Mixtape Review | Young Thug – Jeffery

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This mixtape was released on August 25th this year. I don’t think I’m gonna like this shit. If you’ve read any of my other Young Thug reviews, you should know that I’m not a fan. However, the tape he dropped prior to this one, Slime Season 3, was definitely some of the most tolerable shit I’d ever heard from him, so hopefully he continues to improve on this project. I haven’t heard any of the songs on this tape, so I’m going into this completely blind. Oh… I guess I should talk about… Uh… Well, maybe I should just show you. Here’s the official cover for this mixtape.

Jeffery 8

I know y’all probably want me to say something interesting or funny about that cover, but I really don’t give a shit. The cover could be a picture of a fucking anal prolapse for all I care. Obviously if you’re homophobic you’ll probably have a problem with the cover. I’m not trying to make this into an article about how you should accept everyone no matter what their sexual preference or identity is tho because I’m too lazy to argue about that. I’m sure there are a thousand other blog posts about it that you can find anyway. There was also a little confusion about the title and Young Thug’s name. From what I understand, Lyor Cohen, the president of the label to which Young Thug is signed said in an interview that Young Thug was changing his name to No, My Name Is Jeffery. I always thought Young Thug was a pretty bad name just because of how generic it sounds, but… What the fuck is up with this trend of making your Rap name a full sentence? Who started that? Was it iLoveMakonnen? Well, I guess it was probably Iamsu!, but nobody really gives a shit about that guy as far as I can tell. Well, actually it was probably Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em. Nobody actually calls him that tho. Anyway, I was convinced that Young Thug would be calling himself No, My Name Is Jeffery for good, but then it was announced that Young Thug would only be calling himself that for a WEEK. I haven’t seen anyone calling him No, My Name Is Jeffery tho. People have been calling this mixtape No, My Name Is Jeffery. I guess it makes a lot more sense as a title for the mixtape than as his new stage name. That doesn’t matter tho. I think that’s pretty much all I have to say before I start this shit. I guess I should apologize for this review being so late. A lot of people have been asking me to check this shit out, but since this was my first week of school it was really hard for me to spend time working on this shit. I’m on a three day weekend tho, so everything should be good for the next few days. Alright, here we go.

Track 1: Wyclef Jean (Prod. TM88 & Supah Mario)

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that Young Thug said that each track is named after one of his idols. So yeah. This song is starting now. This beat is actually pretty dope. It sounds like it has kind of a Reggae influence. Huh. He actually sounds pretty good singing this hook. Wow. This is pretty good. The lyrics are pretty terrible, but that’s to be expected from Young Thug. This is dope sonically tho. It was kinda annoying that most of the bars in the first verse ended with the same word. The verse wasn’t bad by normal Young Thug standards tho. I just listened to the whole song. It’s good. I legitimately enjoyed this song. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 2: Floyd Mayweather Feat. Travis Scott, Gucci Mane & Gunna (Prod. Young Thug, TM88, Wheezy, Goose & Billboard Hitmakers)

Well, that was a surprisingly good way to start this project. Hopefully he keeps that momentum going for the whole tape. This beat is dope. Young Thug’s flow got kinda old after a while, but I still enjoyed his verse. I don’t know who the fuck Gunna is. His verse did nothing for me tho. Wow. Gucci Mane’s verse… I’m almost halfway through the song and they’ve all been using the same flow this whole time. This is boring… I just listened to the whole song. The only motherfucker who tried to do anything different with his flow was Travis Scott. Well, I guess Young Thug kinda switched it up towards the end. Why the fuck is this song so long tho? I was listening to the same boring ass flow for six minutes. Nah. I’m not really feelin’ this one. It’s decent tho. I don’t really think it’s that bad of a song. I just wouldn’t ever listen to it again. 3/5

Track 3: Swizz Beatz (Prod. Wheezy)

This beat is decent I guess. I’m not feelin’ this hook. I already know I’m not gonna like this song. If Young Thug makes a song with a weak hook & underwhelming beat, there’s no way I can possibly enjoy it unless there’s a feature from a more worthwhile MC. The first verse was wack. Jesus. What the fuck… The second verse is fucking awful. This hook is annoying as fuck. Nah. I’m not feelin’ this one. I didn’t like anything about this track. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 4: Future Swag (Prod. TM88)

I guess it’s worth noting that none of the songs have anything to do with the people that they’re named after. That shouldn’t really come as a surprise tho. This beat is actually really dope. It’s super fast paced like most Future or Lil Uzi Vert songs. Lmao. “Lil mama, she wet like a boat.” That’s the line that he keeps repeating for the hook. I’m about halfway through the song right now. The only thing that really stands out is the production. I guess his flow is kinda cool too. This just sounds like Young Thug trying to make a Future song. This is much more tolerable for me than most of Future’s music tho. I guess it has a lot to do with his voice. I can’t stand Future’s voice, but Young Thug sounds fine on this. The song just ended. Nope. I’m not really into this one. I think it’s decent tho. This just isn’t for me. Nothing about this song stood out enough for me to wanna hear it again in the future. I’m sure if you’re really into Trap music you’ll probably like this. I don’t tho… 3/5

Track 5: RiRi (Prod. Billboard Hitmakers)

Oh shitfuck. This beat is dope af. The first verse was fine. What the fuck? What is this hook? Why… Why the fuck is he barking like that? It sounds like he sampled a dog bustin’ a nut or something. Nah… I’m not feelin’ the hook. He actually kinda sounds like Rich Homie Quan on it. That’s not a good thing. The production on this song is fantastic, but pretty much everything else is decent at best to me. He sounds like a fuckin’ pig squealin’ on that hook. I can’t decide which animal he sounds like the most. I saw some people saying he sounds like a seal. That’s true too. He definitely doesn’t sound like a normal human being. I can’t fuck with this one. I liked the beat, but that’s pretty much it. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 6: Guwop Feat. Quavo, Offset & Young Scooter (Prod. Wheezy, TM88 & Cassius Jay)

Uh oh… OH FUCK. This beat is fucking awesome. Young Thug’s rapping about how a big booty was bouncing on him and broke his dick. Pretty interesting stuff. The hook isn’t really doing anything for me. I feel the same way about this song that I did about Future Swag. The beat is really dope, but aside from that I’m not really enjoying anything about this song. Young Scooter’s on the second verse. Nah. I wasn’t feelin’ it. Now Quavo’s goin’ in. Jesus. How fucking long is this song? Oh. It’s only 5 minutes. I feel like I’ve been listening to the same track for like 30 minutes. I guess once you listen to the first 30 seconds of a Young Thug song you can pretty much predict what the rest of it is gonna sound like. I think I said that before in an earlier review. Offset had a decent verse I guess. The only Migo that I really fuck with is Takeoff tho. This song did nothing for me. Except the beat; the beat was dope as hell. I just wish it was given to some better rappers. This song was boring to me. None of the rappers on this track had anything interesting to say, and none of their flows were impressive either. I’m not feelin’ this one. The beat was dope af, but nah. Everything else about this track was decent at best, just like with the previous song. 2/5

Track 7: Harambe (Prod. Billboard Hitmakers)

This song is named after Harambe the Gorilla. I don’t even know what to say about that… It’s obvious that he did this just so that the music would get more attention. That could be said about the cover art and the name change too tho. Anyway, this song is starting now. Woah… This is easily the most aggressive song I’ve ever heard from Young Thug. It sounds like he’s channeling the spirit of Harambe. The beat is dope af. This song is crazy. I can’t really say I’m enjoying it tho… I mean, it’s cool on the first listen, but would I ever come back to this? Nah. This sounds like some 5 year old rapper with anger management issues raided a candy drawer & is on a sugar high. I don’t really think it’s bad. It was interesting. I just wouldn’t ever have the desire to hear this shit again. It’s alright. 3/5

Track 8: Webbie Feat. MPA Duke (Prod. Billboard Hitmakers)

This beat is dope. I’m about halfway through this song, and it’s actually pretty good so far. The hook is pretty catchy, and the beat is really dope. I just hope Duke doesn’t ruin this song. I just listened to the whole song. Duke’s verse wasn’t even that bad. I enjoyed this track. It’s definitely not one of my favorite Young Thug songs, but I thought it was entertaining enough. It still doesn’t really have a lot of replay value, but I like it a lot more than most of the other songs on this tape. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 9: Kanye West Feat. Wyclef Jean (Prod. Wheezy & Cassius Jay)

Wow. Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting to see a Young Thug & Wyclef Jean collaboration. The beat’s dope. The hook’s kinda cool I guess. It definitely lasts way too long. I’m not feelin’ this first verse from Young Thug. I’m really starting to get tired of his voice. Wyclef Jean sounded really good on the second verse, but the content is just… Nah. They’re pretty much just singing about having sex. This song is tolerable I guess. I kinda enjoyed it sonically. Wyclef did a good job. I wouldn’t ever wanna listen to this again tho. It’s just not good enough for me to wanna come back to it. It’s decent tho. I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s just not for me. 3/5

Track 10: Pick Up The Phone Feat. Travis Scott & Quavo (Prod. Vinylz, Frank Dukes, Allen Ritter, Mike Dean, Maneesh & Mick Schultz)

Pick Up The Phone.png

This is technically a bonus track, which is why it isn’t named after one of Young Thug’s idols. This song also appeared on Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight by Travis Scott. It was released as a single on June 3rd, but I still haven’t heard it yet. It’s starting now. Huh… This beat isn’t nearly as dark as I thought it was gonna be. I guess I was looking at it as Travis Scott featuring Young Thug instead of the other way around. I still think it’s a pretty good beat. This hook is dope af. This is really fucking good sonically. The first verse from Travis Scott was great. Y’all should know that I’m completely ignoring the lyrics right now. Unless they say something super outrageous I’m probably not gonna think about them. That’s usually how I try to approach Young Thug’s music. I guess I’m gonna have to start doing that with Travis Scott’s music too. I don’t know what else to say about this track. It’s really good. The production is fantastic, and the hook is phenomenal too. I didn’t even mind Quavo’s verse. Sonically this is dope af, and that’s unfortunately all that matters when it comes to Trap music these days. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Final Thoughts:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of you that I didn’t like this tape. This kinda music just isn’t for me. I’m glad I checked this shit out tho ’cause I liked three of the songs. I definitely think this is the best project I’ve ever heard from Young Thug. It sounds like he actually put a lot more effort into this project than most of his other shit. I actually don’t even think this is a bad mixtape at all. I didn’t really like it personally, but I thought it was decent. I don’t regret listening to it. Young Thug has actually been improving surprisingly. Hopefully he continues to do so. Maybe I’ll actually end up enjoying one of his projects in the future. I’m always gonna give him a shot. Even if I hate a lot of his music, I’m always interested to see what he’s gonna do. There’s usually at least one really dope song on each of his projects. At this point I’m ready for his album. I’m still gonna listen to whatever project he drops next. I just hope it’s Hy!£UN35. This is an okay project. It’s definitely not bad. I can’t really say I liked it tho.

Favorite Song: Pick Up The Phone

Least Favorite Song: Swizz Beatz




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