those synths that keep going up and down are annoying as hell to me. The only thing I really like about the beat is the percussion. The drums sound great. Tech’s goin’ in right now. I gotta start this shit over. I was focusing on the production at first. Huh. I’m not really sure what the fuck this song’s supposed to be about. It’s just threats. He sounds like he’s just threatening to kill me. He’s not talking about shooting me tho. I don’t know… This sounds like a promotional song for Mortal Kombat. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but that’s not really the type of shit that I wanna hear personally. I guess he means he can rap really well and kill other MCs. I don’t know. It’s not bad. His flow was dope. I’m not amazed tho. Oh my fuck. This hook is horrible. This hook is so fucking bad. I shit on a lot of hooks, but this shit is absolutely terrible. Tech is singing “Play ball / Slay all,” and it sounds fucking horrible. I guess that’s what PBSA stands for. I’m gonna be completely honest; I think I’m getting a little sick of Tech N9ne. I still love the songs that I originally liked by him tho. I don’t know. Don’t worry; I’m still gonna finish the marathon. I’m just not really as enthusiastic about it as I was at the beginning. This shit is harder than you would think. The beat is alright. The first verse was cool. The hook is dog shit. Ubiquitous is on the next verse. He had a pretty good verse. This hook tho… It’s so bad. What the fuck was he thinking? Godemis spit a quick bridge right before Ubi’s verse, and now he’s about to go in for the 3rd verse. “K-I-M, and I kill shit / You could say that I slay turds.” That’s probably the worst possible way he could’ve started his verse. He’s off to a rough start. Eh. The rest of it isn’t as bad, but it’s not really anything special. I’m honestly not really feelin’ this shit. The beat wasn’t that good. The verses were cool, but nothing special. The hook was absolutely terrible. The music video was actually kinda entertaining. The blatant racism was a bit surprising tho. Not sure what that was about… This is wack to me. Not fuckin’ with this one. 2/5

Track 3: Push Start Feat. Big Scoob

This hook from Big Scoob is kinda boring. It’s not bad. It’s just not very exciting. The same goes for the beat. It’s just there. Scoob’s on the first verse. I don’t know. He’s not bad, but some of his bars are just kinda lame to me. “Reverse the letters of OG, think about it (I go big).” “Look in my eyes, I’m dangerous / They mock me and copy, they Yankovic.” I normally wouldn’t have minded that last bar as much, but the way the beat cut off and his voice was pitch shifted made it seem like he thought he was saying some really incredible shit. It wasn’t that great tho. At this point, I’m really… How should I say this? …I’m really bein’ a bitch. I mean, I’m nitpicking. The shit I’m sayin’ really isn’t that big of a deal. This hook gets really annoying after a while. He says “WE PUSH START WITH NO KEY.” like a thousand times. Tech’s goin’ in now. Damn. He’s actually kinda spittin’. This verse is dope. His flow is really great on this one. Damn. Tech killed it, but that’s honestly the only thing I like about this song. The beat was boring, Scoob’s verse didn’t impress me, and the hook was annoying as fuck. Tech really killed that shit. He saved this shit from being wack. It wasn’t enough to make this shit dope tho. It’s definitely not wack. Not to me at least. It’s alright I guess. 3/5

Track 4: Slow To Me Feat. Krizz Kaliko & Rittz

It’s actually kinda surprising that I’m this far into the album without hearing Krizz Kaliko’s voice. That was honestly a good thing tho. I really don’t like Krizz Kaliko as a singer. He’s tolerable as a rapper tho. Hopefully that’s all he does on this track. Rittz is dope af. I forgot he was signed to Strange for a minute. I guess he hasn’t really done a lot with them yet. Since I’m goin’ backwards, I’ve heard everything that he’s contributed to Tech’s albums. It’s nice to see him here again. It’s refreshing. I’m so tired of Krizz Kaliko tho. Whatever. Lemme just get this over with. They’re obviously gonna be shitting on rappers with more reserved flows. Okay, it’s starting now. Damn. This beat is actually kinda hard. It’s different. It actually kinda reminds me of a Death Grips beat. Kinda like a revised version of the beat from Guillotine. It’s not as good as the beat from Guillotine, but it’s still great. I fuck with the beat. Tech’s goin’ in. His verse was dope af. He was just braggin’ about his flow. It was pretty dope. This isn’t the best his flow has ever been or anything. It was dope tho. He did a great job. His flow is actually better on the hook than it was on his verse. I fuck with the hook. This is really nitpicking again, but I would’ve preferred if he just recited the hook once instead of twice. That’s just me tho. Most people probably won’t give a fuck. Alright Krizz is goin’ in. Jesus. He’s such a weirdo. I know this shit is all about bein’ “Strange” and everything, but some times they go a little too far for me. Krizz’s delivery makes him sound like a cheesy super villain. Eh. I don’t know. I wasn’t really impressed by his verse. This hook is… I don’t know man. The hook was cool at first, but I feel like it just slows things down. It’s not interesting enough to be a hook. I’d rather just have it be part of his verse so that I wouldn’t have to hear him repeat it over and over again. Krizz’s verse wasn’t that bad, but I’d probably cut that shit out with GarageBand along with the hook. His flow wasn’t nearly as impressive as Tech’s. That’s nothing new tho. Okay, Rittz is up next. This is great so far. Lmao. He’s roastin’ these mainstream “MCs” hard. During this line, “These rappers these days be like, ‘If I could rap like this I might get radio play,’” his voice accumulates more and more autotune, and it actually sounds like some of the shit you hear on the radio these days. He sounded just like Future to be honest. This reminds me of that No Words skit from Hopsin’s latest project. This was a pretty good way to incorporate that idea into a full song. “But just ‘cause you sound like you quacking with autotune that shit don’t make it okay.” Damn. I’m not really a fan of the way he ended that verse. I really don’t like the electric guitar. A random ass electric guitar came outta nowhere and started playing in the background. Rittz was kinda singin’ his bars to the melody of the electric guitars, and I was not feelin’ that shit at all. Wow. That’s disappointing. This shit started out pretty good, but it just fell apart. I liked the beat until them electric guitars came in. Tech did his thing. It wasn’t his best verse, but he still did a good job. I wasn’t really feelin’ Krizz Kaliko’s verse. It wasn’t that bad tho. Just not for me. Rittz’s verse started out really good, but it went downhill pretty quickly. It’s not even the bars or even his flow. Just the delivery that came with the guitars. I wasn’t feelin’ that shit. The hook was cool the first time, but it got old real quick. There’s really no need to shit on rappers with slower flows either. You don’t have to be fast to have a dope flow. If everyone spit as quickly as Tech it would just get boring. I really wanted to like this song, but I just can’t do it. It’s not bad, but I personally won’t be playin’ this shit again. It’s mediocre to me. 3/5

Track 5: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher II (Performed by Stevie Stone) Feat. Ces Cru

Damn. Lotta Ces Cru so far. That’s not really a bad thing I guess. I’m lookin’ forward to Stevie Stone’s verse. He released an album this year called Malta Bend. I was planning on reviewing that shit, but the terrible singles scared me away. There’s no way I would willingly listen to that album after hearing the sonic shit show that is Fall In Love With It. Stevie Stone seems to be pretty bad at making actual songs. This is just a cypher tho, so there’s not a lot of room for error. All he needs to do is rap. I don’t think he’s a wack MC, so he should be fine for this one. This beat is apparently from a Tech N9ne song called Come Gangsta. It appeared on his 2006 album Everready (The Religion). I unfortunately haven’t gotten to that album yet. It should be cool to get a sample of that album’s production on this track tho. Alright, I’m gonna start the song now. Tech’s on the intro talking about how he chose these “classic” beats for his artists to rhyme over. Alright, Stevie’s goin’ in now. This production already sounds a lot more polished than anything else on this album so far. Stevie’s singin’ the first part of his verse. You would think that it would be awful since he has that crazy ass grimy ass deep ass voice, but it actually sounds pretty damn good. Fuck. I accidentally started the song over. Alright the first verse is starting again. Yeah, Stevie Stone actually sounds pretty good when he’s singing. Alright now he’s rapping. The way he started this verse was great. His voice sounds so fuckin’ dope over this beat too. Damn. He killed that shit. The shit he was saying wasn’t even that crazy, but it’s just the way he said it. He sounded fuckin’ angry. He sounded like a fuckin’ monster on that shit. That was crazy. Ubi’s goin’ in now. He did his thing. I actually liked Stevie’s verse better. Ubiquitous still did his thing tho. Godemis is goin’ in now. He actually had a really dope verse too. It was better than Ubiquitous’ verse, but I still liked Stevie’s the best. This is surprisingly my favorite song off the album so far. The beat was dope af, and all three of the MCs had dope verses. Godemis’ flow was really fuckin’ dope. That’s a perfect example of how you don’t have to spit super fast just to have a dope flow. This shit is dope af. I fuck with this shit. 5/5

Track 6: MMM

Oh God. I don’t have a good feeling about this shit… Any song that reminds me of Puff Daddy’s latest mixtape is gonna give me a bad vibe. Apparently MMM stands for “Michael Myers Mask” in this case. What the fuck? Am I about to listen to a song about a fictional villain from a horror movie? Fuck. This is one of my biggest problems with Tech N9ne. He makes a lot of songs about irrelevant shit. Why the fuck would I wanna hear a song about this shit? I guess I shouldn’t judge the song by it’s title, but goddamn. Alright, lemme quit bitchin’ and listen to the song. It’s starting now. Okay this beat is dope af. What the fuck… It seriously sounds like I’m listening to a weird ass promotional song that might play in the background of a Halloween trailer. Why the fuck would I want to hear this shit? I can’t believe this song actually exists. This is just absurd. It’s not a bad song sonically. I like the beat and Tech’s flow sounds great, but the actual content is just… random as fuck. I’m not feelin’ the hook… Who didn’t see that comin’ tho? I’m really torn on this one. Sonically it’s pretty dope, but as I said before the content is just stupid as fuck. Who is this for? Who wanted a song about this? His flow is crazy. The beat’s dope too. That’s pretty much it tho. I’m not really feelin’ this one. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 7: Intruder (Skit)

This is just a skit where somebody tries to break into Tech’s house. It’s setting up the next song. I think the acting was kinda shitty, but it honestly kept me interested. I just shitted all over that MMM track, but that’s because he kept breaking the fourth wall by making a random allusion to an old horror movie. If he just describes a scenario like this without making it too corny or weird than it should be decent. The next track has potential. Hopefully he doesn’t fuck it up.

Track 8: Tell Me If I’m Trippin’ Feat. Brotha Lynch Hung, Prozak & Tyler Lyon

Tech N9ne starts going in as soon as the track starts. That Intruder skit was technically a part of the song. The tracks sound choppy and incohesive when they’re put together like this. He could’ve just put that Intruder skit as the intro to this song. It may have pissed off some impatient listeners, but I feel like it would be more convenient for repeat listens since nobody will ever choose to listen to that skit more than once. I’m really nitpicking here tho. This beat is pretty bad to be honest. It’s supposed to be dark and experimental I think. It doesn’t sound very good tho. It’s just noisy. He’s attempting to make a horrorcore song. He’s talking about how people are tryna break into his house. I guess he did a good job with the first verse. This beat is really bad. Oh no. This hook is awful. I’m not really into Rock music, so I don’t know if this is good by normal Rock music standards, but he sounds fuckin’ terrible to me. It’s not my type of music tho. Alright, Brotha Lynch Hung is goin’ in now. I don’t know. His verse wasn’t bad I guess. It just wasn’t very interesting. It was boring to me. You know, the skit was entertaining and it kept me interested despite the lackluster acting, but this shit isn’t interesting to me at all. I do not care about the shit these guys are sayin’. Prozak’s goin’ in now. I’m not much of a Prozak fan. Wow. Is this motherfucker really rappin’ about fuckin’ Ouija boards? That little skit between the hook and his verse was corny as hell too. What the fuck is this acting? Why the fuck would you put this in the middle of your song? “Tryna summon spirits asking ‘Ouija, can you hear us?’ never thinking what was in store / Then the dogs started barking, in the darkness, all of a sudden it was knocking at the front door.” This is unbearably corny. He’s trying so hard to sound dark, but this is just really fuckin’ corny. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. It’s so lame that it’s hard to take seriously. You can say that about all of the verses, but Prozak’s is the worst. This shit is honestly really fucking horrible to me. There isn’t a single thing that I like about this song. The beat is wack, the hook is fuckin’ God awful, and the verses are corny as fuck and uninteresting. This is honestly dog shit to me. Not feelin’ this bullshit at all. 0/5

Track 9: We Just Wanna Party Feat. Rittz & Darrein Safron

Tech N9ne songs usually don’t turn out well when they have a topic like this, so I’m gonna be cautious with this one. I’m not sure who this Darrein Safron guy is. Apparently this was a song that didn’t make it to Special Effects. He was supposed to get features from ScHoolboy Q & The Weeknd on it, but they “didn’t have time.” That kinda sucks. Oh wait a minute… I know who Darrein Safron is! He’s that guy that sang the fucking atrocious hook on Fall In Love With It by Stevie Stone! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Alright fuck it. Lemme just get through this shit as quickly as possible. Fuck. Oh wow. Darrein Safron signed to Strange Music. Hahahaha. Wow. That’s awful. Well, good for him. I may think he’s terrible, but at least he’s happy. Maybe he’s actually a really nice person. I don’t know. Alright the song is starting now. This beat is actually pretty dope. I fuck with it. I’m actually not really feelin’ his flow on this one. I don’t know. That first verse wasn’t that good to me. Wow. You can definitely tell that this hook was meant for the Weeknd. Darrein Safron actually doesn’t sound that bad here. He definitely sounds like he’s trying to impersonate The Weeknd. Wow. This is actually weird. He’s bitin’ The Weeknd really hard. The last thing he says on the hook is literally “the weekend.” He puts so much emphasis on “the weekend” too. Tech must’ve written this thinkin’ that The Weeknd was gonna sing it. It’s really noticeable. I feel like I would know something wasn’t right even if I didn’t know that The Weeknd was originally supposed to sing that hook. The lyrics on the hook are just god awful by the way. He names every day of the week except Saturday. “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, through the weekend.” Well, it doesn’t sound that bad. It’s just weird tho. It’s like if Action Bronson was rapping a verse that was meant for Ghostface Killah and was writtin’ by Statik Selektah. It’s just weird. You really can’t deny his singin’ talent, but goddamn. You know what the sad thing is? This actually would’ve been a pretty decent song if he got the intended features to do it. This isn’t very good lyrically, but sonically it’s pretty good. Honestly, Darrein sang his motherfucking ass off, but the lyrics and that info about The Weeknd kinda fucked it up for me. That probably won’t happen for most people, but it’s just hard to look past for me. Is it look passed or look past? Somebody help me with that… Anyway, Rittz is goin’ in now. I guess his flow is dope. I don’t know. This topic is just not that good. I know if he was rapping about something else I would like it, but… I don’t know. It was alright I guess. I really want to like this song. You know what the weird thing is? The hook is probably the best thing about this song, but at the same time it kinda ruins it for me. But I like it. I’ve never been this torn on a song before in my life. I guess it’s alright. I feel like if somebody told me that that was The Weeknd singing the hook, I would believe him/her and enjoy it much more. It’s just kinda weird knowing that it’s not him. It feels like Darrein is trying to be the Weeknd. He did a really good job, but I don’t know. It’s just not gonna happen. I don’t know how to explain it. I’m just gonna have to stop myself from sayin’ the same shit over and over again here. It’s a good song, but I personally couldn’t fuck with it. Lemme check this video out. Geez. You would think that they would be able to afford some more attractive vixens. It’s like any other Hip Hop video, except the girls aren’t as sexy. The video wasn’t very good, but the song wasn’t bad. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 10: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher III (Performed by JL) Feat. Big Scoob

Oh. I guess JL finally got signed to Strange. I’m not really sure what the hell took so long. This should be dope tho. This is apparently over a Kutt Calhoun song called Whip It. It was on the second disc of Tech’s fifth studio album, Everready (The Religion). I guess the second disc is just a Strange Music compilation or something. It’s kinda weird that they chose a Kutt Calhoun song even tho he isn’t even signed to Strange anymore. It was technically on Tech’s album tho, so I guess it’s alright. Not that it wouldn’t be alright otherwise. Just kinda weird. I’m gonna listen to the original song before I hear this new cypher. Damn. I can’t find it. Apple Music doesn’t have the second fucking disc. Oh snap, maybe (The Religion) is the second disc. You know what? Fuck it. I’m not gonna listen to Whip It. I’m not even really even into Kutt Calhoun like that anyway. I’m gonna play this new version now. This beat is actually kinda hard. It kinda sounds like a mid 2000s Southern club hit. Scoob’s on the first verse. It was cool I guess. He definitely wasn’t bad. I think it was a pretty good way to open up the track. He had a real short verse. JL is clearly the main event on this song. JL fuckin’ snapped. His flow was almost on par with Tech N9ne. He really went in on that verse. That shit was dope af. I definitely fuck with this shit. 5/5

Track 11: Fired Feat. Stevie Stone & Darrein Safron

Oh God. I’m so tired of these corny horror movie inspired songs from Tech N9ne. This sounds like it’s gonna be another Psycho Bitch song, except he can’t call it Psycho Bitch IV because he already told us that Psycho Bitch III was the last Psycho Bitch. At least I think he did. I feel like I’ve heard this song. Tech always does this shit. There’s always a Horrorcore beat playing, and then you hear a bunch of phone messages from angry chicks that Tech hit and quit. Darrein’s on the hook. It’s alright I guess. This beat doesn’t really fit his style at all. He’s definitely a fuck of a lot better than fuckin’ Krizz Kaliko tho. If this means that we’re gonna get Darrein Safron singing all of Tech’s hooks instead of Krizz Kaliko, then this is a dream come true. It’s really starting to look that way too because I’m half way through the album and I haven’t heard any singing from Krizz. Thank God. I’m not really feelin’ the beat. Tech is telling me how he had sex with a chick named Caitlyn. He took the time clarify that it was definitely “not Bruce Jenner, dude.” Of course Tech’s talking about fucking her with absolutely no subtleness. Ya know, I always thought that it was called subtlty, but apparently that’s not a word. It’s subtleness. Anyway, he’s basically being as vulgar and disgusting as he possibly can, which is what he always does when he’s talking about sex. It’s awful. I hate this kinda shit. Why the fuck does he always do this? Stevie Stone’s verse wasn’t nearly as bad as Tech’s, but I’m just not really feelin’ this shit. Darrein was the best part of this song to me. I’m just really tired of this concept tho. Tech keeps doing it over and over again and it never works for me. It’s just bad. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 12: Real With Yourself (Performed by Darrein Safron) Feat. Tech N9ne

I guess this is gonna be a Darrein Safron song. Ya know, I really didn’t like him when I first heard him, but he’s really growing on me. It definitely felt like he was trying to be a Weeknd clone at first, but I still think he has a lot of talent. Okay, the song is starting now. I was not expecting a beat like this. It sounds like more Horrorcore shit. Oh nevermind. The guitar makes it sound less weird when he starts singing. To be honest, I feel like I’m listening to Justin Bieber right now. Hahaha. Wow. This is probably the bitchest thing I have heard since Marvin’s Room. It’s basically the same song except less slow. “He don’t love you like I do / He don’t keep it real with you / Fuck him.” Wow. Lyrically, this is fucking pathetic. This is a bit too Drake for me. That’s kind of a problem. Every time I hear Darrein Safron I think of other artists. When I hear We Just Wanna Party, I’d rather just listen to The Weeknd. When I hear this song, I’d rather hear nothing because he sounds like Justin Bieber and Drake. “Bet you he don’t do it like I do / Catch him outside riding, I’ll shoot ‘pop, pop, pop.'” Wow. If that isn’t the most unbelievable, bullshit, fake threat I’ve ever heard, I don’t know what the fuck is. Why is he trying to play the tough guy? You can’t have pictures like this…


…and then act like your some kinda gangsta. He looks like one of the rich white douchebags from my school that tries to act like a stereotypical black guy and always says shit like “on fleek” or “hey, what’s up, fam.” This hook is fucking horrible. “Keep it real, girl, he don’t deserve you / He not in love with you / Girl, I’m in love with you.” Darrein Safron oughtta be ashamed of hisself. This is fucking pathetic. The way he sings “He don’t love you like I do” at the end of his second verse is just sad. Is this a real emotion that guys feel? I mean, I get that they feel jealous and shit, but why the fuck would you say some shit like that? That’s just pathetic. Quit actin’ like you actually care about this girl and suck it the fuck up. Goddamn. Fuckin’ simps, man. Quit cryin’ like a little bitch and move on. That’s what you do when you get dumped. I don’t believe what I’m hearing right now. Was this motherfucker trying to sound like a bitch? Goddamn. He even got Tech to play the role of his Ex’s new guy. “Ho chose me, and I think it’s funny you think she your trophy.” Tech is making him look like even more of a bitch. This is just depressing. Oh no. OH NO. He’s rapping. Darrein Safron is rapping on the third verse. “Maserati swerve, swerve, swerve on your curves / What’s the word, word, word?” Oh my fucking shit. This is what it would sound like if one of them white ass kids from my school tried to rap. This is fucking horrible. No. This is dog shit. This is some of the worst shit I ever heard. This is awful. Easily the worst song on the album so far. The beat didn’t stand out at all, the lyrics are just sad, and Darrein just sounds like a whiny bitch. Tech made him sound even more like a bitch too. I don’t know why he would let Tech do that to him. This shit is fucking disgusting to me. I can’t take this bullshit. 0/5

Track 13: Chilly Rub Feat. Stevie Stone & Godemis

Oh my God. This intro is hilariously awkward. I gotta quote this shit. It’s so fucking bad. Hahahahahahaha. It’s so funny tho. Okay, the girl is in parentheses. “Take off your shirt and your bra. (Okay) Lay on the bed on your stomach. (Mhhmm, okay) Okay, I’m gonna straddle you now, okay? (Alright) I’m gonna place my palms up. Then I’m gonna place the tips of my fingernails at the top of your left and right shoulders, and I’m gonna swirl down your back (Mmmmmm).” Oh my God. I’m so uncomfortable right now. HAHAHAHAHAHA. This is so fucking awkward. I hope this isn’t what he’s really like when he’s having sex. What the fuck is this shit? LMAO. That was so bad. This is really bad. Alright, the actual song is starting now. What the fuck is a chilly rub? I gotta look this shit up on Urban Dictionary. I can’t find it. Is this a fucking sex position that Tech invented? Are you fucking shitting me? Is this some kind of joke? Shit like this makes me wonder why I’m a Tech N9ne fan. This is just embarrassing, man. I can’t take this shit. “Ima do it to it / ‘Til you got to release that fluid; spew it.” What the fuck am I listening to? “You really like her and want to ding her? Well, palms up down her back with the tip of your fingernails.” The TIP OF MY FINGERNAILS? WHAT? HAHAHAHAHA. What the fuck is this shit? These directions are confusing. What’s supposed to be going down her back? Is he just scratching her back? What the fuck? What the fuck is this man talking about? Oh my God. Tech’s singing the hook. This is fucking… I don’t even know. I don’t know what to say. I’m speechless. I’ve heard a lot of shitty music since I started this website, but… Fuck. Tech N9ne is one of my favorite MCs, but this is probably in the running for the worst song I’ve ever reviewed. I’m serious. This song is a fucking joke. Stevie Stone’s verse just ended. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t as bad as Tech’s, but it wasn’t good. Godemis’ verse wasn’t as bad either. It’s too late for this song tho. Tech… What the fuck are you doing, man? Seriously, what is this shit? Just imagine a Tech N9ne stan trying to do the “chilly rub” on his girl friend one night. She’d be like “Ummm. Bradley, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” I don’t know why his name is Bradley. That’s just the first name I thought of when I thought about Tech N9ne stans. This song is a fucking joke. This is absolutely horrible. 0/5

Track 14: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher IV (Performed by Krizz Kaliko) Feat. Rittz & Prozak

Wow. This is only the second Krizz Kaliko feature. That’s dope. This beat is from Midwest Choppers by Tech N9ne. I haven’t heard any of the Midwest Choppers yet. It looks like the first one was on Misery Loves Kompany. I’ve heard bad things about that album. I’ve heard good things about the song tho. I’m gonna start it now. Okay, that static noise that plays as soon as the track starts is annoying as fuck. The beat is dope af tho. This is Krizz Kaliko’s second time rapping over it. He killed it. The shit he was actually saying wasn’t that impressive, but his flow and delivery were pretty dope. I liked his verse. Rittz is goin’ in now. Yup. He killed it. I like his verse more than Krizz’s, but Krizz still did a really good job. Prozak’s goin’ in now. I don’t think I’ve ever really heard him try to spit quickly like this. He’s doin’ a pretty good job tho. I don’t know. I wasn’t really feelin’ his verse. The lyrics were just a little too much for me. “I’m coming through your speakers like demonic possession, and hell’s bells / Don’t be afraid of mythology / Deep inside my brain is a wicked psychology / Ancient revelation intertwine with technology / Alien biology, you know that I gotta be Strange.” They’re too nerdy for me. I just can’t get behind this guy. He always tries way too hard to sound dark. Not for me. I liked Rittz & Krizz’s verses tho. 3/5

Track 15: Wake & Bake Feat. Krizz Kaliko & ¡MayDay!

Okay, I’m ready for this album to be over. I don’t know whether or not I like this beat. At least it’s different. I’m not really feelin’ Tech’s delivery on this first verse. It’s kind of annoying. I’m not really feelin’ his verse. He uses the same flow, delivery, and rhyme scheme throughout the whole verse, and it gets old real quick. “Got them vape toys.” I never realized how uncool Tech was. OH MY GOD. This fucking hook is just awful. Krizz Kaliko… Why? WHY? This hook is so bad. There’s no way they were high from weed when they made this shit. Somebody must’ve laced one of they blunts with coke because this shit is awful. That was terrible. Bernz is goin’ in now. I didn’t really mind his delivery or flow, but he didn’t switch up his rhyme scheme either. That shit gets old when you’re rhymin’ the same way over and over again. I still liked his verse better than Tech’s tho. This hook is fucking unforgivable. I don’t know what the fuck Krizz Kaliko thought he was doing when he made this bullshit. He sounds like a screeching cat that’s being thrown against the wall over and over again. No. Wrekonize’s verse was not good. He had the same annoying ass delivery as Tech. This is pretty terrible. That hook was atrocious. The beat was interesting, but not really good for a song. The verses were just annoying. Bernz had the best verse. That’s not really saying much tho. This shit is terrible to me. 1/5

Track 16: Message To Murs (Skit)

This was an incredibly unnecessary skit where Tech is like “Yo Murs, I just sent you a song. Record your verse. TECH N9NE!”

Track 17: Blunt & A Ho Feat. Murs & Ubiquitous

This beat is kinda cool I guess. Tech’s flow is pretty dope. His verse was actually pretty dope. The hook is starting now. Not feelin’ the hook. It’s not really that bad, but the lyrics aren’t worth repeating. Murs is goin’ in now. Man. This shit is just stupid. “I got a blunt… and a ho.” He was just talking about how he doesn’t get any pussy, and now he’s talkin’ about havin’ a blunt & a ho? “Closest I been to pussy is fish sticks and tartar sauce.” I kinda like the drums in the beat, but other than that it really isn’t doin’ much for me. Ubiquitous’ verse wasn’t that bad. This just isn’t that good of a song. Nothing about it stands out that much. It’s not really that bad tho. Just not very good. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 18: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher V (Performed by ¡MursDay!)

For those of you who don’t know, ¡MursDay! is just ¡MayDay! & Murs. This is over the He’s A Mental Giant beat. That’s pretty cool. This is the only beat that I’ve actually ever heard on this album. Huh. Something about this song doesn’t sound right. Maybe it’s because Murs doesn’t have that great of a flow. When I hear the He’s A Mental Giant beat, I expect to hear Tech rapping faster than a bitch. Murs is a pretty slow rapper tho. Murs’ verse wasn’t bad. Just not what I want when I hear this beat. It really wasn’t bad tho. Bernz is goin’ in now. He has a pretty slow flow too. It’s a good verse tho. He still did a good job. Wrek easily had the best verse. He still wasn’t rapping that fast, but at certain points he would kinda go in with a quicker flow. It was also really cool how the other members of ¡MayDay! came through at the end and added to the production. That was dope. I like the song. I’d rather just go listen to the original song tho. This is still good. 4/5

Track 19: Actin’ Like You Know (Performed by Mackenzie O’Guin) Feat. Tech N9ne

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! NOO! NO! NO! NO! NO! WHY! WHY DOES THIS SONG EXIST? Damn… She actually doesn’t sound that bad. This really isn’t my type of music at all tho. This is like… I don’t even know. It’s just not for me. I feel bad rating this song because it isn’t for me at all. Maybe I’ll just give it a three. If Tech’s verse is really bad I might drop it to a 2. It’s really not that bad of a song tho. It definitely feels out of place on this album. Tech’s verse wasn’t bad either. Maybe I just shouldn’t rate this. Nah. I’ll give it a 3. It’s okay. Just not for me. 3/5

Track 20: Torrid Feat. Tyler Lyon

Oh God. Not Tyler Lyon. I hate this guy. Well, hate is a strong word. I really dislike this guy’s music. He’s singing right at the beginning. The lyrics are pretty corny. What the fuck? It repeats when he’s done, but the effects on it make it sound so stupid. What the fuck? Why is Tech rapping like this? He sounds so overdramatic. Is he trying to sound corny? This guy Tyler Lyon really isn’t that good of a singer. I’m not feelin’ the hook at all. Oh my God. This is so fucking corny. I guess the verse isn’t that bad lyrically, but this just isn’t doin’ it for me at all. This is bad. The beat was kinda cool at first, but it never went anywhere. This hook is awful. This isn’t good. This is really bad. Tyler Lyon is just not that good of a singer. The way Tech was rapping wasn’t very good. His flow was nothing special. The lyrics were corny. The beat had potential, but it never dropped. This shit is bad. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack af to me. I was just gonna call it wack at first, but I don’t like a single thing about this song. It’s all wack to me. 1/5

Final Thoughts:

Honestly, this is probably the worst Tech N9ne album I’ve ever heard. Everything about this album gives me the impression that he rushed this out as quickly as he could. Tech can still rap, but these aren’t good songs. He even made the cyphers less exciting than the original one. I don’t want to hear remixes of old songs. The songs that weren’t cyphers weren’t good because they either had wack beats, wack hooks, or wack concepts. Real With Yourself? Are you fucking shitting me? Chilly Rub? Get the fuck outta here. I do not want this from Tech N9ne. This is not what I want from Tech N9ne. I just wanna hear bars. I don’t wanna hear him talking about fuckin’ chilly rub. What the fuck is that? Goddamn. This is a collection of wack songs. The cyphers weren’t bad, but they should’ve been better. None of the verses were bad. I just don’t like the way they were done. This is disappointing. I’m not fuckin’ with this album. It’s wack to me.

Favorite Song: Strangeulation, Vol. II Cypher II

Least Favorite Song: Chilly Rub




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  1. Good thing you didn’t review the bonus tracks. There was one song you would have absolutely despised.

  2. the only good thing about this album is the cyphers lol . out of all the tech nine ‘s albums this has to be the worst. in my personal opinion sickology 101 is ten times better than this because it does not feel like 20 random songs put on a cd

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