EP Review | Tricky & The Gravediggaz – The Hell E.P.

This EP was released on… Uh… Well, I can’t find an exact release date for it. It was released in 1995 tho. I really don’t wanna review this EP, and I’m pretty sure most of you don’t want me to either, but since I’m doing the Wu-Tang Marathon I have to do this. I’ve never heard of Tricky before, but apparently he’s a Trip Hop artist. I don’t even know what the hell Trip Hop really is. Lemme look it up real quick… “A subgenre of Electronic music…” Yeah, I really don’t think I’m gonna like this EP. I mean, just look at that cover.

The Hell EP

Who the fuck are those two women? Should I even do this? Will people notice if I skip this EP? I don’t even know how to purchase it… Hell, I don’t even know how to STEAL it. I can’t find it anywhere. Maybe I should just look up each individual song on YouTube. You know what? Fuck this. I’m not reviewing this bullshit. Unless you guys want me to. If you REALLY want me to listen to this shit then I guess I will. Fuck. Please don’t make me do it tho. NOBODY cares about this EP. It doesn’t even seem like The Gravediggaz cared about this EP. Seriously just look at that cover. That shit looks so fuckin’ cheap. You know what? Maybe I WILL do a review… It’ll only take a few minutes… There are only 4 songs. Alright. Here we go. I’m expecting this shit to be wack af. I think every song is produced by Tricky.

Track 1: Hell Is Around The Corner (Co-Prod. Mark Saunders)

This is a solo track performed by Tricky. It first appeared on his debut solo album, Maxinquaye. Oh, apparently Tricky used to be a member of a British Trip Hop group called Massive Attack. I have a feeling that whatever I’m about to hear is gonna be weird as fuck. It’s starting now. What the fuck?? HAHAHA. This is… I mean, it’s not that bad. I just can’t understand a single fuckin’ word that he’s saying. I like the beat tho. I’m not feelin’ his delivery on the first verse… This kinda sounds like some androgynous Marilyn Manson type shit. I mean, it’s not as abrasive as I assume most of Marilyn Manson’s shit is. It’s still super weird tho. Oh God. I just looked the lyrics up. They aren’t super terrible or anything, but this is just… This is so fuckin’ British lmao. I’m sorry if I sound intolerant right now, but it’s just hard for me to get passed the accent. I’m REALLY not feelin’ this guy’s delivery either. This hook is making me really uncomfortable. “Reduce me / Seduce me / Dress me up in Stussy.” The way he’s saying it just makes me cringe. I feel like this is the kind of music that people who are into BDSM would like. The beat’s cool tho. Oh God… Lemme see what’s goin’ on in this music video. Huh. It wasn’t nearly as weird as I thought it was gonna be. It was still kinda weird. Not that weird tho. Anyway, I can’t fuck with this shit. It wasn’t terrible, but personally I really didn’t like this. His delivery was weird as hell. The only thing I like about this track was the production, and even that wasn’t that damn good. And of course the Gravediggaz are nowhere to be found on this track. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 2: Hell Is Around The Corner (The Hell & Water Mix)

What the fuck? This new beat doesn’t even really fit with the vocals. I like the beat, but it just doesn’t work. I don’t really have anything else to say about this track. I don’t really know how to feel about this one. I like this beat more than that of the previous track, but it doesn’t work with the original vocals. He’s not really flowing over it. This is like if I took the a cappella version of a A Milli by Lil Wayne and then laid the instrumental of Thriller by Michael Jackson over it without changing the tempo of the vocals to make it flow properly. I’m not feelin’ this. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 3: Psychosis (Co-Prod. The RZArector)

This beat is… Really bad… What the fuck is this shit? Dog, I can’t get into this Tricky guy. I’m not feelin’ his verse at the beginning. This beat sounds like they just looped a growling dog. It’s awful. Oh my gawd. Dog, this beat is fuckin’ trash. Tricky sounded awful on this shit. Okay, Poetic’s goin’ in right now. No. His verse was fucking terrible. Jesus Christ. What the fuck happened? What happened between 6 Feet Deep and this EP? This is mad corny. It sounds like they’re taking this shit way too seriously. This is so fucking bad. Poetic’s not even really rapping. He’s just saying a bunch of weird shit. He’s not flowing over the beat tho. It’s like really dramatic Spoken Word. “When will this Madness ever end? There is no more rain left in the forest. Everything is petrified. Terrified. Horrified.” This song is terrible. I kinda feel bad for doing this, but it would be a failure on my part if I didn’t give this shit a 0. This is fucking trash. Of course RZA didn’t spit on this garbage ass beat, and Frukwan is nowhere to be found. No. This song is fucking dogshit. 0/5


Track 4: Tonight Is A Special Night (Co-Prod. Dobie & The RZArector)

Woah… This beat is… It’s alright I guess. I’m not in love with the drum pattern, but the primary loop is great. Oh… This hook from the RZA isn’t good. Frukwan’s on the first verse. I wasn’t feelin’ his flow. His verse was alright I guess. I’m not feelin’ this second verse from Poetic. This outro from Tricky is terrible. Jesus fucking Christ. I’m sorry, but this song is fucking awful. The beat was ALMOST good. That’s the most positive thing I can say about this shit. Hopefully I’ll never hear another song from Tricky ever again. This shit is wack af. 1/5

Final Thoughts:

This EP is insulting. I like the Gravediggaz. It’s pretty obvious that none of the members were trying on this shit tho. It sounds like this EP was made in less than half an hour. I cannot get behind this Tricky guy. His delivery is absurd. It’s like… It’s almost like Lucki Eck$. It sounds like Tricky was barely conscious when he recorded this shit. The production on this tape ranges from fucking God awful to slightly above average. I’m assuming it’s because of Prince Paul’s absence. This review was a waste of time. I’m glad I got it the fuck outta the way tho. I’m sorry if there are any Tricky fans reading this. That’d actually be really funny. I only saw one other review for this EP and it was on AllMusic. It’s obvious that nobody cares about this project. As I said in the preamble, even the Gravediggaz didn’t care about this shit. It’s wack af. The only good thing about this EP is it’s short length.

Favorite Song: Hell Is Around The Corner

Least Favorite Song: Psychosis




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  1. I like this album especially psychosis with da grym reaper aka too poetic classic horrorcore track to me love this whole album but my favorite tracks other then hell is around that corner is psychosis n tonite is a special nite

  2. Tonight Is A Special Night would wind up on “The Crow: City Of Angels” soundtrack as well as a collaboration by Above The Law & Frost (that’s pretty dope, though there’s two mixes one is the G-Funk Mix that was packaged for MTV/ATL’s ’96 album “Time Will Reveal” and the soundtrack mix which is way more creepier) though I doubt you’d like that soundtrack as it’s mostly Alternative Rock (though I honestly recommend checking it out and peeping the band’s on there), I understand the apprehension about an artist such as Tricky. He’s more for the cats who go to raves or do extensive amounts of tripping on LSD or (insert hallucinogenic drugs.)

    Tbh it seemed like this project was done more as an outlet for Tricky and less for the Diggaz (even though they were signed to a UK label, Gee Street Records.) I personally liked “Tonight” it gives off a brooding and mysterious vibe when listening.

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