Mixtape Review | 2 Chainz – Daniel Son; Necklace Don

This mixtape was released on August 5th this year. I’m not a fan of 2 Chainz, but that Felt Like Cappin’ EP that he dropped earlier this year ended up being a lot better than I thought it would, so maybe this’ll be decent too. Even if it ends up being trash it won’t last too long because there are only 10 tracks. I’m not expecting much, but hopefully I’ll get at least one decent song.

Track 1: Intro

…What the fuck was that? Why the fuck is this track here? Was this really necessary? What… Why? This is so fucking stupid… It’s literally just 2 Chainz saying “Next up we have Daniel Son, the necklace don” in an offensively bad attempt at a Japanese accent, then what sounds like 2 Chainz pretending to do karate, and then a gong sound. This track was a waste of 39 seconds. My dumb ass is wasting way more time by talking about it tho.

Track 2: Get Out The Bed (Prod. TM88)

Oh shit… This beat… Wow. This beat is actually REALLY dope. Shit. Maybe this tape’ll be better than I thought. At least in terms of the production. Eh… Actually, this beat… It was dope at first, but it doesn’t really go anywhere. After you hear the first 20 seconds you can pretty much predict what the entire song is gonna sound like. This beat feels a little undercooked, but if it had a little more work done on it it could’ve been dope af. The hook is really boring. 2 Chainz’s first verse obviously wasn’t very good lyrically. His flow was pretty basic, but it’s definitely not the worst I’ve heard from him. This song is tolerable so far. By 2 Chainz’s normal standards, I really don’t think this is that bad of a song, but it’s still not good enough for me to wanna come back to it. It’s decent tho. 3/5

Track 3: Ghetto (Prod. Mr. 2-17)

This beat sounded like it was gonna be terrible at first, but it actually sounds decent once the bass comes in. The hook is boring af. 2 Chainz’s basic flow isn’t doing anything for me. The verses are of course filled with struggle bars. “I like that pussy real soggy / I bought her noodles and sake / Favorite meal used to be chocolate.” There’s not really much else to say. There’s not much happening in this song. It’s just a generic Trap beat with a repetitive hook, a boring flow, and struggle bars. I’m not feelin’ this shit. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 4: Ounces Back (Prod. DJ Spinz)

This beat is alright. This song is pretty much the same as the previous one. It has a repetitive hook and a BASIC ass flow. He has very little energy. I really don’t know what to say about this one. It’s the kinda track that just goes in one ear and out the other. This is boring as fuck. It’s just super generic 2 Chainz music. I’m sure everyone can guess what this song sounds like just from the previous sentence. I’m not feelin’ this. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 5: Chirp (Prod. K. Swisha)

This might actually be the dumbest song I’ve ever heard in my life. The beat’s nothing special. Am I being trolled right now? I’m 90% sure that this ignorance was intentional. Wow. He’s using Desiigner’s Panda flow too. Nah. This is awful. If you like to listen to terrible music just for a good laugh, this is the perfect song for you. I don’t really find shit like this funny anymore tho. I just feel like I’m wasting my time. This shit is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 6: Kilo (Prod. DJ Spinz)

The hook on this song is nothing special. The beat’s dope tho. His flow on the first verse was actually kinda cool too. This is easily the best song on the tape so far. It’s still not something I’d return to personally, but if you generally like this kinda stuff this should be perfect for you. If there was a remix of this song with a more engaging rapper I’d probably be able to fuck with this. I don’t know for sure. It’s a decent song tho. 3/5

Track 7: Big Amount Feat. Drake (Prod. Buddah Bless)

This was the most popular single from this tape for obvious reasons. I haven’t heard it yet. I’m not feelin’ this generic beat. I feel like the flute is a bizarrely prevalent instrument used in a lot of Trap production, especially when people like Zaytoven are involved. 2 Chainz’s flow is so fucking boring. This first verse is long as hell. Huh that’s interesting. There’s no hook… What the hell is the point of Trap music if there’s no hook? I know motherfuckers ain’t listenin’ to this bullshit for bars. Drake’s goin’ in. He just pretty much admitted that he’s a Pop artist who happens to rap occasionally rather than the other way around. At this point Drake is just as much of a rapper as Taylor Swift is a Country artist. “Got the Billboard melodies / Rap is somethin’ I do on the side / Crossed over to the other side.” Drake’s verse was pretty terrible. Wow. This is a surprisingly boring track. I’m not a fan of Drake or 2 Chainz, but I thought this’d at least have a dope beat and/or a catchy hook. This is one of the weakest tracks on the tape tho. It’s just a deluge of struggle bars and boring flows. Nah. I’m REALLY not fuckin’ with this shit. This is wack af to me. 1/5

Track 8: You In Luv Wit Her Feat. YFN Lucci (Prod. Bobby Kritical)

This beat is actually dope. Why the hell wasn’t Drake on THIS song? This is the perfect beat for Drake. This YFN Lucci guy is singin’ on the hook. He actually kinda sounds like Drake. Kinda. I mean Drake doesn’t have that Southern accent, but they have similar vocal tones. The first verse was bad. The hook isn’t really doin’ anything for me. YFN Lucci sounds like a mix between Rich Homie Quan and Drake. His verse was fucking terrible. “We gon’ take a nigga’s bitch / Take a nigga’s bitch / Make a nigga sick / Fucked her like my bitch / Ima fuck her like my bitch / Make a nigga sick / Take a nigga’s bitch / Fuck her like my bitch / I can tell you in love with that bitch.” This YFN Lucci guy is fucking awful. He really needs some ghost writers or something. I can’t fuck with this song. Bobby Kritical did his thing, but aside from that this is pretty goddamn bad. Honestly, it’d probably be decent if YFN Lucci didn’t have a verse. Well, decent by 2 Chainz’s standards. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 9: Blessing (Prod. DJ Spinz)

This beat is actually pretty dope. DJ Spinz is a pretty under appreciated producer. I’ve listened to about a minute of this song now. It’s not good. Honestly I think 2 Chainz fell off. I don’t remember him always being this goddamn boring. He’s never had a good flow, but at least his older hooks were catchy. Everything he does these days really just sounds lazy… He doesn’t even have the same kinda energy that he had before. We never get songs like Birthday Song anymore. The hooks and production, which are the two most important factors when it comes to Trap music, have taken a HUGE step back. This song in particular has a decent beat, but it’s not really the kinda sound that I’d expect or want from 2 Chainz. Aside from the production pretty much everything else about this song is boring as fuck. 2/5

Track 10: 1 Yeezy Boot (Prod. C4 & Dun Deal)

This beat is pretty disappointing. I was thinkin’ that C4 & Dun Deal were gonna put together a really explosive beat for the finale, but nah. This sounds just as generic as most of the other tracks on this tape. Speaking of generic…ness? Is genericness a word? I don’t see a squiggly red line under it, so I’m just gonna assume that it is. So, speaking of genericness, 2 Chainz actually kinda sounds like he’s biting Lil Uzi Vert’s style a little bit. It kinda sounds like he copied his flow. The hook is pretty goddamn boring. This isn’t a good song. It’s just not. Not to me at least. It’s just a super boring track. I’m not feelin’ this shit. 2/5

Final Thoughts:

This is bad. This mixtape is really, really bad. It’s far from the worst shit I’ve heard all year, but it… It’s just really bad. This is even worse than that Felt Like Cappin’ EP that he dropped earlier this year. I didn’t like a single song on here. I don’t think every single track is terrible, but none of them are good enough for me to wanna hear them more than once. I’m not really surprised tho. I wasn’t expecting this to be good. I just hope 2 Chainz’s next actual album is as good his first two. I don’t even think Based On A T.R.U. Story and B.O.A.T.S. II are good albums, but they’re way better than the shit he’s been putting out recently. It just kinda feels like he’s running out of ideas. He sounds uninspired. He doesn’t even sound like he’s having fun anymore. He’s not doing enough to set himself apart from every other generic Trap artist. He needs to focus more on writing catchy hooks and finding better beats. And when I say “catchy hooks,” I don’t mean repeating the same bar over and over again. That’s just lazy. Anyway, I wasn’t feelin’ this shit. It’s not the worst shit I’ve heard all year, but it’s still below average. This is wack to me.

Favorite Song: Kilo

Least Favorite Song: Chirp




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