FHH Update 12-18-2015

It’s been pretty slow on this website for the past few days because I had exams last week. Today was my last day, so I should be putting out a lot more shit soon. I don’t really have anything special planned for Christmas, but I’ve been working really hard on a special article and it should be up in the first minute of 2016, so be on the lookout for that. It’s comin’ up fast, and I missed a lot of projects this year, so I’m gonna have to be in beast mode for these last few days. Shit… What else was I gonna talk about??? I know I had more to say… Oh yeah. There’s gonna be a small change to the way I do marathons. I’m still gonna be reviewing every project in chronological order, but I’m not gonna formally announce them. They’re just gonna start coming out. I have a lot of shit planned. I’m still gonna try to finish up the Tech N9ne & Nas marathons next year, but after that there’s gonna be a lot more variety. I’m not gonna focus on one particular artist all at the same time. I’m probably gonna have like 7 or 8 marathons all going at the same time. I’m planning a huge ass Wu-Tang marathon, in which I review every single project that a Wu-Tang member has dropped. This includes the mixtapes, compilations, and EPs. I also gotta do marathons for the Geto Boys (mainly focused on Scarface), Kanye West, Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Outkast, MF DOOM, Talib Kweli, Biggie, Pac, Mobb Deep, 50 Cent, Eminem, etc. Obviously I can’t do all of those albums one at a time, so there’s not really gonna be a schedule. Only focusing on one or two artists at a time gets old real quick. Tech N9ne is one of my favorite MCs, but as I’ve said in my latest reviews of his shit, I’m really starting to get tired of listening to the same motherfucker all the time, so this should help with that. Also, somebody asked me to do a fuckin’ Goldlink marathon once. I’m really tryin’ to focus on more old school and legendary MCs. You don’t go from Dr. Dre, Nas, and Tech N9ne to fuckin’ Goldlink. I may review his latest project sometime tho. I also changed the actual url of this website to “blackculturetv.wordpress.com.” I don’t know what the hell I was thinking when I originally named this website “ognickmarshtheyungking.wordpress.com.” That was pretty stupid. I realized that people would still be trying to go to the old url after I changed it, so I purchased something called a Site Redirect from WordPress. The only problem is… I fucked up. I accidentally made it so that my old url was gone forever. I didn’t realize that I needed to keep the old url AND make the new one at the same time. It’s confusing and complicated and hard to explain. Basically, if you tried to go to ognickmarshtheyungking.wordpress.com, it would say “The author has deleted this website,” so I was like “OOOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK!” Long story short, I contacted customer service, and this nice lady named Andrea B. saved my website. Thank you Andrea B. Thank you so fucking much. Goddamn. I was so fuckin’ scared for a minute. That shit was crazy. I felt like I was gonna throw up. Thank God for Andrea B. So yeah. There ya go. It’s officially Black Culture TV. I also think I’m gonna change the background color. I didn’t really realize how shitty that faded pink looked. I need darker colors now. The colors will probably already be different by the time you read this shit. God. I was so fucking worried tho. I can’t stop thinking about that… Now if you try to go to the old url, you’ll automatically be sent to this new one. You might as well go ahead and bookmark this page too. God. Andrea B. I fucking love you. I was so scared. Y’all don’t even understand… Anyway, there should be a few more reviews releasing before 2016. I might take it easy for a few days after that, but then I’ll get right back to it. I don’t know how to end this article… Uh… Bye. I guess…

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