FHH Vlog #9 | Randy’s Unleashed, Pt. 2

Today Frostie, Joey, Ramon & I went to Randy’s for lunch. I wanted to try something new and go to Lucky Chicken. I’m not really sure why we decided to go to Randy’s, but it’s not that big of a deal. The only reason Ramon came with us to Randy’s is because he didn’t have any money, so he wasn’t gonna be eating anyway. You don’t get to see me eating in the video because my dumbass decided to get a little adventurous today, so I ordered a steak & cheese sub instead of playing it safe and just getting some cheese pizza. It wasn’t that bad, but I didn’t get to eat it until math class because it took forever for them to make. We somehow ended up at school on time tho. It was another successful lunch escapade. Thank God. I don’t know where we’re going tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll try something new and go to Steak N Shake. I mean, that wouldn’t be new to us, but it’d be new for the vlogs. So yeah. There ya go.

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