Mixtape Review | Boogie – The Reach

This mixtape was released on June 24th last year. One of the earliest reviews I ever wrote was for Boogie’s previous mixtape, Thirst 48. I remember that I really liked it at the time and gave it a positive review, but I NEVER listen to that tape. I don’t even really remember anything about it. I think I definitely overrated that shit. I might redo that review some day in the future. Anyway, I was pretty happy to see that Boogie had actually signed a deal with Interscope since it seemed like that Thirst 48 tape had flown under the radar for a lot of people. I think he even had a freestyle on Dr. Dre’s Beats 1 Radio Show. He IS from Compton after all. I think his debut album is called Thirst 48, Pt. 2, so I’ll hopefully redo my Thirst 48 review by then. Anyway, I’m expecting this to be dope since the tracks that I’ve heard from it were pretty good. Every song is produced by Keyel, except where noted.

Track 1: The Reach (Co-Prod. Mike Zombie)

This sample at the beginning sounds pretty good. This beat is dope. Boogie’s voice kinda sounds like a higher version of Vince Staples’ voice. It also sounds like he might have a slight lisp. The song just ended. This was a pretty good intro. It’s just a single verse over a dope beat. I don’t really have any complaints. It’s not the greatest song I’ve ever heard, but I enjoyed it. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 2: Wit Me

Oh shitfuck. This beat is dope af. The first verse was nice. He’s rapping about how “Back when I was trying to get a plate they wasn’t fuckin’ wit me.” The hook isn’t bad. The second verse was pretty good. I feel like this review is gonna be similar to my review of Thirst 48. I don’t really have anything to say. It’s a good song, but nothing about it really stands out that much. I mean, the beat is great, and Boogie is a competent rapper, but nothing he did on this song was super impressive to me. I enjoyed it tho. It’s definitely above average. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 3: Intervention (Co-Prod. AC)

This beat is dope af. The first verse was great. If you’re familiar with Boogie’s music, you should know that he has a very strong relationship with his son. He’s actually a single father, which you don’t see too often. “No disrespect to the mother that had my son / If I dissed her then I’d be phony / She a great ma, but how it feel to know she fucking on that nigga that used to say he a homie.” This is definitely the most emotional track on the tape so far. “Wakin’ up my kid; he see a puddle by the bed / And then he asked me was it rain; I had to tell him it was tears / Yeah, daddy out here hurtin’.” The hook kinda sucks, but it’s not bad enough to completely ruin the song. The second verse was pretty short, but it was good. I fuck with this song. The only thing that really takes away from this track personally is the hook. It’s still a dope song tho. 4/5

Track 4: Further


This beat is dope af. Keyel is actually a really good producer. Boogie is rapping about his friend whose daughter was murdered. The first verse was great. These female vocals on the hook sound fantastic. This is definitely the best song on the tape so far. The second verse was great too. This is a really emotional track. It’s great tho. I definitely fuck with this one. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 5: God’s Work Interlude (Prod. Willie B)

What the fuck… No way… REALLY? WHY? This song uses the same exact sample as May 10th, 2012 by Sylvan LaCue. Well, at least Willie B flipped it in a different way. I definitely prefer the beat that Sylvan spit over tho. I’m not really feelin’ this beat like that. That’s super disappointing because I usually love Willie B. This just makes me wanna listen to Searching Sylvan tho. This beat… The more I listen this song the less I like it. It sounds like Willie B didn’t really know what to do with this sample. This song is just a single verse from Boogie. I liked the verse, but it wasn’t good enough to make me enjoy this track. I’m not feelin’ this song. The beat is really bad… Boogie’s verse was cool, but nah. I’m never gonna wanna hear this again. This is wack to me. 2/5

Track 6: Make Me Over Feat. D’anna Stewart (Co-Prod. Dart)

This beat is cool. The first verse from Boogie wasn’t bad. Oh God… I’m not feelin’ this hook from D’anna Stewart. She doesn’t have a bad voice or anything… I just… This is a bit too dramatic for me. Oh FUUUUCK. God fucking damnit. Boogie fucking snapped on that second verse. “That’s my five year old kid; he’s still got crayons in his cupboard / Now how I’m ‘posed to tell him I got shot over a color?” I wish the hook was better so I could enjoy this track. Fuck, man. I hate when an otherwise great song is ruined by a hook. Whatever. I really wish I liked this song more than I do. It doesn’t have replay value for me tho. 3/5

Track 7: Oh My (Prod. Jahlil Beats)

Oh My

This is easily the most popular single that Boogie has ever released. The beat from Jahlil Beats is amazing, and the hook is catchy as fuck. This is definitely one of his best songs. It’s probably one of Jahlil Beats’ best beats too. Seriously, if you haven’t heard this song by now you’re really missing out. It’s fucking awesome. The first verse was great, and he killed the second verse too. I really don’t have any gripes with this track at all. I love this song. It’s dope af. 5/5

Track 8: First Evergreen (Prod. Willie B)

Okay, this is Willie B’s chance for redemption. Hopefully he comes through this time. Yup. This beat is dope. The first verse was pretty good, even tho this line made me cringe. “How we thinkin’ we grounded when all of my niggas is pilots? / ‘Cause this is plain old bullshit.” The hook isn’t bad. The second verse was dope. This is a pretty good song. Nothing about it is super impressive, and the ad-libs were kinda annoying, but it’s still an entertaining enough track. This is dope to me. 4/5

Track 9: Overstate Interlude (Co-Prod. Dart)

This beat is dope af. Oh shit. Oh SHIT. This beat is awesome, and Boogie’s flow on this track is fantastic. This verse is great, and I really liked the vocals on the outro too. Man… This REALLY should’ve been a full song. That outro could’ve been the hook. If he came through with one more verse this definitely would’ve been one of my favorite songs on the tape. That’s really my only problem with this song. I just wish it was longer. This is dope af to me. 5/5

Track 10: Find Me Feat. D’anna Stewart

Uh oh… I don’t think I’m gonna like this track. Y’all know I don’t like love songs. This beat is cool, but I’m not really feelin’ this hook where he’s singing with D’anna Stewart. The vocals on the bridge sound great, but the line where he said “No lock for my safe, I let this sit all in your face” was pretty confusing to me… Neither of the verses were really that good to me either. I liked his flow, but the subject matter isn’t for me. The verses are really short anyway. The vocals on the bridge are pretty much the only thing that I like about this song. The beat was kinda cool too I guess. I’m just not really into this one. I don’t think it’s bad tho. I just wouldn’t ever have the desire to play this shit again. 3/5

Track 11: Found You

Oh God… What the fuck? Is this ANOTHER love song? Fuck… Whatever. This beat is dope af. The vocals on the hook sound really good too. I can fuck with this sonically, but I’m not really interested in the subject matter at all. The verses didn’t really do anything for me. I definitely like this song more than the previous track, but I still doubt that I’d ever wanna put this shit on again. It’s decent tho. 3/5

Track 12: Change

Oh shit… This beat is REALLY dope. In terms of production, this is definitely the darkest song on the project. This is a really dope outro. Boogie’s just rappin’ his ass off over a dark ass beat. I love the way the beat switched up towards the end too. The way the beat evolves almost makes it sound like the production itself is getting more optimistic. I love how Boogie’s flow and delivery got more aggressive too. This song is dope af to me. I coulda done without that outro tho… 5/5

Final Thoughts:

This is a really good mixtape. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it this much. I guess it’s just a lot more interesting than Thirst 48. I can actually see myself coming back to these songs. I only remember a handful of tracks from the previous tape. The production on this tape was pretty great for the most part. I think Boogie’s a really dope rapper too. Sometimes he seems a tad bit misogynistic, but aside from that I think he’s great. I’m looking forward to his album now. If he can give me more shit like Oh My, then I think he’ll be in good shape. His relationship with his son is really dope too. It’s always cool to hear him rap about that. I don’t really have any consistent problems with this tape. It’s really dope. I fuck with it.

Favorite Song: Oh My

Least Favorite Song: God’s Work




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