FHH Vlog #8 | My Most Depressing Vlog Yet

Today Ramon, Frostie, Joey & I went to Bojangles again. Honestly nothing really happened today. This is easily the least entertaining vlog I’ve ever done. I was depressed as fuck today, so that probably had something to do with it. You would think that I’d be happy on my last day before break, but it felt like I wasn’t even on any antidepressants today. My depression is usually really bad during the weekends, so I guess I’m just sad ’cause I’m not gonna be seeing anyone during break. I didn’t realize that we only had 6 days off tho, so I’m not really too upset anymore. I kinda am tho. I don’t know. I actually do have some plans for a few days. Hopefully they don’t get aborted like they usually do. If you go to school with me and you wanna hang out just dm me on Twitter. I don’t know what the fuck we would do. I don’t wanna stay at my house. Actually, I’d kinda like to just walk around downtown Durham and do what I usually do in my vlogs. I don’t wanna hang out with just one other person tho. I need a group of y’all to hang out with. No more than four people including me tho. I get nervous when there are a lot of people. Especially if I barely know any of you. So, if you didn’t know I was depressed until you read this, you probably shouldn’t come unless you REALLY think we would get along. Actually, you know what? I don’t give a shit. We can hang out even if you didn’t know. That doesn’t matter. So yeah. Sorry for being so depressing. I’m just in a shitty mood. There aren’t gonna be any more vlogs until Tuesday unless I end up hanging out with people during the break. Oh shit, I keep forgetting to mention that I made Frostie a Twitter account. I gave him his username and password, but I think he still hasn’t even signed in yet. I’ll remind him to start using Twitter when I see him again. You can follow him @HelloImFrostie. You can follow Ramon & Joey @Ramont46 & @joeyamedina respectively.

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