FHH Vlog #17 | Screaming Is Fun

This might actually end up being the last vlog of the year since the road trip was aborted. We might do one after each day of our exams tho. I don’t know. Anyway, today we went to Moe’s for lunch. At one point in the video, I say something like “I’m gonna get the Super Kingpin.” I didn’t tho. I ended up getting some nachos instead. Also, since I only get like 3 views per video, that competition is still going on. I had one person share the video on Twitter, and another person left a comment. You have to do BOTH of those things to win tho. So yeah. If you wanna come see the new Star Wars movie with us for free, you have to leave a comment AND share this video. Or the previous video. One of the two. I might end up going on that road trip with a different group of people. I’m asking like 90% of my SnapChat contacts if they wanna do it, so hopefully it ends up happening. I don’t know tho…

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  1. I’d accept that ticket, unfortunately my brown ass is here in Oregon.

    Screaming is fun until people say “it’s frightening them” lmao.

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