Album Review | Outkast – Stankonia

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This album was released on October 31st in 2000. I thought I’d be excited to listen to this album, but I was surprisingly disappointed by Aquemini, so I’m a little nervous about this one. I loved ATLiens, but I don’t want that to be my favorite Outkast album. I think they can do better than that. I’m nervous about this album tho. All of the singles that I’ve heard from it have been great, but this album is long as shit. There are over 24 tracks, and this thing is over an hour in length. Well, I guess if you cut out all the interludes and the intro it’s only about 16 songs, but still. Maybe I’m worrying too much. You know what? I’m not even gonna think about it anymore. I’m just gonna put the album on and see what happens. Every song is produced by Earthtone Ideas except where noted.

Track 1: Intro

Okay this should be good. Outkast has the best intros. It’s starting now. Umm… Nah. It just ended. Lmao. Nah, I didn’t like this one. I liked the instrumental in the background, but pretty much everything else about it was wack to me. Especially that chick moaning in the background.

Track 2: Gasoline Dreams Feat. Khujo

Hmm… This beat has a prevalent electric guitar riff, but I don’t really mind. I actually like this beat. It’s dope. The hook from Andre is cool. He’s goin’ in on the first verse now. It wasn’t bad. I wasn’t in love with his flow, but I enjoyed his verse as a whole. The second verse from Big Boi was great. Khujo did his thing. I fuck with this song, but it’s definitely my least favorite intro song from Outkast album so far. The hook and the production got kind of annoying after a while. I still like it tho. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 3: I’m Cool (Interlude)

This shit is weird as fuck. It’s just the sound of some chick who did cocaine trying to calm herself down. I guess it was just weird to me because of the way it was edited. It just sounded kinda dumb…

Track 4: So Fresh, So Clean (Prod. Organized Noize)

So Fresh So Clean

This is one of the few songs from this album that I’ve already heard before. The hook is dope af. Who sang that shit? Was it Sleepy Brown? Maybe it was Andre. It’s an interpolation of a song called Before The Night Is Over by Joe Simon. It’s smoother than a motherfucker. Same goes for the hook. Big Boi’s on the first and second verses. The shit he’s rapping about isn’t really interesting to me at all to be honest, but I think he did it well. His flow was dope. Andre had my least favorite verse. That Anne Frank line seemed pretty disrespectful. I still fuck with the song tho. It has one of the most memorable hooks that Outkast has ever done. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 5: Ms. Jackson

Ms. Jackson

I think this was my favorite Outkast song before I started this marathon. The hook is fucking incredible. The production is amazing too. Andre was singin’ his fuckin’ ass off on this shit. They’re basically rapping about the repercussions of impregnating women and not sticking around. Big Boi’s verse was great. Andre’s verse was fantastic. It has that classic “Forever, forever ever, forever ever?” line. Big Boi’s flow on the last verse was great. There’s not much to say about this one. There’s not really anything wrong with it. It has a simple structure, a great beat, an incredibly catchy hook, and they both do a great job on the verses. This is dope af. The music video was pretty cool too. 5/5

Track 6: Snappin’ & Trappin’ Feat. Killer Mike & J-Sweet

Yes. I’ve really been anticipating these Killer Mike & Outkast collaborations. Alright, I’m starting the song now. Damn. He starts goin’ in right away. He fuckin’ killed this shit. This was apparently the first verse he ever recorded. “One motherfuckin’ verse, and already it’s a classic.” His verse was dope af. The hook is alright. Big Boi’s on the second verse. It was pretty good. His flow was dope. Oh shit Killer Mike’s goin’ in again. I guess Andre isn’t on this one. Killer Mike & Big Boi were trading bars on the last verse. It was dope af. That outro from J-Sweet was really dope too. I can’t decide whether I should give this track a 4 or a 5; the verses were all great, but the hook kinda sucks. Eh… I’ll play it safe and just call this dope. 4/5

Track 7: D.F. (Interlude)

I have nothing to say about this shit. The interludes on this album kinda remind me of Tech N9ne skits. That’s not a good thing.

Track 8: Spaghetti Junction (Prod. Organized Noize)

This beat is dope af. Okay, this song is awesome. They’re both trading bars on this first verse. Their flows are great. The hook is pretty catchy. I’m so tired right now. The second verse was nice. The third verse was dope af. They’re tradin’ bars throughout the whole song. I really don’t have anything interesting to say about this one. I think it’s a very good song. I have no problems with it. Dog, I’m about to fall asleep. I’m so tired. This song is dope. 4/5

Track 9: Kim & Cookie (Interlude)

This skit is about how some chick named Kim had sex with some dude who had a tiny dick and came quick. However, she fortunately robbed the shit outta him without him knowing, so it was a win-win situation.

Track 10: I’ll Call Before I Come Feat. Gangsta Boo & Eco

… “Nigga, quit being so got damn selfish. Put it in your pelvis. Let it work, gyrate… Motivate.” I… I don’t know if I’m gonna like this one. I can’t decide whether or not I like this beat. It sounds kinda dumb. It sounds like something I would’ve heard on Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, and I’m also not really feelin’ this hook. The subject matter isn’t very interesting to me personally… It’s not something I’d wanna hear about more than once. I don’t think this song was meant to be taken too seriously, but it’s still just not very good. Not to me at least. The hook isn’t bad. I like Andre’s melodic delivery on the first verse. The subject matter isn’t for me. The only thing I liked about this song was everyone’s flow. I’m not a Gangsta Boo fan. I don’t know who Eco is, but I wasn’t really feelin’ her verse. I liked it more than Gangsta Boo’s verse tho. I actually don’t think this is that bad of a song. It’s just not for me. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 11: B.O.B. (Bombs Over Baghdad)


This is the only single from this album that I’d never heard before starting this review. Well, I’ve heard parts of it. I always assumed that it was supposed to be a political song about how the US always drops bombs on innocent civilians in the Middle East, but I don’t know if we had started doing that yet at the time. I was only 2 years old when this album came out, and History has always been one of my worst subjects, so I’m pretty unfamiliar with what was happening in Baghdad in the year 2000. Alright, it’s starting now. I thought this beat was gonna be dope af when it first started, but I don’t really like it when it finally drops. I like the fast pace tho. The first verse from Andre was cool, but I’m not really getting how this connects to Baghdad… The hook is alright I guess. I really like Andre’s vocals, but I’m not really feelin’ the choir. Lmao, people are about to be so mad at me for this review. Alright, Big Boi’s goin’ in now. His flow was dope af, and I really liked his delivery, but… What the hell does this have to do with Baghdad?? Seriously, I must really be missing something… Oh… Wow… I just found it on RapGenius… “This news reporter, she said ‘Something, something, and bombs over Baghdad.’ It sounded good. I knew I could use it somewhere.” Andre… But… That’s… No. NO. WHY??? “It sounds good?” It doesn’t even sound that good tho… I mean, if he REALLY wanted to say “bombs over Baghdad” in a song so much, couldn’t he have at least made it about Baghdad? Goddamn. Well, anyway… I’m not really feelin’ this song that much. I know. I know y’all are getting mad, but it’s not like I’m just hating for no reason. I’m being honest. I wasn’t feelin’ the outro or the choir vocals. The beat didn’t really do much for me personally, and the title of the song pissed me off a lot more than it probably should have. Also, it should come as no surprise that I wasn’t feelin’ the electric guitar solo. I don’t think this song is wack at all, but it’s just not really doin’ nothin’ for me. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 12: Xplosion Feat. B-Real

Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see B-Real on this album. This beat is really dope, but it kinda has the same problem as the previous track for me; it didn’t really go in the direction I wanted it to when it dropped. This actually kinda reminds me of the beat on Don’t Play by Travis Scott. Andre’s verse was very dope. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that vocal effect he had. The hook from B-Real is great. Damn. B-Real went off on that second verse too. He killed that shit. “Fuck XXL / you’re a size too small / I should hire Eminem so we can kill you all / Whether you live to talk shit about the Real, then kiss my ass in person / How much you love the Hill?” Big Boi’s verse was nice. I fuck with this song. I don’t really have any huge problems with it. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 13: Good Hair (Interlude)

Both of the people speaking in this interlude sound like disgusting people. Also, this skit is fourteen seconds long, but they’re charging people 99 cents for it in iTunes.

Track 14: We Luv Deez Hoez Feat. Backbone & Big Gipp (Prod. Organized Noize)

I’m gonna assume that this is a solo Big Boi track based on the features. Hmm… You know, when the hook first started the first thing I said to myself was “nah,” but less than 5 seconds later I was like “this shit is dope af.” I actually really like this hook. Lyrically, Big Boi’s just making fun of women who get fake lips, titties, asses, etc. I don’t know how I feel about the subject matter. “You fucked around and knocked her up, and now you say she the one? / Nigga, you dumb; you should have pulled it out and squirted on her eyelash.” Yeah… Nah. Backbone’s verse was cool. Big Gipp’s verse was fine. I don’t know. I mean, I like the song, but I’m gettin’ some very misogynistic vibes. I enjoyed it tho. It’s definitely not one of my favorite, and I don’t know how much I’ll be coming back to this, but it’s dope. I think. Actually… I don’t know… The only thing that really stood out in a good way for me was the hook. I wasn’t crazy about the beat. Well, I guess I wasn’t crazy about anything. If I could give this a 3.5 that’s what it would get. I don’t do that tho. This song is just alright to me. I’m not gonna be coming back to this song if I’m being real. 3/5

Track 15: Humble Mumble Feat. Erykah Badu

This review is taking a really long time… Okay this song is starting now. Andre 3000 sounds like a black Willy Wonka on this intro. This beat is fucking incredible. I’m also loving Big Boi’s flow on this first verse. The hook is cool. The way the beat switched up for Andre’s verse was great. Damn. This song is fucking awesome. How have I never even heard of this one? God fuckin’ damn. Andre fucking ripped that second verse to shreds. “I met a critic; I made her shit her draws / She said she thought Hip Hop was only guns and alcohol / I said ‘Oh hell nah,” but yet it’s that too / You can’t discrimihate cause you done read a book or two.” His flow and rhyme scheme was insane. Erykah was singin’ her fuckin’ ass off on the third verse too. I definitely fuck with this shit. This is easily one of the best songs on the album. This is dope af. 5/5

Track 16: Drinkin’ Again (Interlude)

I don’t have anything to say about this one. It’s not worth paying 99 cents for.

Track 17: ?

? is a cool title for a song. MF DOOM did it first tho… This beat is dope af. Oh my gawd. Andre’s flow on this shit is insane. Oh shit. It just ended. I kinda like the short length tho. It kinda adds to the song’s charm. The song is about the effects of alcohol. He’s asking questions like “What can make a nigga wanna take another nigga life?” & “What can make a nigga wanna do another nigga wife?” Of course the answer to every question is alcohol. I really fuck with this one. It feels experimental. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 18: Red Velvet

OOooooooh shitfuck… This beat is fucking incredible. GodDAMN. This is crazy. The first verse from Big Boi was great. I’m not crazy about this hook tho. Andre’s verse was dope af. He pitch shifts his voice up and down throughout his verse, but I think it actually sounds really good over this beat. This hook is growing on me. The outro with Big Boi & Andre rapping was awesome too. Whoever provided the additional vocals did a hell of a job. This song is fucking awesome. I definitely fuck with this one. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 19: Cruisin’ in the ATL (Interlude)

Don’t pay for this.

Track 20: Gangsta Shit Feat. Slimm Calhoun, BlackOwned C-Bone & T-Mo

This beat is cool. I’m not really feelin’ this hook tho. Big Boi wasn’t bad. This beat is gangsta as fuck. The hook isn’t actually bad. I’m just not in love with it. Same goes for C-Bone’s verse. T-Mo’s verse was cool. This is kinda random, but ScHoolboy Q would sound awesome on this beat. Slimm Calhoun did his thing on the fourth verse. I wasn’t expecting Andre to be on this song since he usually skips the harder tracks with a lot of features, but he killed the last verse. I didn’t think I was gonna like this at first, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this one. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 21: Toilet Tisha

I like this beat. Wow. This sounds like a fuckin’ 808s & Heartbreak song. Without the autotune tho. I can already tell I don’t like this one. I like the production—not the guitar tho—and the lyrics aren’t bad, but the vocals just aren’t very good to me. This shit is a little overdramatic for me. The way they had that mama crying and screaming in the background… “Enjoyable” is probably the last word I would use for that. Big Boi doesn’t really rap on this song. It’s like Spottieottiedopaliscious. It’s more Spoken Word than Rap. I’m not really into this one. It was cool, but it’s not something I’d listen to again. The production was dope af. That’s pretty much it. 3/5

Track 22: Slum Beautiful Feat. Cee-Lo Green

I’m not feelin’ this beat. Or the hook. Or the first verse from Andre. He was singing instead of rapping. Big Boi’s verse was cool I guess. The subject matter isn’t really for me. Cee-Lo’s verse made me uncomfortable. It probably has something to do with the comments he made about rape over a decade later. This is easily my least favorite song on the album so far. It’s just a really underwhelming track to me. I’m not feelin’ this. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 23: Pre-Nump (Interlude)

This one is actually worth 99 cents. Nah, I’m just playin’.

Track 24: Stankonia (Stanklove) Feat. Big Rube & Sleepy Brown

…Stanklove? Nah. I don’t think I’m gonna like this. Oh God… “What does love smell like?” I don’t know why they’re trying to turn the word “stank” into a positive adjective. I’m REALLY not feelin’ this first verse from Andre. His vocals just don’t sound good. This is disgusting lyrically, and sonically too if I’m being honest. I really don’t like this. If you’re familiar with this blog, you probably could’ve predicted that I wouldn’t like this shit. I don’t like most love songs, and I REALLY don’t like most songs about sex. Also, nobody rapped on this song. Big Boi is completely absent as far as I can tell. Big Rube’s verse was very poetic and well written, but a Spoken Word verse doesn’t make this song worth listening to. I’m not feelin’ this shit at all. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Final Thoughts:

This is easily my least favorite Outkast album so far. It’s dope tho. It’s pretty clear that Andre was getting tired of rapping at this point in his career, and that he wanted to start singing more. I was fine with that for the most part. It started getting kinda bad towards the end of this album tho. This shit is way too long too. Also, I don’t know how most people feel about this, but Organized Noize is miles ahead of Earthtone Ideas in my opinion. I really wish they stuck with Organized Noize for most of the album. Don’t get me wrong, some of Earthtone Ideas’ beats are phenomenal, but Organized Noize is just far more consistent in my opinion. That’s pretty much all I have to say to be honest. I don’t feel very different about this one from the way I felt about Aquemini. I enjoyed it, but I don’t think I like it as much as everyone else. ATLiens is my favorite Outkast album and I’m 99% sure that that’s never gonna change. I just don’t think I like Outkast as much as everyone else does. I started realizing that about halfway through Aquemini. This is a good album tho. I fuck with this one. It’s dope.

Favorite Song: Ms. Jackson

Least Favorite Song: Stankonia




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  1. Andre’s parts on Ms. Jackson was an open letter to Erykah Badu’s mother after Andre and Erykah broke up after their son was born. So basically it was an apology for Dre fucking up.

    Here’s a remix of “So Fresh & So Clean” featuring Snoop Dogg that was done for Snoop’s horror flick “Bones” released on Halloween the following year.

    I give this project a 9.0/10

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