FHH Vlog #16 | Sad Joey Reads OG Nick Marsh’s Tweets

Today we went to Subway for lunch ’cause Frostie had some coupons. Joey was having a bad day, so I was kinda hesitant about making a vlog. He said it was fine tho. At one point he started reading a ton of my tweets out loud for everyone to hear, so that explains the title. Also I’m doing a giveaway. If you go to the same high school as me and you leave a comment on the YouTube page for this video, and then share it on Twitter, I’ll let you come with us to see the new Star Wars movie. Also I’ll pay for your ticket. So yeah. Do that shit. Also, make sure you @ me in the tweet so I can see that you shared it. I’ll probably update this shit when I have a winner… Actually, I’ll announce the winner in the next vlog. Remember, you have to leave a comment AND share it on Twitter. You can’t just do one or the other.

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