Mixtape Review | Future – 56 Nights

This mixtape came out on March 21st last year. It was the third entry in a “trilogy” of mixtapes that Future released in late 2014 & early 2015. The other two mixtapes are Monster & Beast Mode. A lot of you probably already know that I’m really not a Future fan at all, but I know that his music has a place in Hip Hop, and I do enjoy shit like this from time to time. I did listen to Monster, and it was terrible. I’ve said that before. I’m not sure where I said it, but I know I did because somebody hit me up on Twitter and said “how dare you call monster by future terrible.” I couldn’t believe it. “How dare you.” Really? Was he really offended that I had a different opinion than him? I’m sorry, but that mixtape is absolutely horrible. You can tell just from the cover that it’s terrible. Anyway, this mixtape is hosted by DJ Esco. He apparently spent 56 nights in a jail in Dubai, which is what inspired this project. Hopefully it’s better than Monster. Every track is produced by a member of 808 Mafia. I’ve heard really good things about this tape. I’m still gonna be cautious tho…

Track 1: Free At Last (Prod. Southside)

This wasn’t a real song, so I’m not gonna give it a rating. It’s just a skit. I guess I’m supposed to be hearing what DJ Esco heard as he was getting freed from prison. I kinda blacked out for a minute, so I honestly can’t even remember what the people were saying to him. I think some if it was in a different language. I’m not sure. It seems like they put a fair amount of effort into this mixtape so far. Definitely more than Monster. This was a pretty cinematic intro. I still could’ve done without it tho…

Track 2: Never Gon’ Lose (Prod. Southside & DY)

This beat is alright I guess. It doesn’t really stand out to me that much. It’s a generic Trap beat. I just can’t get behind Future man… His voice is awful. His flow is basic as fuck. The lyrics are a joke. The only time I kind of like him is when he’s struggling to sing an incredibly catchy & melodic hook. This hook is boring. That’s really all I can say about this shit. Of course it has nothing to do with the actual theme of the mixtape. He didn’t say shit about Dubai or prisons. He’s rapping about the same shit that he and every other generic Trap rapper raps about. It’s boring. This is wack to me. I’m not feelin’ it. Same goes for the music video. 2/5

Track 3: Purple Comin’ In (Prod. Southside)


This hook is pretty terrible. This beat’s pretty dope. Do I really even need to say shit about this song? It’s just another track about lean. The verses are not good. Future cannot rap. He just can’t. The hook is boring as fuck. The beat’s dope. That’s the only good thing I can say about this. Future is just moaning all over this song. It just sounds like he recorded himself gargling lean and then threw some autotune over it. This isn’t good at all. I mean, the beat’s cold, but other than that this is wack. Southside did a good job. Future did not. I feel like every song is just him saying “uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh,” over a decent Trap beat, and then everyone says it’s amazing. This is wack. I can’t fuck with this. The only reason I’m not gonna call this wack af is because Southside did a good job. It’s still wack tho. 2/5

Track 4: Diamonds From Africa (Prod. Southside)

Oh my God. This is so bad. This beat isn’t even that good. Future sounds awful on this shit. I really shouldn’t have started listening to this tape. This was a bad idea. I’m halfway through this song right now, and I have not understood a single word that this motherfucker has said. His voice is awful. He doesn’t even sound like a real person. I can’t even tell if it’s because of the autotune or if his voice is really just that bad. His voice is fucking horrible. I don’t understand how anyone could enjoy this. I mean, I get why people like Trap music; I like Trap music. I just don’t get why people like Future in particular. There are so many better Trap artists out right now. This song is fucking horrible to me. There is not a single thing that I like about this song. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 5: Now (Prod. Southside)

I don’t even know why I bothered with this tape right here, man… This song is fucking horrible. Future’s voice is just so fucking bad. He’s screaming like a motherfucker right now. He sounds like he’s getting tickled and drowned at the same time. This beat isn’t even good. It’s literally just a boring bass loop, some hand claps, and a hi-hat. The fucking echoes on Future’s voice are annoying as hell too. What the fuck is this? I’m so confused right now… Why the fuck do people like this? I understand why people would like songs like Chosen One or Commas because they’re catchy as fuck, but this is trash. I don’t even do that a lot; I rarely call any music trash, but this seriously sounds like it was made in about 5 minutes. This is horrible. I can’t fuck with this shit. This is wack af to me. 0/5

Track 6: No Compadre (Prod. Southside)

Oh my fuck… This is so bad… It just keeps getting worse and worse. This is even worse than the other shit so far. Maybe not Now. That was really bad. This is pretty close to that song in terms of quality. This beat is wack. The hook is awful. He’s repeating “Mi no compadre” over and over again. His voice sounds fucking horrendous. Even if his voice didn’t sound so bad, this wouldn’t be a good song. The beat’s annoying as fuck, the verses are just awful, and Future’s hook & flow are boring as hell. That’s really all I can say about this one. It’s the same as every other song on this bitch. It’s fucking horrible. 0/5

Track 7: March Madness (Prod. Tarentino)

March Madness

This is the only song from this mixtape that I’d actually heard before starting this review. This is what gave me the desire to listen to this bullshit. I actually like this song. I know. First of all, that beat is fucking crazy. This is the only track on the whole tape that isn’t produced by Southside, so I guess I just don’t really like Southside that much. Tarentino put his fucking ass in this beat tho. This beat is dope af. Now let’s get into the actual song itself… One of the few things that I actually like about Future is his ability to come up with absurdly catchy hooks. This is really the only song on the mixtape where he does that so far. This isn’t his best hook, but it’s still dope. He obviously doesn’t do the best job singing it, but it’s tolerable. The melody’s dope. The lyrics are pretty bad, but that’s to be expected from Future. He mentions police brutality in a single line, then he goes back to perpetuating the same racist stereotypes that he always does. I guess some people might like the fact that he mentioned it, but I would’ve preferred if he didn’t speak on shit like that. I mean, I’ve been complaining about how he raps about lean on every single song, but that doesn’t mean I wanted him to half ass an attempt at getting all political on us. He’s just not the right person to speak on shit like this. It doesn’t help when someone like Future raps about shit like that. I like the hook tho. The hook’s dope. His voice is actually tolerable on this song. It might have something to do with the dope melody or the great beat. I don’t know. His actual bars on this song are pretty bad… “These fuckin’ police can’t touch me / These bogus police can’t touch me / These fuckin’ niggas can’t touch me.” He’s not even really rhyming with these lines. He’s just saying the same shit in a slightly different way three times. “I drive the foreign like it was a Chevy / Drive the foreign like it was a Chev’.” Lyrically, the first verse is fucking terrible. The beat keeps things from getting too boring tho. You don’t listen to Future for lyrics anyway. This is one of the few tracks on this mixtape where I feel like he did what he does well. I fuck with this song. This is dope to me. The remix with Nas is the version you should listen to tho. Nas fucking ripped this shit to shreds. That version is dope af. This one’s dope tho. 4/5

Track 8: Trap Niggas (Prod. Southside)


Oh God… This song is on 56 Nights? I remember hearing this song on the radio when I was in Cali, and I couldn’t believe how fucking terrible it was. Maybe it’ll sound better with headphones on. It’s probably not as bad as I remember it being. It’s starting now. Uh… Nah… I’m not feelin’ this. I definitely don’t think this is the wackest song on the tape, but it’s just not good. The beat isn’t good at all. I like that it has a fast pace, but that’s pretty much all I can say for it. It’s pointless tho; it’s not like Future spits with a quicker flow or anything. It’s the same lazy flow that he uses on every song. The hook is just awful. The hook is so bad. I hear a faint melody in there; if he actually sang it instead of mumbling I would probably enjoy this a lot more. It sounds awful tho. I hate that high pitched squeak that every Trap producer seems to jam into their songs these days. It’s in damn near every other Trap beat I hear. Why? Stop using the same sounds. Fuck. At least Future’s talking about something other than lean for once. “God bless all the trap niggas.” It’s definitely not the most original topic, but it’s new for him. I think. I’m just not feelin’ this song. It’s boring as fuck. The beat is wack, the hook is terrible, and Future sounds fucking awful. That could apply to almost every song on this tape so far tho… This is wack af. The datamoshing in the music video was actually kinda cool, but other than that it was boring. 1/5

Track 9: Da Fam On Da Gram (Skit) [Prod. Southside]

Oh my God. This skit is annoying as fuck. These people speaking… Their voices are almost as shitty as Future’s… You can tell that it’s intentional for them tho. This skit was annoying and unnecessary.

Track 10: 56 Nights (Prod. Southside)

56 Nights 4

This beat is actually pretty good. Again, I could’ve done without the fuckin’ generic ass squeak that I hear in every other Trap song these days, but other than that I fuck with this beat. It still doesn’t have shit on the March Madness beat, but it’s better than all the other beats. It’s dope. This hook is boring as fuck. Future’s mumbling again. He sounds like he’s about to fall asleep. Future just can’t rap. At least he wakes up a little bit for the actual verses. “Money keep a nigga motivated / Molly keep a nigga motivated / Percocet keep em motivated / Good drank keep a nigga motivated.” Thank God this is the last track. I honestly don’t know if I could take any more of Future rhyming words with themselves. He’s just not a good rapper. I really don’t see how anyone could argue with that. Even if we ignore the absolutely terrible lyrics, his delivery & flow are wack too. I’m not feelin’ this shit man. It’s wack. The beat was dope, but everything else about this song is just awful. I’m done with Future, man. This is wack af. 1/5

Final Thoughts:

This mixtape is fucking horrible. That’s just how I feel personally tho. I’m clearly in the minority when it comes to Future because he’s one of the most popular Hip Hop artists out right now. I don’t really understand why, but it is what it is. If you like Future, there’s no reason for you to not like this. It makes sense that I don’t like this. I think this is the worst mixtape I’ve ever reviewed, and the second worst overall project that I’ve reviewed. The production isn’t good. It’s just not. Honestly, nothing is good about this mixtape. If you’re like me, and you dislike Future, but you think he’s capable of making a catchy track every now and then, listen to March Madness and skip the rest of the tape. That’s really the only decent track on here for me. Aside from that track, the production is incredibly boring throughout this whole project. I don’t even know why he bothered with that whole “56 Nights” concept. Aside from the first track, this entire project has absolutely nothing to do with DJ Esco’s time in prison. I guess MAYBE you could argue that the final track is about it, but he does a horrible job staying on topic. The only time he really even references it is during the hook. After that he goes back to talking about himself. I think Southside had a lot to do with me not liking this project. The only track that I thought was decent was the one that wasn’t produced by Southside. Every other beat on here was generic and underwhelming to me. Future just can’t rap, so I don’t think I even need to mention his lyrics. His flow is boring as fuck. His voice is fucking horrendous. The hooks were lazy as hell. It doesn’t even really seem like he was trying with this tape. Except for March Madness. I know Future can do better than this, and this is coming from someone who thinks Future is fucking dog shit. This is supposed to be one of Future’s best projects, so I don’t what the fuck would’ve happened if I chose to review Purple Reign or EVOL. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I think this mixtape is wack af, and that if you feel how I feel about Future in general, there is a 27% chance that you will like this. It’s not good. However, if you like Future, you’d probably love this mixtape. It’s just not for me. Future is not for me. I probably won’t ever review any more of his shit, unless he makes another track like March Madness, which would cause it to land on my schedule. I really doubt that’ll happen anytime soon tho…

Favorite Song: March Madness

Least Favorite Song: Now




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  1. Sorry to post again, but I think you gotta relisten to Monster. I can see why you hate 56 Nights, but Monster has a few tracks in particular that I can’t see why anyone would dislike. Gangland in particular has got Future’s best bars, flow, and delivery to date, as well as a bass that can cause earthquakes.

  2. Motherfucker who do you think you are ?

    dropping shitty opinions on an artisitic craft ?

    You make a tape , lets see how you do .

    this is dope shit . Learn to appreciate the craft man . You may think its shitty but thats your opinion . Its negative . Keep that shit to yourself . Until you drop a tape yourself , stay sleeping with that hater shit .

  3. Future can do much better than this but he chose quantity over quality . I know he can say words clearly but for some reason that is too hard for him. if i can make a request to you nick, can you review T-pain ‘s mix-tape the Iron way for me? it came out during the same period of 56 nights and better just because it has big krit on it . its not amazing but its pure fun and shows effort unlike this

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