EP Review | Migos – 3 Way

Honestly, I’m pretty sure that I’m not gonna like this EP. Out of all the Trap music I’ve ever listened to, I’d probably say that I only really fuck with maybe 25% of it. There are Migos songs that I like tho. I’m really just doing this because it only has 5 tracks. If it ends up being terrible, it won’t last too long. This one came out last night on July 7th. Hopefully there’s at least one good song on here. I’m keeping my expectations low tho.

Track 1: 3 Way (Intro) [Prod. Zaytoven]

This beat is average. Quavo’s on the first verse. Do I really need to talk about the lyrics? It should go without saying that the Migos don’t have anything interesting to say. Quavo’s flow is basic as hell. Offset’s verse was just as boring. I’m pretty sure Quavo is the most popular Migo, but I personally prefer Takeoff. His verse wasn’t that good either tho. I really don’t see the appeal in a track like this. I get that Trap artists aren’t traditionally the most technical MCs, but that’s not even why this track is bad. This song is just super generic. This song sounds like something a kid from my school would make. There’s way better Trap music out there than this. This is boring as hell. This sounds like every other Migos song I’ve ever heard in my life. Except Versace. And Fight Night. And Handsome & Wealthy. It’s just super generic. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 2: Savages Only (Prod. Cassius Jay)

This goes out to all my cops killing innocent victims / Fuck around; get gunned down.” Oh… Oh no… What the hell made them think they should make a song about police brutality? Well… There’s a .01% chance that they actually do it well. I’ll give it a shot. This beat is dope. Hmm… I actually kinda like this hook. I usually get kind of a racist vibe whenever someone throws the word “savage” around, but it’s not really bothering me that much here. Wait a minute… “Yeah, your bitch bad / Yeah, your bitch bad / You bought her a bag / But she fuckin’ me; you goin’ out sad.” So… This song ISN’T about police brutality? I guess that’s probably a good thing… I kinda wish they didn’t say anything about it on the intro tho. Anyway, this first verse from Quavo is terrible. I can’t really understand what he’s saying, but it kinda sounds like he just said that he’s addicted to M&Ms. I was trippin’ when I said I liked this hook. The more I hear it, the more I dislike it. Offset’s verse was wack. I feel like that line about having blow in the trap like a Nintendo 64 actually could’ve been pretty dope if he worded it better. Woah, what the fuck? This verse from Takeoff… It’s actually… It’s dope? I mean, it’s dope. It’s really dope. Of course the lyrics still aren’t great, but his flow is actually really good here in my opinion. I’m… I’m shocked right now. I can’t believe how good his verse was. I mean, don’t take this the wrong way; it’s not a good verse by normal standards. He really caught me off guard tho. I kinda wish he’d drop a solo EP or something because he actually sounded really good here. Do people know that Takeoff isn’t complete trash? You know that Champions single that GOOD Music came out with? Takeoff definitely should’ve been on that instead of Quavo. I was not expecting that. “Say the right thing at the wrong time or the wrong place, broad day, we gon’ wet your ass up.” I feel like Takeoff might be able to hold his own in a regular Gangsta Rap song if he really tries. Am I trippin’ right now? Am I the only one who thinks he’s miles ahead of the other two members? Alright, whatever. I’m done talking about this song. If it weren’t for Takeoff this song would be wack in my opinion. I actually enjoyed his verse tho. I still wouldn’t ever listen to this again, but I didn’t think it was completely wack. It’s alright for a Trap song. 3/5

Track 3: Coppers & Robbers (Prod. Zaytoven)

I’ve listened to about a third of this song. It’s not good. Is it just me or do a lot of Zaytoven’s beats sound really similar? I guess every song isn’t gonna be super original when you’re making countless beats for every other Trap artist out of Atlanta. Quavo’s verse wasn’t good. His flow was really generic. When did “banana” become slang for “gun?” That seems pretty fuckin’ racist to me… “What you gon’ do when you look on your camera / Them young niggas comin’ in with the bananas?” Why are they still using this triplet flow? That shit got old after their second big single. They’ve been using the same flow for four years now; Versace came out in 2012. Offset’s verse was wack. The hook is boring. Takeoff’s verse was hilarious to me. “Coppers / Robbers (ROBBERS!) / Mobsters / Lobsters (LOBSTERS!)” Every time he yells his voice just makes me laugh. Nothing beats the way he yelled “LIL MAMA!!” in Fight Night tho. I wouldn’t really say that Takeoff’s verse on this song is “good,” but I definitely thought it was entertaining. “Takin’ adventurous trips; Jumanji.” His voice is perfect for Hip Hop in my opinion. He sounds hilarious whenever he yells. If I was a rapper I would hire him to yell the last word of every line in my music. He definitely had the best verse in my opinion. This shit is wack tho… 2/5

Track 4: Can’t Go Out Sad (Prod. Ricky Racks)

This beat is alright. The first verse from Quavo wasn’t good. Do they always rap in the same order? Quavo’s on the first verse & Takeoff’s on the last verse. Are all of their songs like this? The hook isn’t good. This is a really boring song. Offset’s verse wasn’t good. I wasn’t feelin’ Takeoff’s verse either. He had the best verse in my opinion, but I still wouldn’t wanna hear this shit more than once. This is just a really boring song. I’m not feelin’ it. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 5: Slide On ‘Em Feat. Blac Youngsta (Prod. Dun Deal)

I know Blac Youngsta is affiliated with Yo Gotti, but I’ve never actually heard any of his music. Didn’t he get arrested when the police saw that he had money because they assumed he robbed somebody? That was him right? Or am I thinking of someone else? The song’s starting now. This beat is actually pretty dope. I can’t tell the difference between Quavo & Offset. Quavo usually says his name before his verse, but he didn’t do that here. I’m assuming that’s him on the hook & the first verse. The first verse didn’t do shit for me, but I’m actually kinda enjoying this second one. Blac Youngsta’s tradin’ bars with someone. I think it’s Takeoff. Maybe Offset’s here too. It’s hard to tell. I can’t really keep up with each specific rapper. I kinda like this song tho. I don’t think I’d ever have the desire to hear it again, but it’s better than a lot of the other songs on this project. It’s alright I guess. 3/5

Final Thoughts:

This EP is bad, but it could’ve been a lot worse. It never got so bad that I was angry, which is kinda surprising honestly. It’s just a short collection of generic Migos songs. If you typically like their music, you might wanna give it a shot. It’s not any different from any other shit they’ve put out. If you’re like me and you only like some of their songs, there’s not really anything here that you’re gonna love. Each song sounds pretty basic. Obviously if you dislike their music this isn’t gonna change your opinion. I feel like I’d already heard all of these songs 100 times before I actually listened to this EP. Everything here is super generic. None of it is especially bad tho. I think Takeoff has potential. If he had a solo career I’d probably be interested, but until that happens I think I’m gonna steer clear of the Migos. This shit is wack to me.

Favorite Song: Slide On ‘Em

Least Favorite Song: 3 Way




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  1. Aye man . You’re clearly not a trap fan .

    Go review some NWA or something .


  2. “Banana” is short for the banana rifle clip that are usually found on assault rifles such as the AK-47 or AR-15, and occasionally on M4’s/16’s.

    Gun talk aside, these dudes ain’t really popping outside of these effeminate ass young bucks that like all that bullllllshiiiiiiiit even though these payasos jacked their flow from Three Six Mafia’s Lord Infamous (RIP) anyway it’s just going to be another joint that folks will forget about hours (maybe minutes) after listening.


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