FHH Update 8-11-2016

Yoooooo… Whattup. How you doin’? You doin’ good? Alright then… I just wanted to give y’all a quick update on what’s gonna be happening in the coming months. I’m not gonna be able to post a review every single day like I’ve been doing. If everything goes according to plan, I’ll be starting 12th grade tomorrow. I’m writing this on August 10th by the way. When I say “tomorrow” I mean August 11th. There’s a slight chance that I won’t be going to school, but that’s the worst case scenario. Actually, it could be a lot worse. Whatever. I’m just tryin’ to tell y’all that things will go back to the way they were before my summer break started. You’ll probably get one or two reviews a week. Anyway, I’m gonna be turning 18 in October, and I’m planning on getting a microphone for my birthday. Yeah… Remember when I said I was thinking about doing a podcast in my last update? Well… I kinda ditched that idea. Actually, that’s not true at all. I just lied to you guys. I still wanna do the podcast. I’m just not sure how soon I’ll be able to do that. I really don’t wanna do a solo podcast, and I haven’t found a co-host yet. By the way, don’t hit me up on Twitter asking if you can be the co-host. I don’t wanna have to go through that. You’re not gonna be the co-host. Don’t even ask ’cause the answer is no. However, if I’ve met you in person, and we’re friends, and you have a basic understanding of Hip Hop, definitely hit me up on Twitter. I just don’t want any strangers asking to be on the show. I am getting a mic tho. Here’s what I’ve been thinking… I’m just gonna record audio versions of these reviews, and put them on SoundCloud & YouTube. If you prefer to read these reviews don’t worry. The written reviews aren’t going anywhere. I just think it’ll be easier for you guys to connect with me on YouTube and SoundCloud, especially if you can hear my voice and actually get know who I am. One of the main reasons that I started this website was so that I could be myself and say whatever I want, but I still don’t feel like I put enough personality into these reviews. Some emotions are just impossible to convey through text. Actually, that’s not true at all. It’ll probably be much easier to understand how I feel about things when you can hear the tone of my voice tho. However, I know a lot of y’all lazy motherfuckers don’t like reading. I put A LOT of effort into writing these reviews and I’m really proud of them. Well, I’m proud of MOST of them. I still want some of you guys to keep coming to this website instead of just subscribing to my YouTube page, so I’m only gonna release the audio versions of my reviews about 2 or 3 days after the written versions. I may end up changing that in the future, but for now that’s how it’s gonna be. I don’t even have the mic yet tho, so these things aren’t really set in stone. Umm… What else do I need to say… Oh yeah; y’all need to start sharing my shit on Twitter. I realize that I need to create incentive for you guys to click the share button for whatever reason, so if my review of Southsiders by Atmosphere gets shared 3 times on Twitter, I’ll review Everybody Looking by Gucci Mane. If my review of Telefone by Noname gets shared 3 times on Twitter, I’ll review Major Key by DJ Khaled. Just be sure to mention me in the tweet so that I can see that you shared it. Anyway, that’s really it I guess… Just share my shit.

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