Album Review | ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron

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This album was released on February 25th in 2014. This was the first full album I ever listened to from ScHoolboy Q. I remember there was a lot of drama before this album came out. Q’s fans had been waiting for a really long time, and the album was hit with multiple delays. As far as I know, the album was being held back due to sample clearance issues. I don’t know if that affected this album’s quality at all, but I do know that some songs ended up being cut from the album because of it. I’ve already heard this album before, so I know I like it. It’s been kind of a long time since I heard it tho. I’m just gonna go ahead and start the album. Oh shit. I don’t know what the fuck my mama’s cookin’ up downstairs, but it smells fucking divine.

Track 1: Gangsta (Prod. Nez & Rio & Sounwave)

Gangsta 1

This is pretty much the perfect intro for this album. I love Sacrilegious, but it was kind of misleading. It sounded nothing like the rest of the album. This song is fucking awesome tho. As you probably can predict from the title, this is one of Q’s hardest tracks ever. The hook is dope af. He’s just repeating the word “gangsta,” but it just sounds so fuckin’… gangsta. Seriously this shit is hard as fuck. I love the way he starts the first verse off too. “What it do, young niggas? What it do, young bitches?” His delivery is on point here. The first verse is dope af. “Your bitch, she gon’ work on that corner / I don’t care if that ho got pneumonia / Give me racks and you won’t get a quota / She don’t run game, I’m the only controller.” The final verse was great too. I really don’t have any problems with this song. The beat was dope, and Q’s charismatic delivery really helped push this shit to the next level. I definitely fuck with this song. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 2: Los Awesome Feat. Jay Rock (Prod. Pharrell Williams)

I remember being really torn on this song when I first heard it because of the production. This loud, obnoxious, almost cacophonous beat from Pharrell is just really annoying. The hook is cool, but I really like the verses from Q. This shit is just super gangsta. The fuckin’ beat tho… It’s so annoying. That part right before the hook where Q is rappin’ about “The sound of the drum that Crips and Bloods know” is really annoying too. I usually love Q’s eccentric delivery, but when it’s over this obnoxious production it’s just really annoying. I really WISH I liked this song tho because Jay Rock fuckin’ killed this shit. If this song was over a different beat I’d probably love it, but nah… It’s just too much. I don’t think it’s a bad song, but I can’t get into it personally. It’s okay. 3/5

Track 3: Collard Greens Feat. Kendrick Lamar (Prod. THC & Gwen Bunn)

Collard Greens

This was one of the more popular singles from this album. Well… I guess ALL of the singles from this album were pretty big. I heard this one on the radio a lot when I still listened to the radio tho. I didn’t really like it the first time I heard it, but it grew on me eventually. I still don’t think it’s a great song, but I like it. The beat is dope af. I specifically remember not liking the melody of the hook when I first heard it. I don’t know what changed because I don’t mind it at all now. The first verse from Q isn’t bad. The subject matter isn’t that interesting to me, but I think he did it well. Kendrick killed the second verse. The lyrics don’t really do much for me. He’s rapping in Spanish for a few bars, so I can’t understand what he’s saying anyway. His flow was great tho. It’s not like he had any wack lines. It’s just that none of them really stood out. I did like the line where he said “I’m more than a man; I’m a God” tho. Mostly because of his delivery. The flow is really what made his verse stand out. The final verse from Q was cool. I enjoyed the song, but it’s definitely not one of my favorites. It’s cool tho. I fuck with it. The music video was nothing special. 4/5

Track 4: What They Want Feat. 2 Chainz (Prod. Mike WiLL Made It & Marz)

What They Want.png

I really love this song’s beat. I usually don’t even like Mike WiLL’s production that much, but this beat is dope af. The first verse from Q is gangsta as fuck. I feel like I’m saying that for every song. This is easily Q’s hardest album so far. The only song that isn’t really that gangsta on this album so far is Collard Greens. I even liked 2 Chainz’s verse. I think he sounds good on this beat. I think he fits pretty well in this song. Yeah, the lyrics are stupid as fuck, but that’s 2 Chainz’s style. I don’t think he hurt this track at all. I wouldn’t mind having a solo version with only ScHoolboy Q, but 2 Chainz’s verse wasn’t bad. The final verse from Q was really dope. I can’t decide whether this song is good or great. I think it’s just good. The hook kinda gets old after a while, and nothing about this song really blows me away. I still fuck with it tho. This is dope. 4/5

Track 5: Hoover Street (Prod. Sounwave)

Hoover Street

This is another song that I was torn on due to the production. The first part of this beat is incredibly underwhelming. The first verse was great tho. The intro just lasts way too long for me. The second beat is definitely better, but I still don’t think it’s that great. It’s just good. The hook is dope. The first verse is dope af. “Think about it; the smoker ain’t got shit / And everyday he still get a hit / Whether jacking radios or sucking dick / Sell his kids and chop his wrists and sealing his lips / ‘Cause he don’t want the feds arresting his fix.” The hook is so fuckin’ gangsta. I’m sayin’ that a lot for this review, but seriously this shit is really hard. “2012 ain’t really happen, so I guess it’s back to trapping.” This is probably one of Q’s best song’s lyrically. “Gangbanging was a ritual and Grandma would help / She should’ve never left her gun on the shelf.” He’s just describing his life growing up, but it’s one of the hardest songs I’ve ever heard. He killed this shit. I just wish the intro wasn’t so bland and underwhelming sonically. It’s still a good song tho. I fuck with this shit. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 6: Studio Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid (Prod. Swiff D)

I’m pretty sure this ended up being the most popular single from this album, which is ironic because it’s probably my least favorite song. When it first started, I thought the beat was gonna be dope af. It was so close to being great. I just don’t like the direction it takes. I’m not feelin’ the high pitched Chaka Khan sample, and the percussion just feels really weak to me. BJ sang the hook well, but the melody itself just isn’t that good. The first verse from Q does absolutely nothing for me. I don’t like love songs, so I wasn’t feelin’ the lyrics. He didn’t even have a good flow or anything either. He directly copied the flow and melody from the hook. Or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, it feels lazy. I actually liked his aggressive flow on the second verse, but the lyrics, man… These are damn near struggle bars. And what the fuck happened at the end of the verse? It sounds like he just didn’t feel like writing a full 16 bar verse, so he just had Ali edit this shit and fill the empty space up with a chopped up version of the last line. The final verse is just straight ass. I’m not feelin’ this verse at all. He starts it off by saying “Throw a loc your pussy, girl / You knowing that your nigga faded,” but the first time I heard it, I thought he was saying “Throw up on your pussy, girl / You knowing that your nigga faded.” Either way, this isn’t a good verse. Maybe the second verse can’t be classified as struggle bars, but the third one definitely can. “Put my tongue in different places, play a game of Operation / Like, na-na-na, la-la, la-la, you get what I’m saying.” Seriously, what the fuck is he doing? I can’t do this one… “No metaphors, nothing like that / I’m keeping it straight to the point with you.” It’s like he realized how wack this verse was, so he had to make it seem like it was on purpose. Nah. I can’t fuck with this song. Even if I don’t pay attention to the lyrics, I can’t enjoy it because it’s so painfully boring. This is wack af to me. The official remix has Nas on it, and he’s singing, and it sounds fucking awful. Of all the songs to have Nas on the remix, why the hell did he have to choose this one? 1/5

Track 7: Prescription / Oxymoron (Prod. Sounwave & Willie B)

This is definitely one of the best songs on the album. First of all, this beat is fucking incredible. Lyrically, this is one of Q’s most introspective songs. It’s about drugs, but in a good way. He’s rapping about his addiction and how it affects his relationships with everyone around him. “I’m falling off / I can’t hold a thought / What’s wrong with me? / Now depression creep / I’m stressing deep / Even in my sleep / My mommy call / I hit ignore / My daughter calls / I press ignore.” This song is fucking amazing. I’m honestly shocked that more rappers don’t make songs like this. It’s such a simple concept, but Q is one of the only rappers I’ve ever seen do it. Or heard. You know what I mean. When he was passed out and he had his daughter on the song telling him to wake up, I was like…

That's sad…

I fucking love that picture. Anyway, the second verse was even better than the first. Every single line is just super interesting. I fucking love this song. Q doesn’t get introspective like this very often, but every time he does it’s fucking fantastic. Prescription is dope af. Oxymoron is great too. It has one of the best beats on the album. The hook is catchy as fuck too. I love his delivery on the first verse. On Oxymoron he’s rapping about selling drugs, as opposed to Prescription on which he was rapping about USING drugs. Again, this shit is gangsta as hell. “Vanity slave; got whips and chains / Dirty money, clean money the same / Even if I got life, I ain’t saying a name.” He killed this shit. I definitely prefer Prescription ’cause I love sad music, but Oxymoron is dope af too. Both of these songs are dope af. This track is fantastic. 5/5

Track 8: The Purge Feat. Tyler The Creator & Kurupt (Prod. Ace The Creator)

The Purge.png

This beat from Tyler is alright I guess. He can definitely do better. It just feels lazy and skeletal. I’ve always preferred him as an MC tho. He just has a hook on this song. It’s not bad, but I definitely would’ve preferred a full verse from him. The first verse was dope. Q must’ve heard complaints about the subject matter on Habits & Contradictions ’cause damn near every song on this album has been gangsta as fuck. The second verse was cool. Kurupt fuckin’ killed the final verse. I feel like people never really gave him credit for that shit. I love that verse. I think the beat could’ve been better, and I kinda wish Tyler had a verse, but I still fuck with the song. It’s dope. 4/5

Track 9: Blind Threats Feat. Raekwon (Prod. Lord Quest & Sounwave)

Blind Threats 1

This beat is dope af. The primary loop is cool and everything, but the percussion is awesome. It really elevated this beat to the next level for me. The first verse is great. The hook is dope af. I love that “If God won’t help me this gun will / I swear I’m gon’ find my way” line. Lyrically, this kinda seems like what The Game was trying to do with Jesus Piece. He’s rapping about his relationship with God as a G, and he was praying for God to help him get outta the hood. Raekwon’s verse was dope af. I don’t really have any problems with this track. It’s dope af to me. 5/5

Track 10: Hell Of A Night (Prod. DJ Dahi & Jay France)

Hell Of A Night.png

This is another track that I’m torn on… The beat is fucking incredible, but I REALLY don’t like that lame ass hook. I’d probably love it if I was addicted to ecstasy. All I can think of is people in a club fist pumping with a bunch of glow sticks. It’s a poppy dance track. The beat is so dope tho… Lyrically this sounds like some shit Chris Brown would ghost write for Q. The beat is pretty much the only thing I like about this song. You know what’s weird? I’d probably like this if it weren’t for the fuckin’ poppy ass hook where he’s sayin’ “GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO, GO.” I can’t fuck with it tho. This is wack to me. That beat is fuckin’ flames tho. 2/5

Track 11: Break The Bank (Prod. The Alchemist)

Break The Bank 1

I think this was the last single to come out before the album was released. The beat is dope. Q’s melodic, yet aggressive delivery on the verses is dope af. This song also has one of the best hooks that Q’s ever done. I’m not in love with the “La-da-di-do-la-di-da-di-da-di-do” line that he repeats, but the melody & Q’s delivery are dope enough for me to look past it. The second verse was good. Same goes for the third verse. I don’t think this is that much better than any other song from Q lyrically, but sonically this is one of his best tracks. I definitely fuck with this. This is dope af. The outro was a bit too long for me tho… 5/5

Track 12: Man Of The Year (Prod. Nez & Rio & Sounwave)

Man Of The Year

This was another single that came out before the album was released. The beat is dope af. Well, the primary loop is. It gets old REALLY quickly tho. The hook is also really repetitive. The verses are cool tho. Honestly, I really like this song, but I start to get tired of it after the first minute and a half. It’s dope tho. I don’t listen to it that often, but I still like it. I play it every once in a while. This is really as close to a 3 as a song can possibly be while still being dope. I fuck with it tho. 4/5

Track 13: His & Her Fiend Feat. SZA (Prod. Lance SkiiiWalker)

This is another song about addiction, and I fucking love it. Honestly, the concept of this song is fucking genius to me. Q needs to get dark like this more often. First of all, those uncredited vocals from Lance SkiiiWalker are amazing. He sounded so fuckin’ good on this shit. I love the beat too. That high pitched whining sound in the background actually sounds really cool. It’s like the voice in the back of the addicts head telling him or her to get high again. I love the verse from Q. This is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. Q’s rapping from the perspective of a an oxycontin pill, and he’s telling SZA, the addict, to… uh… take him… I guess… “I could make you feel good through your skin, baby / I’m the blood in your heart when it pump, baby / Ima be down with you ’til we turn eighty.” The hook from SZA is great too. She’s just saying “I know” over and over again like she’s sadly admitting that she can’t live without the pills. And Lance SkiiiWalker was singing his motherfuckin’ ass off on the outro too. I love this song. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 14: Grooveline, Pt. 2 Feat. Suga Free (Prod. Tae Beast)

This is the first and only song I’ve ever heard with Suga Free. That’s a cool name for a rapper. Anyway, this song is about being a pimp. I don’t like it. I can’t fuck with this hook. “Will you sell that pussy for me?” Nah. I can’t do this one. The beat is thankfully much better than that of the first Grooveline song. I still don’t think it’s that great tho. Is it weird that I’m fine with rappers glorifying gang culture and violence, but I can’t tolerate the glorification of pimping? It just seems way more fucked up to me. It’s basically watered down slavery involving sex instead of race. I don’t like a single thing about this song… Aside from Suga Free’s delivery & flow. His lyrics did make me laugh too… I feel bad for enjoying his verse, but he fucking killed this shit. I still can’t tolerate it tho. “I ain’t asking, I’m telling you, bitch.” Nah. This is fucked up. 1/5

Track 15: Fuck L.A. (Prod. Nez & Rio)

This is the final song on the deluxe edition of the album. The beat is dope af. The hook is too. This was a great way to close the album. The first verse was dope. The second verse was dope af. I don’t really know what else to say about this track. It’s just a great outro. I have no problems with this one. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track +1: Gravy (Prod. Clams Casino)

This is the first bonus track from the iTunes deluxe edition of this album. The beat is dope af. The hook is cool. His flow on the first verse is great. The subject matter isn’t that interesting to me personally, but I can enjoy this sonically. The second verse was dope. Nothing about this track stands out that much. It’s just another good ScHoolboy Q song. If you’re a fan of Q you’ll like it, if you aren’t then you won’t. I fuck with it tho. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track +2: Yay Yay (Prod. Boi-1da & The Maven Boys)

Yay Yay

This was the first track to be released from this album. I don’t know why it didn’t make it onto the standard edition because it’s fucking phenomenal. The beat is dope af. The hook is great too. Q’s delivery is what sold me on this shit tho. He just sounds so fuckin gangsta on this shit. He killed the first verse. The second verse is dope af too. This is one of the best songs Q recorded for the album. It should’ve been on the standard edition. I remember not really liking it when I first heard it, but I really have no idea why. I listened to it again a few weeks later and I fucking loved it. 5/5

Track +3: Pusha Man (Prod. Tae Beast)

This is the first bonus track from the Target deluxe edition of the album. It’s the only song from this album that I’ve never heard before. The beat’s dope. Huh. It just ended. I uh… I don’t know. I don’t think I like it. It’s not that bad, but… It feels unfinished. This sounds like something that’d show up on Q’s version of untitled unmastered. It just has one verse. It’s less than 2 minutes long. I don’t think this is a bad song, but I doubt I’d ever have the desire to listen to it again. It’s alright. I guess. 3/5

Track +4: Californication Feat. A$AP Rocky (Prod. Nez & Rio)

I remember really looking forward to this track before I heard it because Rocky & Q always make dope shit together. This song isn’t that good tho… I’m not really feelin’ the beat. It’s not terrible, but I’m not in love with it. The hook is annoying as fuck. I wasn’t feelin’ the way he interpolated that Soulja Boy line. Rocky’s verse was cool. His flow was dope. You can tell that he’d really improved lyrically between Hands On The Wheel and this song. It still wasn’t very good lyrically, but it was way better than his verse on Hands On The Wheel. The hook isn’t really doin’ much for me. Q did his thing on the second verse I guess. I just don’t really like hearing songs about this shit. He’s rapping about having a lot of sex again. I’d probably fuck with this more if it weren’t for the long winded hook. I’m not really feelin’ this tho. I don’t think it’s terrible, but nah. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track +5: Banger (MOSHPIT) [Prod. The Renegades]


This track was released as a promotional single for the album on September 25th in 2014. From what I understand, it was released as kind of an apology for the delays. The only thing I remember about this track is that I didn’t like it. Oh yeah. I remember disliking this hook. I don’t really mind it anymore tho… The beat’s dope. The first verse was gangsta as fuck. The final verse was dope too. I don’t really have any major problems with this track. I’m still not in love with the hook, but I fuck with the song. This is dope. 4/5

Track +6: U.O.E.N.O. Remix Feat. Future (Performed by Black Hippy) [Prod. Childish Major]


Around the time of this album’s release, there was a big controversy around a line from Rick Ross on a song by Rocko called U.O.E.N.O. Basically, Rick Ross bragged about raping a girl. He bragged about having sex with a girl without her knowing after drugging her. It was still a huge song tho. It had a shit load of remixes, but none of them were as good as this one for obvious reasons. First of all, that beat from Childish Major is fucking incredible. I’m pretty sure this was Childish Major’s first big song. It might be his only big song too. It’s really a shame that people only know him for this song because he’s still making great beats. Anyway, Kendrick’s on the first verse, which is dope af. That’s pretty much all I have to say for him. Q’s verse was cool, but you can tell that he was runnin’ outta shit to say by the time they made this song. Soulo fuckin’ killed this shit. God, I love Ab-Soul. He’s definitely got my second most anticipated album for 2016 behind Jay Electronica… lol… I love the way he says “Know real niggas that’s crips / I know real niggas that’s bloods” on this song. It just sounds so dope. So yeah. He killed it. Jay Rock fuckin’ controlled this shit tho. He stole the show. He ripped this shit to shreds. You can tell they were buildin’ up to his verse. They knew he was gonna tear this shit apart. “Too late to push me, nigga, I ain’t fell off / Used to move Frosted Flakes like Kellogg’s / Pull up to the bank, count paper like tellers / Top Dawg, Money Gang, bitch, we’ve been on.” I didn’t even mind them throwing Future’s verse from the original song at the end. It feels more like an outro than an actual verse. This song is definitely dope af. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

This is another very good album. I still feel like Q hasn’t dropped a great album yet tho. I know I complained about the subject matter on Habits & Contradictions, and said that I preferred when Q rapped about gangsta shit instead of sex & drugs, but it started getting kinda old after a while on this album. I think if he had a stronger balance of gangsta shit and introspection he could put together a really great album. I want him to rap more about addiction too. Every time he was describing the negative side of addiction I was hooked. Aside from that I really don’t have any problems. The quality of ScHoolboy Q’s music really depends on his content. I’m hoping that Blank Face LP will be his most personal album so far, but I really don’t know if that’ll be the case. I’m looking at the tracklist and it looks like most of the songs are gonna be about gangsta shit. Whatever. I still like that shit. I just really like it when he gets more introspective. Anyway, this album is very good. I fuck with this one. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: His & Her Fiend

Least Favorite Song: Studio




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  1. I loved this album, it shows a gradual growth with Q as an emcee and person, granted the subject matter may not be for everyone, personally I don’t mind songs about sex it serves as a balance to everything (besides there’s always dudes who wanna show how macho they are in the sheets, it’s a necessary evil.)

    To translate Kendrick’s verse on Collard Greens he’s basically telling a girl to ditch her man and come with him. If you like Kurupt peep his double disc debut “Kuruption” from 1998. As far as favorite cut on here I gotta say it’s either “Break The Bank” or “Hoover”

    (Sidenote: Suga Free was literally a pimp, like deep in it. Until the mid 90s when he met DJ Quik and got more serious about music, look up his freestyles from early ’92, pretty dope stuff.)

    Good job.

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