FHH Update 6-21-2016

Yo. Wattup. So, I’ve mentioned this a few times in some of the more recent reviews, but my internet’s down right now, so uh… Yeah. I may have to go a day or two without posting anything. Everything should be back to normal by Friday. I guess everything’s been pretty normal for y’all since I’ve been posting a review every goddamn day, but it’s been really difficult for me because I have to go to Barnes & Noble every day just to work on shit.  Honestly, I’m just writing this update so that I’ll have something to post today. I did want y’all to know why I might not be postin’ anything in the next few days tho. Anyway, I’ve been thinkin’ about finally monetizing my website. I’ve written almost 200 blog posts for free, so it’ll be nice to actually get paid for doing this shit. It’ll cost me 100 dollars to upgrade my WordPress account so that I can get some of that sweet, sweet nectar. I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been getting enough views everyday to be able to make a decent profit. I don’t know when I’m gonna do it, but that’ll hopefully happen soon. I guess I didn’t really need to tell y’all that ’cause I don’t think it’ll affect this website at all. Aside from telling y’all that, I wanted to ask y’all what you wanted me to do aside from reviews. I kinda wanna start doing something new with this site, but I don’t know what. I feel like I don’t really put much personality into my reviews anymore. I’m still gonna be writing reviews all the time tho, so don’t worry about that. If y’all have any ideas for new shit for me to do, just leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter. All I ask is that you keep it Hip Hop related. If you can’t think of anything, don’t worry about it. I’m not even really even sure if I’m gonna wanna do anything different in the first place. I’m sure most of y’all’s ideas will be trash anyway, so don’t be offended if I don’t end up listening to any of you. I’ve thought about creating a podcast before, but I don’t have a decent microphone, or a co-host. Also, I’m only 17, so I still live with my parents. I’m not exactly in the best environment to be recording shit. That’s part of why I do written reviews. I always pictured myself doing video reviews or some shit, but I think this written format works better for me. MAYBE I might transition into that kinda thing in the distant future. If y’all want a podcast I guess I can start looking for a co-host, but most of the people I talk to don’t know shit about Hip Hop. There were a few people I knew that probably could’ve done it back in the day, but we don’t really hang out that much anymore, and it’s pretty difficult to get in contact with them. So yeah. Lemme know what y’all think. If none of y’all have any ideas, that’s fine. Again, I’m expecting most, if not all of your ideas to be trash, but if you’ve got something shoot away. Is that something people say? Shoot away? I feel weird saying that… Anyway, since I don’t really have that much time, I think I’m just gonna post a quick song review that some of y’all have been asking for tomorrow. So yeah. Things might be kinda slow around here for a couple days. Don’t hate me. Also, if you ain’t followin’ me on Twitter & Snapchat yet, you fuckin’ up. Especially Snapchat. The more followers I get on Snapchat, the more snaps I’ll post. You MAY even get to see my face. I know some of y’all weirdos really wanna see that for some reason…

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    • Run The Jewels 2 was one of the first reviews I ever did, but I took it down because the review was terrible. I plan on redoing it along with a review of the first album before RTJ 3 drops this year tho.

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