The Game Vs. Meek Mill

Alright… First of all, I think I should just go ahead and apologize for being so slow with the reviews on this website. As you can probably tell, I STILL haven’t really gotten used to my new schedule since I started school at the beginning of this month. There are gonna be a lot of changes coming to this website, but I’ll tell you guys about that shit in a later update. Anyway, The Game & Meek are goin’ at it. I’m ’bout to try and find out why, and give my opinions on the THREE diss tracks we already have. Meek really just can’t catch a break these days can he? Alright, I’ve got the three songs pulled up. Thank God for RapGenius. The first song came out on September 16th. It’s called 92 Bars, and it’s by The Game. Apparently this diss just came outta nowhere. There were no signs of any beef prior to this track as far as I can tell. I don’t know the specifics of the situation, but, from what I’ve heard, Sean Kingston is the reason for this whole beef. Oh my fucking God. This FUCKING fan in my bedroom is annoying as motherFUCK. Jesus fuck. It’s hot af in my room, so I always put the fucking fan on the highest setting, but the shit won’t stop making this loud ass knocking noise. SHUT THE FUCK. Jesus. Y’all don’t understand how annoying this shit is. Imagine trying to sleep with someone knocking on your door incessantly. That’s basically what it is. It just… It’s so fucking annoying. So I have to get OUT of bed, walk the fuck over, and adjust the fucking position of the fan until it shuts the fuck up. Jesus. SHUT THE FUCK UP. FUCK. Alright, I just moved it a little bit. It’s not making the noise anymore. I bet in half an hour it’ll start back again. FUUCK. Alright, lemme get back to this beef. Where was I? Oh yeah. Apparently Sean Kingston’s chain got stole, and Meek Mill snitched and said that The Game set his ass up. So that’s why The Game’s mad at Meek. Let’s not pretend that The Game isn’t trying to use this as promotion for his upcoming album, 1992. Speaking of 1992, I was thinking of doing a Game Marathon before I check that album out. I probably wouldn’t get to 1992 until November or maybe even December tho, so let me know what you want me to do. Should I just skip the marathon and listen to 1992 right away? Or should I catch up with all his other albums? I probably won’t do the mixtapes, but I guess I can if you guys really want me to. Anyway, I don’t really care about the background and details of this beef to be honest. I’m getting tired of Meek beefs. I just wanna hear the music. As I said before, the first song came from The Game, and it’s called 92 Bars. It’s produced by uh… Ummm… Fuck. I can’t find the production credits… Hmmm… According to RapGenius, DJ Quik made the beat. I don’t know if that’s legit tho because sometimes RG is full of shit. Whatever. I’ll just say DJ Quik for now, and confirm later.

92 Bars.png

Alright, it’s starting now. Okay, this production is fucking fantastic. DJ Quik put his ass into this one. This beat is hard as fuck. Goddamn… I’m already passed the halfway point. I’ve just been listening to this shit without saying anything. The Game is a good rapper. I mean, I don’t really think that needs to be said at this point ’cause everyone knows it already. I just feel like he doesn’t really get the credit he deserves. He fucking killed this shit tho. “Your head is like a Mustard beat and I’ll put the ratchet to it / PARTY sent my jackas to it / Drama bring the Mac into it / And this scope will get your mouth washed when I attach it to it.” Seriously this dude just fucking snapped. The Documentary 2 was really good, but if this track right here is a sign of what’s to come on that 1992 album, The Game might just end up with the album of the year. “Lightskin bitches be mad and talking greasy / Ima start fucking them Dej Loafs and Dreezys / Ima start beefing with Cole, Drizzy and Cornrow Kenny / Or you could pick your favorite rapper, and he gon’ be pouring out Henny.” He’s fuckin’ rippin’ this shit, man. “Nicki won’t get no sleep; I’m coming through at 4 AM / Four deep to leave his dead body on the soaked sheets / It could happen lowkey / You better have Ross call me or you gon’ be eye level with a roach feet.” GOT DAMN. “This ain’t a diss, nigga / This is all lives matter except this nigga’s.” After that last line that I just quoted, the beat cuts off and he spits a few more bars a cappella. I kinda wish he just left the beat on, but that’s really just a nitpick. He fuckin’ spazzed on this shit. That was dope af. 5/5

Well, that was awesome. It’s not over yet tho. Meek surprisingly got back at The Game in a timely fashion; I think his response came out only 2 days later. I don’t know for sure tho. Anyway, it’s a remix of a song by Young M.A. called OOOUUU. I haven’t heard the original song, and I probably never will. The beat’s produced by NY Bangers.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that this track apparently features Beanie Sigel & Omelly. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that Omelly didn’t need to be here. I know he’s Meek’s cousin, but seriously… Ain’t nobody tryna hear him. We’ll see tho. The track’s starting now. I don’t know who the hell this fool on the intro is. Maybe that’s Omelly. I’m not that familiar with Omelly, so I don’t really know his voice. Oh wait… Okay, apparently the guy on the intro is someone named Takbar. Where the fuck do these rappers keep gettin’ these Dragon Ball Z ass names? Whatever, it doesn’t matter. What the hell… Why is Omelly on the first verse? Well, I guess it’s not that big of a deal. Honestly that’s probably better than having him go at the end like he did on that War Pain track. It was only 8 bars anyway. I definitely like the aggression in this track. That’s to be expected from a Meek Mill song I guess. Omelly’s delivery was cool. His verse wasn’t really bad, but I don’t know if I’d say it was good either. It works tho. I don’t mind it. Takbar’s talkin’ shit again. Of course one of the first things he brought up was the fact that The Game used to be a stripper. I guess that’s kinda embarrassing, but I don’t really see the problem. All that really means is women think The Game is attractive enough for them to pay him to shake his dick in they face. I don’t really see the problem there. Oh… Omelly’s goin’ in again… Uh… Okay. That’s cool I guess. Honestly, Omelly kinda just sounds like a less seasoned version of Meek Mill. Their voices are really similar; same goes for their deliveries. Omelly just said that The Game is softer than Drake. That’s… That’s just not true at all. That’s so… That’s so wrong. Oh shit Beanie’s goin’ in now. Umm… Wait… What? What just happened? No. NO. Don’t tell me he… Did… Did this motherfucker just pull a Jay Z Pop Style on our bitch asses? Goddamn. He gave us two lines. TWO. I guess it was just supposed to be a warning. Why the hell didn’t Meek get Beanie for Drake tho? Beanie probably didn’t wanna join the losing team. Actually never mind. I don’t know if Beanie was able to jump into that beef because I think he got shot around that time, right? “Please don’t bring me out of retirement.” Well, it’s cool that he got Beans on here even if it was only for a couple lines. I guess if things get really out of hand he might contribute something more substantial to this beef. This is clearly a real street battle tho, so hopefully no one gets hurt over this bullshit. This shit is entertaining as fuck tho. Meek’s about to go in now. “You was a stripper.” Lmao. How many times have they said that in this song? I feel like that’s the only thing they have to go on. It’s like two kids arguing on a playground. The Game’s tearing Meek apart, and Meek’s only response is “Oh yeah, well, you… you was a stripper!” Alright, he’s goin’ in for real now. This verse from Meek is actually not bad. It was really dope when he slowed it down and said “Durk checked you / Thug sonned you / Fif dropped you / Mac oned you.” Damn… Meek definitely loses points for that F bomb. This beat is honestly pretty basic. Is OOOUUU a popular song? Don’t these hot songs usually have dope beats? This one is really underwhelming. Whatever. That’s not the main focus of a diss track. Alright. That’s it I think. “This what you do to sell your album?” That was pretty solid I guess. Oh shit; he’s goin’ in again. What the hell? He just dropped another F bomb in the ad-libs. He needs to chill with that shit. This second verse from Meek was actually pretty dope aside from that tho. “Do it with the guns or we can do it with the knife / Do this shit for fun; we could do this shit tonight / ‘Cause we was never cool, nigga; you was just alright / New Jack City; me and Chino on the bike / I’m sittin’ back with the uzi; that’s your life.” This is a cool song. It’s not something that I’d ever have the desire to come back to, but I can at least recognize that this was a solid effort from Meek. It just wasn’t that good… It was cool tho. Honestly, Beans & Omelly didn’t need to be here. I didn’t really care about anything they had to say. I wanted to see how Meek would respond. This really isn’t that good of a track, but compared to the first diss he dropped against Drake, this is great. It’s a little better than I was expecting it to be. I still don’t think I’d ever wanna hear it again tho… 3/5

Alright, this is goin’ pretty well. I can’t say I liked Meek’s diss track, but it really wasn’t bad. The Game already responded tho. This newer track came out yesterday—September 20th. I’m just gonna go ahead and jump into this song. I think he used the same beat from OOOUUU. It’s called Pest Control.


Okay, it’s starting. Yup, same beat. What the hell? Why does this beat sound so much better? Maybe Meek’s track was poorly mixed or something. There was a lot goin’ on in that track. The Game kinda lets the beat breath a little bit before he goes in. Or maybe I’m just dickridin’ The Game. The intro verse was dope. Haha. He put the sound clip of Kanye tellin’ Sway “YOU AIN’T GOT THE ANSWERS” on this song. Damn. Oh shit… He’s goin’ in on Beanie right now… “Yeah, take Beans back to rehab / On Instagram lookin’ like a motherfuckin’ bean bag / Flyin’ through Philly on them Wocky sticks / Punk ass nigga, I’ll beat you with a hockey stick / The nigga Hov gave you the game; you ain’t soak it / You was ‘posed to throw up the Roc, not smoke it / Talkin’ you gon’ be in L.A. in three hours / It’s a five hour flight; put this bum in the shower.” Goddamn. He uh… He prolly shouldn’t have said that lol. I wonder how Beans is gonna respond to that. That line about him smokin’ the Roc was savage as fuck. Goddamn. He’s goin’ the fuck in right now. Honestly, this track is even harder than 92 Bars to me. This shit is raw af. He sounds angrier than a motherfucker. “They say the Meek shall inherit the earth / So I went and dug your ass up ’cause Drizzy buried you first.” He’s seriously spazzin’ like a motherfucker on this shit. This is just ruthless. “Nigga this is 2Pac mixed with the old Guwop / 15 years; 30 mill, nigga; who flopped? / One good song, but you ain’t got a classic yet / Bought your first album, ain’t took it out the plastic yet.” GOTDAMN. This is fucking incredible. The Game is just ripping this fool to shreds. Jesus. “Before you see me in jail you will see me in hell / You went and got the whole Philly; it’s just me by myself / I could have went and got Kendrick, went and got Snoop / Went and got Nipsey, Jay Rock, ScHoolboy Q / Could have went and got E-40, brought Ice Cube back / And have Dr. Dre screaming ‘Meek Mill is a rat.” JESUS fucking Christ. He fucking annihilated Meek Mill. Good lord. This is just insane. I fucking love this song. This shit is absolutely dope af. 5/5

That was fucking great. I don’t know if we’re gonna get any more diss tracks tho. I just went to HotNewHipHop and saw an article saying that The Game doesn’t wanna continue with this beef anymore due to all the police brutality bullshit that’s going on. I guess it makes sense. It’s pretty convenient for us that he didn’t realize his hypocrisy until AFTER he released two fire ass diss tracks. Just in case you’re wondering, the hypocrisy that I’m referring to is all the peace, love, unity shit that he was talkin’ about when he was bringin’ the Crips & the Bloods together a few months ago to try to build a better relationship with the police. I understand why he doesn’t wanna do this shit anymore. However… I REALLY hope we get some more diss tracks. This shit is dope af. Meek will hopefully fire back with another diss soon enough. The shit we got was great tho. Well… The shit we got from The Game was great. Meek’s track wasn’t bad. It wasn’t shit compared to The Game’s stuff tho. The Game wins the first round. I’m pretty sure Meek’s not gonna be able to beat that Pest Control track either, so I might as well just give him the second round too. I’ll wait and see what Meek comes back with. The Game’s in the lead for now tho.

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  1. Kurupt has jumped in with a punchline aimed at Meek on a new joint for the Crip Hop/West Coast supergroup he’s apart of called Diirty OG’z the joint is called “Tha Gettogether” (think it’s either the second or third verse.)

  2. These two dudes are corny, Game is a hypocrite and bi-polar weirdo and Meek is wack and is not respected by any true head. Beanie Siegel is and will forever be overrated and the only reason he’s famous is because folks were screaming “Free Beans” when he got locked up years ago (funny enough Game was one of those people to ride for him when he was locked up.)

    (End rant)

    Concerning a Jayceon marathon I’d like to see that if there was some of Mixtapes of his I’d recommend the “You Know What It Is” series and the “Stop Snitchin’ Stop Lying” tape from ’05.

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