Joey Bada$$ Vs. Troy Ave

I’m pretty late with this story because this happened last month, and it’s usually best to cover shit like this as it’s happening. I honestly don’t have a reason for doing it this late, but it doesn’t really matter. Well, I guess it kinda does… Whatever. Better late than never. I guess. Anyway, I’m just gonna cover this shit in the chronological order of events. On February 22nd this year, Joey dropped the following song, which is produced by Statik Selektah.


This isn’t even a diss track tho… It’s just a regular song in which he name drops Troy Ave at one point. He just kinda mentioned the abysmal sales of Major Without A Deal, which was the worst album of 2015 that I actually reviewed. Should I even review this track? I guess I probably should… I doubt this song’s gonna be on his next album anyway, so if I don’t talk about it now, there’s a chance that I’ll never get another chance. Well, that’s not true at all actually. Whatever. I’m gonna do it now anyway. This beat is dope. Damn. His flow and delivery are great on this first verse. It sounded so hard when he said “Joey got the juice, finally got this nigga loose / Now while I’m free to speak free my nigga Shmurda too.” The first verse is dope af. I’m really enjoying this. This is great. The second verse is great too. I love how he was talking about his meeting with Jay Z. It reminded me of Touch The Sky, when Kanye said “I think I died in that accident ’cause this must be heaven.” Okay he FINALLY mentioned Troy Ave. “60k first week for the Badass / 200k to this day I know you niggas mad / With the 80 20 split my nigga do the math / My nigga Kirk just outsold Troy Ave.” It was only one goddamn line. Troy Ave made a whole song because of that line? Nah. It wasn’t because of that line. He must’ve already been hatin’ on Joey for some reason. Either that, or he’s really insecure about his album sales. I can tell this isn’t gonna be on his next album. It’s a good song tho. I fuck with this shit. It’s dope. 5/5


So about a week after that song came out, Troy released his diss track, Badass. It’s produced by Yankee.


Just to be clear, after this I’m probably never gonna review any Troy Ave shit again because his music is absolutely terrible. Unless he’s involved in another beef. Okay, it’s starting now. This beat is wack. The piano loop is so boring. Wow. This hook is wack. He just comes off so jealous and childish. “You sold a couple records but nobody cares / You never on the radio cause nobody cares / You don’t matter so you mad bruh, nobody cares / You just a Internet rapper, nobody cares.” This really reminds me of the Meek Mill & Drake beef. His lyrics make him sound just as pathetic and desperate as Meek did. “I never hear ya songs when I bug in the club / I never hear ya songs in the hood, you a dub.” 90% of his bars apply to himself instead of Joey. He’s tryin’ to go in on Joey about how he has no fans, but he has way more fans than Troy. He has nothing to go on. “You more Digable Planets, I’m more Roc-A-fella.” First of all, I know this is a personal thing, but I’d take Digable Planets over Jay Z any day. Second, and more importantly, that’s just not true. In fact, Jay Z WANTED Joey Bada$$ to sign with Roc Nation, but Joey Bada$$ was like “nah.” This is really bad. “Let me teach you how to dance,‘ that was B-A-D.” Okay, that’s actually true. That’s easily one of Joey Bada$$’ worst songs tho. It’s still way better than 90% of the shit Troy Ave’s ever done tho. Everyone makes bad songs. Teach Me was wack tho… Woah. Wow. This is awful… “I’m a savage / this gon leave you sad, bitch / Don’t get suicidal like your friend, here’s a casket / Steez burning in Hell, my burner’s in my belt / I’m really killing shit, you niggas killing yourselves / Fucking weirdos, off the roof, ‘Steer clear yo / This nigga tryna fly, he think he a superhero‘ / Splat man, Fuck you and that man.” What the fuck was that about? He just pissed on the grave of Capital STEEZ for no reason. What the fuck? What the fuck was that? Wow. What a dick. You know, it would’ve been bad enough if Troy Ave was a good rapper, but the fact that this song is so wack just adds insult to injury. Troy Ave is a fucking dick. I don’t know what the fuck he was thinking. I guess there wasn’t really anything that he could actually say about Joey Bada$$, so he had to go at somebody who can’t defend himself. What a fucking dumbass. And what the fuck is all that “weirdo” shit about? I remember him calling Kendrick Lamar a “weirdo rapper” a while ago. By “weirdo” does he mean somebody who isn’t following every single one of Hip Hop’s stereotypes? Troy Ave seriously seems like that guy who legitimately thinks that corny ass trends like dabbing and calling your friends “woes” is cool. He seems like he follows every single trend possible because he wants to be “the popular kid.” MAYBE you could argue that Joey lacks originality because he sounds like he’s straight out the Golden Age, but at least he’s actually a good MC. I don’t fucking believe this shit. Troy Ave just seems really, really stupid. He just tried to insult Joey Bada$$ by calling him a “poet rapper.” What the fuck? I can’t believe this shit. Okay, that’s it. I’m done with this fucking track. This hook is annoying af. The beat is boring af. The bars are a fucking joke. I’d honestly rather listen to Charged Up or Wanna Know than this shit. This is fucking dog shit. 0/5


I can’t believe he made that whole song because of one line. “Nobody cares.” The irony in that hook is fucking infuriating. Clearly Troy Ave cares since he got so bitter over one line. What a dick. Troy Ave called in to Sway In The Morning for an interview about this shit. I’m not sure when it was, but I’m ’bout to listen to it now.

Alright, Troy’s on the phone right now. “God is great.” Is this motherfucker for real? You can’t be talkin’ ’bout Capital STEEZ like that and then act like you all in the Church and shit. I hate these fake ass religious people. They’re always the most fucked up people, and they always hide behind their “faith,” and shit. That’s some more BULLshit. “I woke up with some company. A lot of company.” He lyin’. Okay, Sway’s finally askin’ about the STEEZ shit. What the fuck… “He ain’t pass away he killed himself. He took his own life. God gave you life; it ain’t your right to take that. That’s a fact.” That’s just not true tho. Even if you believe in God, you can’t say that it’s a fact that God gave you life. That’s not a fact. This motherfucker doesn’t know how facts work. Sway was just like, “He’s not here to defend himself.” Troy just said, “I don’t care. That’s not my business.” Troy, you MADE it your business when you decided to disrespect a dead man. He was talking about how Joey Bada$$ doesn’t get played on the radio, but in the same goddamn interview he said that he heard Ready for the first time on the radio. I really don’t need to say anything to prove to y’all how much of a fuckboy this asshole is. “It’s no rules in beef.” Okay, I actually agree with him on that one. BUT, just like he said, “there’s no rules in a reaction.” He can say some fucked up shit about a dead person who can’t defend himself if he wants, but that doesn’t automatically mean that everyone’s gonna be comfortable with it. I’m sure there are some people out there who for whatever reason like Troy’s diss. Personally, I think Troy’s a fuckin’ asshole. That’s just me tho. I’m giving my perspective. Just go to the comment section of the interview. One guy said, “Look at all these fucking weirdos defending Shitz or whatever his fucking name is. Troy is a true savage and all he speaks is de facto. Niggas only think the song was garbage because they like to hate on Troy Ave. Shit was fire. Hotter then the hell fire Steez is rotting in. Rest in Piss Schizophrenic Steez.” That guy also seems really stupid tho… It doesn’t matter. Some people are just assholes. It’s not like Troy Ave is on top of the world. People shit on him all the time. That’s not gonna change anytime soon. He probably just made it even worse for himself. Unfortunately, Joey’s only response was on Twitter. I think he quoted a tweet from Troy Ave where he said “Nas is overrated” or some shit like that, and was like “….. This brotha been buggin ….. Get him TF outta here…. No mercy for this man.” That’s honestly pretty disappointing. The whole BEASTCOAST was goin’ at Troy. A$AP Twelvy said some shit on Twitter. I don’t know. Troy Ave already lost this shit, but I’m just surprised that Joey didn’t drop a track. You would think that you would drop a track especially after hearing Troy talk like that about your homie. Oh. Apparently he explained why he’s not gonna drop a diss track in an Instagram post.

So that’s it I guess. “You’re career on life support homie dnt make me pull the plug.” He used the wrong form of “your,” but that’s neither here nor there. I actually hope that Troy drops another track. That quote makes me think that Joey will drop a diss track if Troy doesn’t leave him the fuck alone. So there ya go. Joey won this and he didn’t even drop a track. I really wish he did tho. It doesn’t feel right to say that Joey won this beef. Troy Ave definitely lost tho. Well, I can’t even say that. Not objectively. I dislike Troy Ave even more than I did before now, but he got way more publicity than he should’ve gotten from this. This is probably the most fame Troy Ave has ever gotten in his life. Maybe it’s more notoriety than fame. Still tho. He got a lot of publicity. He seems like the type of person that cares more about money than respect and dignity. Good for him. I’m not gonna be listening to his bullshit again, but at the same time, I’m not gonna wish for his failure. He’s already a fuckin’ joke to most Hip Hop fans.


A few seconds ago, I went to YouTube and saw that SwaysUniverse posted a new video called “Joey Bada$$’ 5 Fingers of Death May Be the Best of 2016! Plus He Takes Shots!” I’m still kinda upset that Joey didn’t drop an actual diss track, but I guess this is the next best thing. I haven’t listened to it yet, so I guess I’ll treat this as if it was a diss track and talk about it right now.

It doesn’t look like they’ve posted the actual interview yet. For those of you who don’t know, the 5 Fingers of Death is when an MC is freestyling, and the beat switches up four times in the middle of their verse. I think the best one I’ve seen so far was from King Los. Okay, I don’t think this is an actual freestyle. Sway was like, “You brought a verse with you?” and Joey was like “Yeah, of course.” I personally don’t really care if people freestyle this shit or not. I just wanna hear them rap. I usually assume that it’s written. Huh… Maybe this is a freestyle. He’s kinda stumbling over his words. I guess some of it’s written and some of it isn’t. He’s not really dissing Troy yet. Oh shit never mind. “Made me more ill dope for real / Name another Brooklyn cat Major Without A Deal / I destroy average rappers / It’s just practice / Eat ’em up for breakfast.” That line was cool. Not amazing tho. I guess this isn’t completely a diss to Troy Ave. It’s not like every bar is a jab at him. Okay he just said some more shit… “Said something ’bout you lames / When aiming down below / The drama won’t let up, you reap what you sow / Men lie women lie, numbers sure don’t / Got the whole beast coast coming for your skull / The karma gone catch up, your album sales won’t.” Okay, that line was dope af. Alright, here we go. He’s actually startin’ to say more shit. “Not worried about the clubs / I’m worried about the love / By the looks of it, y’all brothers gettin’ none.” Oh shit… It’s over… I wasn’t really paying attention to the beats. I guess he already did five different ones. It looks like he’s not done yet tho. He’s about to go in again. Alright here we go. He’s rappin’ over a Wu-Tang beat now. This is dope. Okay, yeah. This is a diss. I spoke too soon when I said there were only a few jabs. Goddamn. He’s really goin’ the fuck off on Troy and defending Steelo at the same time. Wow. This is dope af. Goddamn. He fuckin’ killed that verse. Troy’s done. That was dope af. FUCK JOEY THAT SHOULD’VE BEEN IN AN ACTUAL DISS SONG. Damn it. Whatever. He still killed it. I don’t know which lines to quote. I wish I could quote the whole verse. Shit. I might actually have to do that because he just made Troy Average look like a BITCH. “Like we gone let it slide / When he did more dead than you could ever do alive / Now I won’t even lie; can’t agree with suicide / But in the darkest time, there’s still a brighter side / He took a leap of faith and only brightened his light / You took a cheap shot and hate will only shorten your life.” He’s obviously responding to Troy talking shit about Capital STEEZ for committing suicide. That’s not even the best line tho. Here’s where Joey really murdered the fuck outta Troy: “Difference between you and him is that he lives forever / You’ll be the first to die who nobody ever remembers.” GAWD DAYUM! “‘Cause the city never needed you never / You committed career suicide and made New York better.” YES. That’s so fucking hard. That’s the perfect response. The only way this could’ve been better would be if he actually made a diss song. He still wasn’t finished after that tho. “I gave you one line, you made a whole song / Here’s some more rhymes, you’ll be working year long / Let me set the record straight from here on / Whoever said Joey ain’t the best; they’re wrong.” Alright. Troy’s done. There’s no possible way that Troy Ave of all people could come back with a harder diss than that. We’ll see what happens tho. Wait… Oh shit… He’s about to go in AGAIN. Oh man… DJ Wonder, you fuckin’ up. Joey asked him to play the beat from Bow Down by Westside Connection, but he didn’t have that one. Hahaha. DJ Wonder just gave them a different beat, and Sway was like “…nnnnnnnah…” This motherfucker ’bout to get fired. Nah, I’m just playin’. Okay, he’s goin’ in now. Alright the last verse just ended. It wasn’t a diss tho. It was just a regular verse. It was a really dope verse, but I’m only here to talk about the beef… Alright. Well, I’ve pretty much said it all. Joey lyrically ripped Troy a new asshole. I just wish it was an actual song so I could listen to this shit all the time. That’s really the only bad thing I can say about it. “You’ll be the first to die who nobody ever remembers.” Goddamn. We’re not done yet tho. My homie just sent me the music video for Badass. That’s right. Troy Ave made a music video for his diss track. I’m gonna bet 100 dollars that it’ll just be Troy Ave flashing his money around girls with fat asses and rapping to the camera like every other generic Hip Hop music video. Alright it’s starting now. I just lost 100 dollars.

Wow. He’s doubling down on his stance on suicide. Seriously, fuck this guy. “I wanna take a time out to talk about a serious matter: suicide. Contrary to popular belief, or what other’s people music may lead you to believe, if you commit suicide, you will not be a martyr. You will not be a legend. That’ll be the end. We don’t promote that over here at BSB Records. I promote living; God gave us this life, and we should enjoy it, and appreciate it to the fullest. If you’re going through any type of issues, just know suicide is not the answer; it’s not the way. They have hotlines you could call; people you could talk to. I mean hell, you could even @ me.” In the song, he says that STEEZ is burning in Hell. If Hell DOES exist, where the fuck does Troy think he’s going after making this fuckin’ song? Oh my fucking God. He recorded the music video on a roof. What the fuck? Who recorded this bullshit? They need to wipe the fuckin’ camera lens off. Alright, I’m done. I regret hearing this song more than once. Honestly, this is just making me angrier at Joey Bada$$. I don’t know how you could hear Troy talking about STEEZ like that and NOT make a full diss song. I hope Joey sees this video and it changes his mind. He can’t let this shit happen. I was right when I said this would be a generic video with Troy rapping to the camera too. The only reason I lost them 100 dollars was because of that TERRIBLE intro. Fuck. The next time I update this article it better be because Joey dropped a diss song…

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  1. One little nitpick in this post, Bow Down is by Westside Connection which Ice Cube was a member of.

    Nitpicking aside, Troy Ave is a chump of a “Rapper” and hopefully will fade into obscurity within the next few years.

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