FHH Vlog #3 | Boring Day At Bojangles

Today Frostie, Joey & I went to Bojangles. Bojangles is fucking delicious. I didn’t know it was only in the South until a few months ago. Y’all are really missing out. Popeyes is average af, and KFC’s chicken is way too slimy for me. Anyway, there wasn’t a lot of excitement in this vlog, but it’s better than nothing I guess. It was a simple, laid back day. The vlogs have been getting less and less exciting; hopefully tomorrow is better. Ramon didn’t come with us ’cause he had to make up a test, so we just bought him some shit and took it back to him. God, I love Bojangles. Just watching this video makes me hungry again. Maybe it’s ’cause I haven’t eaten since lunch. I’m gonna go eat dinner.

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