Mixtape Review | Young Thug – Slime Season 2

This mixtape was released on October 31st last year. This and I’m Up are the next two things on my schedule, so I figured that I’d go ahead and check them out before Jeffery comes out. This fool needs to slow the fuck down. He has like 5 projects that still haven’t come out yet. He announced an album called Hy!£UN35—yes, that is the real title—a collaborative mixtape with Migos called Migos Thuggin’, a collaborative mixtape with Metro Boomin’ called Metro Thuggin’, a fourth installment in his I Came From Nothing series, and now this Jeffery tape; just for the record, his given name is Jeffrey, not Jeffery. I don’t know why he spelled his own name wrong for the title of his mixtape, but I’m not gonna try to get inside the head of a lunatic like Young Thug. Anyway, I’m expecting this tape to be wack, but I’m sure there’ll be a handful of dope tracks on here. I think this is supposed to be one of his better projects, so we’ll see.

Track 1: Big Racks Feat. Lil Uzi Vert (Prod. Southside)

Oh no… Not Lil Uzi Vert… I can’t stand this guy… Well, maybe he’ll actually come through with an entertaining contribution to this song. It’s starting now. He’s… Uh… Well, honestly I don’t know what the fuck he’s doing on this intro. I don’t hate it. The beat is cool I guess. What the hell? I don’t think this hook is that bad, but… Why is it only in the right side of my headphones? The verse thankfully isn’t like that. Who the fuck mixed this shit? Why is the hook only in my right ear? That’s annoying as hell. Well, the hook isn’t that good anyway. The first verse was bad. The second verse wack too. Oh. It ended. Uzi doesn’t have a verse. That’s definitely a good thing. His feature really wasn’t necessary. I’m not feelin’ this song. The beat is cool, but pretty much everything else about this song is mediocre at best. This is wack. 2/5

Track 2: Thief In The Night Feat. Trouble (Prod. C4 & Supah Mario)

I know I heard this song when the music video first dropped, and I really liked it. I don’t really remember anything about it tho. It’s starting now. Yup. This hook is dope af. The beat is great too. The first verse was actually kinda dope thanks to Trouble. If it weren’t for Trouble, I really don’t know how this song would’ve turned out. Trouble is actually a tolerable rapper, so his ability combined with Young Thug’s knack for catchy hooks results in a great song like this. I actually really like this one. This might be my second favorite Young Thug song ever. I don’t think he’ll ever top Old English tho. Trouble sounded great on this shit. Him and Young Thug have a lot of chemistry on this track. I’m really surprised by how good this song is. How the fuck was this not a hit? Well, I don’t really listen to the radio… Was it a big hit? Whatever; I don’t give a shit. I fuck with this song. The production & hook were great. I even enjoyed the verses thanks to Trouble. They need to do more shit together. Forget the Migos; Young Thug & Trouble need to do a whole tape together. 5/5

Track 3: Don’t Know Feat. Shad Da God (Prod. London On Tha Track)

This beat is dope af. I don’t know why everybody always hops on Metro Boomin’s dick. I think the quality of his beats have been steadily decreasing over the years. London On Tha Track is way better in my opinion. Oh God. What the fuck? Lmao. This first verse is ridiculous. Young Thug’s trying to sound really aggressive, but it just sounds dumb. Imagine Young Thug doing a Mad Lion impression. That’s basically what he sounded like. This first verse is awful. The hook is wack. Shad Da God’s on the second verse. I’ve never really been a fan of him. He definitely sounded better than Young Thug, but his verse was still pretty wack lyrically. I’m not feelin’ this song. The only good thing about this track is the beat. This shit is wack. 2/5

Track 4: Hey I (Prod. London On Tha Track)

Oh God… This is yet another “love” song from Young Thug. “Nut on the front of her head like I’m Eddie Griffin.” What the fuck does that have to do with Eddie Griffin? He rhymed Eddie Griffin with Peter Griffin. This hook is wack. The beat isn’t bad tho. The first verse was awful. “I won’t eat it unless it’s creamy.” This is definitely my least favorite song on this mixtape so far. The beat was kinda cool at first, but nah. This song is wack af. I’m definitely not fuckin’ with this shit. 1/5

Track 5: She Notice (Prod. Wheezy)

…What the fuck am I listening to right now? Nothing about this song is good. This beat is wack. The hook is trash. His flow on this bridge is awful. The first verse is wack af. “Ima pull my dick straight outta my boxers / Then she gon’ start suckin’ like ticks.” What the fuck… I guess this isn’t much worse than any other Young Thug song lyrically, but when the hook & production are so bad I guess I pay more attention to what he’s actually saying. “No rubber; I might just use plastic.” This song is fucking horrible. This might be one of the worst songs I’ve ever heard from Young Thug. Everything about this is trash. This is dogshit. 0/5


Track 6: All Over (Prod. Southside, Metro Boomin’ & TM88)

What the fuck? Jesus… This shit just keeps getting worse and worse. I like the beat, but man… This hook is just painful to listen to. This actually sounds like it could’ve been a good song if his vocals weren’t so bad. He sounds fucking insane on this hook, and not in a good way. “I got swag all on my motherfucking shoes.” This is so bad. The only good thing about this song is the production. This was a huge mistake. I shouldn’t have decided to review this tape. This song is wack af. 1/5

Track 7: Twerk It (Prod. Isaac Flame)

This hook is terrible… The beat is nothing special. The first verse was obviously not good. I don’t even know what to say about this shit. It’s not any better than the last few tracks. Thief In The Night was great, but this shit… I’m REALLY starting to regret reviewing this mixtape. Maybe I should just give up right now and not even listen to the rest of this shit… This is so fucking bad. I feel like I’m listening to The Barter VI again. I thought I liked Young Thug for a minute, but this shit is really just awful. I don’t even wanna do this anymore… I can’t fuck with this one. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 8: Phoenix (Prod. Goose)


This beat is cool. What if Young Thug was a good rapper? That’d be awesome… This hook isn’t good. The first verse is absolutely preposterous. This had to have been a freestyle. At one point he stops in the middle of a line to clear his throat. He never finished the line. He just moves on to the next one like nothing happened. The second verse is just as, if not more terrible than the first. “Grab that dick eight fucking ways like a motherfuckin’ octopus.” This shit is ridiculous. “I wanna fuck her without raping.” That… What? Why the fuck does he have to clarify that he wants to do it WITHOUT raping? Is that that not the norm for him? You know what? I’m not even gonna think about this shit too much. I’m fuckin’ done with this song. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 9: I’ll Tell You What (Prod. Ricky Racks & Wheezy)

I told her I want boneless chicken like a egg.” I don’t even fucking know what to say about this shit. This hook is fucking terrible. “These bitches draining everything out of my nuts.” I really just… I’m speechless right now. There’s really nothing to say. It’s just more trash music. What am I doing with my life? “I want cheese, I’m not talking Stuart Little.” This is fucking horrible. I hate myself right now. Why the fuck am I doing this? I hate this fucking trash ass music, man… Nah. This shit is wack af. Fuck this song. 1/5

Track 10: Mind Right (Prod. Wheezy)

This beat actually sounds kinda dope. Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh. This hook is wack. What the fuck are these pitch shifted ad-libs? It sounds like a fucking ogre trying to pass a kidney stone. The second verse was awful. The first verse is terrible. This isn’t a good song. I guess I should go easy on this one since the production was a little better. It’s still such a bad song tho… Seriously, Young Thug sounds awful. I’m so tired of this fool’s voice… This isn’t a good song. This shit is wack. 2/5

Track 11: Go Crazy (Prod. Goose)

I’ve noticed that Young Thug has kind of a weird obsession with birds. Maybe it’s a metaphor for his relationship with Birdman. He kinda sounds like a chicken. He has a song called I Need Chickens. One of his go-to producers is named Goose. He has a bunch of lines about birds. In this song he says “I can’t trust a falcon / I can’t trust a chicken.” I’m not really sure what the motherfuck that’s supposed to mean, or why I even brought up the whole bird thing in the first place. This beat’s kinda cool I guess. I’m not feelin’ the hook, but it’s better than a lot of the other shit on this tape. I wasn’t feelin’ the first verse. I guess this song is supposed to be about the negative side of his drug use. “Got a bad bitch and she want me / Take the molly away; I can’t listen / I won’t show it, but the drank got me slippin’.” Well, I THINK that’s what this song is supposed to be about. He’s obviously not doing a good job. The second verse was wack. I’m not feelin’ this song, but it’s nowhere near as bad as a lot of the other tracks on this tape. It’s still wack tho… 2/5

Track 12: Pull Up On A Kid Feat. Yak Gotti (Prod. Wheezy)

This beat is really dope. The hook is nothing special. I think I could maybe enjoy this song depending on what mood I was in. The production is dope af. Pretty much everything else holds this shit back for me tho. Oh God… This verse from Yak Gotti is terrible. I really WANT to like this song. I like the beat. The hook wasn’t terrible. It just wasn’t very good tho. The verse from Young Thug was surprisingly tolerable compared to his other verses on this tape, but Yak Gotti pretty much ruined this shit. I can’t really get behind this one. I don’t think it’s that bad, but I didn’t really enjoy it very much. It’s alright I guess. 3/5

Track 13: Up (Prod. Wheezy)

Okay, this tape seems to be headed in the right direction. Hopefully he comes through with more decent music. Oh shit… This beat is dope. The hook is pretty wack. I’m not feelin’ his basic ass flow on this first verse. Oh snap… His flow actually takes off after the first four bars. The way the beat is chopped up during the hook is annoying as hell. His flow on the second verse is wack af. Meh… I can’t get behind this track. The beat was pretty much the only good thing about this song. The beat wasn’t even that great tho. I mean, it was dope. It wasn’t that dope tho… I can’t fuck with this song. This shit is wack to me. 2/5

Track 14: ‘Bout (Damn) Time [Prod. London On Tha Track]

This beat is annoying as hell. It’s cool that Young Thug tried to rap over some more uptempo production, but the beat itself just isn’t very good. He goes back to his basic flow after the first handful of bars anyway. The first verse was terrible. This hook is wack. This song is awful. Jesus fucking Christ. Young Thug can do better than this. This is wack even for Young Thug. I could barely understand anything he said on that second verse. This song is fucking trash. I can’t fuck with this shit at all. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 15: Flaws (Prod. Isaac Flame)

This shit is getting really old. I can’t stand this guy’s voice. The production is good. Literally everything else about this shit is wack. Oh shit. Never mind… His flow is actually kinda nice on this first verse. HAHAHAHA. The way this motherfucker is saying “FLAWS AND ALL” with an oddly exaggerated Southern accent on the bridge is hilarious to me. Aside from his flow on the first verse and the production, this shit is fucking terrible. I’m not feelin’ this song. This shit is wack. 2/5

Track 16: Oh Lord (Prod. Ricky Racks & TM88)

I know Young Thug is known as one of the worst rappers out right now, but I really wasn’t expecting to hate this shit this much. This really is trash tho. I wanna fuckin’ die right now. Young Thug’s voice is so fucking irritating. I can’t keep doing this shit. Why the motherfuck is this tape so goddamn long? Okay, that’s it; I can’t fuckin’ do this anymore. After this song I’m goin’ to sleep. I’ll finish this bullshit tomorrow morning. This song is wack af. The production was wack. The hook was terrible. The verses were awful. Young Thug’s voice is just too much. Nah. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Track 17: Beast (Prod. Wheezy)

Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh. No. This hook is terrible. This beat is wack. What the fuck is this shit? This might be one of the wackest songs on this tape. This shit is fucking awful. What the hell is this beat? Oh my GAWD. This song sounds like the soundtrack to my crucifixion. How the fuck could anyone possibly like this trash? The beat is awful, and the hook is terrible. The verses obviously aren’t good. Are people really enjoying this shit? They can’t be listening to this for the production or the hook. If someone’s listening to this song it has to be for the lyrics, but… “She want every drop that come out a penis.” This song is fucking dogshit. 0/5


Track 18: Never Made Love Feat. Rich Homie Quan (Prod. London On Tha Track)

Oh God. I can’t stand Rich Homie Quan… Whatever. Lemme just get this shit over with… It’s starting now. This first verse from Young Thug is awful. I don’t even know what the fuck he was talking about. He said some shit about a nurse in a hearse, and he didn’t look at it for what it was worth… I don’t fuckin’ know. His flow was wack. What the fuck am I listening to? This is fucking horrible. He sounds like a fucking five year old. WHY THE FUCK IS THIS TAPE SO LONG? FUCK. This song is fucking terrible. This beat isn’t even very good. Oh my Gawd… Why the fuck is Rich Homie Quan famous? I kinda get why Young Thug is famous; he has some catchy songs. I’ve never heard a good song by Rich Homie Quan ever. The only good thing I’ve ever heard from him is the hook to We Good by Fabolous. He sounds fucking awful on this song. Okay, the beat is actually kinda dope. I fuck with this beat. Everything else about this song is wack af tho. This song is fucking terrible. 1/5

Track 19: Raw (Might Just) [Prod. Treasure Fingers]


This beat is pretty dope. The first verse was wack. I’m not feelin’ this hook. I guess this is supposed to be another love song. It’s not good. It’s definitely one of the more tolerable songs on this tape. It’s still wack tho. The comments on the Genius page—yes, I’m using Genius because Young Thug’s lyrics are impossible to understand without it—for this song are hilarious. “This fucking beat….Thug’s vocals…pure bliss.” Oh my Gawd. “pure bliss.” HAHAHAHA. Jesus Christ. The cringe. “this is so deep i cried.” Really? This song is deep? “Hop inside that pussy like a trampoline / Boing boing.” I don’t know if “deep” is the word I’d use to describe a song with lyrics like that…  Lmao. Someone commented “This song is trash” and it has 22 downvotes. He’s not wrong tho. This song IS trash. I can’t fuck with this shit. The production was cool, but the song is terrible. It’s not as bad as a lot of the other shit on this mixtape, but it’s still wack. 2/5

Track 20: No No No Feat. Birdman (Prod. London On Tha Track)

Oh my fucking God. Why? WHY? WHY IS BIRDMAN ON THIS FUCKING SONG? NOOOO. Fuck everything. This beat is dope. The hook is tolerable. The first verse was wack. “I think that her pussy is tight ’cause she pigeon-toed.” This song isn’t good. It’s one of the better songs on this tape, but it definitely isn’t good. I don’t hate it. Well, I don’t know if I hate it yet. I haven’t gotten to Birdman’s verse. Nah. His verse was awful. It was cool to hear some coherent lines for once, but… “Never wanna ever be daddy / Never ever wanna be my daddy / All I ever did and wanna be / And all I ever wanna be was him.” No. His verse was terrible. This shit is wack. 2/5

Track 21: My Baby (Prod. Goose)

Okay, only two more songs. Here we go. Oh shit… I may actually end up liking this song… The beat is dope. The hook is actually pretty catchy too. I definitely didn’t like that “No way / I cannot fuck it in the anus” line tho. This first verse is pretty terrible. I kinda enjoyed it sonically, but… “Ima feed her my milk.” Why does he refer to his semen as “milk?” I… I don’t like that… That’s disgusting. I’ve never heard anyone call it that. I don’t know about this song. I thought I was gonna like it at first, but there’s just so much wrong with it… I like the beat, and I kinda enjoyed the hook too. It’s just not good enough tho. I can’t call this shit dope. This is average at best. I could maybe enjoy this song if I’m in the right mood. I can’t give this shit anything higher than a 3 tho. This isn’t a good song. I kinda fuck with it sonically, but other than that… Nah. 3/5

Track 22: Love Me Forever (Chopped & Screwed) [Prod. London On Tha Track & Alex Tumay]

Oh no. I hate Chopped & Screwed music… Whatever. Lemme just get this bullshit over with. Ohh… No… No, man… No… This is fucking horrible. WHAT THE FUCK? NOOO. The original song sounds like it could be cool, but I don’t get why anyone would rather hear this version unless they were just high out of their fucking mind. Nah. I can’t fuck with this one. This shit did absolutely nothing for me. This is wack af. 1/5

Final Thoughts:

Holy fucking shit. That was absolutely horrible. What the fuck… Why did I do this? This was one of the most difficult reviews I’ve done in a long time. Why… WHY? WHY IS THIS TAPE SO LONG? I can’t believe I just… WHY? This fucking tape is EIGHTY SIX MINUTES LONG. I only liked ONE song. I… I don’t even know what to say. There’s not really anything that I CAN say. It’s just a collection of terrible music. It lasts way too long. I think I hate this mixtape even more than The Barter VI. At least that tape knew when to stop. This shit just goes on and on and on… It’s a fucking nightmare. I mean… It’s not even really the worst project I’ve ever reviewed. It just never ends tho… Good fucking lord. This mixtape is fucking awful. I can’t stand this shit. This shit is wack.

Favorite Song: Thief In The Night

Least Favorite Song: She Notice




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  1. Halfway through, I just couldn’t do it….. nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. I don’t understand why anyone would like this? I’m getting a fucking migraine!

    (Puts on Spice 1’s “1990-Sick” album, feels better)

    I swear this SHIT should just be played for torture purposes…..

    I’m outta here

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