FHH Vlog #13 | You Hear That New Gambino Album?

Today we went to Burgerfi for lunch. We usually only go for special occasions since it’s so expensive, but I was having a good day today. I’m unfortunately not gonna be reviewing Childish Gambino’s new album since it’s not Hip Hop, so this is probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to that. It’s amazing tho. Honestly it’s probably my album of the year. It’s definitely my favorite non-Hip Hop album ever. That’s coming from someone who never listens to anything aside from Hip Hop tho, so take it with a plethora of grains of salt. The only song I didn’t like was Have Some Love. That song is a solid 3 outta 5 for me. Terrified, California & The Night Me & Your Mama met are all 4s. Everything else is a 5 outta 5 for me. That makes this album a 90. It got the same score as Because The Internet, which is one of my favorite albums of all time. Yeah. If I had to choose one over the other I’d go with Because The Internet, but I still really love Awaken, My Love! I just prefer Hip Hop over Funk/Soul. My favorite track is either Boogieman or Zombies. It might’ve been Riot if that track was longer. So yeah. I love the album. If you aren’t a fan of a lot of different types of music you probably won’t like this album very much. I guess that’s kinda confusing since I literally only ever listen to Hip Hop. I’m a lot more open minded than I used to be tho. Anyway, that’s my half assed review of Awaken, My Love! Enjoy the video.

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  1. I enjoyed AML! It’s a great listening experience (kinda like a Toni! Tony! Tone! record on acid lol), especially if you’re more ventured into the Neo-Soul genre. I’d give it a 9.5/10.

    There’s a dope burger joint around my way with a dope ’50s look, it’s called Annie’s (food is greasy as fuck, but it’s so fucking great) and you can even mix your milkshakes and add jalapenos, eggs, etc. to your burger (a meal for two goes for $20 and up.)

    Oye, if you’re interested in some non-Hip Hop listening Imma list some acts to check out.

    Guy-(one of the greatest R&B/New Jack Swing bands of all time imo. Peep their 1990 self titled album)
    Bad Brains-(They’re one of the original Hardcore Black Punk Rock bands, peep their album from ’95 called “God Of Love”, kinda on the Reggae tip though it’s dope)
    Sublime-(Alt Rock/Ska Punk band from Long Beach, I’d recommend their 4th and final record their ’96 self titled joint, you’ll like it.)
    Los Lonely Boys-(Chicano Southern Rock band from Texas, their album from 2004 is my personal favorite)

    Peace my dude.

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