EP Review | Bishop Nehru – Bishy’s B-Day Playlist

This EP was released on Bishop Nehru’s 19th birthday, which was August 26th last year. This project is only 4 tracks long, so I decided to get it outta the way real quick before I check out the full mixtape that he dropped recently, MAGIC: 19. I guess this was just a quick playlist that he threw together real quick on his birthday to give his fans some new music. I’ve never heard a solo project from Bishop Nehru, but the two projects that I’ve heard—NehruvianDOOM & BrILLiant Youth—were both really good, so I’m expecting to really enjoy this.

Track 1: Y.L.W. (Young Living Wild) [Prod. Bishop Nehru]

This beat is cool. The hook isn’t bad. He’s singing, and it’s not great, but it gets the job done. I just listened to the whole song. I enjoyed it, but it doesn’t really stand out too much. The verses are both great tho; the rhymes are all on point. “Watch who you idolize and move like a viking / I been living my life just trying and climbing / They finally finding this diamond is flying.” It’s a good song. The beat and hook weren’t anything special, but the verses were very good. I fuck with this. This is dope. The music video wasn’t amazing or anything, but it wasn’t really bad either. It was fine. 4/5

Track 2: Imma Get It (Prod. Tay $lay)

Eeeeehhhhhhhh. I’m not feelin’ this hook. He’s singing with autotune, and it doesn’t sound very good. Even if the singing was good I probably still wouldn’t like this tho. Jesus Christ Our Lord & Savior himself could be singing this for all I care; that still wouldn’t make the melody anymore enjoyable. Well, Jesus doesn’t really make ANYTHING more enjoyable for me personally, but you know what I mean. The lyrics on the hook aren’t very good either… “Used to have to hold it / Now I get it and I spend it / Copping vintage Tommy and Lacoste; I gotta get it.” The Trap inspired beat is kinda generic too. Wow. This is actually really bad compared to the other shit I’ve heard from Bishop Nehru. I know he can do better than this. “I just keep rising / I just keep on elevating like an elevator / Tell a hater, ‘see you later.” That’s struggle bars. I shouldn’t be getting struggle bars from Bishop Nehru. It wouldn’t even be that bad if the entire song wasn’t soaked in autotune. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this song. The entire thing sounded very generic. I feel like I could’ve made this song. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 3: I See (Prod. Tay $lay)

Haha. I like that stamp that Tay $lay put at the beginning of the song. It sounds like he just used the “Speech” feature on his Mac and got it to say “is that a Tay Slay beat?” I like it tho. This beat’s pretty dope. The first verse was cool. The hook’s alright. The second verse wasn’t bad. I don’t know… This really isn’t that bad of a song, but I don’t see myself coming back to this. The hook was pretty weak, and I kinda lost interest after he started talkin’ about “bitches on my stick.” It’s alright I guess. It’s definitely better than the previous song. I just don’t think I’d wanna listen to it again. 3/5

Track 4: The Alert (Prod. Bishop Nehru)

The Alert

This is definitely the best beat on the whole project in my opinion. He’s actually goin’ in about something interesting on this song. “Was chilling by my lonely; ain’t need a best friend / ‘Cause when I did, he was close to my chick and he slid in / Then it was different; forget niggas and bitches too / The ones you think are the closest can change, and switch they view.” The first verse was great. He’s thankfully not trying to sing on the hook. It’s dope. Damn. I just finished the whole song. This is the kinda shit I wanna hear from Bishop Nehru. This is serious music. He’s not fuckin’ around on this track. I definitely prefer this less playful side of Bishop Nehru. The beat was dope, and both of the verses were great. I actually enjoyed the hook too. This is dope af to me. The music video was nothing special tho… 5/5

Final Thoughts:

This EP is good. The two tracks in the middle are pretty weak, but the other two tracks are good. I think I know what Bishop Nehru’s biggest flaw is, but I’m not completely sure. This music just sounds kinda amateurish. It sounds like a kid from my school who… Well, nah… It sounds like a kid from my homie’s school who keeps asking me to check out his SoundCloud page. Not that it’s bad. I like the EP; Bishop Nehru is a very talented MC. I just feel like he’s not the greatest songwriter. The subject matter really has a strong impact on the quality of music here. When he’s going for that more mainstream sound with songs like Imma Get It, the results are pretty rough. When he’s more serious tho, the music is very good. Every song feels like a remix of another song. I’m not saying it feels generic or anything. It just feels like he just got a handful of random beats and rapped over them. It doesn’t feel like he sat down with each track and took the time to compose full songs. The sound quality sounded kinda off too. It sounded like the tracks weren’t mastered properly, which definitely contributes to that amateurish sound. He should also probably stop singing… Bishop Nehru is I guess what some people would call raw talent. The technical ability is definitely there. Bishop Nehru’s rhymes are always on point. It’s just that he doesn’t really use that talent to make compelling songs. Hopefully he solved that problem with his MAGIC: 19 mixtape. Even if he didn’t tho, I’m still looking forward to it. I enjoyed this EP overall. It’s definitely flawed, but I’m glad I checked it out. It’s dope to me.

Favorite Song: The Alert

Least Favorite Song: Imma Get It




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