FHH Vlog #6 | It’s Nibbler Day

Today Frostie, Joey, Kevin Mahon & I went to Zaxby’s. They were closed for 6 more minutes when we got there, so we tried to go to some wing place, which was also closed. We ended up just going back to Zaxby’s. This is the longest vlog yet. I’m sorry if it’s too long. A lot of shit happened in this one tho. It was my first time going to Zaxby’s, and it was also Kevin’s first time eating lunch with us. I don’t know why Ramon didn’t come with us. He’s a hater. We shouted out some people in the video. If you go to school with me, please for the love of fuck don’t come up to me and ask for a shoutout in the next video. That’s annoying as fuck. This was a one time thing. If you ask me to shout you out, I will kick you as hard as I can in the dick. If you’re a girl, I’ll probably just tell you to go fuck yourself. Or maybe I’ll try to kick you down there too. I don’t know what’s gonna happen. I don’t wanna know tho. I didn’t even shout out anyone from school. Frostie did tho. Anyway, watch my shit. Subscribe. Follow me on Twitter. Follow me on Snapchat. I think I’m just gonna start putting my personal snapchat account up here since I never ever use my BCTV account. I don’t know for sure tho…

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One comment

  1. Sometimes when listening to a radio edit of a song, you can tell whether or not an artist takes the time to craft their lyrics to achieve something that’d make everyone happy. (That’s become a lost art nowadays)

    Your homies seem like a cool bunch, I can remember when me and my homies would kick it at the Carl’s Jr near our school before everyone started switching up on everyone (it’s a long fucking story), anyway that looks like some dope grub.

    (And if you’re looking for some non-Hip Hop I could recommend you some newer and older acts)

    Peace ese.

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