Album Review | Gangrene – You Disgust Me

This album came out on August 7th in 2015. This is the second album that Gangrene released in 2015. The first one, Welcome To Los Santos, was a soundtrack album for Grand Theft Auto V. It had some cool songs on it, but, like with most soundtrack albums, it was pretty inconsistent. Mostly because it wasn’t all Hip Hop, so I personally couldn’t really fuck with every song. A lot of those songs just weren’t for me. There are some really great songs on it tho. I’m expecting this shit to be a lot better. I’m expecting this shit to be dope. I fuck with The Alchemist. I fuck with Oh No. The features all look pretty dope. Really lookin’ forward to the Evidence & Your Old Droog features. Of course Sean Price too. It really sucks that he’s gone… Did they ever actually say how he died? All I know is that he died in his sleep… I should do a Heltah Skeltah marathon… I got too much classic shit on my plate. Anyway, do y’all know what gangrene is? I mean, I knew what Gangrene was before, but I looked the shit up on Wikipedia and this shit is fucking nasty, cuz. I mean for real, that shit was absolutely terrifying. I don’t know how that bullshit happens. I mean, it’s obviously caused by bacteria gettin’ into your skin and shit, but goddamn. How could you let that shit happen to you? The regular gangrene was bad enough, but there’s a type of gangrene called gas gangrene… Horrifying. I looked that shit up on Wikipedia too. This motherfucker’s whole leg had fuckin’ huge ass blisters all over it. It was pitch black and shiny. I didn’t even know shit like that was possible. I would honestly just blow my brains out at that point. Ain’t no fuckin’ way I’m lettin’ no shit like that happen. Fuck that. Hell nah… If y’all are interested I would suggest lookin’ that shit up. You should be cautious tho. It’s horrifying. I took a picture of it and put it on my snapchat story. All the white people from my school were so pissed hahaha. I don’t know why the black people didn’t really say shit. I mean, they knew the shit was gross, but they weren’t mad. They was just like “Ew, bro.” The white people was seriously mad tho. I’m tired as fuck right now, man. It’s late. I should go to sleep. I think I’ll actually start this review tomorrow. Yeah. That’s what I’m finna do. Oh shit, I also wanna mention how dope that cover art is. I fuck with the cover. The guy who took the picture, Jason Goldwatch, has a whole video about the photo shoot. If you’re interested in photography or dope music related artwork you should check it out. I personally don’t really give a motherfuck about photography, but the video was cool. I actually think I’m kinda gettin’ in to photography honestly. I mean, I definitely don’t wanna be a photographer, but I like lookin’ at the super high quality and detailed photos that they be takin’. I use that shit as alternate album covers sometimes. Anyway, lemme go ahead and get into this album.

Track 1: The Filth (Prod. Oh No)

Damn… I always thought that it was spelt “filfth.” I’m so stupid. I mean, it’s not like I use that word very often, but still. I been spellin’ it wrong for seventeen years. That’s embarrassing. I just spelled “embarrassing” wrong too. I didn’t realize that there was more than one S in that bitch. Alright, lemme start talkin’ about this song. You know, I always thought that The Alchemist & Oh No both produced the songs together, but I guess not. Okay, I just listened to this track. It’s not a song. The title makes sense tho. That shit was nasty. It sounded like some guy was giving a tour of some old abandoned home. “Right there in that corner… That’s not even a cleaning issue; that’s an ‘I don’t care‘ issue.” It was a cool intro to the album. It makes sense. I feel like if you’re a really big Gangrene fan, this track would do a good job of getting you excited for the rest of the album. It’s not really a song tho, so I’m not gonna rate it. It’s cool tho.

Track 2: Reversals (Prod. Oh No)

It’s kinda late and I’m pretty tired, so I’m just finna do this one song and then go to sleep. Hopefully I’ll get up early, so I can continue the album in the morning. Oh No’s goin’ in on the first verse. It was cool. I’m really not sure what the hell he was talkin’ about. He sounded good on the beat tho. The beat’s dope. Oh shit… I’m dumb. I should’ve realized what they was doin’ right from the beginning… It’s called Reversals for a reason… Everything’s happening in reverse. I shoulda known that shit when Oh No started off with “Let the water spill back in the cup.” Alright, lemme start this song over so that I can really understand what Oh No’s verse was about. Yeah, his verse was cool. I still can’t tell what he was really talkin’ about. It sounded like he was just saying a bunch of random shit in reverse. That’s cool even if that’s all it is tho. It’s still an interesting idea for a song. It’s a pretty short song, but it’s dope. Well, the verses feel short at least. The hook’s not that good, but it’s not really a problem at all. It’s not meant to be the main attraction like most songs on the radio. It just serves as a break between the verses. I wonder if this Caribbean guy is gonna be talkin’ on every song on the album. I honestly wouldn’t mind that. I feel like I would normally be pissed off by some shit like that, but I kinda liked it on this song for some reason. I fuck with this song. It’s dope. The beat was dope and the shit they were saying was actually interesting. This was a pretty cool idea for a song. 4/5

Track 3: Sheet Music Feat. Sean Price & Havoc (Prod. The Alchemist & Party Supplies)

Alright, this should be good. This was the last song that Sean Price ever recorded a verse to before he passed away. Havoc’s cool and everything, but  I’m definitely looking forward to Ruck’s verse more. You know what would be awesome? If we knew how Sean Price died. You know what would be even better? If he was still alive. This was the second to last thing he tweeted.

I really wonder what happened. I mean, I’m only lookin’ at Twitter, but he seemed pretty happy. It doesn’t look like anything’s wrong. It’s weird how he just left. All anyone’s saying is that he passed away in his sleep. Does that happen? Do people just randomly stop living? Ah whatever. Lemme stop worrying about this shit and just enjoy the shit he put out for us. The song’s starting now. Oh No’s on the first verse. This beat’s hard. Okay, this is pretty cool. Oh No’s talking about sleep. The title “Sheet Music” is referring to bedsheets. Apparently “bedsheets” is one word. Oh No’s verse was dope. Havoc’s on the hook. I actually really fuck with the hook. I wouldn’t be surprised if Havoc didn’t have a verse. He sounded so good on that hook that it kinda makes me wish he had a verse tho. Alright, Sean P’s about to go in. Damn. Haha. “Get punched in the face for a living.” He spit a dope verse. If you’ve heard a Sean Price song before then you’ll know what to expect. He kills it like he always does. Yeah, Havoc didn’t have a verse. Alchemist went last. Damn. I didn’t realize how dope he actually was as a rapper. I usually look to The Alchemist for beats, but he can spit too. This is dope af. I fuck with this song. The music video’s simple. It’s not really much of a music video. It’s just The Alchemist & Oh No sitting in front of the camera smoking and mourning for Sean P. It’s cool. The song’s dope af tho. I definitely fuck with the song. 5/5

Track 4: Flamethrowers, Pt. 2 (Prod. Oh No)

Fuck. I haven’t heard the first Flamethrowers song. Hopefully that doesn’t really affect my enjoyment for this song. I can’t decide whether or not I like this beat. It sounds kind of disjointed. The piano cutting in and out like that is just a little jarring. Actually, it’s not really that bad. I kinda got used to it once Oh No started rapping. I definitely like the faster tempo of this song. It has energy. I like that The Alchemist comes in right behind Oh No on the first verse too. The hook’s alright I guess. It’s kinda corny, but it’s fine. They each went in twice. Both pairs of verses were dope. I fuck with the song. I’m not in love with the beat or hook, but it’s dope. 4/5

Track 5: The Man With The Horn (Prod. The Alchemist)

This beat is pretty smooth. As you probably gathered from the title, The Alchemist used a lot of horns in the production. He’s on the first verse. He’s just rapping about being a homeless alcoholic. He talks about what he sees after stumbling out of a bar. He’s pretty much just describing the city that he’s in. That description makes it sound a lot less entertaining than it actually is. I’m definitely enjoying this. Oh No’s verse was a lot less desolate and nightmarish, but it was still cool. I’m not exactly sure what the point was or what message they were trying to convey. If there is no message beneath these verses and they’re just describing random shit from different perspectives then that’s cool. It’s a dope song either way. It’s the shortest track on the album, but it doesn’t really feel unfinished or anything. I really enjoyed this song. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 6: Better Things (Prod. Oh No)

I fuck with this beat. Oh No did his thing on the first verse. I don’t know what’s goin’ on with this hook. Or interlude. I don’t know what to call it. It’s just… I don’t know. It’s just a bunch of sound clips of random civilians who sound disgusted spliced together. You can hear them sayin’ shit like “Oh my-” & “Fuck you.” Then you hear some guy say “You can bet I got better things to do than that.” It’s not really that bad, but I don’t know if I would call it good. It’s cool tho. It’s not really a problem. The Alchemist is goin’ in now. It was cool I guess. I don’t know. They’re both talking about sex I think, but I’m not really getting a lot of the shit they’re saying. It’s weird. “The magnum come loud then kick in the mouth, the Kung Lao.” I’m not even really sure if that’s supposed to be a metaphor for somebody takin’ a love-shot to the face or not. It could go either way. It’s not really clear to me. There was also some shit about fuckin’ her right in the pussy. You know what was annoying? My freshman year in high school when every other male student was always just randomly saying “FUCK HER RIGHT IN THE PUSSY” and then laughing they fuckin’ ass off like it was the funniest shit they ever heard. It’s not funny at all. It’s fuckin’ stupid. Grow the fuck up. Damn. Anyway, this song isn’t really doin’ much for me. It’s not bad, but I just don’t really care for it. It doesn’t really stand out much at all. It’s cool, but nah. Not for me. 3/5

Track 7: Driving Gloves Feat. Action Bronson (Prod. Tommy Mas)

Alright, Action’s immediately goin’ in on this first verse. I feel like Action Bronson has a feature on damn near every project that isn’t super mainstream these days. Well, that’s not true. It seems like he’s really cool with producers like The Alchemist tho. He’s always showin’ up on Statik Selektah’s albums too. This beat’s kinda cool I guess. I like that it has a fast pace. Bronson sounded like he was about to pass out by the time he got through his verse tho. That electric guitar that came in about halfway through his verse honestly sounds pretty bad to me. I’ve never been a fan of the electric guitar, and it’s really bad here. Action did his thing. Alchemist did too. So did Oh No. I don’t know. The verses aren’t bad, but I’m not really feelin’ this beat. That guitar really hurt the track for me. It’s alright I guess. It’s definitely not a bad song. I just can’t get into it personally. 3/5

Track 8: Gluttony Feat. Your Old Droog & Fashawn (Prod. Oh No)

Okay, this should be good. I fuck with Your Old Droog & Fashawn. The song’s starting now. Goddamn. Your Old Droog’s goin’ in first. I know everyone says this all the time, but Your Old Droog really sounds like Nas. He just sounds like a slightly pitch shifted version of him. The resemblance is uncanny. He had a dope verse tho. Him sounding like Nas isn’t really a problem for me. It’s interesting, but I don’t see how it’s a bad thing. Same goes for Action Bronson & Ghostface Killah. Oh No’s on the second verse. Speaking of Action Bronson, Oh No’s spitting a strangely detailed verse about cooking food just like how Action Bronson does. I guess it makes sense with the title of the track. I enjoyed his verse. The Alchemist had the better verse out of the two in my opinion. Fashawn came through at the end and killed it. There were a lot of metaphors comparing food to dicks. That’s cool I guess. The beat didn’t really stand out that much, but I fuck with the song. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 9: The Scrapyards (Prod. Oh No)

This beat’s pretty dope. I love the percussion, but other than that it doesn’t really stand out that much. There’s more electric guitar. Not feelin’ that. It doesn’t ruin the beat tho. Oh No’s on the first verse. He did a pretty good job. It’s no different than any of his other verses on this album so far in terms of quality. The same could be said about The Alchemist’s verse. That’s not a bad thing. It just means they’re consistent. It’s really hot in my room right now. There’s no hook. The structure of this song is pretty simple. It’s just two dope verses over a good beat. I fuck with this song. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 10: Noon Chuckas (Prod. The Alchemist)

Fuck. I just accidentally “pyonged” this song on Genius. Why the fuck isn’t there a way to undo that? Why do I even use Genius? This site pisses me off all the time… Anyway, that transition from the previous track into this one was really seamless. That was dope. This beat is dope af. I definitely like The Alchemist’s production more than Oh No’s. Oh No isn’t bad, but his shit just doesn’t stand out as much. This beat is really dope tho. It almost sounds like it would be good for a Horrorcore song. Damn. Oh No’s kinda goin’ in on this first verse. I mean, more than usual. Nice. The beat switched up for Alchemist’s verse. This beat is really good. He started his verse off in the most unique way possible. “Get money, fuck bitches.” I was obviously being sarcastic, but that line isn’t really a problem. I don’t think it’s meant to be taken too seriously. “Flow through the gutter like used rubbers / Chain swinging like some Noon Chuckas.” This is really dope. Oh No actually got a second verse. This song is dope af. The beat’s great, and both MCs went in. I definitely fuck with this. 5/5

Track 11: Just For Decoration Feat. Evidence & Chuck Inglish (Prod. The Alchemist)

This should be dope. I fuck with Evidence. I never got a chance to check out that Directors Of Photography album that Dilated Peoples released last year. I wonder if that was good… Did y’all see the shit that happened with The Alchemist, Evidence & Blu on Twitter? Blu went on a strange Twitter rant on December 28, and accused The Alchemist & Evidence of being Darren Wilson supporting racists who are also gay—he used a certain homophobic slur that starts with F multiple times—and love to suck police officers’ dicks.

It’s so weird. A lot of people, including myself, hypothesized that either his Twitter account got hacked or he’s been hittin’ the pipe. I don’t know what the fuck is goin’ on with him. He’s been retweeting random people that are wondering what’s wrong with him since the 29th. I’m writing this at 6:12 AM on December 31st, and right now the latest one that he retweeted was posted three hours ago.

I’m not sure what the fuck his problem is. It all seems so childish. It’s like he’s actively trying to end his own career. The Alchemist hasn’t said anything about it, but Evidence’s response is strangely calm.

Evidence seems to know something that we don’t. Maybe he really is just mentally unstable. I don’t know. If it’s not drugs and that really is him, then I’m assuming that he was already having a hard time, and all the police brutality that’s being overlooked by the government has just pushed him over the limit. I hope he gets better soon. I haven’t listened to any of his music outside of some features, but I’ve been meaning to. There’s just too much music on my plate. I seriously thought he was on crack or something, but Evidence’s tweet makes me think that there’s actually something wrong. Hopefully everything gets sorted out soon.

Anyway, this beat is dope. Chuck Strangers had the first verse and it was pretty good. The Alchemist had a short verse after him, and now Evidence is goin’ in. His verse was pretty short too. It was still dope tho. Oh No ended the song with a slightly longer verse. I fuck with this song. I’m not really blown away by anything, but it was cool. Each MC had a dope verse, and the production was pretty good. I have no problems with this song. I fuck with it. 4/5

Track 12: Hazardous Materials (Prod. Oh No)

Damn. This hook is dope af. Who did these scratches? Did Oh No do that? I kinda wish there was more scratching on the rest of the album… Oh No’s on the first verse. It was dope. This beat’s pretty good. It sounds like he sampled an organ or something. The Alchemist’s verse was dope. This is definitely one of the standout tracks. The structure of the song isn’t very different from the others, aside from this being one of the few songs with an actual hook. It’s dope tho. The beat & hook are just dope, and Oh No & Alchemist went in. I fuck with this song. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 13: The Hidden Hand (Prod. The Alchemist)

I can’t decide whether or not I like this beat. I like how dark it sounds, but that… I don’t what instrument that is… Clarinet? Is that what it is… It’s definitely some sort of woodwind instrument… Whatever instrument that is sounds a little too loud. It gets kind of annoying after a while. The Alchemist’s on the first verse. His verse was cool. Oh No did his thing on the last one too. It’s a dope song, but it kinda feels like an uneventful way to end the album. This is the final song if you don’t get the album from iTunes. I never understood shit like that. I always felt like it would make more sense to put the bonus tracks on the physical version of the album. Fuck it tho. It doesn’t matter. I fuck with this song. I’m kinda lukewarm on the beat, but both MCs had dope verses. This song is dope. 4/5

Track 14: Hot Pillow (Prod. Oh No)

Hot Pillow

This song opens up with some guy talking about how someone “forgot to flush.” “Oh my God… It’s… It’s like a log, like a tree log.” The beat’s pretty good. This is definitely one of the better beats from Oh No. The Alchemist’s on the first verse. It was pretty good. This hook is actually pretty dope too. Oh No’s goin’ in now. He did his thing. This is really dope. This is a much better way to end the album in my opinion. This is definitely one of the better songs. The scratches on the hook are dope. It feels like a more appropriate ending to the album than The Hidden Hand. If you’re planning on picking this album up, I would definitely recommend getting the iTunes version. It would just feel incomplete without this song. I fuck with this song. It’s dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

This album is dope. There isn’t really a wack song on here. In fact, the only problems I really had came from the production. The beats that I wasn’t feeling weren’t really wack. It’s more of a personal problem. I really don’t like the electric guitar, so that was kind of a turn off, but thankfully it was only on like two tracks. If you don’t mind the electric guitar then this album probably wouldn’t have any wack songs to you. There’s not really a wack verse on here. Instead of hooks, the majority of these songs just have interludes that consist of old samples. I think they’re samples. I’m not positive tho. I’m not sure where they came from. They sound like old movies or TV shows. The feature’s were all pretty dope. It’s just a solid album. If you’re into that grimier style of Hip Hop with dirty beats, and straight bars, then you’ll enjoy this. If you’re into that more mainstream style of Hip Hop that focuses on catchy hooks and energetic, Trap inspired beats rather than decent lyrical content, you should probably steer clear. I definitely fuck with this project personally tho. There’s really not anything to complain about. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Sheet Music

Least Favorite Song: Driving Gloves




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  1. I glad you liked the album dude. I thinking of picking up Big Boi’s Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors and I need your opinion on it.

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