Mixtape Review | Tory Lanez – The New Toronto

This mixtape was released on Christmas in 2015. I’ve never reviewed a Tory Lanez project, but I’ve been a fan for a while. I don’t like him as much as I used to tho. I REALLY liked that motherfucker back around the time that Sincerely Tory dropped. I was disappointed by Conflicts Of My Soul tho, so I kinda stopped payin’ attention to him for a minute. It’s been cool to see him blow up even if I don’t like his shit as much as I used to tho. I’ve always liked Tory Lanez more than Drake; even before Drake started getting incredibly lazy with his music. I guess I’m expecting this to be dope. I don’t think it’ll be great, but there’ll probably be a good amount of dope tracks on here. It’s hosted by DJ Drama, and it’s supposed to be mostly bars. He released a second mixtape on the same day as this one called Chixtape III, which is strictly R&B. I don’t do R&B reviews, but I’m definitely gonna listen to that one. I might mention my thoughts on that tape at the end of this review. That Cruel Intentions EP that he dropped last year was R&B and I enjoyed that a lot, so hopefully I’ll enjoy both of these tapes…

Track 1: Makaveli (Prod. Play Picasso)


Okay, it’s starting now. The way Tory Lanez is singing right now… I don’t think I can objectively say that it’s good because it kinda reminds me of Future. It’s not really bothering me tho. I don’t know if Future is the right comparison. He just… He’s yelling and his voice is kinda cracking. Kinda like Young Thug. I’m enjoying it tho. As long as the actual verses aren’t like that, this should be good. This beat is dope. Okay, he’s rapping normally. Yeah, Tory can rap. He may be mentioned alongside Drake a lot, but he’s definitely a much better MC than him. His flow is dope on this first verse. He may rhyme about a lot of the same shit that Future or Drake rap about, but he’s definitely a lot more technically proficient than those two. His flow and delivery on this first verse are dope af. This is great so far. I fuck with the hook too. The second verse just ended. It was dope af. I definitely fuck with this song. I really enjoyed this. The beat’s dope. Tory was spittin’. The hook was great too. There’s really not anything that I don’t like about this song. I definitely could’ve done without the DJ Drama tags, but that’s not enough for me to penalize the song. I fuck with this shit right here. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 2: New Toronto (Prod. Play Picasso)

Wow. I enjoyed that first track a lot more than I thought I would. I’m not really sure why tho… I’ve always liked Tory Lanez… Fuck it. It doesn’t really matter. Anyway, I just listened to that whole Chixtape III project, and I wasn’t feelin’ it. It’s not really for me. I have liked Tory Lanez’s R&B shit before tho… I only heard one song from Chixtape II (it was Summin’), but it was dope af. I wasn’t really feelin’ anything on Chixtape III tho. None of the tracks were really bad. Nothing stood out to me tho. Damn near every song was a 3/5 for me. So there ya go. There’s my half-assed R&B review. You probably see why I don’t do that often… Now lemme go ahead & talk about this song. I’m not really feelin’ this beat that much. It’s not bad. It just doesn’t really stand out much. Tory starts spittin’ as soon as the track starts. His flow is nothing special on this one. He’s not really saying anything that impressive. I mean, I don’t think this verse is that bad, but it just doesn’t really stand out that much. The whole song is just a single verse from Tory. I’ve pretty much said everything there is to be said. The track is underwhelming to me. I don’t really think it’s bad. It’s just not very good. The beat’s boring. The verse was underwhelming. This isn’t doin’ anything for me. I don’t even think it’s a bad track tho. It’s just not good. It’s alright. I guess. 3/5

Track 3: Woods (Prod. Sergio R & Play Picasso)

This beat is fine I guess. It’s definitely not bad. It doesn’t really stand out tho. The hook is alright. The first verse was fine. Nothing is really standing out about this song. I definitely don’t think it’s bad. It’s just not that good. The flow was nothing special. The beat didn’t stand out. The hook is slow and kinda boring. I don’t know. If this came on the radio or something, I might not change the channel. It’s still not that good tho. It’s an alright song. It didn’t do much for me personally tho… 3/5

Track 4: Other Side (Prod. Sergio R & Play Picasso)

This beat is cool I guess. This hook isn’t amazing or anything, but it does its job. The first verse was fine. The second verse was cool. I don’t know. Nothing about this shit is really standing out. It kinda reminds me of some Meek Mill shit. I mean, Tory Lanez is a much better rapper than Meek Mill, and that’s an understatement, but this seems like Meek Mill’s kinda production. Even the shit he’s rapping about seems like some shit Meek would rap about. That’s not really a bad thing tho. It’s just something I noticed. I’m not really impressed by this song. The beat was cool, but… Nah. The verses were fine. The hook gets old real quick. This is just another average song. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 5: One Day (Prod. Play Picasso & Sergio R)

One Day

I’m starting to get worried about this tape. That first song was dope af, but I’m getting bored… Hopefully he picks this shit up soon… The track is starting now. He’s singing the hook. This melody isn’t that great. It’s fine tho. I guess. Oh man… I don’t think I’m ’bout to like this shit… The first line is “Ima get me out the fuck out the friend zone.” Hell nah… This song really isn’t for me. He’s rappin’ about relationships and shit like that. This sounds like some soft ass OVO shit. I’m not feelin’ this… The beat’s fine I guess. This is boring. The shit he’s sayin’ just isn’t interesting, and his flow is nothing special. The hook doesn’t do shit for me. I’m just not feelin’ this. It’s not horrible, but it’s still wack to me. I’m not feelin’ this. 2/5

Track 6: Round Here Feat. Brittney Taylor (Prod. Tee Watt & Tory Lanez)

Hahahaha. Wow. This hook is annoying as fuck. I kinda like it tho. It’s just kinda stupid. It’s so repetitive. It’s hard for me to take seriously. So I guess I kinda enjoyed. The first verse is starting now. I’m starting to get tired of Tory’s voice. He always has the same melodic delivery in the same pitch. It got old after the first track. Brittney Taylor’s on the second verse. It was pretty bad lyrically. She sounded good tho. Fuck, man. I really wish I was enjoying this tape. I used to love Tory Lanez. This just isn’t good tho. The hook is really annoying. I’m not really feelin’ this beat. Tory’s repetitive delivery gets old really quick. He’s been rapping the same way on all of these tracks. The majority of the songs on this tape so far are indistinguishable. None of the verses on this song are good. Honestly, aside from the first track, Tory really hasn’t been spittin’ very well on this tape. I’m not feelin’ this track. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 7: Kids From The West (Prod. Christian Lou, Play Picasso & Tory Lanez)

YES. Tory’s actually rapping for real on this song. He doesn’t have that annoying ass melodic delivery where he sounds like he’s moaning all over the track. This is gonna be good. Yup. The song just ended. It was dope. It was just one verse tho. It’s a short ass song. He’s rapping about his old life in the hood. It’s dope. The beat didn’t stand out among any of the others, but it’s cool I guess. The verse was dope. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it. I’m so glad that I enjoyed this song. It’s just one dope verse over a good beat. Also, there’s a dumb ass intro and outro from DJ Drama, but that doesn’t really matter. I fuck with this song. It’s dope. It’s definitely not amazing, but it’s easily one of the best tracks so far. 4/5

Track 8: Lord Knows, Pt. 2 (Prod. Play Picasso & Tory Lanez)

This is the sequel to the original Lord Knows by Meek Mill, which was on Dreams Worth More Than Money and featured Tory Lanez. I haven’t heard that song because I haven’t reviewed Dreams Worth More Than Money. I doubt that I will anytime soon. I think it is somewhere on my schedule tho. I think… Anyway, the song is starting now. Wow. This hook sounds just like the fuckin’ hook on The Godfather. I feel like I’ve already heard this same song 7 times from Tory. What the fuck? I’m not feelin’ the hook. It’s not horrible. It’s annoying tho. This beat sounds kinda familiar… Oh… It uses the same sample that was used in Tech N9ne’s song, Lacrimosa. The way Tory is yelling is so annoying. He’s been doin’ this on damn near every track. The verses aren’t terrible, but they don’t stand out that much. I don’t know. This isn’t doing anything for me. I wouldn’t call this a bad song, but I’m really not into it. It’s alright I guess. 3/5

Track 9: Traphouse Feat. Nyce (Prod. Play Picasso & Sergio R)


Tory’s singin’ this first verse. He sounds good. I’ve always thought he was a pretty good singer. Wow. I was not expecting a song called Traphouse to sound like this. It’s good tho. I’m enjoying it. He sang the whole first verse. It was cool. I wasn’t really impressed by the lyrics, but it wasn’t bad. I actually really like this hook. It’s dope af. Nyce is helping with some background vocals. He sounds pretty good. This line on the hook where Nyce says “Ring around the Rosé” is kinda corny, but other than that this hook is dope af. This is just an R&B track. This is ironically better than any of the songs from Chixtape III. I’d probably enjoy this a lot more if Tory rapped the verses instead of singing, but I still really enjoyed this song. I’m not sure who this Nyce guy is, but he did a great job. I definitely fuck with this. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 10: Them Days (Prod. Lavi$h)

This beat is weird… I like it tho. What the fuck? I thought The New Toronto was supposed to be the Hip Hop tape? Why is he singing on this track too? This should be on Chixtape III. The first verse is boring. So is the hook. The melody isn’t that good. The beat is pretty much the only thing I like about this song. I don’t think this song is bad. It’s just not that good to me. It’s average. Just like the majority of the other songs. 3/5

Track 11: Letter To The City (Prod. C-Sick)

This is easily the most distinguishable beat on the whole tape. It’s dope. He’s rapping. He doesn’t have that annoying, high pitched, melodic, screaming delivery. The song just ended. That was kind of abrupt. It’s only a little over a minute and a half long. It’s just one verse over a dope beat. I kind of enjoyed it, but I don’t know if I’d ever come back to this again. I wasn’t that impressed by the verse. His flow was nothing special. The lyrics were fine. His delivery was thankfully less annoying tho. The beat was cool. I like that this song sounds different from the others. It’s still not that good tho. However, I don’t think it’s a bad song. This is just average to me. It’s alright. 3/5

Track +1: Diego (Prod. Ozhora Miyagi, Mr. Punisher, Play Picasso & Tory Lanez)


This song was premiered by HotNewHipHop on January 19th last year. I remember really liking this song when I first heard it, but it’s been a minute since then, so I’m almost coming into this blind. Almost. Okay, it’s starting now. Oh shit I remember this. This hook is fuckin’ dope af. The beat’s great too. The actual first verse wasn’t that great, but he did his thing. He has the same delivery that I was talking about before. I don’t really mind it here tho. It’s probably because the hook is actually good. The second verse just ended. Yeah, he’s not really sayin’ nothin’ on these verses. I’m okay with that tho. This shit is HARD. I fuck with the hook and the beat. The shit he’s sayin’ isn’t that good, but he sounds really good. Sonically, this is great. I fuck with this shit. This is dope. The lyrics could’ve been better tho. I still enjoyed the song. It’s dope. 4/5

Track +2: Dímelo (Prod. Snakehips)


This song was apparently put together by Yours Truly & adidas Originals for a series called Songs From Scratch, and was released on February 24th last year. My experience with this song is pretty much the same as my experience with Diego. I’ve heard it before, but it’s been a long time. It’s starting now. This beat is dope af. Tory Lanez is actually rapping. I mean, he’s rapping with a more natural delivery than he did on most of the other tracks. He just plugged adidas. I don’t mind it. I wouldn’t have noticed it if I didn’t know that adidas had something to do with this song’s existence. Oh he also said some shit about Vans. Maybe that adidas plug wasn’t intentional… The first verse was cool. Again, I wasn’t blown away by anything. I enjoyed it tho. He’s singing on the hook. Wow. This hook is fucking incredible. This beat is so dope. This is great. The second verse just ended. It was cool. The verses didn’t blow me away lyrically, but this shit is so dope sonically that I didn’t even care. This is fucking great. I honestly enjoyed this song more than anything that actually appeared on the tape. This is dope af. 5/5

Track +3: B.L.O.W. (Prod. Play Picasso & Sergio R)


This song was released as a promotional single on September 18th last year. Again, I’ve heard this song, but I don’t really remember anything about it. It’s starting now. This beat is dope af. Wow. I’m surprised by how good this beat is. It’s way better than any of the beats that Play Picasso & Sergio R produced on the actual tape. He’s rapping the first verse. His flow was dope. Oh God. I’m not a fan of the way he ended that verse. It reminded me of Big Sean… That’s a bad thing… “Fuckin’ hoes neck to neck to neck to neck to neck / To neck to neck to neck.” That’s a stupid ass line. It’s not bad enough for me to penalize the track, but I might have to if he fucks up with another dumb line like that. I’m not really in love with this hook. It’s alright I guess. Oh God… “I’m talkin’ ho and ho and ho and ho, wait… / Ho and ho and ho and ho and ho.” Why the fuck does he keep doing that shit? You can’t tell me that he didn’t hear that shit from Big Sean. Big Sean was rapping like that on a song from his album Dark Sky Paradise. I don’t remember what song it was. It was wack tho. That whole album is wack. Wow. He kinda jacked Big Sean’s flow on this second verse. What the fuck? WHAT THE FUCK? He keeps doin’ that shit where he repeats the same word. WHY? Fuck, man. I kinda enjoyed the song, but shit like that makes it hard to defend. I loved the beat. The hook was alright. The verses were alright too. He did some shit that pissed me off tho. I don’t think the song is bad; it just gets held back by dumb lines and annoying flows. It’s alright tho. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

This tape was alright I guess. Half of the songs are indistinguishable. They may not be particularly bad, but they just aren’t very good. That’s the best way to describe this mixtape. It’s average with a few gems. I definitely got bored listening to this shit. I feel like Tory’s newer fans will definitely like this. He wasn’t really spitting like he used to tho. He didn’t start doing that melodic, screaming flow until recently. He does it on almost every song on this project, and it gets old quick. I hope he stops doin’ that shit soon. The production was cool I guess. It was very dark and kind of trap inspired. If you like OVO artists you’ll probably like this. That’s basically what this is. Once he started blowing up, he began sounding more and more like a Trap inspired OVO artist. I might have to do a review of Sincerely Tory some day. I kind of enjoyed this tape, but I’m almost positive that if I didn’t already like Tory, this wouldn’t turn me into a fan. I recommend skimming through this. There are only a handful of standout tracks because most of them sound alike. It’s an alright tape.

Favorite Song: Makaveli

Least Favorite Song: One Day




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