EP Review | Rockie Fresh – The Night I Went To… New York

This is the latest—and probably final—entry in Rockie Fresh’s The Night I Went To… series of EPs. I’m not expecting this to be good. Los Angeles was really bad. Chicago was a little better tho, so this may end up being the best out of all of them. As long as Rockie doesn’t use too much autotune and chooses some good production, I may end up getting at least one decent track outta this. I’m really not expecting to like anything here tho. The full mixtape wasn’t even that good, so I doubt this random EP will be any better. I’m still gonna give it a shot. Thank God this is the last one. If he ends up releasing an Atlanta EP I’ll probably check that out. I don’t think that’s gonna happen tho.

Track 1: Thank You Feat. Rick Ross (Prod. Sak Pase & LPeezy)

Thank You

I’m not sure why Rockie Fresh only gives the production credits for a handful of his songs, but it’s fucking infuriating. This beat’s alright. I’m not really feelin’ the sample. It could be worse tho. Wooaah. Rockie’s delivery actually has some energy. He’s kinda yellin’. Kinda. You can actually hear some emotion in his voice for this song. The first verse was alright. It’s definitely nice to hear Rockie switch up his flow and delivery. I’m really not feelin’ this beat. Ross sounds great over it tho. He always sounds good over this smoother production style. I wouldn’t come back to this song because the shit Ricky & Rockie were saying wasn’t that interesting and I wasn’t feelin’ the beat. I think they had some decent flows & deliveries tho. It’s definitely not that bad of a song. If the beat was better I’d probably fuck with this. I don’t tho. This is just alright to me. 3/5

Track 2: Too Long (Prod. Chris Batson & Mike Daley)

Too Long

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that same exact artwork for two other Rockie Fresh singles already. This beat is pretty cool. I feel like I’m listening to Nothing Was The Same. I don’t really see how anyone could argue that this doesn’t sound like a Drake song. You can’t tell me that Rockie Fresh has an original style. Maybe compared to other MMG artists. That’s not really saying much tho. Just listen to that hook. This sounds like a Nothing Was The Same reference track. I’m really not feelin’ this hook. The beat’s cool tho. Rockie’s flow wasn’t bad. Maybe if I was a fan of Drake I’d like this. Maybe. I’m not tho. It was cool of him to address the hiatus he took after that collaborative project with Casey Veggies, but nah… This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 3: All You (Interlude) [Prod. Chris Batson]

Nope. This is another autotuned R&B track. Noooo. I’m so fuckin’ bored right now. I’m so tired of hearing this motherfucker sing in autotune. It would maybe be cool if the melody was catchy, but it’s just boring. It’s only a minute and 18 seconds long. It ends really abruptly. I’m glad it’s over tho. I’m pretty indifferent towards this beat. It didn’t really do anything for me. I’m not really feelin’ this track. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 4: Difference

Woah. What the fuck? This beat is weird as hell. I kinda like it tho. Those deep synths sound really rough, but those background vocals sound pretty good. Rockie’s singing in autotune. It’s boring. I’m not paying attention to anything he’s saying. Who is that singing in the background? I know that’s not Rockie. The hook lasts way too long. Nah… I’m not feelin’ this. Aside from the production, this is just as mundane and boring as everything else on this tape. I tuned out Rockie’s vocals as soon as he started singing. This is wack to me. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

Oh, thank God. It’s over. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this project. This whole series has been a waste of time. I shouldn’t have checked out any of these EPs. I didn’t like a single song. There are some songs I can tolerate, but none that I’d ever have the desire to hear again. The production was nowhere near as good as it was on the original mixtape. Rockie needs to leave that autotune shit alone. He needs to get some energy when he’s rapping too. He really makes Hip Hop sound like work. If you’re interested in getting into Rockie Fresh, don’t listen to these EPs. That’s a really bad first impression. He’s not that bad of an artist. He’s definitely not that good, but he can do better than this. For first time listeners, I’d recommend starting with Fresh Veggies or maybe Electric Highway. I’ve never heard Driving 88, and that’s not gonna change anytime soon because I’m really tired of listening to Rockie Fresh. This EP was wack. I did enjoy it a little more than the other two EPs tho.

Favorite Song: Thank You

Least Favorite Song: All In




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