FHH Update 5-27-2016

Today was my last day of exams as a junior, and I’m on summer break now, so I should hopefully be posting a lot more shit for the next 2 or 3 months. I’m not exactly sure when my next school year starts. Anyway, I just made a Snapchat account for this website, so I’ll be giving quick updates on what I’m workin’ on as well as my thoughts on certain news updates. For example, I definitely would’ve made a quick comment about Gucci bein’ free yesterday if I had this Snapchat account at the time. I’ve tried making a FaceBook page for this website, but I hate FaceBook, so that’ll probably never actually happen. FaceBook is just so unintuitive to me. So there ya go. I guess that’s all I’ve got to say. Right now I’m tryin’ to finish this fuckin’ Kaytranada album review up. I have two finished reviews in the vault right now that just need to be edited. One of them’s been finished for like a month now. So yeah. Be on the lookout for that shit. Expect a lot more content since I’m on summer break again. Hopefully my computer doesn’t get destroyed this time…

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  1. Do you like or are interested in Death Grips? If so, then you should review their latest album Bottomless Pit.

    • Yeah, I’ve thought about reviewing Death Grips before, but I just cannot get into their shit. I already skimmed Bottomless Pit, and the only tracks I can really enjoy even a little bit are Spikes & Trash. There are some Death Grips songs that I really like tho. Takyon & Get Got are two of my favorites. I may review Exmilitary or The Money Store someday, but I probably won’t be able to get into most of it.

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