Why I Hate The Police…

This was written on February 9th.

It’s been a minute since I made an article about anything other than Hip Hop, but I finally found a topic that I’m passionate enough about. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’re trying to have a good day, you probably shouldn’t finish reading this. Your blood pressure will rise, and if you aren’t white, you’ll be reminded that your life apparently doesn’t matter. A few days ago, I found out that Robert Rialmo is suing the family of Quintonio Legrier for 10 million dollars. For those of you who don’t know, on December 26th last year, Antonio Legrier called the Chicago police to report a domestic disturbance. You can probably already predict how this ended. Quintonio Legrier, Antonio’s son, was going through an overwhelming amount of emotional distress. He was apparently beating against his bedroom door with a baseball bat, so his father, Antonio, called the police so that they would assuage the situation. I don’t want this article to be super long, so I’m gonna try to be brief here. The person who answered the door when the police arrived, Bettie Jones, was killed along with Quintonio. According to Robert Rialmo, the fucking piece of dog shit who pulled the trigger, Quintonio was about to attack him with the baseball bat. At that point, Robert Rialmo shot Quintonio SEVEN times, and Bettie one time. Of course, Robert Rialmo is still a free man. He’s still in possession of a firearm, despite murdering two innocent people. I already told y’all about how he’s suing the Legrier family for 10 million dollars. You wanna know why? “Extreme emotional trauma.” Are you fucking shitting me? I really didn’t think of what I was going to say before I started writing this. Basically, if you have a connection to the United States government in any way, fuck you. Fuck you for letting this happen over and over again. If you say #AllLivesMatter, fuck you. If you say police are the most mistreated people in America, fuck you. There isn’t a single song in existence that could articulate the hate I have for people who allow shit like this to happen. There’s no song that could describe the sadness I feel when another innocent life is taken by the ones who’re supposed to be protecting them. Robert Rialmo deserves life in solitary confinement. Extreme emotional trauma? Why? Because YOU are an incompetent pussy who’s afraid of a 19 year old with a bat just because his skin is darker than yours? Because YOU took the life of TWO innocent human beings who thought that they could trust you to help them? Because YOU are a fucking failure? Quintonio Legrier and Bettie Jones are dead. Antonio Legrier will never see his son again. You took him away. That wasn’t enough? You want to take away their financial stability now too? You haven’t already made their lives miserable enough? This is what we fucking mean when we say Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter? Really? Are you seriously fucking offended that people are standing up for themselves? If all lives mattered then we wouldn’t be having this conversation in the first fucking place. Who the fuck came up with “All Lives Matter?” It’s not about you, you insecure piece of shit. Nobody is saying that white lives don’t matter. The controversy isn’t about all lives. It’s about BLACK LIVES because BLACK lives are being taken. Where the fuck do you think that phrase came from in the first place? I don’t understand how the color of my skin could make somebody hate me so much. I’ve always been against the death penalty, but when I heard about Robert Rialmo I seriously started to reconsider that shit. Where is this “emotional trauma” coming from? Are you seriously blaming the family of the person whose life you ended? You think YOU have extreme emotional trauma? How the fuck could America let this happen? Yes I hate police. ALL police. I hate ALL police because they let this shit happen. I’m sure there are a handful of police who do try to prevent shit like this. Well, try harder. We don’t have fucking time to wait for this shit. We need this to end today. It doesn’t take long for a cop to fire his gun. Do police not have tasers? Do those not exist anymore? I fucking hate everyone involved in the government. This should not be happening. And don’t give me that fucking “life isn’t fair” bullshit. Fuck you. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fucking try to make it so that people will think of Africans as human beings. I don’t believe in Hell, but if it does exist, then that is exactly where people like Robert Rialmo are going. And don’t even get me fucking started on Rahm Emanuel… There’s so much more I could say about this shit… I’m about to have a fucking heart attack thinking about this shit tho. Don’t let this happen again. The next time there’s a controversial police shooting—Yes, I know there will be another one—there better be some fucking consequences. You know what the most fucked up part of this is tho? I’m talking tough like I’ll be able to do something about it. If you’re reading this, please go to the next protest for police brutality, or injustice in general. The only reason that the officer who murdered Laquan McDonald is in jail right now is because pieces of garbage like Rahm Emanuel were afraid of protests. So, yes, protesting does help. Just do something…

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