EP Review | Rockie Fresh – The Night I Went To… Los Angeles

This EP was released on March 22nd this year. I guess Rockie Fresh started this regional series of EPs after releasing the original The Night I Went To… mixtape. The first one is obviously Los Angeles, but he also did Chicago & New York, which I’ll also be checking out. I think he stopped making these EPs after New York, so I guess Atlanta doesn’t get one. I wasn’t in love with The Night I Went To…, but I’m willing to listen to this one just to hear some good production. Speaking of production, I actually have the production credits for this project, so that shouldn’t be an issue this time.

Track 1: Your Life (Remix) Feat. Rick Ross & Casey Veggies [Prod. Zalezy]

I wasn’t really feelin’ the original version of Your Life, and I’m almost positive that a Casey Veggies verse isn’t gonna change my opinion of the song. I’ll give it a shot tho. It’s starting now. Oh. It’s got a different beat from the original song. I think I liked the original beat more. It was really annoying, but it was still way more interesting than this beat. This one’s pretty boring. Rockie’s verse is the same. It’s not good. So I guess the only differences are the beat and the additional verse from Casey Veggies. This beat is really boring. Same goes for the hook. Rick Ross’ verse was better than Rockie’s, but it’s still not that good. I’m just gonna skip forward to Casey’s verse. Alright. The song just ended. Casey Veggies is easily the best thing about this song. His verse was way better than Officer Ricky’s & Rockie’s. I mean, his actual bars aren’t amazing or anything, but he has so much more energy & charisma than Rockie Fresh. As I said in my review of the mixtape, Rockie has a really monotone & lazy delivery & flow. Casey actually sounded like he wanted to rap. Casey makes rapping sound fun and Rockie makes it sound like work. If it weren’t for Casey waking me up with his verse this shit would be wack af because everything else about this shit is really boring. It’s still a wack song, but Casey definitely improved it a little. It’s like cooked shit. It’s still shit, but Chef Veggies added seasoning to make it a little less terrible. It’s still pretty bad tho. 2/5

Track 2: All I Want (Prod. Hit-Boy)

All I Want

Okay, this beat is dope af. The beat reminds me of Don’t Play by Travi$ Scott. Maybe it’s the same sample or something. This hook is pretty catchy too. This really sounds like a Travi$ Scott song, which is weird since Travi$ Scott is notorious for jacking other people’s styles instead of developing his own. More struggle bars from Rockie… “I’m running, getting money every minute of the clock / A nigga out here winning I can’t even lose a sock.” The first verse was pretty bad. Woah, was that Rockie yellin’ in the background after the second recital of the hook? I’ve never heard him raise his voice before. It sounded like he was awake for a second. He goes back to his lazy delivery for the second verse tho. Alright the song just ended. I feel like this is pretty bad objectively, but I enjoyed it. Kinda… The verses weren’t good, and the hook gets old after a while, and I’m really tired Rockie’s boring delivery and flow. I enjoyed it until the first verse started. I probably won’t listen to it ever again. It’s not terrible tho. I’d understand if somebody threw this on just because of the beat and catchy hook. I won’t be playin’ this shit again tho. 3/5

Track 3: Potential (Prod. Chris Batson)

This fuckin’ bass booster in my Skullcandy headphones doesn’t even work anymore. I’m not feelin’ this piano driven beat. Oh God… Rockie’s singin’ right now. At least he sounds awake. It’s not like his vocals are that bad or anything, but this just isn’t my kinda song. This sounds like some corny ass R&B song from the mid-2000s. “Girl let’s keep it real you got potential.” Well, at least it didn’t last too long. The song is only a minute and 24 seconds. This is pretty terrible. It’s terrible for me at least. I can’t get behind this shit lyrically or sonically. “Baby you’re special.” Nah. This isn’t even good for an R&B song. The melody, beat, and lyrics are all painfully underwhelming. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 4: Addicted (Prod. Papi Beatz)

Oh no… I was comparing Rockie Fresh to Drake by the time I got to the end of The Night I Went To…, but this is more like Chris Brown. I’m not feelin’ this Poppy beat. I’m not feelin’ this boring autotuned singing from Rockie. I’m not feelin’ these lame ass lyrics. This is just a bad song. I think it’s better than Potential, but I still wouldn’t ever listen to this again. This is so fuckin’ boring. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this bullshit. This is wack to me. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

Wow. That was pretty bad. I didn’t like a single track. He missed four times. He almost got me with All I Want since it had a catchy enough hook and a dope beat, but he lost me with the wack bars and boring delivery. That’s turning out to be a really big problem for me. Rockie sounds bored. If the MC is bored then I’m gonna be bored as a listener. If you don’t have anything interesting to say at least deliver it in an entertaining way. I really don’t need to hear these weak R&B tracks from Rockie Fresh either. I’m not really gettin’ the whole Los Angeles thing either. There’s nothing LA about this project aside from the Casey Veggies verse. This is just a really boring project. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack to me.

Favorite Song: All I Want

Least Favorite Song: Potential




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