Joe Budden Vs. Drake

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Honestly I’m not really sure where to begin with this one. I guess I’ll start AFTER the release of Drake’s latest album, Views. So as most of you probably know, the reception of Views was pretty mixed. One person who voiced his disappointment was Joe Budden. I guess he has a podcast called I’ll Name This Later, and on it he basically said what everyone else who isn’t a Drake stan has said. “Uninspired.” That’s the word that seems to keep coming up every time someone speaks about Drake these days. I’ll put a video of his full rant here.

So yeah. I’m not gonna speak on that rant too much. I said a lot of the same shit in my review of Views. I will say this tho; the way he was yelling and waggin’ his finger was fucking hilarious to me. I don’t even know why. He was so fuckin’ mad tho. It just seemed silly that he was getting that mad over a Drake album. I mean, I was pretty mad as I was listening to the album as well I guess. I don’t know. The way he was yelling just seemed weird to me. Maybe it’s because the guy he was speaking too was so calm. I don’t know. Anyway, Drake obviously heard what Joe Budden had to say, and, as anyone could’ve predicted, he wasn’t too happy about it. He released a song called 4 PM In Calabasas in which he sneak dissed Joe Budden. I don’t usually like to write articles like this when there isn’t a direct diss song, but apparently he makes it pretty obvious that he’s talkin’ about Joe. I haven’t heard it yet, but I remember the day it came out. Everyone—including Joe Budden—was talking about how this is the Drake they wanted on Views.

So hopefully this’ll be dope. It was produced by Vinylz, Allen Ritter & Frank Dukes.

4 PM In Calabasas

This beat is dope af. I was a little lukewarm on that EPMD sample he used for the bassline at first, but once the beat started getting a little deeper I was able to enjoy it. Alright I’ve listened to about 16% of the song now. So far it’s just Drake saying “Other rappers don’t like me because they’re jealous of my success.” Alright… I’m about halfway through the song… I honestly have nothing to say about this shit. Nothing he’s said has really stood out as a diss toward Joe Budden. I guess that Golden Child line was a reference to Joe Budden’s comments, but it wasn’t really a diss… An acknowledgement isn’t a diss… “My summer diet is just Rosé and calamari.” Wow. That has to be the most Drake line I’ve heard since… Well… Since I listened to Views I guess. This isn’t really doing anything for me. I guess I’m just over Drake. Every time I listen to this guy I just don’t give a shit about anything I’m hearing. It’s not even bad tho. I like the song. It’s dope. It’s definitely my least favorite in this series of songs he has with times & locations, but it’s still good. It’s better than anything that appeared on Views. I like 6 PM better tho. Well, I like all of them better than this. I even like 30 For 30 more than this. It’s good tho. I don’t know how much I’d come back to this personally, but I’m still probably gonna download it. If I had no way to listen to it ever again I wouldn’t be upset. It’s cool tho. 4/5

That song isn’t really much of a diss. I mean, it’s obvious that Drake doesn’t like Joe Budden, but nothing he said in that song is really a diss or an insult. If it WAS meant to be a diss, it definitely wasn’t good. I guess these days even if you just acknowledge another MC it’s taken as a diss. Honestly, Joe Budden might’ve jumped the gun on this one. Today—June 26th—he previewed his diss towards Drake on Periscope. I found this clip of it on YouTube.

Man, why am I even talkin’ about this garbage ass Drake hater? Joe Budden? IRRELEVANT. Lmao, nah I’m just playin’. It was hard to make out most of what he was saying, but the common line that he kept repeating was “I ain’t Drake.” I think a full bar that he said at one point was “My words ain’t ghost-written / I ain’t Drake.” There’s not a lot to go on. It was very difficult to understand what he was saying. I’m looking forward to the full song. As of 6:32 PM on June 26th it has yet to be released. I’ll update this article as soon as it comes out tho, so be on the lookout for that. This is just the beginning of the beef. I don’t even know if it’ll go anywhere. It’s entirely possible that Drake doesn’t directly diss Joe Budden like he did with Meek Mill. It was obvious from the start that Meek was gonna lose that war. Joe Budden is a real MC tho. I personally believe that the only reason Drake chose to respond directly to Meek was because he knew he could beat him. Most of Meek Mill’s fans were Drake stans. Most of Joe Budden’s fans are backpackers. Backpackers don’t like Drake. So Joe Budden’s fans won’t turn on him like Meek Mill’s fans did. We’ll see what happens tho. That 4 PM In Calabasas song was kinda disappointing. Honestly, that song is as close to a 3/5 as it could possibly be without actually being a 3/5. I like it tho. Kinda. Anyway I don’t think there’s any reason to show the scoreboard. It’s a clean slate. If anything they’re both at negative one because so far neither of them look good. If 4 PM In Calabasas WAS a diss towards Joe, it was just bad. Joe Budden’s making himself look kinda desperate tho. I don’t know if I would’ve tried to act like Drake was dissing me. He should just be honest and say that he’s dissing Drake because Drake pisses him the fuck off. I don’t know tho. Maybe Drake really did diss him. Anyway, as I said before, I’ll update this article as soon as I hear the full diss from Joe.

Update 1

Joe Budden just dropped a diss song about 10 minutes ago aimed at Drake, JAY-Z & Meek Mill. It’s on SoundCloud, but apparently it’s unavailable in the US right now. Oh never mind it’s working now. Alright. I guess I’ll just review the track right away. It’s produced by AraabMUZIK, and it features Andrea Martin. The song is called Making A Murderer, Pt. 1.

Making A Murderer, Pt. 1

Alright, it’s starting now. This beat is alright I guess. It’s kinda underwhelming. I don’t think it’s terrible. The intro verse was cool. One of the first things he says is fuck Meek Mill. How did the Meek Mill & Joe Budden beef start? Lemme think… I think it was because Joe Budden was like, “Ever since Meek started fuckin’ on Nicki he’s been soft.” Those weren’t his exact words, but that’s basically what he said. So yeah. Meek & Joe don’t like each other. In fact, a lot of people were thinkin’ that Meek was gonna drop a diss towards Joe this week, but he came out and said that he wasn’t gonna do that. I guess he’s just trying not to give Joe Budden more publicity. I think he should tho. He’d be giving himself more publicity too. Hopefully he responds to this track with his own diss song. Alright Joe’s goin’ in now on the first verse. “Fuck all of these subs / Who they intended at? / I won’t believe it’s me without forensic facts.” Wait a minute… WHAT? You were trying to convince everybody that 4 PM In Calabasas was about you. How you gonna pretend that you don’t believe that shit was about you? You were the ONLY one who thought it was about you. Maybe he’s saying that he DID have “forensic facts” for 4 PM In Calabasas. I don’t know tho… Alright, whatever. That’s only one line. OOOOhhhh… I should’ve listened to the rest of the verse before tryna break that one line down. “But then I listened back / I heard a pinch of sass / Tender ass Teddy come around / He gon’ get pinned to grass.” So he’s saying that he didn’t think it was about him at first, but the more he listened to it, the more he thought Drake was talkin’ about him. That play on Teddy Pendergrass’ name was pretty cool. This song kinda sounds like it’s poorly mixed. It’s not quite as bad as Wanna Know was, but it’s still kinda distracting. Joe’s flow is really lackluster. Whatever. The lyrics are the most important part, and those are pretty good so far. This beat is ass tho. I liked the first verse. It wasn’t amazing, but he had some dope lines in there. “I kill A. Graham without weighin’ a thing.” That was probably the best line so far. The hook is decent I guess. It’s pretty disappointing compared to Andrea Martin’s work on Babylon with Outkast, but that was fuckin’ ATLiens, which came out 20 years ago. It’s not a bad hook tho. It’s just not that good. I would’ve preferred if he had Emanny on here. This second verse is dope. He’s dissing JAY-Z now. I know he had a problem with Jay back in the early 2000s, but I’m not really sure why. Alright, now he’s back to dissin’ Drake. “I critique your album and all of a sudden we sensitive. I don’t understand how you new niggas work.” I just listened to the whole song. Honestly… I’m not really that impressed. I think the bars were pretty good for the most part, but none of them were that amazing. I also wish the hook was a little better. Actually, there honestly shouldn’t even be a hook. He just needs to rap one long ass verse. The lackluster beat held this shit back a lot too. As a song, this isn’t that good. I enjoyed the verses, but none of it was good enough for me to wanna hear this more than once. I think Joe Budden can do better than this. Honestly, if the production was better and there wasn’t a hook, this’d be great. Imagine if he was spittin’ this shit with no hook over the beat from I Might Need More Than 16 Tho… That’d be so fuckin’ hard. This definitely isn’t a bad diss track. I’m just not super impressed. I won’t be listening to it more than once. I REALLY hope he gives us another one. As a song, this felt rushed. The bars were there, but the more musical aspects felt like they didn’t have as much effort put into them. As always, if there’s anything new to report on regarding this beef, I’ll update this post with my thoughts on it. I hope we get another diss track because this one was underwhelming. Again, it wasn’t terrible, but I’m not really that impressed. Joe can do better. It’s just okay. 3/5

Update 2

Unfortunately Drake has not responded to Joe Budden’s diss, and I honestly doubt that that’ll change anytime soon. However, the one person nobody wanted to respond decided to sneak diss Joe Budden on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.07.12 PM.png

Joe pretty much responded in the most perfect way possible. “@meekmill You keep talking everything but rap (I think we all understand why lol)..Do yourself a favor, sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn’t. 😏” The emoji wasn’t really necessary, but think about what Joe just said here. “Sit back & watch a real MC do what you couldn’t.” Goddamn. I know that one had to sting. Lmao. Wanna Know was probably one of the worst things to ever happen to Meek Mill’s career ever. He still gets made fun of for that bullshit even to this day. How is Meek even supposed to respond to that? Joe pointed out that the only thing he isn’t doing is rapping, but if he DOES respond with an actual track there’s a 99% chance that he’ll get absolutely slaughtered by Joe Budden. That’d be the second year in a row in which he makes himself look like a fucking idiot in a Rap beef. If he decides to just “sit back” and do nothing, then he’s doing exactly what Joe told him to do. It’ll be interesting to see how Meek responds. I won’t be surprised at all if he just keeps talking shit on social media. Yeah, it’s pathetic, but it’s pretty much impossible for him to come out on top in this beef. This is turning out to be more of a Joe Budden & Meek Mill beef than a Joe Budden & Drake beef. I might have to change the title and featured image… Anyway, I’ll edit this post as soon as I can if there are any updates, so be sure to come back if anything goes down.

Update 3

Joe Budden dropped another diss song going at Drake today, so I’m gonna go ahead and check that shit out. It’s called Wake. Once again, it’s produced by AraabMUZIK.


Alright, it’s starting now. Okay, this beat is WAY better than that of Making A Murderer, Pt. 1 in my opinion. It’s dope. It’s still not amazing, but I can actually enjoy it. Damn. Joe is goin’ in. There’s no sign of a hook. Joe is tearin’ Drake apart right now. “I wanna know myself / How you tell bitches know they self / When you don’t even know yourself? / You wouldn’t know yourself / Say he Canadian, maybe Asian, Croatian / Be sounding like his Jamaican friends / Depend on what state he in.” Damn. That line was dope as hell. I love the way the words all flowed together. It was smooth as hell. It’s also completely true. It was annoying as fuck for me when I was listening to Views, and Drake kept throwing on that unbelievably corny & fake West Indian accent. I hate when people do that. My Dad does it all the time. I think he’s just tryna impress my Mom since she’s from Trinidad, but it just makes him look like a fucking idiot. I remember when Drake first started out, and he was stealing Texas’ sound. Now he’s stealing the Caribbean & UK’s sounds. “Maybe he thinks nobody notices / Gucci wasn’t home two seconds before you rode his dick.” Damn. He is REALLY going in. It’s impossible not to agree with him too. One thing I’ve always hated about Drake is that he always hops on everybody’s dick just to steal their shine. He did that when Versace by the Migos blew up. He did that when Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen blew up. He did that with My Way when Fetty Wap started blowing up. “We want a Party album / But you keep stealing all of Party’s album / To go and put it on your party album.” Jesus Christ. He is ripping Drake apart. Goddamn. “Are you lifeless? / Sound like a zombie on the track / Remember Started From The Bottom? / It was Zombie On The Track / Know who else started from the bottom? Zombie On The Track / How come after that joint I don’t see Zombie on a track?” Wow. This is real as fuck. Whatever happened to Mike Zombie? I seriously have not heard a single beat from him ever since Started From The Bottom came out. That’s the only beat I ever heard from him. Damn. I completely forgot about that guy. I mean, I don’t care personally because the beat for Started From The Bottom was trash anyway, but you would think that Drake would take better care of his artists. It really seems like he only uses them to take better care of himself tho. The song just ended. Goddamn. Joe Budden absolutely slaughtered Drake on this song. I actually really fuck with this one. That was great. I still doubt that Drake will respond. I’m glad this track came out tho. That was dope af. 5/5

Update 4

Apparently Drake decided to finally respond to Joe Budden on French Montana’s new single… Uuuh… Some of you probably already know this, but it’s not like I talk about it a lot, so I’ll just go ahead and say it again… French Montana is literally my least favorite rapper of all time. I know a lot of you guys probably would’ve guessed someone like Future, which is understandable, but nah… French Montana is as bad as it gets. I will NEVER review a French Montana project. Unless it’s heavily requested… I really don’t want to. I don’t even really wanna listen to this song. I will tho since this beef is involved. The track is called No Shopping. It’s produced by Murda Beatz.


Alright, here we go. It’s starting now. Eugh… I can’t fucking stand this guy… I’m not feelin’ the hook. The first verse from French Montana is pretty much all struggle bars. “Sippin’ on the drank, sippin’ on the drank / Sippin’ on the drank; I ain’t tryna think / Sittin’ high; 6 God cover / Tell them hoes ‘get low; 6 God comin’.” This dude just can’t rap… The first verse was wack af. Jesus, Drake… Why did it have to be a French Montana song? This shit is so boring… Okay, Drake’s finally goin’ in. “You let me turn into the nigga that you almost was.” Is he really gonna shit on him for being less famous? I guess that’s really the only thing he has on Joe… I think that was a good line. I just wish he had more to say besides “nobody knows who you are.” Wow… It just ended… Drake HAD to have been holding back on this shit… Maybe he has an actual diss song coming up. That shit was so weak… Maybe this is just the calm before the storm. Kinda like Charged Up came out before Back To Back. There’s no way in hell he’ll be able to do what he did to Meek tho. I honestly feel pretty much the same way about this song that I did about Charged Up. This shit is wack. I know Drake can do better. Uninspired. 2/5

I’m assuming Joe Budden’s response will be released in the next few days. So far this is pretty much all he’s said…

So yeah… I’m glad Drake finally responded, but he didn’t come right. That shit was weak as hell. What did y’all think of the song? I don’t really know what other people are saying about it; lemme know your thoughts. I’ll update this again when Joe Budden drops the next track. Oh shit… Never mind… It looks like he’s about to respond with a track in a few minutes. He’s counting down to something on Twitter…

Well… I guess I’ll check this song out now… I can’t find the production credits yet. I’ll update this page when he releases them. Alright. The song’s obviously called Afraid.


Okay, it’s starting now. I think this is a sample of a Drake song… I can’t remember what song it is tho. It’s pitch shifted. Pitch shifted Drake actually sounds a lot like Joe Budden. Oh, it’s The Resistance. He sampled the hook of The Resistance. This beat is dope. “I just feel like you broke your promise to me / Only hurt cause I thought you were being honest with me.” Huh… This is… Kinda emotional. Something tells me they were more than just casual acquaintances before this beef started. Nah, I’m just kidding. The beat actually sounds pretty damn rough. It sounds like it hasn’t been mixed properly. Okay… I thought I was the only one who was noticing the severe decline in the quality of Drake’s music. Hearing this Resistance song now really makes it easier to hear how much better his shit used to be, at least sonically. Well, I guess his music was better back in the day lyrically too. His shit was never as bad as it was on Views. He never had that many Chaining Tatum lines in the earlier days of his career. This beat actually kinda sucks honestly. The more I hear it the less I like it. The sample could’ve been used better. Hmmm… I don’t know if I like this. It’d probably be dope if the sound quality didn’t sound so shitty. It’s like he tried to go for that airy sound that Nothing Was The Same had, but it kinda just sounds like he’s rapping over an obnoxious din. This isn’t a bad song lyrically. It’s nowhere near as good as Wake tho. The second verse was actually dope; especially when he was name droppin’ Pusha T & PARTYNEXTDOOR. I think this is a dope song. I’d rank it in between Making A Murderer & Wake. I don’t know if he’s gonna be able to top Wake. I hope he can, but he hasn’t done it with this track. It’s cool tho. None of the lines stood out as much as the shit on Wake. This is as close to a 3 outta 5 as this song could possibly be while still being above average. I fuck with it tho. This is dope to me. 4/5

So yeah. That was cool. He completely canceled out Drake’s diss lmao. Wow. Joe Budden’s going about this beef the right way if you ask me. He’s prepared for this shit. Drake’s really gonna have to think outside the box to beat him. Or maybe he should just keep ignoring him. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be updating this page again in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Update 5

I just went to HotNewHipHop a few minutes ago and saw that Joe Budden released ANOTHER diss track like three hours ago. I guess nobody was really talking about it ’cause I usually hear about these diss songs through Twitter; I haven’t seen a single person talking about this one tho. Maybe it’s trash or something. I don’t know. To be fair, the song came out at like 1 AM. I guess I should mention that Drake kinda dissed him a few days… Well… Was it a few days ago? It might’ve been yesterday. Drake was performing on his Summer 16 Tour. It wasn’t really much of a diss… Oh, wait. Hold up; lemme rewind for a sec. I forget to mention something… Remember that wack ass “diss” track that Drake spit towards Joe on that French Montana song? What was that garbage called again? Oh that’s right. No Shopping. Y’all probably forgot about that shit ’cause it was fuckin’ wack, so lemme remind y’all right quick. Basically Drake tossed STRUGGLE BAR after STRUGGLE BAR at Joe and prayed that it would be taken seriously. Did it work? NOPE. A surprising amount of people on the internet—with the exception of his most loyal booty goons of course—seemed to agree that Drake was gettin’ his ass annihilated. French Montana saw the way the internet was reactin’ to the situation, and he was like “Don’t worry, Drizzy Drake Rogers. I got you, 6 God. I ain’t NEVER gon’ let them hurt you. Wipe those tears, Champagne Papi. I’m gon’ fix this.” Basically, he got on an interview with MTV and said “DRAKE WASN’T TALKIN’ ABOUT THAT GUY. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHO THAT GUY IS. WHAT’S HIS NAME? JOE BUDDEN? IRRELEVANT!” Well, those weren’t his exact words, but that’s basically what he said. Anyway, lemme get back to the shit I was talkin’ about earlier with the whole Summer 16 Tour thing. Here are Drake’s exact words: “We got the good energy goin’ on. I should’ve brought Joe Budden up here to let him do Pump It Up one time. Pump, pump, pump it up… Fuck them niggas.” …Yeah. That’s it. I was pretty confused when I saw him say that. My first thoughts were “Who the fuck is ‘them niggas?” but then I remember that Drake kinda has a beef with Tory Lanez as well. I don’t know if he was talkin’ about anyone else. I know he kinda dissed Tory Lanez & Tyga at an earlier show, but I’m not gonna talk about that shit until one of them makes an actual diss record instead of just sneak dissing like a fuckin’ bitch. Anyway, I think I’ve done enough rambling about all that petty bullshit. Lemme get into this new track from Joe now. It’s called Just Because. I can’t find any production credits.

Just Because

So if we’re supposed to believe French Montana, I guess that means that Joe Budden has released FOUR diss songs, and Drake STILL hasn’t responded on a track… Goddamn. Alright, this beef is getting really weird. “I gotta admit it, man… I have a confession to make… I love you, man… Sometimes love hurts. It’s gonna hurt me more than it hurts you tho.” Maybe Joe Budden’s engineer should’ve edited that part out. I don’t think we were supposed to hear that lmao. Anyway, this beat is dope. Huh. I just listened to the whole song. It was dope. It was probably the least interesting song so far lyrically, but I still enjoyed it. It was just one verse. “I ain’t spoke to Marshall in a while / He said ‘Budden get your stuff together; you busy ruffling feathers‘ / Bound to happen when you target an owl / Now we not enemies / He just gotta bar up now / I’m still on energy; let’s see if he charged up now.” That was pretty much the only line that really stood out enough for me to wanna quote it. The rest of the verse was still good tho. As far as the actual diss itself, this is definitely the weakest track so far in my opinion. However, as an actual song I enjoyed this much more than Making A Murderer, Pt. 1. It didn’t have a wack beat or hook. There’s not really much else to say. He just dissed him again, and it was dope. I fuck with the song. 4/5

I’m starting to get pissed off at Drake. Remember how mad people were getting when Drake dropped two diss tracks BEFORE Meek did? Joe has dropped FOUR diss songs. He didn’t just take shots at Drake in some half assed feature or in a comment at a live show. He made four actual songs. You know what would be interesting? What if Lil Wayne was like “FUCK Joe Budden,” and then Eminem was like “FUCK Drake.” That’d be a dream come true honestly. That’s really unrealistic tho. Anyway, apparently OVO Radio or whatever the fuck it’s called happens every Saturday, so maybe Drake’ll premiere a diss song. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear a few more disses from Joe before Drake finally retaliates tho. Anyway, be on the lookout for future updates. It doesn’t look like this is gonna end anytime soon.

Update 6

Spoiler Alert: Drake’s bitch ass STILL hasn’t responded. Well, not directly at least. It’s been a while since I updated this shit. A lot’s happened to Joe Budden in the past few days. Y’all probably already know about the memes and everything. The only reason I didn’t update this shit earlier was because I wasn’t really sure if it had anything to do with this beef. It does tho. Y’all know how I hate stans? Especially Drake stans? THIS is exactly why. A few days ago, 3 Drake stans walked up to Joe Budden’s house and yelled “OVO BITCH!” at him. I know. I hate these fuckin’ kids. At one point they approached Joe Budden who was in his car. This is where it gets funny. Joe Budden slammed open the door and said “Oh, y’all fuckin crazy.” HAHAHA. You know what? I don’t even know why I’m trying to tell y’all what happened. Just see for yourself.

I seriously cannot stand these fucking stans, man… It’s gotten to the point where I get more pissed off by these privileged douchebags yelling “OVO BITCH ASS” and referring to a house as a “brib” than I do them saying the N word. And what the fuck was wrong with that kid who called Joe Budden a pussy? Did you hear that shit? He was like “You’re a fucking scumbag, you fucking pussy.” But did you hear the way he said it? It sounded like he was literally trying to say it with Drake’s dick in his mouth. I’d never hurt anyone, but goddamn. I kinda want these kids to die. I mean, I shouldn’t say that, but seriously… People like this make me wish hell was a real place. So now these pussies are what people think of when they think of Drake fans. It gets worse tho. You’re probably wondering how this really connects to the Drake & Joe Budden beef, right? Well, Drake apparently followed the kid who was recording everything on Instagram. I know Drake is a fucking douchebag and everything, but I REALLY wasn’t expecting him to condone this kinda fuckery. What a fuckin’ douche lmao. Anyway, Joe Budden did a Funk Flex freestyle recently, and he apparently dissed Drake in it. I’m ‘bout to check that shit the fuck out right now.

Okay, he’s goin’ in over the Breathe beat. Hmmm… It sounds like he’s actually freestyling off the top of his head. Damn. He’s fuckin’ killin’ this shit. “I give a fuck if young niggas understand it or not / Sometimes you gotta show the kids you really run with the Roc.” HAHAHA. That’s dope. Joe Budden handled the memes in the best possible way.


Temple Run

Anyway, I enjoyed the freestyle. I would’ve preferred if he just dropped another song tho. However, he really killed this freestyle, and he ended it in the best possible way. “It’s still MCs in the world. Anybody got something to say… If it ain’t in a bar I ain’t addressin’ it. If it ain’t directly directed at me I don’t respect it.  So yeah. That was a good freestyle. I’m waitin’ for the next track tho. Oh shit I almost forgot to mention… Drake slid into Joe Budden’s DMs. You’re probably thinkin’ “HUH? Come again??? The fuck is you talkin’ about, fool?” I’m deadass serious tho.

…What the hell is wrong with Drake? It sounds like the person who controls Drake’s Instagram account is one of those Drake stans from on HotNewHipHop.

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 1.09.39 PM

This fool said “mi casa” lmao. Anyway, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about this. I didn’t really believe that Drake DM’d Joe Budden, BUT… Charlamagne Tha God actually confirmed it, and I’m 90% sure that Charlamagne wouldn’t lie about something like that.

So yeah. That’s pretty much all that’s happened since the last time I updated this shit. Drake stans are terrible people, and so is Drake apparently. I’d rather have Joe Budden release a screenshot of the DMs than another diss track to be honest… Hopefully the next time I update this page it’s because Drake responds on a track.

Tell me if I’m trippin’ in the comments below

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  1. Too bad there’s no embarrassing photos of Drake, so Joe could pull an Eazy E and roast him, like E did to Dre lol.

    And don’t get me started on Drake Stans….bunch of dicksucking punks, sissys, etc.

  2. Psychotic/Emotionally Unstable rapper vs Dude who can’t decide if he wants to be either an R&B singer or rapper……

    Why would Drake even think about trying to respond back he’s lucky Joey just don’t get KXNG Crooked/I or Royce or Joell to tear his ass apart.

    As far as Meek I understand he wants to make more “positive music” now (take of that what you will)

    • I don’t know, man… Drake really just seems like one of the fakest rappers out right now. I think he REALLY thinks that he’s a good MC. Maybe he actually thinks he can take Joe Budden down lyrically.

      • He must be, to think that he can though it’s very obvious he gonna take the L for this one. I doubt however many ghostwriters he hires are going to help win this beef.

        Either way ain’t like in the old days where cats could get chin checked at any minute. Because they thought they could back up their image…..

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