Album Review | Jeezy – Church In These Streets

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This album came out on November 13th, and if it’s anything like that promotional EP that he released a month prior, then it’s going to be dog shit. As I said in my discussion of the worst EPs of 2015, Politically Correct is a big reason for me not checking this album out sooner. I technically started this review in November, but I just couldn’t bring myself to listen to it. Seriously, that EP he released was really bad. I haven’t heard any singles from this album, but nobody’s really been talking about it, so that leads me to believe that it’s not that good. I’m gonna try to be optimistic about this shit tho. There aren’t really any Jeezy projects that I thought were great. The only other album that I’ve heard from him was Seen It All, and a lot of the mixtapes that I’ve heard from him have been pretty forgettable. I’m really hoping that this project will be at least as good as Seen It All. I’m nervous tho. I have a bad feeling about this project. Hopefully I end up being pleasantly surprised…

Track 1: Grind State (Prod. D. Rich)

Oh God… D. Rich is the guy who produced every track from Politically Correct. Maybe he wasn’t really trying on that project… Okay, the track is starting now. Jesus… Have y’all seen the new song page for Genius? It looks awful… Anyway, the hook and beat are both pretty generic. That’s really the best word to use for this song. It’s generic. If you’ve heard any other decent Jeezy song, you’ll know what this shit sounds like. I’m worried now. This wasn’t really a good way to start the album off. I mean, it’s not a horrible track, but it’s just so goddamn boring. There’s nothing interesting about this track. It’s a generic beat with a generic hook & three generic verses. It’s mediocre. I’m not feelin’ it. I was just gonna call this average, but this is too boring to even be considered average. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 2: Lost Souls (Prod. D. Rich)

I can already tell that this is gonna be a boring album. It’s so fucking long too. 19 tracks is too much Jeezy. Hopefully the tracks that aren’t produced by D. Rich aren’t as sonically underwhelming. There’s a long ass thirty second intro of some random ass guy talkin’. It sounds like he’s in jail or something. I don’t know. This beat is pretty weak. The synthesizers that this D. Rich guy always uses sound really cheap. The hook isn’t very good. This beat is definitely more interesting than that of the previous track. Wait a minute what??? “Lil Oowee, yeah I heard he just got 39 / Even though the nigga young, still a whole lot of time / He used to run with D Boy / Them éses cut his penis off.” What the fuck? He doesn’t explain that shit either… Who the fuck is they? Who the fuck is D Boy? All that we know is that he’s some guy whose penis got chopped off. That’s fucked up. You can’t just mention some shit like that and then not explain it like it’s no big deal. The first verse was nothing special. The shit he said about D Boy was the most interesting line, but he doesn’t ever explain it. It’s a boring verse. The second verse isn’t any better. It’s a boring song. I’m not feelin’ it. The production, verses, and hook are all really underwhelming. I feel like I’m listening to Politically Correct again. This isn’t going well. 2/5

Track 3: Holy Water (Prod. Cassius Jay & Beezo)

Hopefully this will be better since D. Rich isn’t involved. This beat definitely doesn’t sound as cheap as the shit D. Rich made, but it’s still not very good. The hook isn’t good. Jeezy’s goin’ in now. I don’t know, man. This shit is just putting me to sleep for some reason. “It’s that super nigga music ’bout to put on my cape.” Really? “Super nigga.” I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind shit like that. Nothing about this song is that good. I mean, it’s not really bad, but it’s just so uninteresting. The beat is wack. The hook is boring. The verses are boring. His flow is boring. It’s just a boring track. I don’t really see how anyone could say that this is a good song. Yeah, it’s not that bad, but it’s just not good. I’m not feelin’ this shit. I’m honestly amazed at how much I dislike this album so far. This shit is wack to me. 2/5

Track 4: Gold Bottles (Prod. London On Tha Track)

Gold Bottles

Well, at least the production will probably be better on this one. I fuck with London On Tha Track. I’ve been sitting here staring at my computer for the past five minutes trying to decide whether or not I should listen to this song. I guess I will. I mean, I kinda have to since I’m reviewing it… Seriously tho, I’m shocked by how bad this album is so far. Jeezy really isn’t a bad artist. How the fuck is this album so damn boring so far tho? I’m only three tracks in. Maybe it just has a really bad start. There’s gotta be at least one dope song on this album. Okay, I’m ’bout to listen to this song for real now. Oh. This beat… It’s actually really fuckin’ dope. I fuck with this beat. The hook isn’t great, but it does it’s job. The first verse was cool I guess. The production is dope. I don’t know. The hook’s fine and so is the verses. Jeezy’s definitely the least interesting thing about this song. London On Tha Track is doin’ most of the work here. The hook’s pretty basic. He’s talkin’ about guns, bitches, winning, gold watches, gold chains, and generic shit like that. I feel like if I don’t delete this song right now I’ll never listen to it again. It’ll just be sitting in my iTunes library for no reason. It’s not really that bad of a song. The beat’s definitely dope. I just don’t really give a fuck about the shit Jeezy was saying. It’s alright I guess. London On Tha Track did his thing. Still not really impressed by Jeezy so far. This is definitely better tho. 3/5

Track 5: Hell You Talkin’ ‘Bout (Prod. London On Tha Track)

I’m glad London has more than one placement on this album. He’s definitely doing a better job than D. Rich. Hopefully Jeezy isn’t overshadowed by the production on this song. Okay, this beat actually sounds different. Thank God. Half the beats he was rhymin’ on before sounded exactly the same. This beat is actually dope af. The hook is fine. The first verse was cool. Damn. I actually kinda fuck with this song. “Told her ‘pull up to the spot, baby; bring your mouth too‘ / Got that condo pussy might just have to house you.” I fuck with this song, but when I hear Jeezy say shit like that it just makes me feel like he’s a complete fucking idiot. I fuck with this song tho. It’s not amazing, but it’s cool sonically. The beat’s dope af and Jeezy did his thing. This is dope to me. It’s also the shortest track on the album so far, which is kind of annoying, but it is what it is. 4/5

Track 6: Hustla’s Holiday (Prod. Nard & B & Will-A-Fool)

Hustlaz Holiday.jpg

Damn. I actually kinda fuck with this hook. Jeezy’s singing, but I kinda like it for some reason. This song was released as a single in celebration of Jeezy’s birthday, in case you couldn’t tell from the cover up there. “What a hustler need a bed for? I ain’t tryna lay down.” There are so many lines on this album that are just stupid as fuck. That kinda makes it more fun to listen to tho. I mean, that line that I quoted is comically stupid. There’s no way that he thought that was a good line. He had to have been joking. “Stack it like a black Jew.” I don’t even know what to say about that shit. Well, I shouldn’t have to say anything. “Just know today a holiday for hustlin’ niggas like you.” Wow. That’s motivational. Good for him. I wonder if there are Jeezy fans out there who are having a bad day, and then they hear this song and feel great. The only problem is that all of that happiness will disappear when they realize that that line is only valid on September 28th. I like the melody of the hook, but Jeezy didn’t do the best job singing it. He probably should’ve got a feature for that or something. It’s not terrible tho. He just rhymed “Monday” with “one day,” “one day” again, and “Sunday.” I don’t know why I’m sitting here analyzing Jeezy rhymes. It’s not like anyone ever claimed that he was the greatest MC ever or anything. I guess it’s just because the song really isn’t that entertaining. When the song first started, the buildup of the beat made me think that the production was about to be crazy. It just didn’t really go anywhere. This beat is no better than any of the other generic beats on this album so far. It sounds just as basic and conventional. I kinda fuck with the hook a little bit, but other than that I’m not really feelin’ this song. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 7: Eternal Reflection (Interlude) [Prod. Cassius Jay]

This is Spoken Word from someone named Jessica Care Moore. I’m not sure why Jeezy tried to act like he was getting all conscious on us. That’s not what Jeezy fans want. If people want conscious Hip Hop, they aren’t gonna look to Jeezy for that. Nobody wants that from Jeezy. Jessica did her thing, but for real who the fuck wants this from a Jeezy album? I mean, I know I was kinda just shitting on him for havin’ some stupid ass lines, but you can be gangsta and smart too. Just look at Nas. Or fuckin’ Pac. Look at any legendary gangsta rapper. Look at Childish Gambino. Nah, I’m just playin’. On some real shit tho, who the fuck gives a fuck about Conscious Jeezy? Who the fuck likes this new direction that he’s goin’ in? Nah. This isn’t working for me. I mean, Jessica Care Moore did her thing. There’s nothing wrong with this particular track. It’s just the shit I was talkin’ about before. Nobody’s gonna take Conscious Jeezy seriously. He would have to put out some really amazing conscious music if he wanted to be taken seriously. Alright, I’m done with this track. Lemme move on to the next one. This one obviously won’t be rated since it isn’t a song. It was cool tho.

Track 8: God (Prod. Southside & TM88)


This was the first single that Jeezy released for the album. That single cover is pretty dope. That white border around the PA sign kinda sucks tho. The song is starting now. Damn. This beat is real simple, but I kinda fuck with it. It’s real dark. The hook is simple too. He’s just saying, “I’m a god in the hood, nigga.” The first verse was fine I guess. His flow sounded really lazy, especially towards the end. It started off pretty good tho. He starts each verse off with the same two lines “Young 5-8 talk like he ten feet tall / Chopper make a nigga jump a 10 foot wall.” That’s pretty much the only good line in this song, and it’s mostly because of the flow. He repeats that line a lot at the end too. He must’ve realized that that was the only good line or something. This song is alright I guess. I fuck with the beat, but pretty much everything else about this song just feels lazy. The beat honestly feels kinda lazy too. It’s really simple. I just like it because it’s dark. The remix has Nas on it. I think I’m finna check that out right now. Nas actually was spittin’ his fuckin’ ass off. He definitely outdid Jeezy on this shit. Jeezy pretty much got Controlled. Nas went off. I just wish his verse was a little longer. He killed it tho. The original version was alright. The remix is definitely dope, but the original isn’t that good. It’s okay I guess. 3/5

Track 9: Church In These Streets (Prod. Zaytoven)

Church In These Streets 1

I fuck with Zaytoven, so hopefully this song will be decent. This beat is cool. Not amazing or anything, but it’s not bad. The hook is average I guess. That first verse wasn’t very good. It wasn’t terrible, but he was reachin’ with a lot of those rhymes. The hook is pretty boring. Honestly, I can’t get behind this shit. It’s not that bad, but it’s just boring to me. The beat was kinda cool, but everything Jeezy does on this song just feels generic and boring. This song is average at best. The music video’s generic too. Pretty underwhelming for the title track. I could say that for damn near every song on the album so far tho. 3/5

Track 10: New Clothes (Prod. Nard & B, Zaytoven & Cassius Jay)

Oh my God. What the fuck is this shit? Why the fuck is… What the fuck? This hook is fucking horrible. Jeezy’s singing it, and it sounds awful. I mean, he was kinda singin’ on Hustla’s Holiday, but this shit is so much worse. Even if he had a good singing voice this still wouldn’t be good because the melody isn’t even decent. What the fuck was he thinking? There are comments under the Church In These Streets music video that say that this is his best album. Am I listening to the right project? Seriously, this is one of the worst Jeezy projects I’ve heard so far. One of the replies said New Clothes was one of the best songs on the album. What the fuck? No. This is awful. I don’t see how anyone could possibly say that this is a good song. Definitely not the best song on this album. The only thing that stands out from this song is the hook, and it’s for all the wrong reasons. This shit is awful. Nah. I can’t fuck with this song. This is wack af. 1/5

Track 11: Sweet Life Feat. Janelle Monáe (Prod. C4 & Supah Mario)

Sweet Life.jpg

This isn’t really a Trap song. I mean, I kinda fuck with this beat, but Jeezy sounds really out of place on this song. The production definitely sounds a lot more polished than that of the other songs so far tho. The hook is alright. I’m definitely glad that Jeezy didn’t try to sing it himself. It’s a little sugary for a Jeezy song tho. At least it’s different from the other songs. Half of the other songs that I’ve heard sound almost exactly the same. I don’t think this is a terrible song, but I don’t think that this is what Jeezy’s fans want from him. I didn’t really enjoy it that much, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Just not really that good. Janelle’s hook was alright, but I feel like anyone could’ve done that. Well, any half decent singer. Jeezy definitely couldn’t have done it… It’s an alright song. Just not for me. 3/5

Track 12: Scared Of The Dark (Prod. Nard & B)

Fuck, man. This shit is so boring. I don’t know what the problem is. I usually like Jeezy, but this is really bad so far. Maybe it’s because the production sounds so cheap. Or maybe it’s because this is really just a bad Jeezy album. Nothing is standing out at all. Even his vocal tone is putting me to sleep. This beat isn’t terrible, but just like with almost everything else related to this album, it’s just not good. I’m not feelin’ this repetitive hook either. This is definitely one of the more interesting songs lyrically. “They should put your picture in the dictionary, right next to ungrateful, nigga / You the definition with your ungrateful ass / I was in denial had to face it, nigga / Can’t do epic shit fucking wit basic niggas ’cause they scared of the dark.” I’m pretty sure he’s dissing Freddie Gibbs. It’s not really a good diss, but at least he’s finally responding to that Real track that Gibbs released. He’s over a year late. Better late than never tho. I feel just as indifferent about this song as I do about almost every other track on this album. It’s not good, but I don’t really hate it that much. It’s average. 3/5

Track 13: No Other Way (Prod. D. Rich)

No, man. NO. Not D. Rich. I’m so tired of this album. I’m ready for this album to be over. Damn. This beat actually isn’t that bad. The hook isn’t bad. “Fuck all y’all monkey niggas.” Oh God… I know that he isn’t trying to be nice or anything, but every time a rapper says “monkey niggas” it always feels like a bit much… He couldn’t have thought of a better insult? Fuck it. It’s not that big of a problem. This beat is actually pretty dope. I’m pretty sure he’s dissing Gibbs on this track too. It seems that way to me at least. “Never bite the hand that feed you / Put you down, you know the rules / You niggas ain’t got a hustling bone in your body / Penthouse mind state while you talkin’ ’bout the lobby.” Again, it’s not that good of a diss, but at least he’s finally saying something. Unless this isn’t really a diss track and I’m reaching. I kinda wish he would’ve said his name. I don’t dislike this song, but I feel like I’ll never come back to it if I don’t delete it right now. The beat’s cool, but other than that it’s really just more of the same. It’s not a bad song. It’s just okay. 3/5

Track 14: Sister Good Game’s Testimony (Prod. Nard & B)

This is another one of them political interludes. It’s not bad. It’s honestly one of the most entertaining tracks on the album so far. Not that I would ever come back to this. Most of these tracks have very little replay value for me. Sister Good Game is talkin’ about black on black crime. It was kinda funny to hear this old lady talkin’ ’bout “Ya main bitch.” It’s cool I guess. I’m never gonna listen to this track again. That could be said for most of these tracks tho.

Track 15: J-Bo (Prod. Nard & B)

I’m almost halfway through this song right now. I really don’t have anything to say. I feel like I’ve been repeating myself for damn near every song on the album. The majority of these songs are indistinguishable. This beat is average. The hook is very simple. Maybe I’m just not as much of a Jeezy fan as I thought I was. I do like a lot of his older shit tho. I like him rapping over this type of production, but these particular beats that he’s been choosing just aren’t very good. They’re boring. That’s usually not a problem for Jeezy, so I don’t know what happened here. This just isn’t a very good song. It’s more of the same. It’s average, generic Jeezy music. 3/5

Track 16: I Feel Ya (Prod. Nard & B)

I feel like I’ve been listening to the same song for the past 50 minutes. It’s unbelievable how generic this shit is. I just can’t get into it. This song sounds like… It sounds like nothing. It’s so generic that it sounds like nothing. Seriously, I can’t believe that this even exists. It’s so… GENERIC. I don’t know how else to describe it. There’s no fucking way that Jeezy hasn’t already made this song before. This shit sounds exactly like every other mediocre Jeezy song. I can’t get behind this shit. I’m about to fall asleep from listening to this shit. 2/5

Track 17: Go Get It (Interlude) [Prod. Cassius Jay & Blanco The Ear]

Oh thank God. Another interlude. Thank God I don’t have to listen to another full Jeezy song. Oh no… What the fuck is this shit? This motherfucker literally just asked me “Every time you bullshitted… Does that make you want to go get it?” like a thousand times over some light piano & female vocals. What is this? He’s so lucky that this isn’t being sold as a full song because I would tear this shit to shreds. This is bad. I’m not gonna give it a rating tho because, as I just said, it isn’t a full song.

Track 18: Just Win (Prod. Smurf)

Wow. This beat actually sounds different. It’s still not that good, but I’m just glad that I can actually tell that this is a different song. The hook’s pretty bad. It kinda sounded like he was trying to sing at first, but he just gives up on that after the first few lines. You know what, I actually kinda fuck with this beat. Yeah, he’s definitely trying to sing on this hook. Only the first line tho. It’s not good. I’m glad this song is different. There’s only one problem tho… It’s still not that good of a song. I mean, the beat’s kinda cool, but the hook’s still wack and the verses aren’t anything special either. It’s another average Jeezy song. It’s still different tho… It’s still different. 3/5

Track 19: Forgive Me Feat. Monica (Prod. Smurf, Rance & Blanco The Ear)

Holy FUCK this album is long. Thank God this is the last track. This beat is actually not bad. I’m not in love with it, but again, it’s different. It’s pretty smooth. Oh my God. Why is Jeezy on the hook? Where’s Monica at? At least he isn’t screaming his ass off on the hook like every other song. Seriously tho, where’s Monica? Is that her singin’ in the background? That’s all you got her on this song for? I guess that’s not that much of a problem. I was just looking forward to hearing someone other than Jeezy. At this point I’ve pretty much lost all interest in this album. I’m not into this song. This song isn’t doing anything for me, but I still can’t say it’s that bad. It’s just another average Jeezy song. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

This is the most boring project I’ve had to review in a long ass time. Definitely the most boring Jeezy project I’ve ever heard. I haven’t heard all of his albums tho. Jeezy may be a God in the hood, but he sure as fuck doesn’t sound like it on this album. As I said earlier, damn near every song on this project is indistinguishable. This album is too damn long. It doesn’t even sound like an album. It sounds like a long ass mixtape. 19 songs is too much. Especially with no rap features, and only 2 sung features. One of them’s only in the background too. This album is too much Jeezy. It’s not even good Jeezy tho. After the 3rd track you will have already gotten tired of hearing his raspy voice. The production is incredibly basic. I don’t know what happened with these beats. Jeezy usually has a great ear for beats, but 90% of the production on here sounded incredibly basic and derivative. Also, this religious spin that he tried to put on everything was corny as fuck. Just look at this shit…

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 8.15.51 AM.png

Does that look like a person whose album you wanna hear? It’s just not good. Everything feels watered down. The production, verses, hooks… Everything. This album puts me to sleep. It’s so generic and boring. I can’t even really say that it’s bad tho. It’s average. It’s just so average that it’ll put you to sleep. I would only suggest listening to this album if you’re a huge Jeezy stan, and even then it might not be that good to you. It’s average. This is about as average as it gets. It’s basically a glorified mixtape.

Favorite Song: Hell You Talkin’ ‘Bout

Least Favorite Song: New Clothes




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